Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 141

Time flew like an arrow to the Crown Prince's birthday.
The Crown Prince, who sent invitations to the Duke for fear of faking the illness, he could not get out of the door.
As I did at every banquet, I was waking up from the new wall to the hands of the maids and polished off.
It was annoying and tiring, but after repeated it every time after being possessed, it was now worth it. "You have to wear a dress, lady."
I, half dozing off with my eyes closed, leaving everything to myself, opened my eyes carefully to the shaking hands.
When I saw the gentle black-blue dress in front of my eyes, I was instantly awakened. "This"
This was the dress the Crown Prince gave me as a present.
The dimmed lights for massage also glowed softly on the edge of a cloth. "Oh, my God, did you buy a new one?"
"It's so beautiful. Look at this touch!"
"I think you'll look really good with her." (her = the dress)
The appearance of the new dress which they never seen made the maids make a fuss. I stared at it for a moment and soon shook my head.
"Bring me another dress."
"Why, miss? Your Highness himself"
As she tried to make fun of me asking back why, Emily "silent" at my cold warning and immediately shut up.
Once again I looked at the dress the Crown Prince gave me as a present.
I hate fancy things, but even with my eyes like this, the dress was very beautiful.
I didn't like what he had given to me, but I couldn't help but admit that he had an eye. If I worn it, it will definitely make Penelope's elegant figure stand out.
'But if i wear that dress, i'll certainly not be able to avoid getting involved with Callisto again.' But unlike before, there was nothing certain about it, the ending was just around the corner.
You should no longer be tied up with another ML for unexpected events or tied to an unknown clutter. "I'll just show my face at the banquet and i'll be right back. So bring me a dress that won't stand out." The maids stopped complaining about my orders and bit the dress.
After a while what they brought was a dainty dress in a dark purple color.
It wasn't originally there, but it was bought to my taste after being possessed.
She tied her hair together in a normal way, and left the room after wearing accessories as little as
possible so that they wouldn't stand out.
As I stepped down the central stairs, familiar figures stood near the front door. The Duke, pink, and orange were seen in turn.
The Duke pretended to know first. I was about to say greeting, but suddenly I wondered. "Why are you all here?"
"Let's go to the palace together." "Wasn't ita separate ride?"
The Duke slipped his gaze away, spitting an uncomfortable cough at my question. "Heuheum, these guys asked me to go with them first."
"When did we!"
As Renald tried to shout out, he shut his mouth under the glaring duke's breathless. "Thank you."
By the time I was staring at them alternately, with a blink of an eye, Renald was squeaking. "You haven't received any partner applications this time, have you?"
I was about to respond to his sarcasm by saying 'Oh, i'm not?!' but I shut my mouth with gasp.
If I answered like that, I had to reveal that there was a madman who pushed ahead with his plan for a partner.
"Don't be embarrassed. We're going to escort you. What? Wasn't it a separate ride? You're full, aren't you?" (full = satisfied)
"Huh. You're not the only one applying for a partner and then using my escort as an excuse?" "Oh, do you want to die?"
"Stop, Renald, Penelope."
To me and Renald, who were quarreling like children, the Duke dried in a stern voice. "Stop it. Time's up, let's move on."
Renald looked back at me until the end and turned his head. 'Childish guy.'
I couldn't do it with my lips pouting, so I followed in their footsteps.
In front of the mansion was a carriage dedicated to the Duke who rode on his way to a hunting competition the other day.
When the Duke got on first, and then Renald went in.
It was the moment when I was about to climb onto the carriage, lifting the hem of my skirt. "Hold on."
Suddenly, someone's hand popped out in front of me.
Turning my head, Derick was staring at me with his still blue eyes. I was surprised again, but soon I took the hand gently.
"Thank you, brother."
Is it because it's been a long time since I've called it 'brother' rather than 'Young Duke'.
Derick's hand, which touched her, flinched faintly. At that moment, my eyes lit up.
Would you like to confirm [Derick] favorability? [2 million gold / 200 fame]
The spirit of the system window [Checking for Likes] that immediately came to mind was a little bit clear.
'But then…I've never checked it out since it was out of favor.' I chose [2 million gold], which is hesitant.
I didn't have to look at it, but it was purely to see if it was negative.
Subtract [2 million gold] to confirm the favorability of [Derick]. (Remaining funds – 44,000,000 gold)
[Favorability 45%]
Derick's favorability was shown.
Fortunately, it didn't fall off compared to the last time I saw it. On the contrary, it has risen considerably more than I thought.
However, since he had already seen the favorability close to max, his favorability, which was not more than 50%, was not so impressive.
"What are you doing without getting on the carriage?" Then, a cool voice awakened me.
I realized that I was just staring at him, holding his hands. "Oh, I'm sorry."
I turned right around and stepped on the footboard of the carriage. It was just the moment I was walking into the carriage.
"You're dressed quite a lady today."
A faint glance of his voice passed over my ear.
I was about to sit down, but I hesitated. And looked back at him. However, he sat next to me silently as if he had never said such a thing. 'But what's wrong with your seat?'
Later, I realized that it was a place and arrangement that was no different from a hunting competition. It seemed like I was already suffocating.
It was only a short time after the carriage left. The Duke breaks the heavy silence.
"The Emperor is there, too, so don't be so frivolous. Especially, Penelope." This time, I was the problem again.
'What's wrong with me again!'
Her mouth, which was about to pop out of resentment, fell into the Duke's sermon.
"Don't kick your bottom right away just because some assholes are flirting with you to dance. I'd rather call your brothers out loud."
"I tell you, if you want to hit them, just drag them to a deserted place and kill them. Do you understand?"
"Father, I've told you so many times not to say that." "Hmm."
When Derick frowned and restrained the Duke. The Duke turned his head slightly, coughing in vain.
"Ahm, you should. Considering the fact that I almost cut off Hail Ross's family in the Emperor's birthday two years agoWow!"
Renald shuddered as if he were in a terrible state. I looked down under my feet.
The tip of the pointed crystal shoe was revealed and disappeared between the hem of the skirt. 'Oh, it's pretty good. I guess the heels are useful.'
I looked alternately at the shoes and Renald, clapping my toes against the new attack skill. The man sitting across from me shook his shoulders and shouted.
"Hey, why are you suddenly looking at your shoes with such gloomy eyes!" "When did I?"
I grinned at the Duke after he shot me coldly. "Okay, Father."
"Oh, I'm crazy"
Renald who was whining about something, and Derick's cool eyes touched her cheek from the side. But I didn't care, and I hit the tip of the shoes more cheerfully.
After a while the carriage reached the Imperial Palace.
I was 'deeply nervous' until I got off the carriage completely.
This is because the Crown Prince may pop out of nowhere and say, 'Is my partner here?' That's why I changed my dress so I wouldn't be seen by him.
But fortunately, the golden hair was not visible until all the steps leading to the banquet hall were taken.
I've been looking around for him. "My dear."
Suddenly the Duke called me.
As I turned my eyes, I could see the wrinkled hand that stood out before me. "Will you allow your father to escort you?"
"Would you rather enter with the old man, than refuse to go in alone?" I burst out laughing playfully at his words.
It was well known that Penelope was perverse by the Duke's neglect.
I could be embarrassed to see a young adolescent who goes through puberty holding her father's hand and entering without my partner.
'You shouldn't have said so plainly, you fucking Penelope!'
It was time to look down at the Duke's hand in a flustered, unstoppable look.
"If you don't like it, it's fine."
When i didn't readily hold his hand, he withdrew his hand immediately after he was embarrassed. I grabbed the hand in a fit of surprise.
"No way"
"You can't do that, Father."
I smiled painfully at the Duke.
When I saw the lightening Duke's face at once, I felt nauseous as if I was getting motion sickness. "Let's get in."
"Now it's the member of the Duke of Ekart family-!"
A huge door of the banquet hall slowly opened with the shout of the servant. There are already many nobles in the hall.
Standing inside, holding the Duke's hand and desperately pressing down on the dizzy stomach, I met my eyes in front of someone.
Every time he was wearing a rabbit mask, his pretty silvery hair, which she had never seen, shined ashy.
Even though the eyes met, Vinter did not turn away.
Not long ago, I felt a little burdened by the bad end with him, so I avoided eye contact first.
An unexpected quest has occurred!
On this burning night, dance with you! Would you like to apply [Dance Application] to [Vinter] ?
(Compensation: Vinter's 5% favorability, 50 fame? [Accept/Reject]
Suddenly, my eyes were white, and a system window came to mind. 'What the fuck!'
I frowned and struck [Reject] in a row.
It was just when the system window was gone. "What's that old man staring at?"
A nervous voice rang from the side.
Turning my head, Renald was staring at Vinter with his beak eyes. But at that moment.
An unexpected quest has occurred!
On this burning night, dance with you! Would you like to [Dance Application] to [Renald]? (Compensation: Renald's 5% favorability, 50 fame?
Another quest window popped up. 'Isn't this game really crazy?'
I am truly dumbfounded.