Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 132

the chief who was standing next to the white robe, saw me and pointed a finger at me. Not only him, but the eyes of all the black robes standing in front of the altar were on me. He couldn't take it out by using magic, and the two famous paintings were released. "How the hell did the ancient magic go away?" Oh!
The one who muttered in a trembling voice like he couldn't believe it exclaimed as if nothing had happened.
"Hill that bitch!" "Dekina. "
I quietly mended the beginning of the order. "Haha!"
The men who were about to come to me took a sharp breath and stopped moving. Everyone had just seen with their own eyes how big the magic power I spell was. "You'd better not move. If you don't want to look like the snakes,"
I rolled up one corner of my mouth and laughed meanly.
Then I held Raon in my arms and raised himself proudly on his stomach.
As if my warning had worked for sure, they were only flinching at my actions and never thought of coming.
I still glanced at the white robe staring at me in silence with the relics in her hand. 'I said it was to destroy the spirit. You shouldn't see it.'
As consciously as possible, he slowly opened up the street, trying not to look at the woman's arms. It was when I had just come down from the altar, out of the faint light that was spouting toward me.
A white robe, which had been staring at me without moving, suddenly lifted up the mirror in his arms. "The Assum. "
With a low-pitched voice, a blue glow came from inside the mirror. The light struck straight down on me.
There was no time to spare.
I hugged Raon's head towards me and closed my eyes tightly.
But even though I closed my eyes tightly and didn't see the artifact, the light penetrated. In an instant, the view flashed blue.
Numerous scenes passed through it.
It changed so fast that I couldn't tell exactly what they were pointing at all. " ah"
I couldn't cover my eyes with my hands because I was hugging Raon.
I startled and backed away at the seemingly repeated welcome. "Gee, now!"
As if he had taken the chance, the leader shouted with remorse. "Princess!"
The voice of the crown prince, who called me anxiously at a distance, was also heard by a slight difference .
'Get a hold of yourself, you'll die!'
I tried to regain my reason in a dizzy hallucination. The magic spell came to mind by a narrow margin. I opened my mouth.
"De, de."
The hot things were bubbling under the neck again.
I don't know why, but for the second time, it was very hard to spit out the spell. "Hill her and take her away! "
I could feel them coming.
I fought desperately with the rising heat.
And finally, magic spells popped out with a feeling of something pouring out of my mouth. "Dekina Reptium–!"
a wretched cry resounded. And. Cuqua-a-ang-!
There was once again a deafening roar of tremors enough to sway the whole body.
The blue light that had occupied my sight disappeared, and I was able to open my eyes with difficulty. I blinked several times to regain my greenish vision.
When it was barely clear in front of me, there was another tremendous spectacle before me. 'What, what?'
A lot of black robes, which had just been lumped around the altar, were scattered all over the place, as if a bomb had fallen.
Most of them were bleeding and did not budge. It seemed to be dead.
Guang, kua-ang-!
Before I could even grasp the situation, something about it flashed through my eyes. "Ahhhhh!"
Screamed and scattered a few of the remaining black robes. But it was for a while, too.
Then I was struck by a lump of Ahon light, and they flew like paper sheets of paper. It was a great destructive force.
'Oh my. '
I opened my mouth.
Numerous ball balls were popping around the hall, which looked twice as big as when they killed a demon.
A little while ago, when I killed a demon and smashed a pillar, was small.
The blocks of light I made by reciting the spell were as if to destroy everything in this space. Fortunately or unlucky, the attack was not crazy for me.
At that time, a chunk of light flew into the open. It was on the altar where the white robes stood. Quang-!
A strong wind blew with a deafening roar. Strong energy burst out like an explosion. "oh…"
I, holding Raon, was pushed out of my hands near the altar. I don't know if there's any danger around her.
It was fortunate that there were no remnants of the post.
By the time I managed to squeeze my leg and stopped being pushed out. "Lady, Goddess!"
cried someone as if he were shouting.
Turning my head towards it, I suddenly opened my eyes wide. A white robe fell on the altar.
"Goddess! wake up!"
The silver lobes called to her like that. I jumped up close.
I could see red water spreading over the lobes, which used to only be white without a speck.
Whether she was hit head-on by a mass of light that flew in, the relics that the woman was holding were shattered around her.
'I unintentionally did what Vinter was trying to do.' It was when I was staring at it with a puzzled look. It's a flash of light at my feet.
It caught the eye.
It was one of the pieces of a broken mirror.
It felt like it was tinged out here when it was broken by the magic of a lump of light. It sparkled as if it wanted me to pick it up.
I felt a sense of deja vu.
I bent down and picked it up with one hand. At the same time,
Another roar rang out.
One of the still lingering blocks of light is stuck in the statue behind the altar. Hou Hung, Hurrung-!
The statue and ceiling collapsed at once. And. Shoot-
A stream of water began to shoot out of the gap. The salty and fishy smell spread.
The cave was broken and seawater was invading. "You must go, Goddess!"
Whether she is still alive and not dead in the mess, the black robes have raised a woman who can't keep her body together.
He took out the crystal ball with one hand and mumbled something. Then a blue light came out of the crystal ball and surrounded them. Instinctively, I noticed that they were trying to escape.
'I have to kill them all here!'
It was as soon as I opened my mouth to shout the spell again. "Dekina, "
I made eye contact with a woman who managed to come to her senses again.
The woman wrapped her hand around one face of blood dripping as the mask broke. But the hood I was wearing was torn to pieces, revealing all the covering of the muffin. I forgot to shout the spell and opened my eyes.
At that moment, I couldn't hear the wall falling down or the sea pouring in. Breathless. Lovely pink hair fluttering in the strong wind.
The blue eyes staring at me.
"Yvonne?" I spewed out, but doubted what I was seeing. 'It doesn't make sense. I'm mistaken.'
But no matter how much she covered half of her face, I've already played the game, and I couldn't not know that I broke all the normal mode.
A woman's appearance that perfectly matches the game illustration. The blue color surrounding them grew stronger and stronger.
It was then. "Princess!"
Someone grabbed me roughly by the shoulder and turned around. Golden hair fluttered before my eyes.
The only time he/she stopped breathing was when he/she burst out. "Well, Your Highness,"
I blazed the Crown Prince, panting wildly.
Callisto pulled Raon out of my arms and hugged him and said urgently.
"What are you standing so absent-mindedly? We have to get out of here too!" "Ha, but there…"
I looked around the altar in confusion. Shoot–
The place was empty, with only a great deal of sea water pouring down.
"Thanks to your magic-pouring like a madwoman, the cave is falling apart. If you don't go out now, you'll be buried."
The spirit of the horse seemed to return little by little. "What about Vinter?…"
I looked around and looked for Vinter.
The Crown Prince answered by moving quickly.
"He came to his senses by the time he made a second magic attack. I ordered him to pick up the children and get out before you eat the cave."
That wasn't a very nice thing to say, but I was greatly relieved . That was a relief.
Clap, clap.
Before I knew it, the sea had risen to my ankles.
We rushed through the passage and began to turn back the way we had come. But not long after, the cave suddenly shook like it was about to collapse. "Argh!"
I shrieked and crouched.
"Damn it! Can't you control this fucking magic after shooting?" the crown prince uttered a harshly. I felt very unfair.
'Who thought the magic of the system was so powerful?'
But I could not answer back because it was not me who ate the cave. The Crown Prince and I sped more speed into the cave.
A few more rumblings, some more. Did he run like crazy?
which feels a little different from before, began to approach every momentarily began to approach. Me and the Crown Prince looked back reflexively.
Beyond the cave, the fluttering chicer faraway was chasing us at a terrifying speed. It was none other than a huge wave.
The Crown Prince and I screamed at the same time and ran for life.
But the speed of the surging waves could not be overcome with human legs. "X feet, now you're drowning route or calm, you crazy game-!!"
The last thought I had was, of course, a curse on the game maker just before the dark sea hit my body.
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