Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 140

I was stuttering because I was dumbfounded. "When did I?"
"I knew it."
"I knew you would."
Said Cedric, nodding his head and whispered with a serious face. "Princess, can you give me an ear"
I raised my head to his words and looked around.
The butler staring at me and Emily's minute crisis had turned strange. "Everyone stay back."
I yelled at them in a hurry.
Then, after confirming that they stepped down five steps near the sofa, they bowed their upper body towards Cedric.
He whispered in secret.
"Your Highness left a message saying, If you say such negative things as 'When did I?', take it in return for the hero who saved your life. He said it's better than being crowned in front of everyone."
"He said if you don't take it, I'll think of it as an extension of the 'something' you have dedicated." "Huh, huh?!"
I was dumbfounded.
As soon as I heard "something I dedicated then," a scene passed my mind like a lie. The cool windy night sea.
The Crown Prince, bathed in the brilliant golden light, suddenly reached out to me. And, on my lips without a moment's notice.
'Argh! You crazy bastard!'
I could feel the heat going up like it's going to explode in my face.
I shook my head hurriedly and tried to shake off the damn memories.
I didn't get this reaction right. And Cedric whispered again and again with a very serious face. "Princess, I'm afraid to ask you out of old age, but are you being threatened by your Highness?" ""
"If so, please give me a double cough. I'll help you somehow"
He suddenly stopped talking and opened his eyes wide.
"By the way, are you sick? Why are you suddenly fidgeting with your lips all of a sudden?" I was startled by his words and raised my hand.
I didn't even know he was doing that, but my voice popped out without realizing it. "Oh, you don't have to know."
Cedric sighed with a strange look that seemed to have realized something about my response. Somehow I felt unpleasant and raised my upper body, which I bent with a frown.
"Thank you for the gifts you've given me. But I've never heard of a partner, so I want you to be sure to tell your Highness."
"Huh? What do you say?"
"I still haven't decided whether to attend the banquet, so I think it would be better to look for someone else."
I smiled and shrugged my shoulders in an obnoxious manner.
"You don't know, do you? That day I suddenly had a fever, so I would lie down." "Oh, yes, yes. Of course it is, but"
Cedric glanced at with a faint expression. You don't know what's going on, so it's true.
He stared at me with dubious eyes for a moment with his sudden thoughts, and then quickly got up. "Thanks for the tea, Princess. Well, I've told you, so I'm going to get up now."
"Yes, I can't hold on to a busy man any longer."
I shook my head in a haughty way and said, 'Get out of here'.
"Then I'll go. Thank you very much for accepting your Highness, Princess." Cedric said goodbye in silence.
"Huh? Something's wrong."
I was trying to answer carefully, but I felt as if I had heard a strange noise.
Soon after, the Crown Prince's aide, who drove in a storm, left the mansion safely. It wasn't a big deal, but a sigh of relief came out.
"Emily, get these things organized and put them in my room." ""
When I didn't hear the answer, I turned my head in a careless manner.
Then I saw the butler and Emily looking at me five steps away from me with a strange look. The butler squirted his lips and asked, without difficulty.
"Did you really have a cold war with the Crown Prince, by any chance?" "What the hell is that"
As soon as I was about to ask, I was remembered the rumors of me and the Crown Prince, who had been in a uproar for a while since the hunting competition.
'The secret couple of centuries that no one knew! Is it a sad farewell, or a sweet cold war!' 'A courtship of the Crown Prince, who was kicked by the princess!'
I shook my head hurriedly and shouted. "Oh, no!"
"It's not really like that?!"
My voice, filled with resentment, rang hollow in the reception room.
"I didn't decide whether to attend the birthday party or not, so be careful of your mouth." I returned to my room after having Emily and the butler join in several times.
It was fortunate that the Duke went to the palace and the sons went out for outside training.
I can't stop the Crown Prince's aide from saying that he's been there, but it's because only those who were there knew that she had received the extravagant luxury.
After a while, the butler, who had given orders, came back. Entering the room, he was alone.
"What about Eclise?"
"It looks like he's in a swordsmanship class, young lady." "In class?"
I wondered.
'I'm sure you said you were going to be a few days late.' But the butler added that, looking at me with a slight frown.
"I went to Martha and checked. There were no horsemen and carriages, either." "Then, he must have really gone to class."
The carriage that picked him moved only to the village where he was trained.
Eclise, who had been out of nowhere, turned off a little and was a bit limp, but I accepted. You can't ignore a doctor who wants to learn swordsmanship.
'I have to go out tomorrow.'
I could see the 4% left of the favor, but I tried to relax. If you don't behave properly, it won't work.
While I was thinking of places to go out with him, I suddenly thought about something else. I was worried and spit out.
"Get ready to go out, butler."
The butler asked with amazement at the sound of a long absence. "Is it okay if you don't have a escort?"
"Yes, I'll be right back." "Where are you going?"
Tok tok- I thoughtlessly knocked over my desk.
I don't really know what a man who already has everything will need, and whether it means anything. "Let's go to the arms dealer."
It's just that I can't contain my sudden urge.
The outing ended as short as expected.
"Hey! I heard his aide's here today! Why are you here?"
As soon as he entered the mansion, Renald came back from training and asked. "It's not a big deal. I had a question about the trial at the last hunting competition."
"What? I'm sure I've put all the false rumors to rest, but what else is he here to ask?" "Renald, I'm tired. We'll talk about it later."
"Hey! What did you ask? Just answer this and go!"
I answered roughly because I was tired and then ran up to the room to avoid this rascal. The next day.
The butler reported that Eclise had returned at dawn much later than scheduled. The anxiety rose again and again.
I quit as soon as I tried to call him in and question him right away as before. 'Well, I've given you the herbs with my hands.'
Of course, free time is only one hour! It was just that I was trying to help the fellow countrymen. The next day, if you question him about why he was so late, nothing would be so ridiculous.
And if he did that again, it would have been obvious to the butler that he had some kind of medical condition.
"Please tell him to come and see me as soon as he wakes up." That's all I said. It was the utmost consideration I could do.
But I couldn't meet Eclise that day either.
"As soon as he woke up, he went to training in a carriage."
I felt strange at the butler's muck delivering with an embarrassing face. 'Are you avoiding me?'
But there was no reason to do so.
He may have been upset by the aide's visit, but he was not in a position to show it to me anyway.
There were times when he was whining, but this Eclise was faster at understanding reality and subject matter than anyone else.
I had the urge to hold onto him right away and make sure that he was in good taste.
However, he was so eager to learn swordsmanship that he couldn't make up his mind to go out on a date me.
'How long the coming-of-age ceremony is left?'
I counted the coming-of-age ceremony in my mind. 'Now two weeks.'
That was enough to raise 4%, and that was a close call.
But contrary to my nervousness, I could not meet Eclise the next day or the next. When I finally decided to go to his lodging in person.
At the Imperial Palace, an invitation was sent to the Crown Prince's birthday party with the order that the entire family of the Duke must attend the Crown Prince's birthday banquet.