Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 190

From then on, the memories that disappeared like a fog began to flow. Game, Yvonne, piece, brainwashing…
This was not real. As soon as I realized it, the system window began to blink as if it would disappear. Even if it was hit by cold water, it was sobering.
I just pressed [Accept] until the tears and runny nose were so colorless and heavy.
Shout for magic spells strongly until the [brain gauge bar] is 0%! (Magic spell: Lacracio)
With nearly 90 percent of the family's brainwashing, a moving gauge bar came before my eyes. The game-like scene made my mouth opened.
I was distracted by this ridiculous situation for a while. The color of the gauge bar changed to red, and it glowed. "Uh, uh"
Seeing it as a gauge bar that it was approaching 100%, I forgot that I was embarrassed and shouted at the odd spell.
"Lacracio!" kuguuuuung-.
Vibration accompanied by an unknown roar reverberated everywhere. ' 90%.'
The gauge bar, which glowed red, had died down gradually. The magic spell really worked.
"Crazy, Lacracio."
But it was also a moment of relief.
I screamed loudly without a break from the quick movement of the gauge bar trying to get down. "Lacracio."
"Lacracio." "Lacracioo-."
The stronger I shout like the words of the fucking quest window, the greater the numbers dropped. ' 52% '
In an instant, the figures began to halvective by half. Pajik, gripjik-!
The horrible vision of the present life before me began to crack like a piece of glass. 'It's disappearing!'
Looking alternately at the reduced number in gauge bar and this scene, I shouted, my voice burst out with a solemn expression.
"Lacracioooooooo-!" ' 44% '
The screen that was splitting into pieces finally cracked with a huge noise. The faces of the family were carved and blurred down in front of me. 'Everything was just an illusion.'
However, the moment I saw the figure of the second son of a bitch's face, the pain and suffering I felt a while ago was so terrible that my face became distorted.
"You, you… uh, how"
The scene shattered and disappeared as if it were broken with a hammer, and what was revealed was the image of Yvonne, with her eyes wide open.
Suddenly I was back in the game in Penelope's room. The 'brainwashing' gauge bar was still floating in the air.
But when I saw the goddamned face stained with amazement, my eyes were turned upside down. "I'm sure I have almost succeeded, but how can you do this so quickly"
"This crazy bitch."
I clenched my teeth and yelled at Yvonne in a frown. "I told you to let me go!"
You touched something you shouldn't touch. "Well, wait, Penelope!"
"Oh damn it! Lacracio-!" Wheeik-, Gagging-!
Somewhere a white ball as big as a fist flew in like an arrow and hit into Yvonne's mouth. "Uhhh!"
Without a doubt, Yvonne flew to the other side with the scream of death. Bang-!
Along with the loud noise, a small body drooped roughly against the wall and slumped to the floor. "Cough-!"
Yvonne, who fell like an abandoned doll, coughed up blood. "OMG."
I was flustered by such a great magical power, so I stepped back.
At that moment, the 'brainwash gauge bar' floating in the air disappeared. 'Am I successful? But why doesn't the window appear?'
By the time I looked at the air alternately with shaking eyes. "Uh, cough…..! Penelope. Save me"
Another blood pour, Yvonne begged me to save her life. "I'm sorry, Penelope….. so please"
I looked at her who reached out to me, and I frowned. Instead of feeling sympathy, I felt chilling.
'Die, you awful demon.'
It was a time when I had just stepped into Yvonne's direction as I followed a promising line from the exorcist film.
Suddenly, my eyes were blinded by bright light.
Unexpected quest failed!
You have stopped [The Evil Forces], but your mind has been eroded by [18% brainwashing curse]!
I opened my eyes to the quest window that came up. 'I did what you said, Why are you a still here?'
However, even before the protest, the letters in the square window changed.
~ Main Quest: Beyond the Truth ~
To lift the curse, go to [the Tomb of the Ancient Leila] and find [The Mirror of Truth].
"What" It was then. Bulk kick-.
"Oh, young lady!"
The door opened, so two people came in. "Oh, my God… Miss. This is"
"Miss Yvonne!"
It was Emily and the head maid.
One of the two who couldn't speak at the sight of the room was shocked and rushed to Yvonne. 'Ohit's an X-event.'
As I watched the maid running to Yvonne, who had lost consciousness, I wrapped my forehead.
The sight of the 'real lady' who was throwing up blood and the 'fake lady' who stood arrogantly in front of her.
If it's one of the game stories, I will peak as a villain who bullies Yvonne on the occasion of today. 'Escape! escape!'
A siren rang in my head. I was intuitive.
The fact that if I don't run away, I'll be in trouble. "Miss Yvonne! Miss! Wake up!"
Ignoring the maid's crying as if Yvonne had died, I quickly walked to my desk.
I quickly took my usual key out of my arms, but when I turned around my desk and was nice in front of the drawer, I was devastated.
This was because all the locked drawers are already open. 'Scary bitch.'
Luckily, there was no need for other magical items except the piece, and nothing disappeared. I took out what I needed in it.
It was a time when I had the little pocket for gold coin, which prepared for an emergency and the magical bracelet of changing appearance.
Suddenly something flashed from the inside of the drawer. I reached out again and took it out of the drawer.
It was a magic scroll with an ancient map of Balta given by the Crown Prince. 'The ancient tomb of Leila.'
I remembered the main quest, so I took it with me. Anyway, it would have been fortunate in a case I had got in emergency situation.
It was time to put them in a shabby bag and leave the room right away. The head maid, who was holding on to Yvonne, ran to me and blocked me. "This, what is this, lady!"
"Where are you going? You can't leave! I'll let the butler and the Duke know this brutality you've done right now!"
The head maid who threatened me with a ugly face collapsed suddenly. Hudangkwang-.
Behind the maid's figure, who fell to the floor, Emily was seen holding up the stool. "Eh, Emily."
"You change into this and go, my lady."
Emily handed me something. It was worn by male servants working in the mansion. "Why"
"If you wear it as it is, you'll be found . I'll take care of it here, so don't worry, go ahead, come on!"
Emily, who handed over the clothes to me as she left over, quickly dragged the head maid out of reach to where Yvonne fell.
jjwaaag-. She left the two in a back-to-back position, ripped the blanket with a clumsy gesture, and began to tie them.
Then I found myself standing blankly and she yelled.
"What are you doing, my lady? We don't have time. Run away!" "Thank you, Emily."
I managed I throw up the last words with difficulty. Honestly, I was not a good owner for her if I thought about it. Emily was loyal to me, but I always doubted her.
SoI really didn't know why she help me like this.
My heart was throbbing. I should have done better, I was overwhelmed with regrets. "I'm sorry."
"Don't need to be sorry! I'm your dedicated maid." Emily replied with a smile as always.
And as if trying to reassure me, she whispered with a humorous expression. "You make us look like villains, don't you think? We just caught a real villain."
The sincerity of her words, reassuring me, were blessing. "Thank you, I, I'm leaving."
Everything was scary and terrifying, but I had to go. To save Emily from Yvonne who will rise again.