Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 188

The hand that passed through the second drawer in my question stopped.
The body, which seemed startled, without any movement, quickly turned towards me. "Ah, my lady."
I couldn't confirm her face because she was covering all her face. However, the shaky blue eyes cannot be hidden with a mask.
"I asked what you were doing."
I asked stiffly. The maid shrugged and confessed.
"Well, that's… Emily asked me to clean up the room while she was having lunch. She was going to be here in a minute.
It was not a surprise at all. It's hard to clean this spacious room every time by Emily herself. 'The excuse is quite plausible.'
Thinking like that, I walked there casually. "Move."
In a short order, the maid flinched in front of the dressing table.
I sat in a chair and looked over the dressing table and in the drawer that was still open. There was nothing missing. That was not what she was after in the first place.
Still pretending to check.
I suddenly looked in the mirror on the dressing table and bit my lips reflexively. Otherwise, I thought I was going to scream out of my voice.
I struggled not to stiffen my rigid body, and I spoke slowly.
"You don't have to do that anymore. Stop it because I have to prepare to go out."
"OhYes, I see. Miss."
A crackling sound was heard behind my back. It seemed that the maid was bowing and turning.
While looking in the mirror, I couldn't see anything, so I couldn't help but guess with the silent thought. 'Get out of here, please'
My hands on the dressing table were soaked with sweat. Thigh. The maid took a step.
I breathed a sigh of relief in my heart. It was then.
"By the way, young lady."
The maid who I thought she was leaving the room speak to me. "Why have you beenlooking in the mirror all this time?"
Ughh. I managed to swallow the scream, but I couldn't stop my fluttering shoulders. My fears made my breath hard.
I closed my eyes tightly. And soon after I came to my senses again, I slowly turned my head. The woman stood still, just one step away.
The room was so silent that I could not hear a single breath.
Even when she met my eyes, the maid was staring at me without any movement. She seemed to be no intention to continue her acting anymore.
I opened my mouth pretending to be casual. Because that was all I could do. "Because it's amazing."
The maid tilted her head. "What is it?"
"You're not a vampire. Why aren't you reflected in the mirror?" ""
At a last words, the maid's eyes were expended like half a month. "As expected."
The maid, no, Yvonne raised her hand and took off the mask. "You knew, Penelope."
Yvonne smiled pretty like the illustration in the game.
It was me who lost my words and went blank at the sight of her proudly showing her face. "Did you do this?"
"What made my father suddenly asked me to have lunch in the greenhouse." "If you noticed, you should have come a little slower, Penelope."
Yvonne replied with a naive smile.
A doll-like face, with which she stammered and cried every time, felt very proud. I squeezed my tight vocal cords.
"Now you decided to get rid of the pretense in front of me?" "How about you then?"
Yvonne asked back with a funny face.
"You've decided to stop pretending you don't know who am I now?" "Isn't that why you were standing in front of the mirror?"
In my answer she frowned.
"It was a mistake. I didn't know you would come back so quickly." ""
"It's really annoying that you was back, but there's nothing going my way"
She raised her hand and rubbed her forehead.
She paused for a moment as if thinking, and quickly shook her gaze at me.
"But Penelope."
"Did you come back, too?"
It was an unfamiliar question.
But before I even talked, Yvonne murmured in the middle of her forehead.
"No, no. If you would back, you would have made a move before I got here. I can't just sit there until the coming-of-age ceremony…
"You know how terrible I've died, but you're not going to be so stupid. Don't you think so?" Yvonne, nervously tapping her mouth and making mysterious remarks, suddenly asked me. I just looked at her without any answer.
"Who are you? It's so different from the penelope I know."
Yvonne, who was looking at me again with curious eyes, tilted the head with a look of the stranger. "Why? In the past, obviously, I never met you before returning to the duke's houseEverything has
"How has it changed?"
Looking at the me when I finally opened my mouth and asked, Yvonne answered without a hitch. "Until now, you have always been jealous of me, so you have to scream and try to kill me." ""
"Even if I'm not brainwashing youYou couldn't stand the attention from your family to me, Penelope"
I froze to the very sight of her reciting exactly what Penelope had done. 'How do you know?'
I was confused all over my head.
No matter how hidden the villain, Yvonne is just a character in the game. 'ThenIs Yvonne someone else, too?'
However, the assumption was soon blocked. If so, there was no reason to say, 'Are you back?' "It was very easy to get the Duchy on my hands, thanks to you who have been upset every time." In the midst of my head rolling insanely, Yvonne repeated it in a sweet voice like a joke.
I raised my head and looked at her. Yvonne smiled happily again with her eyes. "It was amazing, your father and brothers."
Chills dominated the whole body on my backbone.
I held my breath. When I showed my fear here, there was nothing to be gained. "But why?"
Yvonne looked at me without agitation and tilted her haid again. Her neck, however, was not only tilted, but almost twisted. m
Pudduck, pudduck-. The creepy sound echoed over and over and over again. Yvonne, who stopped at a little over 90 degrees, said.
"You don't seem to remember the pastbut you act like you know everything."
"And, you keep trying to avoid me, and you admit that it was your self-play…" "Because I saw your true self on Soleil."
I endured the trembling body as much as I could and quickly responded.
Otherwise, it seemed like that corpse-like woman would run right into me and threaten me to tell the truth.
My assumption that Yvonne might be an other person as I was after she completely disappeared from my head.
If she did, she wouldn't be bending her neck like a monster. "Of course, my identity was revealed last time."
As if my answer was convincing, Yvonne blinked.
It was only for a short time that I wanted to move on.
"But you, you don't even think about telling anyone about me, do you? Unlike you in the past." ""
"Why, Penelope?" ""
"You had nothing to be afraid ofAre you scared of me this time?"
Yvonne giggled as if she knew everything about me, who couldn't take my eyes off her hideous self. I managed to open my trembling lips with my strength.
"Does that matter?"
"I told you last time. It doesn't matter what purpose you're here for." "Hmm"
Yvonne sighed, as if to check whether my words were true.
I looked at the blue eyes that didn't feel any warmth and tried to speak.
"Anyway, I'm leaving here, so do what you want. The Duke, whether it's in hold you or not. I don't care." "No."
Puduk, Puduk-
Again with a creepy sound, Yvonne began to raise her head. I couldn't stand it and turned my gaze.
"It's all gone wrong because of your behavior." "I didn't do anything"
"I was impatient to hold myself together. Thanks to you, the brainwashing doesn't work." Yvonne, who had completely returned to her head, grumbled as she cut off my words.
A happy expression was like a heartbroken child's face.
"Every time I took one precious person from you, it was fun to see your distorted facebut why isn't it
all out of my hands now?"
"That's none of my business. I'm not brainwashing those humans like you, Yvonne." I responded badly.
"I'd rather you leave me alone than interrupt everything I know about you, who knows your identity." "Yes. That's right, but"
Yvonne, who nodded her head, soon became different.
She said that all the conversations we had so far were just a joke, and that she had all the facial expressions removed from her face.
"Where's the piece?" "What piece?"
"The piece of my mirror you stole."
My heart sank in her straightforward question.
If I ignored the quest and left it as it was, what would have happened to me, my eyes were all in a daze. Yvonne coaxed me in a gentle voice.
"Give me mine back, Penelope. Then I'll let you go." "I'm not sure what you're talking about?"
I've taken a hint.
I didn't believe her, but I didn't think it would be such a relief to leave her with the intention of taking it away from me.
Yvonne's eyes were clouded. At the look of the snake-like glare again, I hurriedly opened my mouth. "Oh. I picked up somethingbut I must have thrown it away on my way back. No, it was for me."
I shrugged and raised my hands.
Did she understand that I didn't have a piece? Yvonne asked another question straight away. "How do you use ancient magic?"
"The magic you casted then." "That's not what I casted."
I took it off unconditionally. It was a phenomenon that could never be explained, was possessed by someone else.
"You didn't casted it?"
"Yes. At that time, there was a wizard who went with me. Isn't you mistaken for what I used?" "Vinter Verdandi?"
The question came back .
'X event. The game says she doesn't know who the wizard is yet'
I lifted the trembling corners of my mouth hard and smiled.
"Marquis Vinter Verdandi? No. he's a poor man and he works at the top of the ladder to arrange volunteer work."
"Volunteer work? Aha."
Yvonne clapped her hands as if she understood. "This is how it comes out"
She muttered in a small voice. The tip of hair on my head stood stiff.
'I have to go to Vinter right now.'
All I have to do as get out of the situation. I stared at her with a lot of nervous eyes.
Yvonne, who seemed to be lost in thought for a while, smiled at me, who was consistently ignorant. "So let's do this, Penelope."
And then she pulled something out of her pocket at a tremendous speed. "Dee Ah no."
(NOTE: I swear to god i imagined Yvonne like kayako from ju-on. She really scared me)
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