Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 145

I couldn't understand what the Crown Prince was saying. Still, I was short of breath.
I stared blankly at the enemy nailed to me, and barely opened my mouth as though I had given up my breath.
"What are you saying now…"
"Let's not just provide a lot of rumors, but let's meet for real." The clear voice of Calisto struck me blind.
It was just a weird woby thing and my heart was pounding like crazy. I clenched my teeth.
But unlike usual, when I clenched my teeth and held my breath, these strange feelings that had been lifted up to the tip of my neck continued to to haunt me.
"Is that such a surprise?"
Callisto tilted his head to his side, looking at me standing at him helplessly. "I thought you were somewhat like me."
"If anyone sees it, they might think that I was the only one who dreamed about what happened in the maze garden."
I was in a hurry when he say something about my shameful past, when the Crown Prince said anything to live.
When he saw me making a reflexive impression, he burst into a sarcasm and asked. "Are you still angry about what happened then?"
"What… happened?"
"What I did to thrust a sword into your neck." I opened my eyes wide at his words.
It was surprising that he still cared about it, but I realized that I had forgotten it for a long time. 'I'm sure until now, I'm still a little nervous. I hate it'
Since when has it changed like this?
Surprisingly, Callisto was no longer disgusting enough that I didn't hate seeing his shadows anymore. These days, every time I face him, I feel like I don't know who he is….
"If I give you a sword and ask you to cut my neck equally." ""
"Will that make you feel better?"
(note: ya! i tell you he's ready to sacrifice anything for her! huh i envy you penny!!!)
But the Crown Prince uttered a terrifying sound, as to whether I, who was silent, still took the matter as a matter of concern.
I shook my head in surprise.
"No! That was just an accident." "Come on, take it."
But a huge activist lunatic was after he took something out of his bosom. A flaming sword with a clear inscription of the yellow dragon.
What he offered me was a dagger. "Hey, what the hell is this?"
"I couldn't bring the black one because it was my birthday party." ""
"Slightly cut with this instead, then."
He tapped his finger on the nape of his neck.
It was the side that had blood stains leaked from the earlobe.
I looked at him and the daggers alternately, and then screamed. "What are you trying to do? That's it!"
"Why? I have the artifacts you gave me, and I'll have them treated right away." "Who's going to be beheaded for treason? It's dangerous, so put it in quickly!"
As I shuddered with a grimace, the Crown Prince smiled with a cheerful face instead of putting the dagger in.
"So now you're not going to get along with me, are you?"
I stared blankly at him like a madman, and suddenly I noticed something. The moonlight is flickering over the golden head.
'A siren.'
I regarded the red favorability gauge bar, similar to the color of the crown prince's eyes, as a dangerous sign as a siren.
So far, Callisto's favorability has not been confirmed.
He was the Crown Prince of this Empire, and I thought he was the most distant man from my escape. But nowI'm not sure.
Maybe I've been turning a blind eye to the point of unconsciousness. Because, because….
"Your Highness."
I stretched my arm forward.
And gently clasped over the hand still holding out a dagger toward me.
And the moment he faced the sudden contact, his red pupil getting a little bigger.
Do you want to check [Callisto]'s favorability? [2 million gold / 200 fame]
Splitting between us, a white square window rose in the air.
Subtract [2 million gold] to check the favorability of [Callisto]. (Remaining funds: 42,000, 000 gold)
And the white writing on Callisto's head changed straight away.
[Favorability 76%]
When I saw the rising popularity, I felt indescribable.
At the same time, feelings of relief and heavy emotions, unknown, came to my heart. It was similar to disappointment.
(note: it's okay penny. "It's better to go slowly in the right direction than go speeding off in the wrong direction." -Simon Sinek)
"…Hey, Princess."
When I was staring at his head, Callisto suddenly awakened me.
It was a mysterious glance whether I was weird without words while holding hands. I put my hand away from the back of his hand.
"What's wrong with your expression all of a sudden?"
I didn't know what kind of facial expression I was wearing. It was all over at 'Favorability 76%'.
Nevertheless, I couldn't stop open smiling just in case. "Your Highness."
"Say it."
"Do youlove me?"
The Crown Prince's eyes grew larger than before. He asked back as if he had heard an unfamiliar word. "Love?"
"Yes. Are youasking me out because you love me?"
Callisto stared at me with a very embarrassed look, and then quickly shed a sound. "Isn't that such a naive word that doesn't suit us so much?"
(note: ya! you just haven't realized that you already in love with her! huh!) ""
"What's wrong with you? That's what the princess said on the eve of the hunting competition." "What"
"You said you'll find a more suitable person who fits your position."
At that moment, my head went blank as if someone hit me in the back of the head.
The feeling that I thought was similar to disappointment became something bigger and upset me. The Crown Prince did not notice my condition at all, he said stroking his chin.
"Come to think of it, it makes sense. But your idea is wrong." ""
"We are in a position that is most necessary and suitable for each other in reality. It's the combination of the prince whose seat is at stake and the Ugly Duckling from the Duke."
"And apart from that, it makes me feel comfortable and pleasant to be with you. Don't we fit in pretty well, princess?"
"No matter how crazy you are now, it would be no different from other young people to marry you after the coming-of-age ceremony."
The Crown Prince put the dagger in his arms and looked straight at me. "So just come to me now."
"I think we can be pretty good partners." He shrugged and grinned as usual.
It's no different than it was just now, and my face only felt strange.
"We could be a haven for each other in this fucking empire." (haven : a place to rest for her) I belatedly understood him.
That the 'relationship' he asked for a while ago was not an exchange of emotions, but a choice that was born for complex reasons.
Unlike me, who is looking at this as a 'love simulation game,' he is cool-headedly facing his reality. 'Well, there was only 76%, and his love is frozen to death'
Of course 76% couldn't say he didn't like me.
I finally managed to admit it. What are these strange sensations that make me cry?
I had a crush on the Crown Prince, who was able to treat me without the slightest calculation.
I had a fondness for the Crown Prince, who could have been treated without careful calculation.
He, and me too. We had feelings for each other.
But that was all.
Romantic feelings such as crab love were useless in the current Crown Prince whose status is at stake. It was the same for me.
'4% and 24%.'
It can't even be compared.
The first priority for me was to survive and escape, and the ceremony was only a little over a week left. Unlike the hostess of Normal Mode, I was in no position to play with a faintly blooming favorability.
The half-dreamed head cooled, and the reason gradually returned. It was only natural.
By the way, I couldn't tell why I lost all my strength on my toes. "I"
I thought I'd stagger unseemly if I let my nerves relax a little bit. I stared straight at the crown prince, clearing my collapsing body.
"I don't want to to have that kind of relationship with you, Your Highness"
"Your Highness the Emperor–!"
Then I heard the shout of the servant over the glass door.
Jiiing, jiiing-.
At the same time, the vibrating sound spread from the Crown Prince's arms. "Damn it, this dog Cedric Porter is freaking out again."
He took out a nervous twinkling crystal ball and quickly moved it to me standing in a daze.
"How soon is your coming-of-age ceremony? Don't answer now but be more sensitive until then. And please answer me on the coming-of-age ceremony, Princess."
"No, it's not something to worry about anymore"
The Crown Prince blocked my mouth, which I was about to say no, with his palm. And said like a threat, with red eyes glistening brightly.
"It's so miserable to have a difference on your birthday. Don't you think so?" "Uub!"
"Thanks for the gift, princess. Take some time and come out slowly. There might be rats on this side that are still interested."
"Listen my answer, Your Higness!"
The curtain fluttered before the Crown Prince grabbed my hand, which had been blocking my mouth, and escaped like a flash of a lighning.
I was left alone in a quiet terrace. "Ha"
I stared at the Crown Prince's rapidly moving back, and soon closed the curtains with a low sigh. Like he said, it was good to take some time. But when I was left alone, I suddenly felt a deep fatigue. Time passed, and it was time to go out, but I didn't dare to go back to the banquet hall.
I'll pretend I'm okay again, i'll put my mask back on as if nothing happened again, and deal with the ML who are looking at me and talking to me.
In this messed-up mood, I wasn't really confident of doing it well. "Shall I just go?"
Looking beyond the railing, I had such an impulse. 'Why do I have to stay here?'
All I had to do was pay attention to the level of favorability and the ML.
There was no reason to keep the duty of the noble family, the background of the game, cumbersome. Sneaking down, it was a little high to be on the first floor, but it was enough to jump.
'Let's go.'
I rolled up my skirt and climbed up the railing without further thinking. Just before jumping down. The Duke's face flashed through my mind.
But it was not a part of the job for Penelope, who was always fickle.