Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 142

'Reject, reject!'
I hit [Reject] again nervously.
She didn't want to be seen by the Crown Prince, so she wore a modest dress.
But wouldn't the effort go down the drain if I danced with the high-profile ML everywhere? 'And, why should I apply?'
In Normal mode, the hostess went crazy asking for 'the glory of the first dance'.
However, Renald was too busy staring at Vinter and he didn't look like he was going to take out to the part of the dance.
I was dumbfounded, and he glanced sideways at me. "What else do you see?"
I frowned and ignored him and moved on.
The Duke and Derick had already left to find their own friends. I thought Renald do the same too.
But a man who had thought he would turn away like a stranger came after me. "Hey, hey! Where are you going!"
"You don't have to know."
I answered in a lukewarm manner and moved to a rare corner to avoid people.
I was going to keep my seat until the Emperor came and gave a congratulatory speech. Holding a glass of wine from a passing servant, I took a seat beside a pillar with a dark light.
Renald, who had followed me until then, stood a few steps away from me, with his arms folded and twisted.
Even though it was a remote place, the presence of the Renald kept people staring this way. "Why are you following me?"
I said to him with a stunned look.
"I wasn't following you, but this is where I often go." I turned away from the childish answer.
But I couldn't take a step toward his shoulder-holding touch. "Oh, where are you going!"
"You said it's your favorite place. So I'm trying to avoid it."
I don't want to be alone 'with you'. I turned around and said.
This game is damn good, so the quest recommendation is very persistent, so I don't know when the system window will pop up again.
It was best to be apart from the ML.
"When can't I go?" I was the first one to hold onto it."
Renald frowned at me with a fierce at me.
Perhaps because of the light, the face looked very red. "Annoying bitch."
And then he turned his head with his face thumped. 'No, I was frozen…'
While stuttering in bewilderment and looking at his back, a scene flashed through my mind.
-Do you have to go? Just stay with me and……
-Are you crazy?!
It was on the eve of the hunting competition.
I didn't know when the Crown Prince would appear, but I was terrified by the shields that were leaving one by one.
But I was surprised that Renald still had that in mind.
Instead of having pink hair mixed in the crowd, I looked at the light pink gauge bar, which flopped over my head, with lush eyes.
Come to think of it, It's time to check his favorability. 'Let's ask him to dance when he comes back. And check it.'
It was a time when I slowly took my eyes off him thinking that way. Suddenly, the temple was filled with stinging glances.
As I turned my head unconsciously, my eyes met again with the blue eyes. 'Oh, no. I hid on purpose, but how the hell did you find it?'
He also followed me, and it was not too far away.
It seemed to me that there was a proper mix of people around the place where there were many people to keep out of sight.
But I couldn't help but not know because of the vivid purple gauge bar and the faint look at me. 'I'm going crazy.'
I was drinking. Suddenly Vinter straightened his body and said. "This wasn't the best place."
I turned to move back. "Here, what are you doing?"
But someone in a black suit was directly blocked by something. It was Derick.
An unexpected quest has occurred!
On this burning night, dance with you! Would you like to apply [Dance Application] to [Derick]?
(Compensation: Derick's 5% favorability, 50 fame) [Accept/Reject]
'Ha. Please be mercy'
As soon as my eyes met, I swallowed a chilling sigh in the quest window that comes to mind. "I'm just standing there."
At the same time, I was puzzled why Derick was in front of me.
Unlike the cold blood aristocracy, he was always surrounded by people. When I was staring at him with astonished eyes.
Like a lie, the music turned into a slow, romantic tempo. "Would you like to dance?"
And from Derick's mouth, an incredible sound came out. My eyes blink when I asked belatedly.
"With me?"
Derick held out one hand for me.
I didn't know why a man who had been extremely loathsome, even to reach me, or even to be called 'Brother' suddenly did this.
I was about to ask reflexively 'Why?' but I shut my mouth when I saw Derick's mouth flinching.
-I actually don't know.
His voice, which was giving a grave answer, crossed my ear. I don't know his behavior, and he doesn't know his own either. 'Yes, it's a quest that's still going on anyway, once or twice.' Rather than keep refusing, it was better for one to just end it.
The reward wasn't bad either, nor was it a servile begging for a dance for favor. I made up my mind, and slowly reached out my hand.
Just as soon as I was about to press [accept]. "I'm sorry."
Hwiig- My waist was pulled hard.
Standing defenselessly with a strong back pulled, I was dragged helplessly into someone's arms. "It was me who was supposed to dance with the princess."
(note: my future husband!!)
And the golden-haired sword reflected in the light of the chandelier fluttered brilliantly before my eyes. At the same time another square window came to mind.
Do you want to check [Callisto]'s favorability ? [2 million gold / 200 fame]
For a moment the sight of it had been taken away. There was an icy voice from the side.
"Your Highness the Crown Prince, what are you doing?" I turned my head sharply.
The cold eyes of Derick are on Crown Prince's arm around my waist.
Only then did I come to my senses, and I was in a panic trying to take the crown prince's arm off. "What the hell is this?"
But the thick arm trunk only tightened my waist and didn't budge.
The Crown Prince frowned at me, staring down at me in confusion. "I arrived a little late because of work, but I couldn't find you." ""
"You've been hiding well in this place. And I found you, princess." "I asked what you're doing."
Derick ran to me right away and flinched like a man who wanted to take the Crown Prince's hand off. The surrounding temperature cooled down in an instant.
"That hand, let go." "Nope?" (I don't want to?)
The Crown Prince tilted his head, unyieldingly, despite the Young Duke's warning. "You're a brother and sister, so you can dance anytime. Give it up to me today." "I'm sorry, but it seems difficult today.
Derick answered back to the Crown Prince, who was like an order.
"I'm busy with my recent work and I can't enjoy playing with my sister. You'd better not be so rude to Eckart, Your Highness."
It was quite different from the last hunting competition. Derick was struck with an expressionless face.
"There will soon be a grand meeting of nobles under the leadership of the Emperor to confirm the succession."
And then suddenly, a harsh grinding of the teeth rang out from the top. It was so small that only I could hear it, facing the Crown Prince. "How rude, I'm disappointed."
Callisto clenched his teeth and said with a smile. "The princess is my partner, Young Duke."
"I've never heard of her being called a partner request to try to drag a woman away." "I politely asked through my aide, and the princess accepted."
While chasing the conversation with anxiety, a sudden silence came.
Derick's mouth slowly closed as he was about to answer back directly to the Crown Prince's words. He kept silent for a moment and then looked at me and asked.
"Is it true?"
I belatedly realized what nonsense the Crown Prince was talking about. I shook my head at the orange gauge bar that started to blink.
"Well, when did I accept it?"
"If you refuse, I'll shout out loud about the hero of the Empire who wiped out Soleil." At that time. The Crown Prince whispered in my ear, so small that only I could hear.
I looked up at the Crown Prince with my eyes wide open, but he just smiled a mean smile. 'You crazy son of a bitch!'
I was fed up.
But I knew this lunatic was a real guy if he did. "Brother."
I ended up calling Derick with tears in my eyes.
"I would like to be honored to receive the request for dance from Your Highness"
I moved my trembling lips and managed to make a sentence. But I didn't want to say anything that recognizes my partner. "Penelope Eckart."
Derick hardened his jaw as hard as ever, and soon turned around. The fast-blinking orange likability gauge bar has faded away.
I felt a little 'sorry' to him because I felt relieved. 'Will it be okay?'
No matter how much I said these words, because I was worried about whether this was okay. It was then.
"It's the first time I saw the Young Duke look like that. Thanks to you, I gave you a good shot, princess." Turn her head to the mean voice, and the Crown Prince was giggling with a funny face.
"What are you doing!"
It was natural for my eyes to rise in triangles. "When did I say I was going to be your partner?"
The Crown Prince stopped laughing and answered calmly. "Why, isn't that right?"
"I'm going. You can dance alone." I turned irritably.
The Crown Prince held me with a rare embarrassed face. "Are you angry?"