Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 137

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"A fellow of the East?"
I lost my words when he said so, and I looked at him.
"He was a faceless servant who used to work in my house." ""
"I followed him to see the Delmans being enslaved on the farm near the village." "Eclise."
"But suddenly, a large monster appeared on the farm and attacked people." "What? Monster?" (A thing of evil)
I opened my eyes to the following words of Eclise.
The village where he went to learn swordsmanship was not far from the capital. 'But why'
Is it not Tratan, which is close to the Archina Islands, but a monster appeared in the middle of the empire?
'Is this also one of the hard mode stories?'
Just the day before, I felt strange after meeting a bunch of monsters.
Eclise, who was lost in thought with a serious look on his face, quietly moved. "No one came out while people were dying."
"I was the only one there who had a sword, Master."
I suddenly came to my senses. In the end, it meant that he killed the monster himself.
The sight of ML, who was caught up in something even more extraordinary than running away, made me dizzy.
I tried to think rationally, and called him like a sigh. "Eclise."
"Even if it happened, you should have been running first to me." "Master."
"You should have come back to me to report and ask for help."
I honestly could not imagine how miserable it must have been for Eclise to see his homeland in danger. But I calmly recalled reality.
A slaves of the enemy country wandered around the streets and used the sword freely.
If someone accused him of this, it could even lead to a misunderstanding that writer Gong was making a conspiracy. (Gong meaning is ball / public affairs / zero / null)
When asked to save his teacher, Derek was most concerned.
"You're a slave who can't use a sword in the empire now, and I'm in charge of you." Eclise's expression faded in my stiffened face.
"I know how much better life I have compared to them, and how unpretentious I have been doing."
Eclise replied with a very bad voice.
"But while I killed all the monsters, no support came from the Empire." "You could have taken action to get support from the Duke."
"After all the people are dead?" "Eclise."
"I had no choice but to kill the monster, Master."
The dull gray-brown eyes flashed more brilliantly than ever before. I eventually closed my mouth and reopened it long after.
"Why didn't you come back immediately after killing the monster?" "People got hurt a lot."
To this question, he bowed his head to avoid the eyes he was facing me to see if he was ashamed of himself.
"In the meantime, the slaves looked at the wounded commoners of the Empire." ""
"In that wicked place where there wasn't about one thing to apply to the wound, I could do nothing but pick up grass or firewood for the wounds." (my poor baby T_T)
"That's all I could do"
After speaking, the tail of his eyes drooped down a little.
I didn't have an expression so much that I usually felt the minute change very much. His sullen face and nervousness, which had filled his neck, have eased little by little. I asked the most concerned with a slightly softer voice than before.
"What about the observers? There must have been empires who managed the slaves."
Eclise shook his head weakly.
"It's all slums around there. They release the slaves who put their restraints on the farm, and at certain times, they come to collect only the crops they harvest."
As soon as he said it, he glanced at my left hand, which he had put on the table.
I remembered the butler's words that said the slave's restraint had the magic of tracking his location. The concern that the security was not good was also positive.
There was a moment of silence in the room when Eclise desperate appeal was over. There was some excitement in the assumption that he might have run away.
Then the gray light came into his eyes.
Unlike usual neatness for a slave, a messy skeleton.
I did everything I could to make my escape, but today I was so upset that I felt like I was rolling around in a place where I wasn't there.
"Are you hurt anywhere?"
I gave a voice that was a little worried. Eclise shook his head in silence.
I looked through it with a clear mind, but fortunately there were no bloodstains, only dust and dirt. "Good thing."
Still, just in case, I opened my mouth again, thinking that I should let the butler see him.
"Eclise, if this happens in the future, tell me what's going on through the horseman. Cause that's why I sent him."
I spoke with a determined voice.
"I was surprised to hear that you didn't come back." ""
"What's going on, we need to solve people right now, and you're worried about not doing anything for hours?"
I turned my face away.
Even if I didn't have to act, I recalled the dry skin I felt before, and a desperate voice popped out. There was a stir in the eyes of Eclise.
He shook his lips, spitting hard.
"I killed the demon and went straight to him, but he was already the first to go." I frowned upon his words as soon as I heard them.
This is because the butler was silent and instructed him to put up a man who could lift his feet without disturbing Eclise as much as possible.
'I've been waiting a while, and I've come back'
In my fierce spirit, Eclise noticed, and asked carefully. "Are you angry?"
I shook my head.
"It's my fault that I didn't care properly." ""
"I guess he didn't know my subject. To the new horseman, I'll tell him to spare an hour until the end of your training."
At that moment, his eyes widened. I tried with a smile and added. "It's full free time. Do what you have to do in there."
Eclise called me with a hint of embarrassment.
During that time, it was an unconventional permission to meet and help people in a bad situation. If Derek finds out about this, I'll be punished, too.
"But not more than that." I drew the line firmly.
One hour, it was okay to give help as long as I could. But I couldn't do anything more.
If he is found to be formally learning and using a sword, it is not only dangerous for the Delmans who have become slaves to be exterminated, but also to the Duke.
"No more, Eclise."
Once again, gently, he stared at me with shaky eyes, and then nodded slightly. "Now, me too,····."
Eclise hesitated for a long time, and then asked the question of the unheard. "Master, have you become a useful person?"
I tilted my head to a question that was out of context. "Why do you ask such a question all of a sudden?"
"If it's useless or causing trouble, send it back to the auction house"
I immediately realized what he was worried about.
-So you'll have to prove to me your worth, so that I don't waste the 100 million gold I paid you.
-I can't insist on keeping a useless man here forever. That's what I said the other day when I brought him in.
He's worried that he won't let himself go because he caused trouble today. It was a little surprising that he still hadn't forgotten it.
I reached out and lifted his cheeks gently. My eyes met him.
Eclise's face was wriggling again.
I whispered sweetly and snugly enough to touch my nose. "Now forget about that."
"You're a very important person to me. " Otherwise, why would I?"
"I care about you as much as this."
The shaking of the gray-brown pupil staring at me stopped. At the same time, I felt Eclise breathing stopped again.
Dimly, I had the illusion that his eyes seemed to unravel in a daze. It was that moment.
Would you like to check the [Eclise]'s favouribility? [10 Million Gold / Fame 200]
I slowly took one hand off and chose [10 million gold].
Subtract [10 million gold] to check the favorability of [Eclipse] (Remaining funds: 58,000,000 golds)
[Favorite 94%]
Finally, I saw the top.
His hand, which had not caught his face, trembled.
A few days later.
I took the chance of a small commotion called 'Lost Eclise' and headed to the aerospace field with a pretty big package to wedge the Eclise ending.