Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 139

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I stopped breathing in surprise.
I saw Eclise, who had thought of her as a wax figure, showing such vivid feelings. A face full of contorted looks very angry at first glance.
The slow flickering dark red favorability gauge bar gave me a big breath. "You asked me to go out with you."
"Why do you always…"
Eclise, who was complaining, suddenly closed his mouth.
His jaw tightened. But he didn't let go of the end of her skirt hem. Far from letting go, the tight fist was full of blue blood lines. '…How can I appease him?'
It was the moment when he looked alternately at his head and his hand holding me in his arms. "Oh, what are you doing now?"
Suddenly the butler shouted in a stern voice. "Do you think she's your friend?"
"Because you can't help the master (hostess) by becoming a subordinate, but you can't stopped her from being busy! Man, I didn't see you like that, but I'm in big trouble."
"Stop it, butler."
I hurriedly called the butler and stopped him.
But the butler did not back down and glared at Eclise with a terrifying face. 'No, that's not it!'
I was surprised at the charisma of the old butler for the first time, and at the same time I was filled with anxiety, so I glanced back and forth at Eclise.
He wondered if he was able to withstand the butler's bruises, and soon relaxed his grip. And the way he dropped his head down, It was pathetic.
I raised his hand, which was fast moving away. "Eclise."
There was a brief conflict in the [Check The Likes] window that immediately appeared at the touch, but i tried to ignore it.
"There is a man from the palace,"
I don't know if you've already overheard the butler, but I froze with a voice as gentle as I could. But once the head fell down, It never came back.
I gave strength to his hand, and whispered softly.
"Don't be so upset and keep training, Eclise." ""
"Why don't you come back and play? Huh?"
He didn't answer until the end, and when I smiled, he shook his head reluctantly. But I couldn't let go of his hand easily because he had no energy in his hand.
I wanted to check right away because I was worried that the level of favorability I had put up might have dropped.
But. "Lady."
In the voice of the butler, I endured the urge and let go of my hand. Eclise didn't look at me until then.
Of course, I didn't get to see him off or ask him to have a good trip.
But all the way out of the field, turning around, I could feel a glued gaze on the back of my head. I felt a little strong, that I was glad to say that.
I was walking along the forest road to the mansion.
I could feel a lingering hesitation from the butler who was walking behind me. "Lady."
"If you have something to say, say it."
When he finally squealed his lips, I answered right away. "Lady, don't take care of your inferiors. Well, it's good, but"
"Don't let him crawl too freely. He's crossed the line many times. If you accept all the young men, there will be no end, my lady."
The cautious voice that the butler uttered was not the same as before, when he held me back.
As a chief of a noble family, I could feel the sincere advice and loyalty of a servant who served his master.
"Thank you for thinking."
I nodded my head and thanked him in a gentle manner. Everything he said made sense. But.
"But from now on, without my permission, don't step out in front of the child first." I stopped walking and looked back at him.
"It's an order."
The butler's eyes grew faintly in my cold gaze.
Even though he crawled freely, I had no choice but to let it go. '96%.'
She had already come too far to be offended by the arrogant attitude of the ML.
When I arrived at the mansion, I went straight to the reception room, and there was a really familiar person sitting there.
The Crown Prince's aide stepped inside and saw me and jumped to his feet and greeted me with a chilling greeting.
"Hello, Princess." "Long time no see."
When the Crown Prince fell into a coma after his assassination at a hunting competition the other day, he was seen visiting the palace every day.
"Let's have a seat for now."
When I sat face to face on the sofa, Emily soon served refreshments. "Today I visited a princess like this…"
Cedric, who took a sip of this hot tea looking for the princess today, immediately opened the door. "Wait. Butler, Emily."
I raised one hand and said, just arse him for a moment. "Get out of here, you two."
No one knew I had sneaked out.
However, it would be a disaster if things related to 'Soleil' and 'Leila New Hingdom' popped out of his aide's mouth immediately.
But Cedric shook his head wildly at my orders.
"Oh, no! You don't even have to do that. It's okay. It's better if you're with me." "…What? What brings you here?"
I asked, looking back at him, wondering. Cedric laughed his cheeks thick and vaguely.
"Isn't that the birthday of the Crown Prince in a few days?" "Birthday?"
I was asking again as if I had never heard of it before.
This was a world where the birthday of the direct royal family was a holiday. "Yes."
I had no idea when the Crown Prince's birthday was, but I shook my head and pretended to know. Fortunately, Cedric didn't care.
"But why?"
"Your Highness sent the Princess a dress for the banquet." "What?"
This time I asked again, like a person who hears an unfamiliar word. "Dress??"
"Yes! Would you like to take a look?" "No, it's okay."
Without a moment to say yes, Cedric winked at the servant who brought him cheaply. It turned out that each of the two servants was holding a box of their own size.
One of them walked up with a pretty big box and put it down on the table. Cedric opened the lid of the box with a careful touch.
"Look, princess." "Oh my God!"
He looked at me, but the exclamation bounced from the side of Emily.
Her mouth popped out when she told her to leave, but she had her eyes glistened and her upper body bent down toward the table.
"Oh, my God, it's so beautiful! The dress is shining. Are you a magician?"
"Ehem, such artificial things are common and obvious. It's made by cutting the wings of the Nightlo Hun Elf."
"Oh my gosh! Aren't those elf called the index finger fairies? Oh, my God, making a dress with those tiny wings!"
At the strangely confident explanation of the aide, Emily struck a finger and threw up her admiration. I didn't understand what you were saying, so I just stared down into the box.
The folded dress was black in half.
But the more I looked, the more faintly blue, and gradually the darker blue spread over the entire edge of the cloth.
It was like a calm night sea. 'That's interesting.'
I tilted my head and watched the dress with a fresh eyes.
Hnowing that I was interested, Cedric made a servant do the dress again. "Oh, my God!"
And Emily did it again. (threw up her admiration)
Unlike the simple upper part of the chest, the silver and gold glitters danced as the stars and galaxies embroidered in the night sky.
I, who was blind, also had an amazingly colorful yet luxurious look. "It's a blue diamond from Pinini Mountain."
"Pinini Mountain,!"
This time the butler took a wild breath, 'Oh my!' when Cedric explained, pointing to the silver glitter.
"All of these embroidery are pure gold. In fact, the designer finished the dress with diamonds only. But I added the pure gold of the imperial-owned mine especially because he said that you like gold."
Cedric pointed to the slender golden embroidery that crossed between the silver sparkles in a dignified tone.
"Well, it's pretty, but it's not that much"
I denied with a look of reluctance. Don't you think you're crazy about gold? 'Of course it is.'
Emily and the butler alternately went on a rampage, taking care of the parties to the dull gift. "Oh, my God, oh my God!"
"Mines owned by the Imperial Palace, ··!" "This is not the end."
Cedric beckoned the remaining servant.
The servant brought a box of trillions of gold smaller than the box of his dress.
Cedric opened the lid of the box without delay. "This, this is…!"
The butler opened his eyes to the revealed contents.
"It is a pearl of a poppin' diamonds and a red ear turtle shell."
The first thing that caught my eye was a pearl the size of 500 won, red and silver.
And dozens of diamonds glistening in five-colored lights around it were arranged like threads on a loom.
The big one was a necklace, and the smaller one was an earring. I'm speechless with the blindingly glowing accessories.
It wasn't just me.
Both Emily and the butler were all grim-faced because they were tired of the jewels that looked so valuable.
"The Poppin's diamond is so famous that you know it well."
Cedric added elatedly, as if he was very satisfied with our response.
"Of course, this is also very precious and difficult, but the pearl of the red-eared turtle shell has been sought by the Empress for years. It's like a legendary gem."
"Just before the Empress got her hands on it, she was so eager to steal itOh, no. Hahaha! Anyway,
it's worth the trouble! I think it suits you very well, Princess."
The face of the Crown Prince was peculiar in his appearance, so it was a strange thing. Did he notice my reluctance?
"Doesn't you like it, Princess?" Cedric noticed me a step later. I asked with great curiosity.
"No, I like it and I don't like it"
"Why are you giving me these? Rather, the Crown Prince who celebrated his birthday should receive a gift."
"Yes, yes?"
Cedric was very embarrassed when I said I didn't understand. He hesitated for a long time and soon opened his mouth carefully.
"The princess has decided to be his partner at this birthday partywasn't it?"
(note: the mtl said "my partner" but i changed it to his partner) "What, what?!"
I opened my mouth to the question of returning instead of answering.