Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 129

I pinched my mouth in embarrassment and asked again. "What's the point of?"
said the Crown Prince, nodding his head and saying.
"Why would Eckart's only princess, who has nothing to be afraid of in the world, be one of those crazy groups?"
It was me who was rather embarrassed by the tone that did not contain any doubt. I made up a reason why I stuttered while rolling my eyes.
"Uh …. you actually trust that I'm not believer of Leila?"
"Ha, you?"
the crown prince laughed at me without hesitation. I jagged my mouth.
"What, can't you believe it?Didn't you see Leila remnants on the eve of the hunting competition?" "Of course I did. "
Reply with a sullen retort. Now, he turned his upper body towards me.
"Crazy guys who don't know what's right or wrong and just believe in their own beliefs, I see their eyes glisteningly upside down."
He looked at me and tapped the corner of my eyes with his hand. Then the hand pointed to my face.
"I'm not looking at you fatly with such rotten fishy eyes as you are." " What do you mean rotten fishy eyes?!"
I walked a step away from him in disgust. The Crown Prince grins.
"And if you were a believer in Leila, you'd have recognized it first in the cave." "A cave,?"
"A fellow of the ancient Leila clan who tried to carve a portal in the palace, " I open my eyes and I looked around.
It was amazing that the remains I met in the cave were the ancient Leila clan.
But what's even more surprising is that the Crown Prince also knows this rundown about the Leila Tribe that Vinter had been working on.
"Did you know, about Leila tribe?" I asked him all comprehensively.
The Crown Prince turned his head away from me and answered indifferently as he walked forward. "You had no idea. "
"If you knew, you wouldn't have said so casually that you would dig up artifacts. If I had been Leila's
admirer, I would have tried to complete the portal at that moment somehow." I looked at him with a little dim eyes.
Whether it's this amazing that he knows everything, or it's a relief that he doesn't doubt me at all. Whether or not it is possible, even I could not understand my feelings now.
"In addition, how much do you value the water that those madmen remodeled?"
As he was walking along him with a complicated heart, the crown prince suddenly added with a cynical expression.
"When I went to the slaughter, they begged me not to touch only the underground lab, although they could kill themselves."
" When I went straight into the lab, and I was just feeding the young children who had run out of mana."
"Oh, the children? What kind of madmen are they?"
I was astonished by the more brutal than I imagined by the believers of Leila.
The prince continued to speak with a faint voice and sigh, perhaps because he had already seen the terrible images.
"How many humans did they kidnap and how much effort did they put into creating a giant object that you had just killed?"
"So if you were the remnant of the new kingdom, you would have killed all the evil creatures so senselessly."
I was shocked by his ignorant remark.
"Why. You shot the crossbow at these evil creatures without hesitation on the eve of the festival." He laughed at me stuttering in shock.
I tried to contradict him in a fit of emotion, but I shut my mouth again. And after a long time, I asked again with caution.
"What if I wasto kill an ally to avoid doubt?"
Someone who thinks I'm weird.
Were they afraid that they were there?
I couldn't stop whining about the Crown Prince.
"So, what if I'm really Leila's remnants, and I'm acting at a high altitude?" As I turned the corner, a new arrow came out.
It was a arrow point that led to several passages. "What would you do then?"
the Crown Prince stopped slowly and looked back at me. "Well, then I can't help it."
The white arrow pointed to one place, but I paused and looked at him. "You'll magically destroy this fucking Inca empire,"
he said with a grin as if he were playing a pranks.
I frowned at his behavior as if he were waking up to a serious question. "I'm not kidding. "
"I'm not kidding, either. The truth is, if you're a real Leila clan, and you're trying to destroy the Inca Empire, I'll help you both materially and morally."
"What did you just say, Crown Prince?"
I was so stunned that I kept blowing up the wind in vainly.
"Why can't you? This country is rotten to the core. It's time to go down," he shrugged.
"When I become an emperor, the first thing to do is to cut off the heads of the royal family and the nobles. "
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"Your Highness."
"After that, we'll scatter all their wealth to the hungry people. We're going to give it away and then we're going to start a war with nothing left after it's going to grow. "
"Until this fucking country was blown to ashes."
muttered with an unknown face whether he was serious or joking. "Then will our Emperor run out of the grave in tears of blood?"
he laughed ferociously, suggesting that when he became emperor, he would be dead for sure matter what.
The figure was a little creepy.
The plan was more specific than expected to be dismissed as a joke.
As I stared at him in silence, he patted me on the shoulder a couple of times.
"So let the princess take over the Imperial Palace first before I painstakingly start a war. I don't care. It's really because it's okay. "
I opened my mouth that wouldn't fall, and I answered back in a frightful way. "Unfortunately, I'm not Leila's remnants."
"That's a pity. "
The conversation, which began with my suspicions, ended with a reminder of the Crown Prince's crazy side.
"Now, where should we go?"
Calisto asked, glancing around the cave all over.
Only then did I come to my senses and point toward the arrow. "This way, ·· "
Then, someone popped out of the left burrow.
The familiar appearance of the rabbit mask startled me and shouted. ·
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I was about to call the Fire Pisson, and suddenly realized that there was a crown prince next to me, and I managed to change it.
"Rain, frequent! "
In an urgent mind, a very Horean name popped out. "frequent…?"
The Crown Prince was following me, and with this unpleasant look, he jabbed the blank. "Who is it?"
The sudden appearance of the crown prince made his eyes big and dark blue pupils visible through the cracks in his face.
"I am…"
cried out in place of a vacant lot showing signs of difficulty.
"Well, he's the top volunteer information officer who came with me! He know how to use magic like myself."
"What's that weird mask you've turned around? You don't take it off right in front of the Crown Prince, it's profane."
The Crown Prince groaned, showing his discomfort in his voice.
Before he pulled his sword like a madman, I rushed to the front of Vinter.
"It's a custom from a country far east. They firmly believe that if you take it off, it's used for evil spirits."
The crown prince frowned disapprovingly. "Does a princess know anyone like that?"
"There aren't as many companies as I thought that would arrange volunteer work in places where support is really needed, like Tratan."
"I see. When I get back, I'll always have to back up."
Callisto finally shook off my excuse and accepted it in a faint voice. I looked around the Vinter with an apologetic face.
Let's do it to keep it secret.
As I winked in meaning, it shook like a gin for Vintet
Soon he said with a nod of his head, as if he had no choice. "It's where Raon is when you pass through that barrel."
"You said you were a foreigner, but you speak quite well, right?" The crown prince looked at the Vintet and ordered arrogantly. "You said you were a magician. You take the lead."
Vinter followed orders obeyingly. 'What's going on, really?'
I followed and chewed my lower lip with anxiety. 'Isn't the Crown Prince aware, is it?'
It was none of my business to find out that Vinter was the Marquis and the Wizard?
However, if Crown Prince caught coming all the way here with him, something very bad was likely to happen.
Suddenly, the Crown Prince stopped.
Realizing that he was standing still,I called him. "Your Highness, aren't you coming?"
The Crown Prince, who stared at Vinter that first entered the aisle with dubious eyes, finally moved at my call.
"Princess, look at that,"
he whispered, as he came towards me, suddenly death of his voice. 'Did I get caught?'
My heart was pounding.I try to hide my shocked. Ah, I asked with a quiet voice.
" He's barefoot."
The Crown Prince pointed a finger at the feet of the Vinter.
"Isn't he possessed by an evil spirit. I don't know which country he's from, but you're not crazy enough to bare foot."
The shoulder of the leading Vinter flinched.
Even if the crown prince turned down the sound, he could hear it. 'I'm sorry.'
I turned away as if I didn't know as I mourned through Vinter that had become a demon-possessed maniac.
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