Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 185

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Eclise opened his eyes at the familiar title he didn't hear for a long time. He shook his head visibly agitated.
"…No, that's not me"
"Your people are still alive and breathing all over the place, waiting for you. A warrior is not cowardly avoid war."
At the end of Yvonne's whispering, the glorious past of Delman flashed before the eyes of Eclise. In fact, in front of his eyes, a piece of blue-red mirror was pushed in.
Eclise' eyes slowly cleared.
Although he was an illegitimate child of the king, he was not discriminated. On the contrary, he was able to grow up freely, regardless of his heavy duties, unlike other brothers.
Home country with a land of vast expanse, green forest, and beautiful meadows unfolded endlessly.
When all that was put to the feet of the Empire, the father and his brothers removed his name from the family history and disguised it as if he didn't exist at all.
This was the dirty life that he was survived by leaving behind his family and his countrymen. He was no longer a prince, but a lowly slave. But now, how can he return that name again? "Just like you said, it is over now, Eclise. If not this timeyou'll never have Penelope again."
Yvonne said desperately.
"Go to the north. Go and get in touch with the rebels. Hill the Crown Prince, and you will be the ruler of the empire."
"Master doesn't want such a thing."
Perhaps due to incomplete relics, the prey resisted weakly. But as the bluish glow of the relics covered his eyes, greed for having Penelope sprang up again.
Yvonne repeated the same thing many times with patience. "Penelope wants a peaceful life."
"Peaceful life".
"It's not the place where the Duke's daughter will turn the Crown Princess. You think she'll be able to endure such a hardship?"
The bluishness light from the piece gradually grew stronger. "Does Penelope want the Crown Princess's position?"
When Yvonne asked, Eclise thought for a moment.
If she wanted to, he could kill the Crown Prince and take his place and make it so. But the master he knew did not really seem to make it be her purpose.
Yvonne kept whispering.
"You can stop her from becoming unhappy. Isn't that right?"
"I can stop her from becoming unhappy. Right? She should be happy. In this house, she was sad about
them every day"
"Then do as I say, Eclise."
Finally, Eclise's head nodded.
It was after the complete occupation of the grey pupil with blue light. Looking at him like this, Yvonne sighed away. The plan to get the pieces from the house was unsuccessful because of the unruly prey.
'I thought I'd be able to do it more easily than in the past'
Everything was not easy when it happened while I was away. The whole situation was incredibly reversed.
The fake princess who uses powerful ancient magic and the prey that rarely gets caught in my web. They were obsessed with Penelope for one or another reason, and to make matters worse, she took away my piece like a rat.
'I'm sure she recognized me.'
That day, the day the island collapsed.
The taken of mask made their eye contact, and the women apparently saw each other and also their identity.
'You know it all, but you are acting clever'
When I thought of Penelope, who was going away, I was filled with frantic anxiety.
There was no time. I have to throw away the stupid prey who are desperate because they cannot receive Penelope's love.
'Now, the only thing left to do is to act myself.'
***** "Haaa……."
I lowered my hand that was keeping my mouth shut. The tip of the tightly held piece stabbed into my flesh, but my frozen body could not feel any pain.
Where I was, right next to the incinerator. Behind the outer wall of the building where Eclise grabbed with his hand, it was a warehouse.
I did not think it would help me to get rid of the pieces secretly. Last time I saw Yvonne brainwashing Eclipse, my judgment that I should not just go was right.
I overheard their conversation throughout a thin wall, and it took me a long time to get out of the place. "Oh, miss!"
When I came straight back to my room, Emily, who had just finished cleaning, greeted me. "Why did you come back so late?Miss, what is wrong with your hand? It's bleeding!"
I restrained her from making a fuss. "Go get me the hammer."
"Huh? Ha, but hand treatment first"
"Go get the hammer." "I'll be right back!"
She went out of the room with her eyes widening.
Only then did I open my hand and throw the piece I was holding onto the floor. Taak-.
The hand that were torn in the corners were painful. But fear was ahead of me.
The heroine, or the monster is looking for the piece. And she knew all my every move to get rid of the pieces.
'I need to get rid of it quickly!'
Fortunately, Emily came back quickly with a big hammer. "Miss! I got it. But why the hammer".
"Stay back because it's dangerous."
I immediately took the hammer away, and immediately held it high. And soon I struck hard at the piece of mirror thrown on the floor.
Hwiig, Gwaang-! "Miss, aah!"
Emily screamed and freaked out when she saw me hammering at the floor. But I did not stop.
Gwang, lang, Gwaang-!
I hit the hammer like crazy to make a piece of mirror into powder. Gwajig-!
Then, as if I had been hit the wrong edge, the mirror was flew up in the air and it fell back on the bar. "Huh, Huh… Please–!"
When I found a distant piece without a single crack, I twisted my face. "You crazy! What steel did you make of the mirror?"
Frustrated with fear and anxiety, I threw the hammer to the floor with force. Dunk-!
"Miss, my, please calm down! Please, take care of your hands!"
Emily trembled and kept me in check.
The palms were all sticky. A few streams of blood dripped down from my hand. Forgetting about the cut on my palm, I had hammered it with my hand.
"Yes, yes?"
I took a deep breath and tried to regain my composure. "I'm going to ask you to run an errand right now." "What? What"
"Take that and go to the office of the white rabbit. Don't run into anyone as much as you can." I glanced at the pieces that fell on the floor.
Emily moved quickly and picked it up.
"Go, tell him to keep it in a safe place that no one knows. Until I go find it." Not burned in the fire, nor did break with the hammer.
No matter how hard I thought, I had no choice but to keep it out of the mansion right now. "Yes, yes! I will do it, miss!"
"And, one more thing."
To Emily, who nodded faithfully, I gave another instruction.
"Tell him to do another job I asked him to do on the night the island disappeared."
"Yes, I will never forget!" "Yes, be careful."
Maybe because she had done it a few times, Emily hurried out of the room without asking anything.
I looked at the back of the maid who did not know that it was a request to erase her memory, I soon bit my lips tightly.
'I need to get out of here right now.' I have to go to the North.
p/s: Guess who will she meet there? (‘0')/
"Miss, I'm home!"
That evening, Emily came back after completing the mission I gave her. "You went there without running into anyone, right?"
"Yes, I've told him everything you wanted to say. The office's head told me that he would keep it well." "You've worked hard."
"Not a trouble at all! Did you treat your hands well?"
She looked sad as she looked at the bandage wrapped in my hand. I asked straight away.
"By the way, Emily, did you deliver the stuff what I asked you to deliver?" "What? What stuff?"
There was no lie in her wide eyes, which seemed to have no idea.
I had a hunch that Vinter had only erased the memory about piece of mirror from Emily. "No, nothing. I think I'm mistaken."
The only thing left was 'When am I escaping?'
The next day…
After tossing and turning all night, I left the room from early morning.
In order not to surprise Emily by the sudden disappearance of me, I piled up pillows under the covers. It looks like as if I am still sleeping.
The hazy dawn of the day was appallingly quiet. I walked down the forest path to the boiler house, through the cool morning dew.
It is because it is the time before the knights training and the forest felt so bleak compared to daylight. I moved for long time.
The basis of escape was to insure the secure escape routes. It's been quite a while since I used a dog hole, so I needed to check this location again.
As I walked slowly to cool down my complex thoughts, I found myself in the familiar terrain. 'But it was poison. I didn't think I would lose my memory.'
I quickly approached it, praising myself for saving my still working useful brain.
Among the many similar bushes, I found camouflage bushes covering a dog hole, recalling the remaining features. It was just when I pushed it aside and lowered my upper body.
"What is it?"
There was definitely no place for a dog hole to be. It was just a wall that blocked the end of a large piece of land.
'Maybe I confuse camouflage bushes, don't I?'
I looked alternately at the bushes I had pushed and the wall with a puzzled look. 'Isn't the location here?'
Thought it might be a little more sideways, I squatted down and began to search under the wall gently. However, no matter how much I searched through the bushes, there was no hole in the wall.
I muttered with a serious face.
"Why there are no hole there? Where'd it goes?" "The dog hole is no longer there."
"Then where is it?"
"What are you going to do with it?" "That's, of course… "
To escape……
As I unconsciously answered to escape not realizing itI suddenly came to my senses. A cold sensation
swarmed through my back. 'Don't tell me'
It was when I slowly turned my head in denial of reality.
A man with pink hair stood close behind me and smiled like a ghost, my fear which coming out of my dreams.
"Of course, what?" "Ahhhhh!"
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