Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 191

I hurried to change into the clothes Emily gave me, and left the room after checking one more time the things I was taking with me.
It was strangely quiet inside and outside the mansion, either because of Yvonne's spell, or because it was not yet over.
I, wearing the magic bracelet that Derrick gave me, quickly and easily passed through the hole, and immediately caught the carriage.
"We've reached the upper street, sir."
While I was nervously watching through the window if there were any people chasing me, the horseman announced our arrival.
I quickly rushed into the alley after paying. I had only been transported by the system to the top and it was my first time riding in a carriage here, so I felt strange.
Soon after, at the end of the road, an old door with a familiar rabbit pattern appeared. I rushed up the stairs and knocked on the door, hoping someone would come after me.
Thump thump thump-.
But with a hard knock, the door showed no sign of moving. 'Is he working? Do I have to wait until he gets here?'
I was looking around the empty alley, and grabbed the door handle. If it was locked, I would go directly to the north after Verdandi.
Click, click-.
But the doorknob opened too easily. "What…"
I burst the door open without delay. And I ran into the rabbit mask in front of the door that was coming out of the wall.
"Ah, you…ugh!"
Perhaps because I was surprised, the wall suddenly began to close.
He was flustered with a strange figure half-wrapped in the wall. I was so impatient that I didn't feel so funny. But I closed the top door and quickly approached him and whispered.
"Give me some money." "…Yes?"
"I'm here to pick up some of my money I've left over here." "What…please wait a moment, damn it."
Vinter muttered, with a low curse.
After a while the door opened again and he finally escaped the grotesque position of being stuck in the wall.
"What are you talking about, young lady?"
He let out a sigh as he shake off his clothes covered with brick dust.
I was full of thoughts about money and plans to leave the capital, so I bit my lower lip and uttered it. "All you have to do is give me my money."
"Please sit down for now. We can sit down and talk." "No, I don't have time"
"Your hand."
Vinter cut me off and pointed to my hand holding the doorknob. "You're trembling like last time."
My head went down slowly at his.
I could see the tips of my fingers, all white and trembling enough to be pitiful. 'I'm so terrified.'
When I realized it, I noticed that my neck was damp with cold sweat. Fear rose again replacing the anger that died down.
"I'll lock the door. Please have a seat."
At Vinter's words, which once again offered me a seat, I shifted my steps and walked towards the sofa. Vinter sitting opposite of me, waved a couple of times.
Chek, chek-.
Somewhere I heard the sound of a lock on the edge of the room and a series of refreshments flew in. I wasn't surprised because it happened every time.
The boiling tea was poured into a cup and settled in front of me. "You can talk now."
When everything was sorted out, Vinter spoke to me in a friendly voice.
Upset, my weak heart soared wanting to pour out everything to him. But I managed to press it down and slowly opened my mouth.
"It's not a big deal. It's just, you know, I got something to buy." "Are you running away from the Duke's house?"
He immediately hit the nail on the head and left me speechless. I tried not to tell him as much as I could about trying to run away.
– You left me such a fund without me knowing anything!
– When the Duke's biological daughter returns¸ I'm afraid the Princess will disappear with the money without even knowing it!
After hearing what he thought was a simple relationship, it occurred to me that maybe he would ruin my plans to escape.
I know it was an excessive delusion, but I've been through this once already with Eclise. How I was stabbed at my back in unexpected situations.
I've had enough of the horrible and suffocating experience of not doing anything and just waiting for the day I die.
"Where are you going? I'll help you."
But Vinter spoke unexpectedly normally.
Looking at him with astonished eyes for a moment, I slowly regained reason with his words. "Are you keeping the piece safe?"
I ran away, too, but I had a lot to say to him.
Instead of answering, Vinter replied my question in a short way. "I kept it in a safe place."
"It must have been sudden, but thanks for doing me a favor. I'd like that back, too."
"You…mean the piece?"
Yvonne's brainwashing was more powerful than I thought.
I thought it would be better to leave it to Vinter outside the mansion, but I changed my mind because of Yvonne who already knows exactly what he was.
"Yes, that piece, give it back. I'll keep it." "No."
"It's not something that young lady should have. It's too dangerous." "However…"
"Then, did you bring it from Soleia?"
As I tried to refute Vinter's words that I couldn't give it to him, I nodded reluctantly at the inquiring voice.
"Why, why didn't you tell me you brought it? If you'd seen how dangerous that artifact was then, you would stop..!"
Vinter, who was unable to finish his words and held back his anger, had a stern glare on his face. 'I had no idea it was such a scary thing either…'
It was only a reward given to me by the system, but somehow I felt like a child who was scolded for having an accident.
While I was looking at Vinter with a solemn look, I soon opened my mouth carefully. "Do you know what the mirror of truth is?"
"The mirror of truth? How do you know about that?" As if he knew it, Vinter's pupils expanded gradually.
I asked one after another about his familiar appearance. "What the hell is that? Where is it?"
"That's not what I can say here…"
Vinter, who looked at me with a perplexed face, shook his head. Then suddenly, he sprang up from his seat.
"Would you like to follow me for a moment?"
"Just give me the money and the pieces, and just tell me where it is. Time doesn't matter…" "I put the money and pieces in there."
I had nothing to say. I looked at him from afar and soon followed him slowly.
Come to think of it, I thought I'd be more relieved to be in a secret space anywhere than just sitting in the office.
It was about the time I was just approaching the back of Vinter who was at the wall first. My eyes suddenly lit up.
Hidden quest has been occurred!
You have been invited to the secret space of the wizard. Would you like to go in? (Reward: Something Unknown.)
[Accept / Reject]
'This crazy game…'
After all, I am moving to the hidden route of the game.
With the system window suddenly appearing, I felt hopelessly miserable.
After the previous fall in favorability of him, I, who said that I would not step into the secret space again, was now invited.
I soon looked at the purple favorability with mixed eyes, which I couldn't see the percentage of. Huong, kuong-.
The wall opened as soon as I pressed [Accept].
"…The mirror of truth is a relic made by wizards to seal the followers in the war against the ancient Leila."
As I walked through the wide passage in silence, Vinter suddenly opened his mouth. 'It was an explanation of the mirror of truth.'
For some reason, I listened to him as if I were listening to the tutorial of the game.
"The Leila, who had absorbed the lives of countless others, gradually lost their essence and turned into devilish monsters. At that point, we can't call them humans anymore."
"They lose their essence and lose their reason if they stay the way they are, and die in a rush. So the Leila looked for a host to stay in shape."
"…A host?"
When I asked him again, he nodded.
"Yes, but if you try to force a shell that doesn't fit, it's not perfect, it's a flaw that can never be considered human."
"…Is it not reflected in water or mirrors?"
Vinter paused and looked back at me with surprised eyes. "…How did you know?"
That's because I just went through that scary scene. I swallowed back the words and moved silently.
As I showed no signs of answering, he spoke quietly after a while.
"…As the war continued, the numbers of humans victimized by Leila's host increased dramatically. The ancient wizards, who could not see more of it, sealed the Leila, which they had sacrificed their lives as a last resort."
We finally reached the end of the corridor, Vinter kept speaking. "To lock in the closed place the nature of the bodiless Leila." "…"
"…That's the mirror of truth."
As before, a secret space was like a museum.
In the middle of it, a mirror of enormous size, almost touching the ceiling, stand before me. akireatom: I hope everyone who is reading this is safe and sound. Sending you guys lots of love
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