Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 134

"What is this, crazy…!"
I realized what the Crown Prince had done to me one step later and uttered abusive language. I wanted to give him a good account of what kind of brutality this is, but he was already gone. I raised my hand to cover my lips with the back of my hand.
The momentary touch was moist.
'Damn you! I shouldn't have worried you.' Maybe it's because I was too surprised.
The chest thundered as if it would break through the bone to grind. My face went up in flames. 'It's because I'm in a bad mood.'
I decided to kiss his thief like that. In fact, I couldn't tell if he was really upset. All these violent feelings seemed unfamiliar.
There was a cool breeze, but after a long time, the heat was still up. It didn't cool off easily.
As I tried to calm down by pressing my hand over my beating heart, I finally opened my eyes hard on the white sand beach where he had disappeared.
And the moment I turned my head. Beyond the lion's mask, I encountered a round eye staring at me. "…Ra, Ra, Raon."
I was very embarrassed. It was hard to know when the child, who had no movement, woke up. By the time a dreary wind swept through us.
Raon suddenly yelled at me to raise his finger. "He kissed her. He kissed her!"
I was shocked by the bright teasing that popped out, and soon shook my head like crazy. "Oh, no! It's not like that!"
"Yes, yes, it's kissed, it's kissed!" "Hey! Oh, no!"
As soon as I was about to run to stop that absurd mouth. "Lady."
A low voice rang out from behind her back.
I paused, stopped moving and turned around in the sky. A barefoot man in a rabbit mask stood tall as if he had risen from the ground.
"VinNo, You."
I barely changed my words as I came up to shout 'Vinter' reflexively. Because there was no prince, there was no need to call him that anymore. "You didn't see anything like that with the Crown Prince, did you?"
He showed up at an exquisite timing. I looked at him with nervous eyes. But I couldn't tell because I was covering my face with a mask. It was then.
Raon, who had been sitting on the white sand a little away, jumped up and ran.
"I'm sorry, ···, actually Penelope told me not to go under the wall, but I was trying to show off my magic to the children"
And Raon's sullen voice revealed the truth of the incident. I was a little surprised at the remark.
-They're showing up today, another kid. I didn't expect to kidnap all the fields.
-It may sound like an excuse, but I was also in a state of limbo, Lady.
It is the door when the words of the calmly-throwing vacant lot were true when they were just entering the cave.
In fact, I didn't believe half of it. Because as far as I'm concerned, I've had a heavy blow to the back of my head.
Put down the crying lion mask on the mask. He breathed a deep sigh as he watched it. "Alright. Are you hurt?"
"Yes,, I'm fine."
As Raon mumbled, the blue pupil headed toward me this time. "Is Lady hurt?"
"It's all right. " I answered the truth with a nod. Then I asked the things that came to mind belatedly. "Did you take the children home safely?"
"Are you"
I was going to ask if you were okay, but I just shut my mouth. I couldn't say, 'It's okay if it's empty talk.'
Perhaps because he was struck by the tail of a demon, red water had spread over the ragged edges of the robe. It looked much worse than the Crown Prince.
"It's too late. I'll stop taking you there"
So when I seemed to have no intention of continuing, he reached out his hand and suggested it first. I couldn't refuse the very tired and tired voice.
"Okay. Let's get back to work." hurriedly took his hand. Soon a bright light wrapped the three of us. All of us.
"Your Grace!"
The Crown Prince's only aide.
Cedric Porter greeted Calisto, who had just been summoned to the Imperial Palace portal with a stunning face with a magic crew.
the Crown Prince raised his hand to greet such an aide. 'Here?!'
Cedric bit his teeth to press down on the simmering filling.
He was the only major army he had brought to the battlefield.
But sometimes, Whenever i was acting like a madman, I wanted to strangle him.
Recently, intense meetings were held day after day to wipe out the Leila Ganshans hiding in the Archina Islands and damaging the empire.
The Archina Islands, where they hid, had so many canyons and reefs along the main side, and the waves were rough that the warships could not easily access them.
Moreover, their rebellion was stronger than expected, and they were often killed in a group trying to wipe out the mess.
Thus, the Crown Prince was looking for a way to access the ancient maps he acquired during the previous hunting competition.
It was at the height of the meeting.
A red spot appeared on the map and started blinking.
It was an island not marked on the map near it, not on the Archina Islands.
Everyone was puzzled by the sudden redness, and suddenly the Crown Prince ran out like a madman, leaving his seat.
And now I'm back.
"What the hell are you doing at Solenoid? What happened to the injury!" Asked Cedric, who recounted the situation once again.
Instead of answering, The Crown Prince wriggled his eyebrows. "Have you already threatened the wizards?"
"You must have threatened them. I'm just asking for confirmation to find the charges."
The wizards at Cedric's interrogation said, 'If you don't move the crown prince to the solenoid right now, he's holding it so I will make a Fang's tail for you.' He said, "I had no choice but to do so," shaking his teeth.
Cedric added coolly.
"Thanks to you who ran out during the meeting, the staff has yet to leave the palace, and we are very angry. You have to excuse me for what I did when I was injured, so give me an ear pump."
Roughly the shit was that you were making a mess of it, and everybody was making a fuss about it, so you could just explain the situation for an excuse.
The Crown Prince replied slyly.
"What are you doing? I'm here to wipe them out. " "…Yes? Your Grace, by blood?"
Calisto, who was walking fast toward the Crown Prince's palace, suddenly stopped walking. He raised his chin with a strangely imposing face and gave a thunderclap.
"The reserve was with the Princess" "Reserve, ··· what?"
Cedric said, "What's wrong with my ears?" and passed it lightly. The Crown Prince moved on and continued his horse.
"Our prediction was right. They couldn't easily move from the Archina Islands to Tratan. So he's got a silver basin on the seabed nearby."
"You mean the basement of the foil?"
"Yes. The depth and breadth of the oysters were enormous. Maybe it was the Archina Islands." "Then send troops to Soleil first."
"No. You don't have to. They'll be quiet for a minute."
Calisto blocked Cedric, who was trying to fix the operation quickly. "What?" Cedric seems to be wondering.
Calisto, who seemed to be lost in thought for a moment, suddenly burst into laughter. 'He's finally crazy.'
Cedric thought.
Of course, the Crown Prince has been crazy for a long time, but it's finally time to go home. "The princess beat all those underground burrows up. The whole solenoid sank under the sea." The crown prince, who was laughing, moved it to a rather pleasant voice.
Embarrassed by the sudden turn of conversation, Cedric soon noticed something and was astonished. "Then was that red dot, ···, the princess's location?"
Reproducing the relics of ancient Balta was very dangerous and reckless.
Therefore, the Crown Prince engraved the law so that no one but the princess could use it.
I don't know how it was obtained, but it went smoothly thanks to Calisto's possession of a handful of her cut-off hair.
However, in the process of engraving magic, Magistrate said he had a problem.
The ancient map recognized Penelope as its owner, and shared it with the cloned new map. I didn't know exactly what it meant at the time.
"· ·Your Grace, Isn't that a crime?"
The thoughts that spread out out of control asked Cedric with a serious face. "Uhhh, crime."
The Crown Prince was angry.
"It was a mistake to the last degree." "Is it a mistake that you know?" ""
"As far as I've heard, you must have been told a farewell by the princess during the last hunting competition"
Cedric has a sudden chill.
I was startled by the entrapment. Turning away, the blood-red eyes were shining brightly, "Has your work been a little idle lately?"
The Crown Prince struck Cedrick on the shoulder a couple of times as if he were reaching out.
"Just hear and deliver what's going on between me and the princess, as I told you. I want you to do your job. Don't try to add words to other people's love affairs. All right. Huh?"
"Ugh, Ugh! Yes. All right."
Cedric answered painfully with the water in his eyes.
Satisfied, the Crown Prince stopped the violence disguised as encouragement and began to turn around and walk again.
After that, the whining of the load ensued, but strangely enough it was none the worse today. Calisto couldn't stop laughing and laughing without even realizing it.
At first, it was nothing more than teasing.
It was funny and funny to deceive myself with a lie that seemed to look out and lose sweat to make up for it.
I often thought about what she would reply, and looking forward to seeing her again, it was damn good and life was pretty good. The weak interest was not extinguished even after the hunting competition. Rather, she's the one who's disgusted with herself.
The curiosity about it grew even more.
After The Marquess of Ellen, I was not very angry when there was an absurd rumor that I was talking about princesses, because I didn't have enough of a blow to the old man.
I was amazed by myself.
When I acted awkwardly with my makeup on, I thought it was trivial and cute. I thought she was just a dumb and arrogant commoner.
The tiny lips, which were cursing while looking at me, kept growling before my eyes. So I unwittingly said…..
"By the way, Your Highness. "
Suddenly, at Cedric's call, Calisto awoke from deep thought. "What."
"Why have you been fiddling with your lips so much since a long time ago? Are you afraid to hurt your lips?"
Actually, what I wanted to say was, why are you stuttering your lips like that? But because his life was a waste, Cedrick managed to swallow his words.
As if I didn't know that, the crown prince blinked. He was not very interested in reason.
As I spent years in a battlefield where blood and flesh were popping up, I thought that my greed and sexual desire were all dead, and only hatred and murder were left.
But at this moment, in his head, it was Penelope Ekart's face that occupied.
I kissed her and she was round like a rabbit. Blue-green eyes, embarrassed and puffed, red lips. The princess' face revealed in the moonlight, a little….
Cedric bit back at the solitary chatter.
The Crown Prince glances sideways at such a subordinate. He laughed as if he were doing it.
"There's such a thing. You've never been in a relationship in your life, and you don't know it anyway." "No, no, no one has ever done it!"
Calisto laughed cheerfully, leaving behind the angry voice of his subordinate.