Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 171

Exit Hard Mode.
My eyes were clouded with the red haze. I laughed hysterically among the crumbling sand castles. "Hey, you…"
Suddenly, I laughed like a madman, and Renald called out to me with a strange face. My grotesque laughter gradually died down.
The Duke, who was angry because he knew I behaved in the strange way, and Derrick, who was at state of odds, looked back with astonishment.
Everything was as expected.
Hard mode ended with nothing but misery, and I was still in the game. In this fucking game, this crazy game.
The hand holding the glass trembled. 'It's okay.'
But it is too early to be frustrated. I still have one method left that I have not used yet. 'But I can't just sit back and do nothing.'
If this was the case, wouldn't I be a fake lady who persecuted the real lady?
Of course, I did not care if I left this fucking place, but thenAfter all, I ended up as a villain in the
original story. I have been looking forward to them.
Didn't they feel sorry for me who has been begging for my lives with a servile bow in front of them? I bit my lips and opened my mouth.
"What my first brother said was right."
I raised my chin to the fullest and looked around the audience. Always arrogant, like a proud Penelope. Then I fixed my eyes on the slender woman with the shaking eyes.
I walked to her without hesitation. "Penelope!"
The Duke came to his senses late and called me in a hurry, but it was too late. I turned to the podium and approached Yvonne.
I didn't mind Derrick's eyes like an awl and his gentle touch her hand. "Thank God my one and only sister came home, ladies and gentlemen."
Yvon looked at me with wide open eyes. Not only her, but all the male leads and noble people. But I laughed with all my might.
"My father tried to announce Yvonne's return, but I asked him to make it public at the reception, fearing there would be confusion among the guests."
"You said I tried to hide my sister, I guess there was a misunderstanding in your communication with your first brother. Isn't that right, father?"
I looked back at the Duke and asked for his consent. "You came to my room this morning and talked about it." A lie poured out of my mouth smoothly.
The Duke flinched at my words. He kept moving his lips as if to talk to me, but he finally shut his mouth.
We had no choice but to stop the scandal that broke out right away.
A chilling silence descended upon the hall. I pulled Yvonne without looking at Derrick with a stiff face. "Come here, Yvonne."
I felt an eerie chill where our skin touched, but I did not express myself. I took her around the podium and returned to my seat. I put Yvonne, who felt embarrassed, near me and pushed the gold cup in front of me.
"Will you pour me the wine? We're family now." "Penelope!"
The Duke warned in a stern voice, but I pretended to be a child with an exaggerated sullen look. "Father, it's my birthday."
The Duke's mouth shut. I grinned at the silent remark.
He eventually reached out for the butler. He asked to bring an extra glass. In the midst of this, he seemed to be amazing, calmly and cool-headed.
The atmosphere was so subtle that it was beyond control, but the process of the coming-of-age ceremony was enforced under my will.
A while later, at the butler's instruction, a maid came running with a golden cup. Coincidentally, she was Yvonne's temporary maid.
A similar cup was placed next to Penelope's golden cup.
I immediately picked up the bottle and handed it over to Yvonne. "You'll follow me, right?"
It was then. The eyes of Yvonne, who was shaking helplessly, filled with joy.
"Yes, then…"
She was dragged to me and looked at me with dead look, and it looked like as if she was treated like a nothing. I stuck out one of the plain cups on the table.
"Th… thank you, Penelope. And I am sorry because I ruined your coming-of-age ceremony…" She whispered cautiously, pouring the wine into my glass.
"Don't say that. What a mess."
I grinned and accepted the wine she had poured.
On the contrary, I imitated a benevolent sister, pouring the wine into her glass. "You don't have to be sorry. Anyway…"
It was the moment. I suddenly felt a slight tremor in my chest. Puck-.
Not to mention the shiver, but I even stopped tilting the bottle and lowered my gaze.
An ancient magic necklace that could not be removed at the recommendation of the Crown Prince. The color of the white bead stuck in the middle of it had changed.
It turned yellowish.
I managed to lift my gaze, which frozen stiffly, and looked at Yvonne.
Whether she hadn't noticed it yet because of the bright sunlight, she spoke to me, who suddenly stopped talking with a curious look.
-But why is she asking me the way to the office street? At that moment, Emily's voice pierced my ear mercilessly.
I thought of a bottle of purple liquid that I left in my desk drawer in my room. One remaining method that I have not used.
It was to escape from death. With hard mode just around the corner, that was all I could choose to get out of here. Even if I take the risk of real death.
I requested Vinter a poison that can kill as quietly as i fell asleep.
And originally, I was going to do it during the coming-of-age ceremony. It was a little annoying. 'Let them watch me fall and die, making them doubt the angelic hostess.'
But I changed my plans just before the coming-of-age ceremony.
Emily's statement had also a sense, and my conversation with the Duke also was great.
Penelope, whom he said he wanted to give her the best of all, and Penelope, who disappeared without being able to hold the only one-time ceremony in his life.
Thinking about it, I couldn't possibly ruin the coming-of-age ceremony.
Poison was always available. Anyway, I wanted to see how hard mode ended, so I gave up the plan and locked the desk drawer.
Apparently, right after the coming-of-age ceremony, I tried to drink it alone without anyone knowing… "Penelope…?"
Yvonne called me carefully as she sees me being weird, standing motionless for quite a long time. I moved my wrist, which had been stopping for a while, and poured the wine.
The light emitted from below became stronger. "That, the necklace…"
At last Yvonne also noticed that the bead had turned indisputably yellow. She stared with a startled look at the necklace.
Pouring sound-.
I filled the glass with red wine and put the bottle down on the table and said, "Yvonne."
"Uh, uh?"
She stared at me with surprise, taking her eyes off my necklace. My heart that was beating wildly, calmed down.
"The glass has changed." "Uh, eh?"
"That's my glass. You must have been confused because there were no patterns."
I pointed to the golden cup full of wine that she was holding. It was a lie.
Yvonne's temporary maid put the glass she had brought right in front of her, so there was no confusion. "S-she did? I-I'm sorry…"
I snatched the cup from the crying girl with a look of embarrassment.
The wind overflowed the back of my hand with the liquid of wine. The dripping liquid was like blood flowing out of my wrist.
"Huck, Penelope. Y-you'll get drunk…" "Hold up your glass."
I said briefly before the flustered heroine came to her senses and interrupted. And without caring whether she really lifted her glass or not, I turned my body. "Attention, everyone! Today's main character is Yvonne, not me."
I told the audience, lifting up the glass of Yvonne that I had taken away.
Once again, the roaring of voices took over the hall. I smiled brightly and said. "Congratulations, everyone. The real Lady has returned."
'Penelope!' I could feel the gaze of Renald, full of surprise and of astonished low voice of the Duke.
It didn't matter if it was a game scenario or a trap for Yvonne. If I died and escaped from this place, it would be over.
'This is the end of it.'
I didn't plan it, but when it came to this, I felt relieved. 'This is how it should end up.'
I don't know what I was so afraid of. Last time, I finally look at the faces of the male leads. Derrick, who crossed his arms over his chest and was staring at my actions expressionlessly. The Crown Prince is frowning, as it seems strange to see the sudden turn of events.
And Vinter with a face full of anxiety.
It was a little strange that the gauge bar still remained on top of their heads, but I did not care anymore.
Now it was the end of the day to see those sickening faces. "For the heroine."
After a low murmur, I gulped down the glass I was holding in front of my eyes. The moment I swallowed all the liquid in there and put the glass down.
"Young Lady!" Hkiik, Gwadang!
Suddenly Vinter rose violently from his seat. His face was horribly distorted. Now it seemed that he had noticed the color of the necklace.
The guests looked back with astonishment at Marquis of Verdandi, who suddenly rose from his seat. I stared at him with no expression on my face.
Suddenly, I felt a warm sensation in my heart. Gradually, the heart rate increased. I staggered with my head and felt twinge of dizziness.
The Crown Prince, whose eyes were wriggling as if he had sensed something unusual, seemed to be shouting.
"We need to call a doctor, right now…!"
Around the time when a loud noise bursts from Vinter that was constantly looking at me with anxious eyes.
My heart was burning hot. I was blinded by the tremendous pain. I coughed a small vomit, feeling a thousand shots boiling under my neck.
I thought my eyes were suddenly seeing things. But they weren't, blood really came out of my mouth. "AAAAAAA-!"
People's screams rang from far and wide in my ears. The hall quickly became a mess. But I couldn't feel it as my body was slowly falling apart.
Taak-! By the time I held the edge of the table and supported my crumbling upper body. Suddenly, my eyes were blanked out with white flashes.
Main quest – The missing children's whereabouts~
[Third. Save the Hidnapped children from the Force of Evil] Quest Other rewards are activated!
'What the hell.'
Through my blurred vision, I could see a white square system window.
Don't you feel sorry to end the difficult quest like this is a long time ago?
As a special reward, you will be given a chance to see the hidden ending as high praise for playing hard mode enthusiastically!
1,000,000,000 gold -> 500,000,000 gold
[Pay / Reject]
'Hidden Ending?'
I felt like I was waking up in the middle of everything getting dim and hazy. I struggled to get up my body that kept falling apart. However, my eyes were blurry, and my arms were bent.
Meanwhile, the writing inside the system window changed.
You have enough funds, so it will be automatically paid in 5 seconds.
'What the fuck? No, no!'
I shook my head wildly. And stretched out my hand to press [Reject]. "Cough-!"
But at that moment, blood spurted out of my mouth and my body shaked. "Penelope Eckart!"
Then, someone hugged me roughly. The finger that was almost touching [Reject] was stopped. "Call the doctor, call the doctor! Right Now!"
Someone who hugged me shouted.
Either way, I shook my head desperately, blinded by the system window.
"No, no, no…..Reject it…"
No! I have to press Reject, so get out of here!
The numbers changed rapidly. I struggled desperately to press [Reject]. "Crrrrr!"
However, my body shook violently again, and my eyes blurred. There was screaming, howling and chaos all over the place. 'No, get out of my way! No, fuck!'
I couldn't finally press [Reject] because of the countless number of people who came upon me in an instant.
Paid [500 million gold] to enter the hidden route! (The remaining funds: 999,999,999+)
The last thing that was reflected in my hazy eyes was neither the Duke nor the male leads.
The system window that finally floated after the countdown was completed. It felt like a demon came out of hell.
Cough-. I heard a sound as if something had fallen. 'Please stop killing me'
I closed my eyes and screamed silently.
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