Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 174

He left the duke's office long after a brief reply. There was a person who was waiting for him. "Young duke"
It was a head maid. "What's the matter?"
"Well… can you go to see Lady Yvonne?" She said with a face full of sweat.
"She's been shaking and crying ever since she has been locked in her room." Derrick hesitated at the remark.
It was him who dragged her to the coming-of-age ceremony. But how frightened and unfortunate it is to be trapped in a room after being half-day criminal. How scary and sad she must feel. Even my sister, I had to worry about her.
Judging by this, he tried to move towards Yvonne's room. However, unlike his head, his body did not move. It was strange. Suddenly, he thought something was wrong
The feeling of anxiety that he felt during a conversation with the Duke spread all over his body. "…Later."
Derrick, with a tightly voice, struggled to say a word.
"But, she doesn't eat, she keeps looking for the Young Duke of…" "Later, I'll go later."
He walked away as if he were running away from the desperate maid's requests. He walked aimlessly without knowing where he was headed.
'Why do I feel this way?'
From the moment he heard that Penelope might die, he couldn't shake off the guilty feeling. All he did was take Yvonne, who was hardly breathing and crying.
— Come, brother… Ah, no, Young Duke. Do you have time?
Early in the morning, Yvonne came over and asked for refreshments. She tried to pretend to be casual and laughed, but she was full of gloom.
It made sense. No one cared about her because of preparation for Penelope's coming-of-age ceremony.
Moreover, she was hiding in her room during the coming-of-age ceremony, but she couldn't find how to handle with herself who was struggling.
He was so embarrassed that he didn't know how to comfort her.
-I'm fine. The coming-of-age ceremony has already been held.
In just one word, fine, she said with a smile as the fog faded away soon.
— It's a shame… that we couldn't spend this festival together rather than to attend the coming-of-age ceremony… To celebrate the victory, the fireworks at this festival were much more colorful and beautiful than in other times.
— Ah, if I had regained my memory a little earlier, I could have seen it with my brothers this time… A shivering voice, added to her senses, was full of regret. It was enough to bring back vividly the
memory of the day that Derrick had forgotten. More than a decade ago, the day he lost Yvonne.
The three siblings crawled out of the hole without the Duke's knowledge, who banned them from going to the festival streets at night, saying it was dangerous. Because his little sister wanted to see fireworks up close.
The night street of the first festival they saw was very interesting.
Around the time, they bought cheap ornaments, ate street food, and danced to the music they heard. The parade procession struck them.
His little sister was swept away by a flock of new people in instant.
The blue eyes that were taking away from him, filled with tears. The little hand that was stretching toward him, he never caught it.
Derrick closed his eyes to the memory of being revived in an instant.
'Brother?' When he opened his eyes again at the slightest sound, he saw thin little face looking at him with her worried eyes.
At that moment, Derrick was sure. The commoner brought in by a slave was that his lost sister who he lost a long time ago.
— I.. I'm sorry, Young Duke. I'm afraid I've caused you trouble by saying something I shouldn't have said. I just remembered that…
— But I… really missed you. Even when I lost my memory, always. When she saw his distorted face, Yvonne hurriedly got up from her seat.
Even after that incident, his sister was worried and comforted rather than resenting at him for missing her.
Even when she came back to find her house, she was so discouraged that she couldn't even say "brother." Unlike the kid on the second floor.
That's why. Just before the coming-of-age ceremony, he brought her out, who was breathing heavily and crying in search of help.
Unlike Penelope, who was about to have a more colorful coming-of-age ceremony than anyone else, it was a pity that Yvonne could not even have a proper coming-of-age ceremony because she lived among the common people. The ominous dream he had the previous day also played a part.
'No matter how much she was a reticent, she won't be rude in front of everyone.'
-Let's go together.
-Huh? But, young lady…
-You are also a lady. Isn't it more ridiculous for his daughter not to attend the meeting when all our immediate family members are attending.
As he took Yvonne, who was delighted by his words, to the hall, he suddenly wondered. How will she react to the Yvonne I brought?
Will she be angry and did evil things? Or maybe she will shut her mouth as usual and make no expression.
that lovely smile on her face, just like she did when she got his scarf, or she would say, "I'm all wrong…".
Derrick stopped in amazement at the thought that came in his mind. "Here…"
Suddenly, he came up there.
Looking around, he realized he was standing on the last floor of the central staircase.
He could see the butler and a maid standing in the hallway with a nervous faces. He hesitated for a moment and soon moved on.
"Young duke"
The butler, who raised his head at his unexpected appearance, looked surprised. "Is she… inside?"
Derrick asked. The butler, who was briefly catching the subject of the vague question, soon replied with a slight nod.
"The doctor is checking her."
"I'd like to check her condition for a moment." "Oh, that's"
The butler was visibly embarrassed to hear that he was going to enter into the room.
A strange voice suddenly came from inside, when he was wondering with a perplexed expression. "Somehow, her condition was"
It was the heavy voice of a man.
Around the time Derrick, who was surprised, grabbed the doorknob to open widely the door that had been slightly open.
"Young Duke, it is His Royal Highness."
The butler hurriedly to stop him and murmured lowly.
These words hardened Derrick who held the door knob in his hand.
The new figures of two men were reflected at the haze of his eyes. The doctor and the Crown Prince stood near the bed in the middle.
"She is over far from her death, but the blood hasn't stopped completely yet. When will she regain her conscious?"
The doctor shook his head vaguely at the end of his speech. He had a bundle of agar filled with red water in his hand.
As if all the strength had left his legs, the Crown Prince staggered and sat down on the chair beside her bed.
He pulled her thin hand out from under the blanket and put it to his lips. There came a deathly dreary silence in the room.
"I've been mean to you all the time. Is that because I have teased you? So you want to take
revenge over me this time?"
After a while, he heard a murmur of the Crown Prince. Derrick held his breath and listened to the muffled voice.
"In fact, I know well that you are far from an wicked woman who has neither blood nor tears, as rumor say, I know you're living being who is able to feel and suffer."
"But every time you say that, you're so beautiful and charming, that all I can see in my eyes is you alone, and I'm not able to take my eyes off you."
"That's why I keep doing that. But I didn't mean it."
The Crown Prince, who had been confessing to her, buried his face deep in Penelope's hand.
"You put out yourself the rumor that you are an evil woman with no feelings or tears. But you aren't a person without blood or sorrow, rather a person who hates to fight…"
"But your blood is still running. You hate this… do you?"
A pale hand like a corpse seemed to have no warmth. The Crown Prince rubbed her lips and cheeks with his hands to deliver his temperature to her.
"You asked me to get you out of this hell… so please open your eyes." ""
"Don't die, Penelope."
"Don't leave me in this hell"
The moment Derrick heard the whisper. Huguung-
Something broke down with a huge roar in Derrick's ear. 'That's'
He didn't want this.
It was just out of curiosity. What kind of reaction did he expect when he brought Yvonne? But he didn't want something like this.
Without his knowing, Derrick's face was distorted.
* * * "It's from the maid's room."
A small glass bottle with a clear liquid was placed on the table.
"As a result of walking through the streets and checking it, it was an antidote to the poison that Penelope drank."
Renald, who had raised to take out evidence, had returned to his seat Currently, there are five men sitting with a heavy faces in the drawing room. Duke, Derrick, Renald, Callisto, Vinter.
It was a meeting to find a clue to the incident.
Derrick was absent from the process of investigating the case as the duke's orders, but he sat down as the young duke to settle the case.
"What does the maid say?"
It was the Duke who broke the heavy-sitting silence first. Renald replied for a moment.
"She said Penelope asked Yvonne to get it to feed her."
"So she ate the poison that Princess saved to drink herself as if she is an idiot?" The Crown Prince struck back sharply. Renald frowned at his nervous voice. "If it's true, she might have mistaken the glasses for being similar."
At that time, Marquis opened his mouth.
The Duke is surprised at his words, raises his eyes and looks at him. "Marquis, be careful with your words."
"As the maid claims."
Vinter looked up and looked at Renald, who was sitting opposite him. Then, Renald nodded with a look of great discomfort.
"It's lady Penelope who deliberately prepared a similar new glass and put poison in it." "But lady Penelope is not the culprit."
The remarks Vinter made just now changed his words that he had said a moment ago. Derrick, who was silent until then, raised his head and reacted.
"How can you be sure of that?" "Lady Penelope…"
After that Marquis of Verdandi stopped talking with a face full of hesitation, and soon sighed and poured out words.
"… It's because she knew it was already poisoned before she drank wine."
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