Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 203

When the bright light occupies the eyes, and after a while, my eyes open.
Suddenly the sea disappeared all over the place, and we moved from Arkina to this place, and we stood right in the middle of the swamp where mangroves were everywhere.
I knew at best that I would return to Tratan, and I embarrassed and looked around.
Whether it was the same as not knowing eat to say, Callisto also glanced around with a grimace. It was then.
"Your highness-!"
About thirty knights, armed from afar, came up, cutting the vines with difficulty. Fortunately, an acquaintance stood in the lead.
"You are here, Your Highness. It's been a long time, Princess."
When the prince's aide arrived at us, he exhaled a rough breath and bowed lowly. Before answering, the Crown Prince asked fiercely.
"Where is this place?"
"It's a bog in the Bopulia forest near the border."
"Who asked you that? Why did you summon us here, Cedric Potter?" "Yes? Didn't you tell me to do the summoning magic?"
"You should have sent to the Duchy near the street. How do you fight in the war if you're so short-the- head?"
"Ha, butThe wizards that remain in the Imperial Palace are those under the control of His Majesty."
"You should have moved her somewhere safe, like in a town or something. What's this?" Callisto kicked the mud ground cursing imperial family with vulgar words.
I hated it and went away from him as far as I could. "Oh no, that's"
Cedric, who had just done what he said, was embarrassed.
It seemed to be like seeing myself in the early days in the Duchy. 'It was the worst thing I've ever been.'
As I glanced at his golden hair and thought so inside, Cedric ansered with a tearful face.
"Do you think the wizards who know how to summon long distances are under your control, Your Highness?"
"If we've been raided as soon as we got here, and the Princess would get hurt it all, will you take responsibility? Huh?"
Suddenly, the Crown Prince answered with the same question. 'What, why are you bringing me in all of a sudden?'
I looked back at him with astonishment. Cedric eyes wide open.
But not only that, but the Crown Prince threw the next bomb.
"Oh, since we're all here, I'll say hello. Be a guard for Crown Prince's future consort. Give your life to protect her."
I literally opened my mouth.
"What? Your Highnesssuddenly got married?"
"This isn't a dream, is it?"
"There is a lady who would accept our prince"
The knights who were behind Cedric lined up in instant. But then, one by one, they began to bow.
"Hello, Your Highness, Princess!"
"It's an honor to meet you, Your Royal Highness, Crown Princess! Hooray!" My view shook frantically at the crazy situation.
Unlike me, the Crown Prince looked gladly at his men and turned his head to me.
"Princess, these guys are the ones who have been on the battlefield with me for years. You'll see them more often from now on, so at least get used to their facesPrincess! Where are you going?"
I couldn't hear more of him, and I turned and walked around.
However, in a flash, the Crown Prince jumped and blocked the front, forcing me to stop again. "Why is your face so red?"
He suddenly reached out his hand to my face. I snapped the hand off and said.
"If you keep saying weird things again, let's pretend we didn't come along. I'm afraid I'm going on my own."
"What do you mean weird? For your safety's sake, I only gave a lesson to those who would be your subordinate in the future"
"Your mouth, shut up!"
I rushed to him and blocked his mouth with my hand.
Callisto's eyes, which had been slowing lowered down for a while, opened beautifully like half a month. "Oh, was it a secret relationship? I'm sorry."
"When I!"
"Don't be angry. I'll be careful about security from now on. Huh?" "What!"
Callisto slowly looked at me and lowered my hand which was covering his mouth. I was stunned and kept bursting out with anger.
'When did I say I'm dating you?!'
On the contrary, I just said that we can't be together when everything is over. "I'm sorry for bringing you here."
However, as he watched me angry and touched my hand carefully, I couldn't even ask when he did it. My heart was pounding.
Then I realized that they had a strange gaze on us.
"Hmm, hmm! Anyway, how do I get back to the capital now?"
I hurriedly pulled out the hand held by him and got away of him.
"Dear Princess, were you threatened by His Highness when you were alone?" In the meantime, Cedric approached me and cut off my words and asked. "Huh? What"
"If so, please give me a double cough. I somehow"
"Cedric Porter, stop talking nonsense and stay away from my fiancée."
Maybe he understood him like he was a ghost, but the Crown Prince muttered a dreary mumble and lifted his chin.
Sadly, Cedric stepped away from me, unable to speak a any word further. "First, report about the situation."
"We got an info yesterday morning that a massive supply of rebels was going to pass through here." "Shameless guys. As expected."
The Crown Prince nodded, looking around with a sharp eyes. I also looked around.
There were no one to hide in the wet swamp that stretched endlessly. It didn't fit as a place for combat.
'How do they cut off the supply lines?'
The question soon had be solved with Cedric's words.
"Only two wizards and elite soldiers who were able to execute the Delman movement magic were moving and hiding in a state of invisibility."
"And then."
"After a quick operation, I returned to the camp and tried to summon Your Highness and the Princess. But"
Cedric added with a nervous face.
"We haven't had supplies for two hours."
"Why didn't you go straight back to the camp?"
The Crown Prince asked back with a frown. Cedric replied in silence.
"While waiting for the march to be delayed, I was tired of restoring magic because of the large use of mana."
"Then you should have summoned us after you went back." "Wow, did you give me time for that?"
Cedric appealed with a very unfair look.
"If you don't summon me right now, I'll scoop up the sand and the sea there and give it to you for your stock throughout the wararen't you really threatened?"
However, Cedric's poor voice ended up with the fierce face of the Crown Prince's fierce eyes. I saw Cedric sniffle with a rather pitiful expression on his face.
It was me who urged Callisto to get out of the sunny Arkina Islands quickly. ''I wondered why he kept talking to him while he was far away'
He was threatening his aide while he was broken-hearted one.
It was time to stare at the Crown Prince with an amazing look, as I couldn't figure out if I really needed to thank him for letting me go out quickly.
"It's too open place."
The Crown Prince, who looked around the swampy area that is quiet except for us, spit out. "In two hours, it's very likely they've changed operations. Prepare to withdraw."
"Ha, butEstimated error time is around three hours. I heard from people who frequented
swampsYour Highness."
Cedric responded, but Callisto ignored him and turned to the knights.
Two young imperial palace wizards were panting, leaning against colorful wands. Hey, when can you use the moving magic again?"
The Crown Prince approached them without hesitation.
"Oh, it's not been long since the summoning magic was used, and there are quite a few people"
The darkened face of the Crown Prince was instantly blackened and the magicians hurriedly answered. "Ha, I think we just need to rest for one hour."
"What if there are fewer people? Is it possible right away?" "A couple of people standing by themself"
"Then the princess first"
"I'm fine!"
I predicted what would come out of Callisto's mouth, so first I hit him and shouted. "I can wait for about an hour. Right, Cedric?"
"Of course, Princess!"
Soon, Cedric's face, which had been white for a moment as if he were about to faint was visibly brightened.
Only the Crown Prince wobbled his eyebrows with a dissatisfied face. "What are you doing? Go back first. You have work to do."
"What do you mean, Your Highness? If I go first, the rest of us don't know when they to go back." I responded unabatedly to the ferocious words of the Crown Prince.
"We can go and bring another wizard."
I frowned at the sight of the magician brazenly speaking to his face as if it were any consumable. "Please, please! I'm so embarrassed to bother you anyway. Stop it."
"What is so embarrassing?"
"Your Highness keeps on doing that cheap stuff! Everyone looks at you as a strange one!" "Who dares."
How can a man be so brazen?
About thirty people were all staring at the Crown Prince with a strange eyes who was worried about me.
I recited irritably with a face of heavy loss.
"It's only about an hour. I'm getting help, so let's just stay and go together."
"Oh. You're already taking care of the people downstairs? You got the headache, I got it." ""
I decided to just ignore it. While staring at the distant mountain, the Crown Prince muttered with a softened face.
"I don't feel very good."
"Don't worry. I can take care my body." "If you have got hurt."
He paused for a while, then said again.
"It's because I think you're going to be so distressed." I was speechless at the remark.
I opened my mouth a little later.
"…… You said you'd have changed your plans, too. Nothing's going on, so just let it go"
Trying to answer back to me to stay still, I replied all of a sudden.
hwiiiing- The sound of the wind had changed. At the same time, I felt a little strange. It was the wind, and it was like an intangible movement…
"Haaaaah-!" pudeudeodeog-!
At the end of the swamp far away from, a flock of birds flew up from the forest. Siinkk-.
The knights pulled out the swords one by one, as if they had felt something unusual. "I can't feel any signs within a radius of 2 kilometers."
A knight reported with a nervous face.
As he said, there was nothing except us around the vast swamp. "You, can you use a defensive dagger?"
The Crown Princr asked one of the wizards next to him.
"Yes, yes! Ha, but it's hard to hold out for a long time. Mana"
"Do it now."
He seemed not to listen to the injustice, and he turned his back coolly and ordered another wizard to do so.
"You take the princess back to the camp immediately." "Your highness!"
I was taken aback by the words of the Crown Prince, who brought back the issue that had just been finished a while ago.
"I, I must, I must cast a transparent spell in combat"
"You don't have to, take her to a safe place right now." "I'm fine!"
"What are you doing? Take her quickly"
It was then. "Your highness!"
Someone urgently called Callisto.
"Oh, it's in the sky! In the sky… A herd of horses and monsters appeared in the sky!" The Crown Prince and I, reflexively raised our head up.
My mouth opened wide. A great number of new monsters was flocking like a swarm of bees, they were like a pterodactyl.
"Hiruk, Hiruluk-!"
Countless shadows came at a moment's instant and swept over the head. The new monsters set off a startling fire.
However, the flames did not reach us. It was thanks to the defensive barrier.
Turning to the back, I saw the young wizard, whom the Crown Prince had ordered, was shivering with a blurry face.
Whether it was true that monsters were not far away, the transparent barrier were swaying whenever the fire hits it.
But when they finally got through, the birds didn't fire any more, but they turned and flew high. "What"
Suddenly, in the open sky, everyone looked up with an unknown expression. Piedong-.
The rain suddenly began to pour down from the flock of birds that rose as high as a cloud of ink. sswaaaaa-.
A great number of raindrops. No, at the same time, the arrows that resemble the raindrops were coming down at us.
"It's Delman!" Someone shouted.
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