Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 151

"I'm going to see Eclise right now."
I jumped out of bed when I heard the safe was filled. There was a faint hope in my heart. I have to make him say "I love you" confession right away after I check his favourability. Whether by putting honey on my tongue, coaxing him or forcing him.
lIt was the moment when I was rushing out of my desk. "My lady, wait a minute."
The butler hurriedly blocked my way with a troubled look. "Here is a list of men I'd like to introduce to you."
"What? Who?''
I frowned at the sudden news. The butler moved slowly. "Come in, gentlemen."
And then, in the room that was still open, two first-class knights in armor came in. The first two generals in armor came in.
"They are the new escorts assigned to you, my lady. Sir Philip and Sir Ed." "Hello, my lady. Nice to meet you."
"Please take good care of us, my lady."
"Sir Philip and Sir Ed are members of the Duke's guard, they are the most skilled in swordsmanship"
I called the butler in a cool voice, ignoring the men's polite greetings. "What are you doing now in my room?"
"The Duke"
The butler hesitated for a moment with an embarrassed face, and then managed to open his mouth.
"For now, you have been given the order to keep out of touch with outsiders even members of the family, that includes Eclise."
Suddenly my vision blurred and all I could see was darkness filling me up.
My rage's red flames that had barely subdued rose to my throat. I clenched my teeth and asked back. I clenched my teeth and asked back.
"Why me?"
"It's simply to keep miss safe until the interrogation is complete." "Safe?"
"Isn't this imprisonment or surveillance?"
It wasn't intended, but my mouth twisted into a smirk.
Looking at me smile like a real evil woman, they couldn't make eye contact with the Lady of the House.
"… That's absolutely not it. It can't be, my lady."
"Then convince me why I can't even meet my escort, and why I have to replace him with new ones." "Young Duke personally… led the knights himself to Priboux."
I opened my eyes wide at the butlers words. Priboux was the name of a village outside the capital where Eclise's teacher lives.
"The guest who came today, I meanYvonne was severely injured by a monster that appeared a few
days ago." "That"
It was said that it wasn't because of monster, but I managed to swallow his words. It didn't matter now whether Yvonne really was the leader of an evil group. "So"
I tried to keep my cool and urged him to continue.
"And the slaves over there took care of the injured guest. But all the slaves were all from Delman." "Wasn't that news that the butler already knew?"
It was a fact that I did not know at the time that I had found the right teacher for Eclise. Because the farm where slaves work was located in a remote place, quite far from this village.
But when Eclise happened to suddenly recognise an acquaintance from his homeland, he suddenly found a farm. And it had to be the day he came late into the mansion, to defeat the monster that suddenly hit the farm. And I was the one who asked the butler to deliver the herbs to those slaves in covert. And it was an implicit secret between the Butler and me.
'So, that's when they met.'
Naturally, the first meeting between Eclise and Yvonne was drawn. 'Damn it.'
I swallowed the curse and bit my lower lip to the point where blood would seep. 'Why didn't I think more seriously when I heard that the monster had appeared.'
I felt a bitter regret but it already happened. At that time, I had been blinded by the favorability, which was close to 96%.
'By the way, can other male leads other than Eclise take Yvonne with them in hard mode?'
I tilted my head at the question that suddenly came to my mind. At some point, I started getting more and more displeased with the development of the game.
By this point, I was lost in thought with a serious face. I remembered the presence of these scavengers. (new escorts)
"You guys get out of here."
The butler sent out the intruders who had entered my room without permission. When they left, the butler had a serious look on his face.
"I received the information that the Delman's are gathering and trying to escape, my lady." I opened my eyes wide. It was something I had heard from Eclise a while ago.
"So Young Duke wanted to make an emergency arrest"
I raised my hand to stop the butler. "Did that girl say that?"
"No, these are all stories that came out of Eclise's mouth while confessing during the interrogation, my lady."
"what, WHAT?"
"The herbs you confided me with to give them to EcliseHe say it's their escape source."
"He said he was deeply hurt to see his fellow countrymen harmed by the sudden appearance of this monster, therefore he decided to extend a generous hand to them"
"By the way."
"After knowing that my lady's care has been distorted, he has been trying to dissuade them, suffering for a long time alone trying to hold them back. In the meantime, he met the proclaimed 'princess' and decided to repay his services to the Duke."
The butler closed his mouth at my cold laugh. "Crazy son of a bitch."
I shuddered shallowly because of his subtlety. Not long ago, if he had been running away with them, he would sold them without hesitation. I had a vague idea why.
'Because I said I didn't want to go.' That's what Eclise was all about.
'Hiding his inner being, his true self and mimicking a loyal dog'
But as his favourability rose sharply, I thought there was a change in his admiration for me, but I was mistaken. For him, his own safety came before his petty love for a hateful empire, and his worries about strangers among his fellow countrymen. In front of me, I could see how much he would be willing to deceive me into pretending he was a good person who was worried about his fellow countrymen.
What would be better? To stay in the Dukedom or help his fellow countrymen get out of the empire? And he chose.
He took the people of the village as a sacrifice, dragging Yvonne, and stuck to this place. And he grabbed the opportunity to raise his status that I hadn't been able to do. To add the last sparkle on his masterpiece, he had to avoid any suspicion that he might be with the slaves of the defeated country. In order to do that, he cleverly intertwined me.
I suppressed my intense feelings and asked. "What did my father do?"
"He sent Young Duke himself to confirm the truth." "The interrogation is"
"It's still in progress."
"So until my first brother returns and the interrogation is over, I can't see neither Father nor Eclise?" The butler did not answer. It was a tacit affirmation.
I sighed deeply and waved my hand. "Okay, get out."
"Well, if you need anything feel free to call me."
The butler looked at me and bowed politely before leaving the room.
It was a last notice of courtesy that would eventually disappear when Yvonne will pass the Duke's test. "Son of a bitch."
I was so irritated that I couldn't bear it, so I raised my hand ready to sweep off the desk and barely managed to hold it. I couldn't lose my mind over this. I had so much to think about and more importantly how to survive. It's just too much.
'I can't do this.'
I scrambled to get up and walked to my bed. 'I need a second best option.'
Lying in the midst of the bed, feeble and empty, I rolled my head around, my mind was going full throttle. In a flash, I felt terribly miserable because I couldn't do anything. Breathless, as if Hades came to take away my soul away.
* * * *
After starving for a day, I left my room early the next morning. Because if I stayed still, the fire would burn all over my body.
"Where are you going?"
But I was blocked by the guards as soon as I opened the door. "Move aside."
"I need you to tell me where you're going for your own safety." "Can't I even move in my own house?"
After answering nervously, I admitted that I had become too sensitive and struggled to reveal my destination.
"I'm going for a walk in greenhouse." "Then we'll follow you."
"No. Don't follow me." "But, the Duke…"
"If you move one step from here I'm going to scream because you have insulted and abused me." "Ah, my lady!"
Their expressions froze and their complexions became ghastly, well aware that the Duke was pretty sensitive to some of the incidents I had deliberately raised.
"You are just mere escorts, you don't have to follow me around and keep watch on me." "But, Princess"
"Don't make a fuss. I'll be right back!"
They had no choice but to watch me walk out of the room like a ghost.
Throughout my walk in the corridor, I felt like every person I encountered looked at me with strange eyes. I was exhausted even before I arrived at my destination.
Suddenly this horrible thought crossed my mind. 'What if I never get out of this fucking game?'
Then, it suddenly occurred to me that I might have to go through this tedious task until I die. My eyes dimmed.
* * * *
I felt much better now than when I was stuck in my room. As I kept walking, I took a big breath and laid back the thoughts and plans I had last night.
'But, if itsunderground, is it in the basement of the mansion?'
Then suddenly I wondered where Eclise was trapped.
I heard that the basement of the mansion is usually used for torturing criminals who have committed great felonies.
But there was one more place near the mansion. It's a place where knight who commit wrong doings are kept, in Horea, it was like "Yeongchang".
'Eclise is an apprentice to the family anyway, so he'll be there.'
After making the decision, I headed towards the forest road to the maze. I didn't think I could meet him right away just because I was going there. However, if I stand still, I'm going to turn crazy, so my feet just took the lead before sending the signal to my brain.
How long did I walk along the quite forest path?
Deep in thought, I didn't find anyone walking from the other side. 'Speak of the devil.'
Until someone found me, I let out a weak moan. "Oh! Hello, princess"
It was awkward, but she still greeted me with a harmless, innocent, pure and friendly face calling me "princess".
'Princes?Give me a break.'
At the same time, I recalled when I was playing normal mode and greeted Penelope first, I swallowed a nasty curse.
It was Yvonne.
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