Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 163

I moved silently, looking at his eyes as if they had lost their shine.
"I don't know when I'll be kicked out. I've always lived in uncertainty, Your Highness." "…"
"Of course, it's half-decided that I'm going to be being kicked out now."
Words worthy of sympathy flowed out in a desolate voice. It was in the middle of my confession to Callisto.
Sadly, I didn't care about saying this. It wasn't even my situation, and it was a game story that was decided anyway. No matter what I do, I can't change it.
"Of all your suggestions, the premise that I will always be a lady is wrong, Your Highness." I'm comforting myself with the bitter certainty and confided the secrets that I've been hiding. "I want someone who will love me enough to get me out of this hell."
"I don't need man with moderate interest, who see me as a princess of the Empire, but I need a man who will get me out of here."
"And it's-"
I breathed heavily and then breathed out like a sigh. "I'm sure you're not that kind of person."
Callisto's face, which I checked with glaring eyes, was lost. "I'm…not?"
He asked with a little commanding face. "Yes, you're not."
Once again, I nodded slowly as I watched the red pupil shake faintly once again. "You will be the Emperor."
I managed to lean my head down, avoiding his gaze.
"There'll be more decent ladies if you look around. They have a proper understanding, and they are pleasant and reassuring to be with you. For example.."
"For example, a real lady of this house who came back or someone else."
While talking, I suddenly remembered the Crown Prince's route in the Normal Mode.
After brutally killing the wicked woman who was harassing the heroine, he later held an engagement ceremony with her.
And with the full support of the Duke of Eckart, he defeat the unwarranted forces and rise to the throne, and then marry the heroine.
Immediately after the ending, an illustration of the splendid marriage between the the Crown Prince and the heroine, which was coming out of the epilogue, flashed through my mind.
To be honest, Yvonne was very reluctant. But what's important is that the Crown Prince managed to survive the bloody battle with Yvonne on his back and grabbed the throne.
In the illustration of the Crown Prince. Growing up and wearing a crown, he was smiling brightly as if he was perfectly satisfied.
Well, that's what's important. It was not difficult to kill someone but a new characters in my head, a handful of wobbly dungs.
"Maybe that would be more beneficial to you, Your Highness." A fairly sound voice leaked out.
Callisto asked back. I muttered, staring at the small white flower that bloomed between the green grass under the table.
"It would be a better choice for you to marry the real princess, not me." "Your mouth, shut up."
At that moment, there was a chilling sound, sharp enough to make the flesh sting.
I raised with surprise my head, which was bowed down. The Crown Prince glared at me fiercely with his red eyes brightly glistening.
"How far are you going to insult me, Princess?" "Your Highness.."
"Now you're even a matchmaker, treating the Crown Prince as a stallion? Is my proposal seems funny to you?"
I couldn't figure out why he was suddenly angry. I panicked and replied barely while rolling my eyes. "…You know that's not what I meant."
"No, I don't know."
The Crown Prince spat out before I could finish my words. "Damn it, I don't know why you are doing this."
He brushed his bangs roughly with one hand.
"Then you will send me to that bitch, and you will find another bastard and leave this house?" "What's with the sudden talk?"
"Tell me. Who's that bastard?"
I frowned at where our conversation is going. My escape is entirely up to me, you know. "There's no one like that. And you know, it's none of your business."
"I'm at my limit now, Penelope Eckart. You'd better be careful what you say."
A blue tendon stood on the back of his hand, perhaps it really showed he was at his limit. I asked because I didn't understand.
"Why are you angry?"
"So I look angry in your eyes now?"
The Crown Prince must have been unable to bear his anger, so he hit the table with his hands. Hang-!
Amazed by the loud noise, I shrugged my shoulders, and I stared at him with dumb eyes. I don't understand. Why was he doing this to me while he didn't even love me?
"Your Highness needs another noblewoman who fits your interest without emotions and I need someone who loves me."
"Is this hard to say?"
I returned what the Crown Prince had said. Callisto opened his eyes and called not to know what to say. "…You."
But that was it. He was so nice despite not saying a single word.
A stifling silence fall in the glass greenhouse for a short time. We sit quietly without looking at each other.
I suddenly felt deep fatigue and opened my mouth. "… Now don't come to me anymore, Your Highness."
My lips moved without my knowledge. Carristo, who was clenching his fists tightly and keeping his temper, suddenly stared at me with his red eyes.
"Don't even give me your gifts. Pretend you don't know me from now on." "Why."
"That's the way people are when they are not in a relationship." "We're not like it, aren't we?"
I nodded my head and answered again.
"You're Highness and I have nothing to do with each other. We should keep going forward with our own separate paths."
Carlysto burst out laughing with the hysterical grin. He stretched out his fist, which he had held so tightly that there was a tendon, and swept down his face. The situation now seemed quite stuffy and complicated.
The Crown Prince, who did so for a long time, lifted his hand from his face. For a moment, he looked tired and asked.
"…I need to make sure, Princess." "Yes, go ahead."
"Just now, have I been dumped?"
"If you are unhappy, Your Highness may consider it as if you have dumped me." I replied neatly and dryly.
"As payback for the atrocities I committed in the maze garden the other day." "It's reallystrange."
I only answered the question, but he suddenly frowned at me. "I.."
He once again sighed and opened his mouth.
"I believed that you had the same idea as I did." ""
"I thought you was looking at the same direction as me, walking the same path with the same mind"
"It feels so strangeto hear you say that."
I hesitate to ask why it's weird, so I just closed my mouth.
Tap tap. Like under emotional anxiety, the prince tapped the table again and again. "I'm sure I predicted that you might refuse."
"You used to look at me like a rotten fish in front of me and spit out hateful words."
There was a constant look of disgust at this man's choice of poor language. But I remained silent. For Callisto continued to speak his words with a dejected smile.
"But I never expected to be rejected like this….. so I'm feeling really…" "…"
His words rattled my heart. I bit hard my lips. At that time, the Crown Prince jumped out of his seat. Quadang-! The chair fell back at the rough gesture, but neither he nor I cared about it.
"I see your answer." "…Your Highness."
"See you at the coming-of-age ceremony."
Without looking at me, he spat out like a shotgun. I answered hastily. "You've already given me the gift, so you don't have to come that day…"
But even before I could finish speaking, Callisto turned away coldly, creating a wild wind. And he was walking fast towards the entrance of the greenhouse.
Not long after, the roughly opened glass door closed with a roar. The glass greenhouse became silent in a moment.
"…Well, I'm glad."
After he meets Yvonne and falls in love with her, I may not be able to speak the same words as before in front of Callisto.
It was fortunate that I could speak before and not be miserable.
I gratefully looked at the closed glass door and moved on to make a series of misfortunes.
* * *
Calisto, who had just escaped through the glass door where Penelope left, suddenly looked down at something that struck him.
"What the fuck."
Two guards lying on the floor carelessly. And a small body was squatting down and watching them carefully.
'Is she a maid?'
Before entering the greenhouse, those who had personally wanted to stop him with their fists were blocking his way even after they had collapsed. What a shameless fellow they were.
He felt very uncomfortable. He kicked roughly with his shoe-padded feet, pushing away the arms of someone who was under his feet.
Someone's moaning and sharp breaths were defined. Because those things had always been his daily routine.
The road was cleared without anyone blocking his feet any more. Only then did he move his steps. No,
he was about to move it. "Hey, there…"
Suddenly, the hem of his cape was pulled. He looked down slowly. He could see the pink top of head in front him. It was a maid.
"Oh, hello. Well, …..I'm Yvonne, who's been staying in this house, and I would like…" (note: yikes! she's coming. sly fox)
"You know, the guards are laying, so I was so surprised that I was looking at them." The maid uttered a series of useless words and made a mistake.
"B-but I didn't intend to make you uncomfortable and intentionally block your way…" "Get your hands off me."
Callisto, who had been silent until then, suddenly opened his mouth. "…Huh, y-yes?"
The maid lifted her head slightly. She looked puzzled as if she didn't understand what he was saying. He felt something dirty which was stuck in the mud. Callisto clenched his teeth holding back his anger.
"If you don't want to be hurt, get your hands off me." "Uh, uh.."
The maid blinked blankly as if she didn't understand what he was saying.
Srrrringg-. The Crown Prince took out his sword right away, as always. He recited with low voice, knives pressed under the woman's neck.
"Did your ears get clogged?" "Hah, hah!"
"Don't you know it's a summary execution if you touch the imperial body without permission?" "I,uh.. I… Didn't know it. I'm so sorry!"
A sharp blade pressed under her neck. A tingling pain began to make the maid tremble like a tiny tree.
He really didn't want to hear the woman cry. When he was a child, he dreamed of someone who would hold on to him and feel free with.
He wanted to kill this woman right away but he managed to control my anger. Just behind, it was because of the woman in the greenhouse.
She hated blood, and hated cruelty. Even if he only showed her beautiful and pretty things she liked, she would never associate herself with him again if he used your sword in anywhere.
Callisto took a deep breath and put the sword back into its sheath.
"You have to select your people carefully, Duke. You haven't educated your employees well."
And still with her head bowed down before him, he strode past the shivering pink hair. As if it's not worth dealing with.
The Crown Prince disappeared with a red cape, and it wasn't long before Yvonne raised her head. Her face, all wet with tears, was so pitiful and beautiful.
However, the blue eyes that looked at the side where the Crown Prince disappeared were not at all so. Her hand, hidden behind her back, trembled with one shard piece held tight.