Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 131

As soon as the Crown Prince followed Vinter, a roaring sound rang out in the hall. I opened my eyes wide and turned my head.
Light spewed out of Vinter, shouting out the spell.
It was shot straight into pieces that the woman was matching.
I don't know if I'm almost finished with the broken artifact, but I'm going to have a blue light in the air. I was emerging in a large, flat form.
It collided with the magic shot by Winter. There was a gust of wind.
There was a short and fierce confrontation. But after a while.
Parsak, Parsagak-.
With the sound of rupture, the blue light from the oil slowly faded.
Soon the light was completely gone, and it returned to the dull gray of mirror. 'A mirror? '
It was very messy and dirty, but it was a section of the mirror that looked momentarily as the light went out.
Instead of just turning off the light, Vinter continued to shoot magic lasers. The debris seemed to be trying to destroy the artifact again.
"Cuwe-e-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-dee-ee-ee-ee!" But the attempt was soon overlooked.
Because of the snake that's been running towards him.
Just before the mouth, which had opened to a disgusting extent, tried to swallow the lower body of Vinter, the crown prince who had followed him managed to drop the sword on the forehead of the snake.
"Hey, a stranger. Look at the situation. Do it as you go! Should I cover your ass ?" The Crown Prince exclaimed ferociously, frowning.
Vinter froze and answered urgently.
"We have to destroy it completely. That artifact has a negative effect on not only wizards but also ordinary people!"
"If you're so worried, move the children away!"
The crown prince's words made sense, and Vince quickly killed snake instead of insisting on it. Surely with the two man running wild, the villains didn't even tap.
'As expected, a man is a man.'
Seeing the number of demons declining sharply,
I was inwardly relieved.
Seeing that the main quest was no longer coming out, it seemed like the episode would be over soon after saving the children.
The crown prince quickly reached near the altar, thanks to Vintet, which used magic to strike several balls at once.
"Choi Ah-ak-! " "Cuck!"
He cut off the men who took out the manure from their pockets without hesitation.
Ah, as he asked Vinter when he cast his spell a moment ago, the Prince's transparency is solved by force.
Several people were killed in an instant in his unseen assassination. "Two, there's another one who's been invisible!"
sudden sprinkling of blood among themselves. Did he look very strange?
They soon noticed that someone had been hiding. "Protect Goddess! More mana! "
The men who were being cut off by the crown prince's sword quickly banded together to the main side of the altar at the order of their superiors.
Some of them have taken out a shiny crystal ball, as seen in the palace before. Some of them have black pockets held up and shouted an unknown spell.
A heavy tremor rang out.
I shut my ears with my hands in a tremendous roar. Looking ahead, I doubted my eyes.
In terms of what has come out so far, five fully grown devil jumped out of their pockets and filled a large space.
It was much bigger than the one I managed to defeat with the help of the Crown Prince earlier. Boom, boom-!
Every time the monsters moved, the floor shook. "Cuwe-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e!"
The huge shadows fell.
"Gee-gir, you're all over and over again. "
The Crown Prince fixed the bloody knife and cursed it.
The same was true of the vacant lot, which faltered in an overwhelming size that was different from what it had been dealing with.
'Why is it getting harder and harder? Shouldn't it be over at this point!'
Standing on the corner and not being able to do anything, I felt a sense of uneasiness.
Unlike me, Vinter and Crown Prince quickly regained consciousness and began to fight the evil creatures silently.
When Callisto cut off the legs of a demon, The ground poured out magic with a stick.
However, the size was so big that it did not make much difference. The attacked demons jumped with excitement.
It's hard to control, or there's an object that tries to trample on the new country. The Crown Prince drove his spirit into enticing the demons to attack them. "Throw your rice at the devil!"
The black robes ordered. "Oh, no!"
I opened my eyes, knowing what rice was.
I began to run aimlessly toward the altar with the children.
I wasn't sure if I could stop them without the power of the system.
But I had to do anything while Vinter and the Crown Prince went through hell. But before I could get close to the altar, a black robes surrounded two children. "Don't!"
I clenched my teeth. "Piratio!"
At that moment, Vinter, who had been struggling with a demon, quickly shouted the spell. Five children hanging on the floor with white light disappeared.
I stop running. He turned around. "Ugh!"
He was hit by a tail wielded by a giant lizard monster in return and then flew to the other wall and plunged.
Slipping down to the floor, he cramped for a moment and soon drooped, and I couldn't breathe and looked at it.
Is he dead?
What if he's dead?
What's happening now has come as a realistic and unrealistic performance.
Whenever everything I thought was part of the game felt like a real situation, I felt scared and crazy. I'm scared, and I can't wait to get out of here.
"Girl! Princess!"
It was none other than Calisto that awakened me, who had been in a state of panic, frozen stiff. "Penelope Eckart!"
The clear name that called me came to my senses. He roamed the floor avoiding the ball of three devil.
"Get a hold of yourself! If you buy quickly when I'm dragging my feet, you'll get away with it!" I turned my head reflexively at the words.
On the altar, blocked by countless black robes.
At the foot of the white robe, a small body in a lion's mask was still unconscious. I was lying on my back.
I looked with shaky eyes at the Crown Prince, who struggled to deal with the devil alone, and said, "No one can see you. You can make it!"
he stabbed the flying tail and shouted again for me. I nodded madly at him, and soon got back to my legs. It took me times to get near the altar.
The Crown Prince was right.
None of the men noticed that I was going up and down the altar, whether the invisible magic would be maintained even if Vintet was lost.
The white robe, covering its face with a mask, embraces the blue-colored relics and looks somewhere. It was on the side of Calisto.
He seemed to have lost his mind to invisible humans dealing with evil creatures. I stooped down under her ruler.
After stopping at some distance, I reached out and held Raon's hood tightly. From now on, it was the key for me to drag Raon to the end of the altar.
Took Raon a little, just a little bit, towards me.
Fortunately, neither it was white lobes, black lobes, and no one noticed. 'Okay, just a little bit, like this.'
Then I took courage from him, and led Raon carefully to the end of the altar. However, it occurred to me that it would not be possible to do so at this pace. The Crown Prince was on the defensive.
At this rate, even that will be Vinter and the new nations will accomplish what they were going to do with Raon.
I was thinking,
'Will it just get caught and go wild?'
I was looking at the woman wearing a mask. It was then.
Pod-! A faint light came into the relic the woman was hugging. The blue light poured down on me.
'What, what!'
By the time I was looking at it in a state of confusion, I could see something rising in the relics. At the same time, the white robe sensed an abnormal status.
"the mirror…"
The woman, looking down at the mirror, looked at me exactly like a flash.
The blue eyes beyond the mask met face to face. 'its X'
I got a gut feeling that something was wrong. I realized the truth.
It was the moment.
~Main Quest : The whereabouts of the children who have disappeared. Would you like to proceed with the quest?
(Compensation: All male lead's favourability +5%, reputation 50.) [Accept / Refuse]
'Accept! Accept!'
I hit [Accept] twice in a row.
The letters were immediately changed.
Shout out the magic. (Magic spell: Dekina Reptium)
The magic spell in front of me has never been more than welcome. What kind of order do you want me to attack?
Unlike other times when I told you, nothing was written, but I was not in a position to cover it. "Dekina…"
When I opened my mouth hurriedly, an unknown heat swelled under my neck. I clenched my teeth and pressed it down.
And shouted with all my might. "Dekina Reptium-!"
It's a lot more than ever.
The vibrations and the roar shook the basement
. A huge chunk of light, round, like a gym ball, poured out like a bomb from all sides.
They bounced off in all directions like rubber balls, smashing everything down and trampling on it. Light, light, light-!
Scary vibrations, ear-splitting loud noises, glaring flashes that cannot be seen. When the roar finally died down and most of the light sticks were gone.
I was speechless at the sight that had been revealed, and between the rubble of the broken and crumbling columns, five giant lizard were all dead, spewing only smoke.
Standing in the midst of the chaos, Crown Prince stared at me with a faint look.