Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 160

"Only you can save the Princess, Eclise."
Yvonne put something ancient in front of Eclise's eyes.
The blue light gradually leaked from the broken piece she was holding. Eclise looked at it as if he had been completely possessed. The blue glowed over his grayish pupil.
"But the Princess hates you. You are a pitiful and miserable person. You're nothing more but a slave from a defeated country."
Yvonne whispered her brainwashing.
"So don't trust her too much. She's so cold and arrogant, if you get on her nerves, she may send you back to the slave market or kill you."
"You know the scary rumors about the Princessright, Eclise? Today, what she did to you proves that."
"I'm the only one you can trust. We're the only two in the world. We're in the same boat." "Why are you and I in the same situation? For my Master, you have to die someday."
Yvonne, who was whispering in the other person's ear with her body clasped over the bars, suddenly stopped.
He rarely opened his heart to her, even though she had been shown dozens of times the blue-colored mirror.
Too much time had passed just to plant hatred for the fake princess who doesn't love him.
Despite being distracted by the artifacts, Yvonne changed her face as she looked at Eclise, who showed a strong obsession with Penelope.
"I need to find the piece quickly."
All traces of her innocent and angel-like appearance disappeared from her face.
She murmured at the end, collecting the piece she had taken out with a distorted face like a demon.
* * * * (Penelope POV)
Yvonne arrived sooner than expected due to a long delay.
While climbing the stairs, I hurriedly hid behind the door at the sound of footsteps. And the sight that happened was just a wonder and horror.
Watching everything the heroine did, I climbed the stairs with my frantic beating chest and breathless. When I finally got out of the building, I barely held back a piercing scream.
"It was real."
All the things I saw in Soleil, weren't an illusion.
* * * *
I ran through the woods in fear, as if I was being chased by someone. Maybe the heroine noticed me, and will come after me with that blue-colored piece of mirror.
I almost fell over many times from looking back. I could see the huge, brightly lit mansion from a distance. Not long after, I got out of the woods and arrived at the mansion.
"Ha, ha"
I slowly returned to my senses with the beautifully lit mansion around me. At that moment, the strength in my legs left and I was about to collapse.
I managed to hold onto the tree next to me and kept breathing roughly. My heart calmed down little by little.
When the fear was gone to some extent, I realized that I had left without the disguise. I hurriedly took the bracelet out of my pocket and put it on my wrist. After a while, the purple jewels flashed.
I trudged along with a sign of relief or maybe it was of pain.
It was when I reached the back door of the mansion. Someone was walking nervously along the door. "Emily."
I called her quietly. "Miss…!"
Emily jumped in place and tried to call out to me. When she saw my transformed figure, she closed her mouth. She stamped her feet and whispered to me quickly.
"W-why did you come back so late! That woman went to the forest for a walk."
Originally, Yvonne will meet Eclise before the dinner and quickly return, but the plan is all broken down. I nodded and spat out quietly.
"I saw it."
"Huh! D-did you run into her?" "No."
"Let's go inside for now. It's late, they might find us strange."
I entered the back door from earlier, and stopped Emily from wondering. The exhaustion caused by the intense emotions took over my whole body. Tired and exhausted, I couldn't even think anymore.
I quickly climbed the central stairs with Emily. In the meantime, I ran into some servants, but apparently I looked so different that they didn't care.
When I finally got to the second floor, I could see two large guards standing in front of the door without moving. As I stood behind Emily, and went over there, the guards were alert.
"Who are you?"
Emily said what she had already been told to. "This person that the young lady called."
"The lady called you? I've never seen you before, where do you belong, and why were you called?"
"I'm a child working in the garden. A few days ago, she lost an accessory while she was taking a walk, and asked me to find it."
The guards looked back at me with suspicious faces. "Is it true?"
I rolled up my sleeves. On my wrist, I had a bracelet that was not suitable for a young boy to wear. "As soon as I found it, I'm afraid I might drop it and lose it."
I answered calmly. The guards, who never imagined of me being the boy in front of them, looked at each other and soon turned their heads.
"Go in."
Emily and I came safely into the room. "Now."
I hurriedly took off my bracelet and clothes and handed them over to Emily.
Now it was Emily's turn. She replied, 'I'll be right back, Miss!' and went out wearing the servant's clothes and the magic bracelet Derrick gave me. It was fortunate the magic was not limited only to me.
While waiting for Emily, who had gone out to deceive the guards, I turned around and changed into my clothes. I washed up quickly and immediately laid down on the bed. My mind is so chaotic. I wanted to fall asleep, but I couldn't. The sleep definitely wouldn't come to me.
'Yvonne is with the Leila clan, and Eclise had been brainwashed with that artifact.'
It was hard to say if the brainwashing she did is not working, since Eclise behaviour changed extremely.
'In addition, it may not only apply to Eclise but also to Derrick and Renald.' Fortunately, the artifact is not in perfect condition.
I had a hunch. Yvonne is trying to find the piece of the mirror I have and complete the artifact.
— You can't activate that.
— It was used by the ancient Leila clan. It's to bring the opponent into the most desperate situation and destroy their mind.
Vinter's heavy voice echoed in my ear.
3 days before the night of the coming-of-age ceremony. My plan failed to receive a full favorability from one of the ML.
And the heroine, who appeared earlier than the original story, is brainwashing the ML. '…I'm going to die if I stay like this.'
This was what my instinct said. As the hard mode time limit was approaching, I instinctively noticed that death was closing in front of me.
Suddenly, I felt an endless sense of hopelessness as if I had run into a wall. My eyes dimmed. How can I get out of this fucking place without dying?
I spent the night with eyes open, calculating, thinking, and desperately trying to figure out the remaining favorability.
It was dawn.
I rose quietly from my bed and rang the bell. My loyal dedicated maid forced her way into my room with sleepy eyes.
"Miss, you called…"
I stared at her with bloodshot eyes. Emily was shocked by my appearance. "Are youPerhaps didn't get any sleep?"
"Yes, miss. Tell me."
"How does the coming-of-age ceremony proceed?" "What? The coming-of-age ceremony?"
Emily could not hide her bewilderment at the sight of me calling her early in the morning and making a sudden question.
But she quickly replied with a grimace.
"UsuallyWith seal from the official seal of the Imperial Palace. Upon receiving the royal edict, the
older family member will give you a congratulatory greeting and share the Seri State with immediate family members. To celebrate becoming an adult."
"Ok, good"
I was glad. One thing went exactly the same as the game. Having been lost in thought for a moment, I soon gave her a secret order that no one should know about.
"When the day is bright, go to the head of the white rabbit." "The head?"
"Yes, Go and tell the head…"
When I whispered something secret in her ear, Emily widened her eyes. "Oh, Miss. Well, that's!"
"You can do it, right?" "Ha, but"
She hesitated in an instant with a worried face. "What ifthe office's head refuses the request?"
"Then tell him 'to pay the debt you owed me the other day', not the request." Emily grinned her lips with a zinc look. I asked in a cool voice.
"Can you do it or not? If you can't, I'll have someone else to do it." "Oh, no! Ha, I'll do it, Miss! I can do it!"
Emily shook her head hurriedly. I stared at her while she kept saying 'I can do it' repeatedly and opened my mouth and made a grim move.
"Emily, this has to be done more secretly than ever." "Oh, Miss"
"You know if you get caughtright?"
Emily hesitated in tears and soon nodded slowly.
"I'll trust you from now on, Emily. I hope you don't betray my trust." "I'll do it, Miss. I'll make sure to help you succeed!"
Emily's pupils glistened curiously as if she was asking when she hesitated. When I first came here, it was that dreary face I saw when she was stabbing myself with a needle.
'She's like a wicked maid of evil.'
Only then did I let go of my stiff expression and smiled faintly. There was still one way to try to escape. Although the risk was extremely high and I don't even know if it works in this crazy game…
'I can't be a fool and just die.' I glared at the air.
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