Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 135

When we opened our eyes, we stood in the corner of the human sparse alley at Hamilton Street where we first started.
Looking at the streets stained with black darkness, I sighed and came. 'I hope no one noticed'
There was a story left to wrap up with the empty space, but it was not a good situation. He and I needed treatment and rest, It's all.
I gave them a short glimpse. "I'll get going."
"Are you goingPenelope?"
Raon asked me visibly sullenly.
"I'll see you next time when I get a chance."
I smiled lightly and then turned to the vacant lot. "Thank you, for the shoes."
I took off the shoes he had worn me.
I put out my magic shoes, so I didn't get wet or dirty even though I fell into the sea. Therefore, it was meaningless to wash it and return it.
'I don't want to meet again because I'm returning the shoes.'
It didn't matter if I was barefoot because it was soon from here to the mansion. Judging so, I turned away from him without hesitation.
It was a moment when I took a few steps. "Wait a minute."
The urgent voice clung to me.
I hesitated and turned my head slightly. "Wait a moment, Lady."
Vinter spat out at Raon without answering me directly. "Raon, you go back to the top first."
The teacher's words are heavenly, but the lion's mask answered obediently.
After a while, a small new model was bought with the sound of a 'piratio' and a cry for a spell. As Raon went, Vinter bowed down and lifted the shoes I had taken off.
And trudging along, sticking it out at my feet.
"Please keep your shoes on mansion. I'll take you inside." "It's all right."
I flatly refused.
"I think your treatment seems to be more urgent.It doesn't matter if you just have seven children like this."
"A little while ago, I looked at the main movement with the magic of maximizing hearing, and some generals were circling around the mansion. Nothing, I think I'm looking for Lady."
I thought he was literally saying, I'm terribly disappointed. 'Did they catch me? You crazy!'
I asked the rabbit mask hard with my shaking pupils like an earthquake. "What time is it now?"
"It's a little past 10." "Ha,".
I sighed with a sigh.
I left at 10 a.m. and came back after 10 p.m. to hell. 'Is it all a pass because it hasn't passed the day?'
I turned the positive circuit with tears in my eyes.
When Vinter saw me like that, he reached out his hand and urged me again. "I'm late, so please allow me to take you to your room safely."
If the knights are circling around the mansion, they will sneak into the hole anyway, and it will be long gone.
I wore the shoes that the empty space had put out again and answered with a gloomy face. "Please do me a favor."
A moment later, the white light occupied my eyes and when I opened my eyes again, a familiar space unfolded. It was my room.
"Oh, my God! What,!!!"
Emily was surprised to see me suddenly appearing 'ppong' in the middle of the room. "Miss Penelope!"
"What the hell, why are you here now! Who is this man?"
When she saw a giant in a rabbit mask, she was startled and pulled me in. I asked in a hurry instead of explaining the glade.
"Did anything happen? Were you, by any chance, caught me sneaking away?" Emily's muddle about the facts.
"That'sThe butler came in the evening and knew you weren't there."
"What?! The butler?"
"I told him I was sick, but he said he had an urgent ex-wife."
I grabbed my head. Of all things, the Duke knew it was a disaster for you. She tried to comfort me by looking at me frowning.
"Well, I'm sure he'll be here any minute. I managed to stop him from telling the Duke you right away.
But the butler was already secretly looking for me by releasing someone.
If I hadn't come back today, it would have been only a matter of time before the whole workpiece became known.
I decided to use extreme measures. "I'd like to leave some requests." "What? What?" (Vinter)
"Manipulate the memory of all human beings belonging to the Duke. I've never been out." "Hyuk."
Emily took a shallow breath in my words.
The blue pupil, who looked at me calmly asking for favors, shook once. "is that maid included?"
He asked in a dark voice. "Yes."
"Oh, lady!"
Emily looked back at me with a shocked face at my answer without hesitation. But I retorted coolly.
"Sorry, Emily. There's nothing special about a complete crime." I still didn't believe anyone in the duchess.
After staring at me with no expression for a while, Vinter slowly pulled out his cane from his arms. "Ram Branica"
"Oh, miss! How could even I be!"
The terminal of the empty space, which was chanting magic spells, resounded heavily.
Emily, who was expressing her disappointment with her betrayed eyes, suddenly fell to the floor with a "pulp" sound.
I looked at it and asked, frowning. "what's the big deal?"
"As I told you before, the magic of the tube in memory has a subcrop that falls into a deep sleep." A sigh of relief came out. Vinter added.
"The magic was successful, and everyone in the mansion fell asleep. Don't worry, after waking up, there will be nothing more than losing your memory."
I nodded still and opened my mouth. "What should i pay for the request?"
Vinter was silent on my words. And the answer that came after a long time– "I won't take it."
"Lady came home late todaybecause of my great responsibility."
"You can't trust me anymore."
He seemed to hesitate for a while, then recited it calmly.
"The termination of the contract… I'll send you a letter as soon as possible." The words gave me a dejected laugh.
'You must still know my mistake.'
It was unpleasant and irritating enough to cause a rail line or not, to be suspected and be subjected to a rough time.
But is it because it's a series of shocking things.
I wasn't as mad at him as I thought. Even he looked tired. In a rational way, Vinter's intentions were justified.
He's been running against Leila for a long time, and I'm sure my behavior, driven by the system, is very suspicious.
'..··But, have they seen it?'
The appearance of the white robe I saw last came to mind.
I was caught off guard, denying that I was mistaken, that it was just a similar appearance.
Circumstances have shown that Vinter already encountered a "real princess" who was living as a poor commoner while doing volunteer work.
'If, very much, the hostess is really the centerpiece of the pack trying to kidnap the children and get rid of the wizards.'
It was an unknown thing to deceive the vacant lot and use him to do what he was to be done. As soon as I got there, I suddenly got goose bumps on the back of my head.
"You, by any chance,"
I suddenly opened my mouth, and immediately shut up. He suspected me of being a Leila remnants.
There was no need to start a fire without knowing whether the suspicion had been terminated.
Even if the hostess did, it was after Penelope's coming-of-age ceremony that she appeared in earnest. 'After I escape, it's not my job.'
I suddenly stopped talking and shook my head toward the rabbit mask looking at me with strange eyes. "Nothing. More than that"
"Just keep the contract."
In my words, the blue-eyed pupils expanded greatly. He showed signs of confusion.
"Well, it's funny to break the contract you've already made. Because I don't trust your public ability." The point of time for the escape.
It was also hard to find a new top that was as capable and heavy-mouthed as Vinter. He stared at me with a look of unknown emotion.
It was easy to notice that it was a mixture of faint expectations.
"However, I hope you don't have any more work to do besides the public sector."
I cut it off like a knife.
"I don't think I can be as good as usual with the terms of the contract you've put forward." At my smiling face, the pupils of the vacant lot began to shake endlessly.
"I see what you doubt, what you worry about. And the cause that has become younger on your shoulders. My reputation and rumors haven't stopped, and I've been very suspicious of using magic."
"But you shouldn't be deceiving people with bullshit like interest." There was more vivid emotion in his eyes than ever before in my words. It was pain and remorse.
Above his head, the purple favor also blinked slowly at the gauge bar. I looked at it without any excitement.
"I wasn't deceiving."
He spouted out in a nearly squeezed voice.
"It wasn't just for the doubt and confirmation that Lady was interested." ""
"It's just that I'm suspiciousit wasn't."
Vinter repeated the same thing, with an aslant voice.
His faltering appearance seemed precarious, on the one hand, pathetic.
I felt sorry for him who had the belief that he should continue the fight with difficulty while being cursed by Leila and ostracized by people.
But understanding and my feelings were separate.
"Well, I don't care if I'm more suspicious. Doubt, interest, you all do it yourself." "Lady."
"I'm telling you not to use me for your cause anymore." "Lady, just once. One more time for me"
I blocked the blank space that called me in a pleading voice, and gave notice of coldness. "Now go back. And, don't contact me until I find it first."