Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 183

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I overslept and had late breakfast close to lunch, and then I called Emily and left the room slowly.
Every servant I encountered looked at me and bowed their head hurriedly. I came out through the back door of the mansion, ignoring the glaring gaze on the back of my head.
I walked around the mansion for a walk. No one in the duchy has been trying to mess with me. I was told that I would be guarded, but there was no restraint from wandering around the room.
Did he understand me, or was he busy questioning Yvonne, Vinter also did not come to the Duke's mansion after the last conversation.
When I didn't see the tiring faces I had to face while I was in hard mode, I felt relaxed. 'I guess they were scared I'd be drinking poison again.'
I looked around, sarcastically, looking grumpy. When I left the room, I sometimes felt the breathless gazes. And so did Emily.
The whole mansion seemed to have been ordered to watch if I was going to do something dangerous again. I was often irritated by the rat-like gaze, but I tried to think positively.
'Well, it's better than being escorted by guards and openly attached by them.'
Unlike the brick knights, the servants were quite afraid of me. They used to run away, and lowered their eyes every time we bump into each other.
The back of the mansion was quickly silenced, as some clumsy monitoring servants were kicked out like that. I trudged along, looking around where the noise had disappeared.
The place that I arrived was the incinerator behind the mansion, the furthest place. I stood in front of a large kiln and searched the pocket of my skirt.
After a while, it was a small glass bottle, and a dirty piece of mirror, that was pulled out of my hand. 'Poison, and a piece of artifact.'
I looked down at them, then reached out the other hand and opened the door of the incinerator.
The ashes and water were mixed, and I could see the dirty kiln. I put down the poison and pieces of relics I brought in there, then closed the door again and turned the lever on the side.
The magic-driven large kiln conveniently drained the fire without firewood. The red flames danced before the small side window on the door.
I squatted down in front of the kiln, waiting for everything in it to burn without leaving any ashes. "Ha"
Suddenly a smile popped out, I guess it was not easy for me to see myself like this. 'Damn it. I've decided to leave the house anyway, so why should I complete the quest'
An unexpected quest has occurred!
Heep [Piece of Ancient Magic Mirror] in a safe place!
After the day I opened my eyes again, the system window was still quiet.
But instead hiding the pieces in a safe place, I decided to burn them with poison. "Where in the world is safe place?'
Rather than hiding it, it was better to destroy it so that it could never be found.
I memorized my fails thousands of times that I would thoroughly ignore the crazy game in the future, but then I was doing this.
But it cannot be helped.
'What can I do if it doesn't work at all?'
I still remembered back then. It was so vivid.
A woman with white robe that sucked a man's life with a combined artifact. It still gave me goose bumps when I thought of it.
So, before I left this house, I had to get rid of all the things that would leave me with a little bit of trouble.
Tadak, Tadak-.
The sound of the light-hearted fire died down gradually, as the flames consumed all the contents. Ssa-a-a-a. After a while, the water cooled the hot interior automatically.
I waited long enough for the whole process to end, and finally opened the incinerator door.
It was a simple confirmation because it was a very important task of destroying evidence. Of course, the magical fire would have burned them all and left no ashes……
"What is it?"
I opened my mouth blankly as I looked into the kiln, thinking in astonishment. Fortunately, the poison I got from Vinter was never found.
"Crazy, why is this still the same"
The piece of mirror remained the same. Without a single scorched mark.
Looking at it with a blank face, I slowly reached out my hand. I was hoping that it might look fine only on the outside.
'Please crumble like dust as soon as I touch it'
I was about to squeeze the piece of the mirror with my nervous hands. Tadak, Tadadak-. Rough footstep.
A familiar voice called me. I swallowed my breath sharply, startled.
The fact that the edges of the mirror were sticking hard out from my soft palms was also not right. I turned my body while hiding my hands behind my back.
I could see a man gasping for breath with his hands on the outer wall of the building. His sweaty, wet face, with gray hair attached to it.
It was Eclise. "Youwere here."
He glanced strangely at my eyes, and slowly lifted his upper body, which he had bent down to catch his breath.
As I turned my eyes to the sound of dripping water, I frowned.
Blood flowed from his hands, leaving a red mark on the dirt ground. Not only the back of his hand, but also his dirty bare feet and legs were full of scratches.
The only thing that was fine was skin on the face. "Just how–."
My heart jumped in surprise.
The sudden appearance of him and the terrible appearance of him. It was all unexpected. Did he break away from the prison?
I closed my mouth slowly. The heart pounding steadily faded away, and it cooled down.
I didn't know how he knew I am here, but it was none of my business whether he was hurt or not.
I quickly moved on with a cold face. I have to get back in a hurry and think about how to dispose of the unburnt piece.
However, the road was blocked before I could even go away from the incinerator. I stopped and looked forward, staring at the big figure.
"Get out of the way." "…Master."
Eclise stared at me, with an expressionless face. In the twinkling grey's eyes, something gradually cleared up. Feelings like longing, sorrow, resentment, worries, etc. that were now not so much to be desired.
"Didn't you hear that I'd treat you like a dead man?"
Eclise answered at my cold question with a small voice, licking his lips. "I heard you. I heard you…"
"Why is your face… so disappointed?" "Ha."
I heard it, but it was an attitude that didn't allow him to listen to me.
He looked at me grimly, with a short breath. At this rate, it seemed that he would never move away. I took a step back from him with a low sigh.
"…What's with you? Did you get out of prison?"
He was so scowling, so grimly blushed, perhaps ashamed of himself.
"I came out of prison right after I last saw you. But until Master's Coming-of-Age ceremony, I was in the quarters…"
"When I heard that master had collapsedI have tried to come to the mansion many times. And then
I was sent back to prison"
That means he escaped from prison.
Eclise added, scratching his fingernails with both injured hands on his increasingly hardened look. "I heard you woke up today."
"So, did you break the prison door or something?" "".
There was a sense of positivity in silence. It was frustrating. "I think you'd better to go back before you are taken away."
I answered in a cold voice and then walked again. I had nothing more to say, and I did not know what he wanted to say.
But before I passed by, I was blocked again. "Now I'm good with the sword, master."
Why are you saying that to me all of a sudden? I tried hard to breathe deeply and repress my rising irritation.
"Really? Congratulations. "
"I won the status as a commoner, not a slave. " "Good for you."
"SoI can do everything for you as your knight now. "
I did not understand, so I asked vaguely. Eclise murmured a little shyly down his eyes. "to avenge those who did this to you."
It was natural that I burst out laughter. 'What an unusual crazy man.'
It was none other than you who made me this way, but I tried to hold it in.
You were talking to me like you didn't think so at all. Why should I bothered talking at someone who I cannot communicate with? It just hurt my mouth.
"Who do you think deserved the revenge?". I asked, pretending not to know.
The answer came straight back.
"And all the servants and knights who made a fuss about you, the Duke of Eckart, Derrick Eckart, Renald Eckart, butler Pennell, the maid, and Master had played their own plays."
(Note: idk who the master is. so just skipped it) "".
"Mark Albert, Peter Reiner, Gerick, Hans."
He also gave some other names. There was someone I knew in the list, and there was someone I did not know. But for me, the fact that he memorized all those people was just creepy.
Eclise, who finished memorizing the mutter names, slowly put down his knees in front of me.
Like the first time we met, he put his face carefully in one hand of mine and then rubbed his cheek. "I was short-thinking."
"That day, I reflected on myself a lot since my master left. ""
"My master, you don't want to escape of your peaceful life and your position"
He turned his head and pressed down the damp lips on the back of my hand.
"But I as the one and only knight dare to say, 'Let's run away' because I doesn't know that one
"Now, that I have revised my plan to put the duchy in the hands of the master." ""
"If you want, I'll give you this empire in your hand."
Eclise looked up at me with desperate eyes and begged me. "Just give me permission. Then I will take care of everything"
I could not bear to hear any more. I called him low to stop his babbling.
"You've been told by our servants that I made self-play, but have you not heard that I drank the wine knowing that it has poison?"
He paused.
At a moment, the wobbly grey eyes gave an answer. We all know what is going on.
Unlike in the past, when I let him do what he wanted to do, as soon as I noticed him, I grabbed my hand that he rubbed his face roughly.
"This house, these people"
But his blood-stained hand clasped my hand as it was moving away. "The men of this house drove Master to make such a choice"
"It's because of you."
"It's because of you that I drank it."
Of course, it wasn't just for Eclise, but for the complex reason. But even if it is a lie, what about it?
'He can't be the only X.'
Looking down at the dazed face, I laughed, and I told him every word.
"You made me to die."
How was it?
The feeling of hearing that a woman whom you love, died because of you.
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