Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 202

With the mirror wand in my hand, the Crown Prince and I escaped the dreary temple, or tomb of the ancient Leila.
"Yala Bula Artino!"
We moved out of the dreary desert by reciting some crazy spells, and moved near the coast of the island's edge.
"How do we get out of here?"
Looking at the endless sea, I was overwhelmed.
I was so focused on coming that I wasn't prepared to get out of the whole time.
"Well, I wouldn't mind living here with you."
Unlike me who was worried, the Crown Prince spoke nonsense with a blank look. The smile disappeared from his playful face.
– So… Can we stay here instead of going back? What he said in Leila's grave came to my mind.
My heart became heavy. I know what he wants and I know what he's saying. "…Please, stop that nonsense."
Instead of losing my expression, I struggled with a sulky look. The Crown Prince tilted his head at my words.
"Why is it bullshit?"
"Look around. How can we live here when there's nothing here?"
"Don't worry. I won't let you starve to death. I'm pretty good at hunting. Do you like fish?" "No!"
I shouted at him, fed up with his words.
I heard the sound of him laughing and the wind blowing rang out.
At that moment, I was greatly relieved. I looked back at him, hiding my mixed feelings. "…You can go first, Your Highness."
"You know how to be summoned to the palace in case of emergency. Why don't you go there first and come pick me up."
It would only work on someone with the blood of the Imperial family, so I could not go with him. Recalling the Crown Prince who had disappeared alone before work, I made a first move.
The Crown Prince, who had a puzzled look on his face, answered with a 'what do you mean?'. "I can't go."
"I told you there's a powerful magic barrier here and I've never succeeded in infiltrating. Summoning spells can only be done by breaking through the barrier."
When I remembered that fact, I made a stupid noise for a moment.
My eyes began to shake violently at his words. "Then, are we really trapped here?"
"Well, that's what happened. Your good friend here can throw you a fish party." (NOTE: THIS HANDSOME MAN ALWAYS MAHE ME LOOH DUMBFOUNDED)
As if he was really going to live here, the Crown Prince sat down on the sandy beach. "You knew then…!"
Did he follow me without saying a word even though he knew that?
It was around this time that I was stuttering in amazement at his eccentricity. "Don't just stand there, sit down. My neck hurts."
The Crown Prince grabbed onto my dress and pulled me down.
As I was about to cry out about this extreme situation when he was sitting so carefree, but instead closed my mouth and sat down next to him.
Only because there was nothing urgent to say.
Whenever it happens, it'll all be over if Yvonne is defeated.
'Since the Crown Prince is gone, someone's going to come to pick him up.'
In the meantime, it was none of my business whether or not the Duke was alright. When the nervousness disappeared, peace came.
Shoo, shoo.- As I stared blankly beyond the shoreline listening to the sound of the waves, I suddenly opened my mouth.
"Your highness."
Callisto, who was also looking blankly beyond the sea, turned towards me at my words. "By any chance, do you know if the golden dragon's fangs are in the Imperial Palace?" "The fangs of the golden dragon?"
The Crown Prince furrowed his eyebrows at the random question. I was wondering whether I should ask or not.
However, it seemed wiser to directly ask the person who was from the palace, who was next to me, than to search for it in person.
Nodding his head, Callisto opened his mouth again. "Why? It's the emperor's treasure." "Emperor's…treasure?"
"Yes. You must have it with Jade Seal to prove that you are the emperor of the empire." Callisto answered coolly.
"Ah, is that so?"
"You know the story of the founding of the Empire. Oh, maybe you don't know because you're not actually from around here."
Whether he was teasing me or not, he continued in a vague tone.
"In the beginning of the Empire, there is a national legend that Golden Dragon, who took care of humans from evil, was buried under the Imperial Palace."
After all, it is called the "Golden Dragon Tomb". I had guessed so far, I nodded silently.
"The dragon gave his descendants his fangs before he went to sleep eternally. He became the first emperor, and that's what's been going on until now."
"I see."
"The fangs are hidden in the Imperial Palace which is always carried by the emperor because they contain magical forces. It's a top secret only the imperial family knows."
My eyes were wide open at the last part of his words. "Can you just tell me something like…that?"
"Why not? When you asked me that, didn't you intend to take fangs and change the Empire?" The Crown Prince asked back with a face full of laughter.
"It's not like that."
I answered with a frown.
"I think Leila is aiming for it somehow… Your Majesty might be in danger, so I asked you." To a plausible excuse, the Crown Prince answered in a low voice.
"Okay. Then I will kill the Emperor. You can kill Leila and take the fangs and become the empress." "Your highness, please!"
"When you become the new ruler, I think it's not a bad idea to write it down in the national records." "It's only possible if we get out of here!"
And I frowned at the man's rambling words. "That as well."
Callisto nodded with a serious face. 'I feel sick.'
Half-defeated, I turned away from him and looked at the beach. "…Is this enough?"
It was then. The moment he muttered a whisper. Brrr, brrr-.
Suddenly, a strong, familiar vibration sounded from somewhere.
Surprised, I looked back at the Crown Prince. Then he calmly took something out of his arms. It was a crystal ball with communication magic.
"Long time no see, Cedric Porter."
[Your highness! Where the hell did you go ahead of the sudden mission?]
The voice of the aide, who was almost screaming, rang out in fear that Callisto would cut off communication with him.
I stared blankly at the crystal ball with the Crown Prince, unable to read the words. 'I'm sure he said magic can't be used because of the barrier.'
But without a moment of thought, Cedric's resentment poured out.
[The rebel army is just around the corner, but the commander suddenly disappears, and all the soldiers are in confusion! The whole operation could have been ruined.]
"So, have you lost?"
The Crown Prince cut off his aide with a bored look and asked for the results.
Cedric had to grind his teeth and answered. […we won.]
"Good job, Cedric Porter. I trusted you."
[Please, Your Highness! I don't know when I'll die of a heart attack because of you. Have mercy on me…!]
"From now on, I give you full command. Now don't just think about relying on me, just do it yourself like in this battle. 'Cause I'm very busy."
The irresponsible remark went wild beyond the crystal ball.
However, it was hard to hear what Cedric was saying because the Crown Prince struck it far away. […The rebels have retreated to the border.]
Long after, Cedric reported the progress of the battle. I was relieved to hear that.
"I don't think there are only useless men in the Empire."
[But it's not safe yet. We're running out of army resources. We're losing to Delman's…] "Oh, you don't have to report every bit of useless stuff."
However, the Crown Prince, who had been silently listening to the report of the situation, abruptly cut off the words of Cedric.
A familiar word flashed across my ear at the last part.
But Callisto had no time to turn the subject around and think deeply.
"Call the magicians and tell them to use summoning magic. For your information, there are two of us. Me and the Princess."
[What did you say, Your Highness? Then again, because of the Princess…!] "Well then."
Ttuk. The sound of Cedric's shouting followed, but the Crown Prince coldly cut off the communication magic.
"I'm going back to the capital soon."
I asked with a puzzled look as I saw him get up.
"What happened? I heard you can't use magic because of the barrier."
"Since you broke the mirror, the island's barrier magic seems to be getting weaker." I was astonished at the answer he gave me.
"Then…have you been making fun of me so far?" "Did you barely notice?"
"Really, oh my god…!" You crazy bastard!
I was shaking with my fists clenched at his sly smile.
I wanted to hit him like I did before, but sadly, it wasn't enough to. 'Calm down, you're an intellectual unlike him.'
I was trying to brainwash myself and press down my anger. "Don't be so angry, Princess."
"We won't have time to be alone like this when we go back." I was about to answer him back.
At that moment, I looked up and slowly closed my mouth.
Callisto had a grotesque look on his face, which drew the corners of his mouth painfully.
"Like you dreamed of becoming an archeologist, please consider that I had a dream to spend a short time with you alone."
I had no choice but to realize once again.
The crazy words of the two of us living here, having a fish party, were no joke. "Let's go."
He reached out his hand to me.
I looked at his hand for a long time, and slowly reached out to hold it.
After a while, a golden magic circle began to be drawn around us, meaning the summoning magic was being carried out.
That's how my short trip with him ended.
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