Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 128

The sudden quest is over.
The disappearance of the square window completely relieved all tension. I stumbled and leaned against the wall,
The crown prince opened his eyes wide and came to me at once. "What's wrong? Where did you get hurt?"
The Crown Prince frowned ferociously and scoured me to see if I was hurt. Reddish arc sensitivity gauge bar that flickers slowly.
And looking alternately at the dead lizard stuck in his bayonet, I felt strange. ' I almost die if cut it short…'
The moment of desperation when the magic didn't work and my heart sank.
I didn't know how to describe this feeling that I had felt since I saw the golden hair that suddenly appeared.
'He was such a terrible guy.'
His red eyes looked very strange as if he were worried about me.
"Why aren't you talking? Where did you get hurt? Did you get a slap in the mouth?" As I stared at him in silence, he bent down and thrust me into the face.
"What, what are you doing?"
I shuddered out of him. And hold fast to the beating heart and clasped close to the wall with a bang "I'm fine, Your Highness. No one got hurt."
At that moment, a blood smell flashed through my nose.
When I looked up and looked at the Crown Prince, I could see that one of his sleeves was tattered. A dark red liquid leaked out from there.
"Your Highness is hurt!"
I exclaimed in astonishment.
When the Crown Prince noticed where I was looking, he picked up where he was hurt and pretended to be strong.
"Not a big deal, it's just a little scratch. " "Not a big deal! Sit here and stay."
I walked past him and toward the dead devil.
Because he ran straight to me, the Crown Prince's sword was still in the devil. a shaft with its muzzle open as it stands.
The drooping corpses of the devil were abhorrent.
I pulled the crown prince's sword out of the muzzle of a charmed beast by the attack magic I spell. And with it, the ends of the skirt were well rounded and 'Left-Long-'
The prince looked at me with a strange look on his face as he turned around with a sword and a cut cloth.
"Here you go. And give me your arm." I held out a sword to him.
At my request he took the sword gently, put it in the sword, and extended his injured arm. I threw a torn skirt over the wound.
I copied the billion won I saw in the book to stop the bleeding, but it wasn't as pretty as I thought. "You're good at magic. Can't you do healing magic?"
he's staring at me like that and Crown Prince asked suddenly. There was nothing to hide, so I answered immediately.
"That's a mess. " "Shall we do it again?"
"Can't you even joke around? Why are you so cold?"
With another earful of his babbling, I wrapped up a sloppy rod.
Put down the hem of the sky-colored cloth quickly with serious eyes. It was when I was watching everything.
"You don't have to make that face. It's better when you apply this."
Part of the emotion that was being pressed down on the calm voice that came from the other side of the head leaked out.
"What kind of potion are your saliva, Your Highness?" "Now you've decided to blasphemy the Imperial Family." The prince smiled as if he was having fun at me frowning. And then I wiped my face and asked,
"Well, what the hell were you doing here ?"
Without even asking for inventory, I was speechless for a moment, saying,
"These days around the Archina Islands is very dangerous. And you tried to kill the demons by yourself without escort? What if this isn't the end?"
"I thought about this last time when I was hunting bears. As expected, princesses are not usually mad dogs."
I felt very unfair.
'You think I want todo this!'
I was so frustrated that I felt like I was going to die, but I couldn't say that the system made me do it. Looking at me who had no answer, the crown prince opened his eyes slightly.
"You're not satisfied with the archaeological data I gave you last time, so you going to go all the way here. Did you come in person? I didn't know she was such an inquisitive woman.
"No!It's not like that."
"We came here to do volunteer work, and the same kid been kidnapped by remnants of Leila's new country"
I had no choice but to summarize the facts in moderation, as to how far to explain them to him. "I've come all the way here to save him.
I had no choice but to summarize the facts in moderation, as to how far to explain them to him. "Volunteeractivity?"
The prince looked back at me as if he had heard the word for the first time. "Youdoing volunteer activity?"
I felt a little bad without knowing why. The Crown Prince murmured wistfully.
"It's the most amazing thing I've ever heard from you. " "It's the basic skill of the noble family."
As I clenched my teeth against his front wall, I asked back a step later. "How the hell are you here, then?"
I forgot because I was distracted by the devil, but Calisto's appearance was certainly out of the blue. When I looked at him again, I avoided his gaze without knowing why.
"On the news that the new nations are on the move , I was watching the Archina Islands and Tratan carefully."
"You're watch carefully? So you were in the Tratan, too?" "That's right,"
Callisto added a step later.
"Do you know how absurd I was to see you here all of a sudden?" ""
"Thanks to you, we've found all these places. I've got a navy around the Archina Islands, and how the hell do we get out of here?"
I couldn't tell if he was going.
The Crown Prince looked around the cave and shrugged. As I listened to him, I suddenly frowned.
"Did you follow me?"
"What? What's with the I'm following!"
The crown prince jumped at my suspicious eyes. That was more suspicious,
"Then how did you get stuck in the same place as me? I'll kill them all. Where have you been? Because of the trap, the person that came with me also fell."
"Hmm, That's"
When I asked a question full of doubts like a rapid-fire shot, the crown prince coughed loudly, and he rolled his new red pupil for a moment as if he were looking for an excuse and spat it out.
"It's a secret of the imperial family."
note: hehehehhe just tell Penny that you follow her. 3omeone caught on hook guys.
I stammered in bewilderment. "…yeah?"
"I won't le you know. You'll get hurt." "What nonsense is that?"
"More than that, princess. Didn't you say we had to go save the kidnapped child?" Suddenly Calisto pointed behind me.
"To do that, we have to ride that leftover mare. We're running out of time." Then he passed me like a shot.
"Uh, uh,"
I looked at the back of such a prince in a daze. "What are you doing, whe I told you to hurry?"
When he arrived next to the dead body of a demon, he gestured quickly for me. "That's weird.."
When I was suspicious, I stared at Calisto with an unquestioned eye, and I turned my steps after him. He was right in what he said.
Either he followed me or whatever, the important thing right now is to save the children. The body of a heavy, flat horse filled the passage without a break.
As he said, it was unavoidable to step on a demon.
Indeed, Carlysto climbed easily with his injured hand, just like man. It was when I was just staring at how to follow it.
"Come, hold hands. "
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In an instant, he stood on top of the head of a demon, and suddenly bowed down. He reached out his hand to me.
I stared at the hand and immediately held it together. At that moment, I realized that I no longer thought,
"I thought coldness would go away over me, but I'm surprised." Then, Callisto pulled me up with great grip.
I, lost in thought, pulled up like a sheet of paper.
When I opened my eyes, it had settled on the head of a demon. "Uh, uh!"
Seeing me reeling, he hurriedly hugged me tightly.
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I opened my eyes wide as if to pop out on the chest of another hard man touching my forehead, and managed to come to my senses.
"Thank you, Your Highness."
My heart was pounding with fright. "Now, I can go alone,"
When I was flustered out of his arms, the crown prince let me go without a word. The hand that had been caught by him was hot.
I couldn't even think of choosing the window of the confirmation system or the favor that came to my mind because I was in a hurry to hide my hands behind my back.
We quickly walked across a straight line of passage over the mare. How much would we have walked?
Suddenly, the dark field of vision brightened, and there were as many as four branches. "Geez, we're in trouble."
The Crown Prince murmured a curse.
It was also about time I looked at the window with troubled eyes.
You have earned Raon's Room as a reward
A square window came up in front of me, and arrow has sprung up.
The figure pointing to one of the four branches of the road gave a flash of color. "Your Highness, I think I know the way. "
"You know?"
"Yes, I can feel the child's magic signal."
In fact, I don't feel anything like that at all, but the Crown Prince, who looked back at me with astonished eyes, turned his head up.
"Follow me. "
We hurried into the aisle at the far left, as the arrow that only I could see pointed. The road that followed was very complicated and twisted.
It seemed to have been deliberately made to stop the intruder. A new road has emerged constantly.
Every time it was not for the "arrow marks" the system would have been stranded. The Crown Prince followed me without much depth in the middle of the enemy camp. I was constantly caught in a complicated mind.
Walking in silence for a long time.
I moved to the side where the arrow was pointing, but I couldn't stand it, so I opened my mouth first. "Why don't you ask?"
"What?" "About magic."
To my question, he said, "Ah!"
as if he had remembered what he had forgotten.
"So you're pretty good with magic, too. in the crossbow, in the magic of archaeology It's getting more and more amazing."
"…"Nothing to worry about, princess.I don't have any prejudices in the wizard,"
he glanced down at me and made it insignificant. I blinking my eyes at him.
Looking up, I carefully asked back what was really bothering me. "Doubtfuldon't you doubt?"
"What doubt?"
"I was suspected I may be in league with Leila." "hahh"
He blew his breath away as if he were dumbfounded.
"Why would you do such a useless thing?"
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