Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 204

When I was staring blankly at the sky, Callisto grabbed me and hugged me roughly. I couldn't see my surroundings because of him who completely wrapped me up. kwag,kwag-ag-!
Hundreds of arrows were flies on the defense barrier unfolded by the wizard. The air was in danger.
It seemed it kept the arrow attack from going through barriers, but it was an illusion. The unsettled barrier quickly broke up. One or two arrows flew through it.
sswaeaeg-! "Ugh!" chaeaeng-!
Most of them quickly struck with shields and swords, but some knights that were not avoided were hit by arrows.
The wizard, who cast Barrier magic, trembled by my side, fell with an arrow on his shoulder. The barrier was broken in an instant.
When the arrow attack stopped, a lull came. But I knew it was only a brief moment. Chang, Chaeng-!
The Crown Prince shouted again, hitting the flying arrows. "Princess, now! Run with this guy to the forest, come on!"
Callisto pushed me on the back after setting up another wizard sitting curled up next to him.
"You, take responsibility and move the princess to a safe place. The Crown Prince's fiancée is hanging on your hands. Do you understand?"
"Yes, Yes, Yes!"
The wizard shook his cone frantically.
"Your Highness! They are preparing for the second attack!" Cedric, who managed to be all right, shouted desperately. "Line up in circular order!"
"Yes! All soldiers, circular order around the His Highness!"
Indeed, the Crown Prince's elite troops moved without hesitation at the surprise attack. At a moment's notice, the knights gathered around the Crown Prince raised their shields. However, it was clear that this line would not last long.
There was no place to hide in the open swamp, which had no covers.
In addition, it was difficult to move fast because of the deep sinking of the foot.
Enemies that shooting arrows from above. It was a perfect trap for annihilation. "Go, you must go, Princess!"
"What are you doing? Come on!"
I did not move at all. Calisto screamed at me, who was hesitating over and over again. 'What about you, then?' The voice of mine came up to the throat.
The mirror wand, with which I wanted to help his army, gave me a hint that I could use magic, but it didn't show any sign.
I recited a few terrible magic spells I remembered in a quiet voice, but there were no signs of a reaction.
'Oh, this crazy system, the monsters have appeared. Why can't I use magic!' I was restless and just retreating as the Crown Prince left.
It was then.
"Your Highness! They suddenly stopped shooting!" "The horde is divided into two!"
With a series of reports from the knights, the scream of the new monsters resounded. I didn't know what was going on because my view was blinded.
When I suddenly felt that the wind was coming with a hot heat, it was after the situation was over. "It's fire! Avoid it!"
It was no time that a few monsters flew at a tremendous speed, spewing fire, caused the formation to be cramped like an iron fortress to be disrupted.
The surroundings were pierced as if an explosion had occurred. "kkiluuuug-!"
Through the perforated lines, another group of monsters flew at full speed, spouting fire. "Ahhhh-!"
The Imperial Palace wizard who was standing next to me was caught by the claws of the approaching monster and disappeared in an instant.
"Fuck it! Heep your head down, Princess!"
pulsseog- The heavy thing fell over my head, and my body bent down even if I didn't want to. It was the cloak of the Crown Prince.
"Your Highness!"
I was surprised and called him. But the worry was a long lasted. "Ugh!"
Callisto, who managed to avoid the monster that came up with its claws, cut its wings and climbed on it, and killed the enemy on board.
Looking around, fortunately, his men were also fighting and killing their enemies.
Chang,chang! The sound of iron clashing against each other and the screams of people echoed one after another.
I was the only one standing far away in the middle of a bloody swamp.
I felt a sense of discomfort when I looked at the Crown Prince, who once again cut off the enemy from the attacking.
'But why did they stop shooting?'
The tactics that could be easily destroyed by shooting an arrow in the sky have been changed to a messy land battle.
In addition, another group of divided enemy troops was still waiting in the air. 'Is it a time-lapse attack? I think we can fight if we kill the monsters…'
Looking at the knights gathered almost unilaterally, all of them in disarray, I murmured "Thunder Bloom" again in a small voice.
It was useless.
It was as soon as I cursed at the unresponsive mirror wand. "Princess!"
The Crown Prince, who had killed the monster and put a sword into the fallen enemy, opened his eyes. Avoid.
The sight of him running to me in a hurry with a sword next to him slowly moved.
When I unwittingly turned my head along with his look, it was the monster's claws that were coming at a tremendous speed.
I reflexively held the mirror wand with both hands and blocked the front.
But the claws of the monster, which were just around the corner, turned in front of me as if I were not the target.
And the arm popped out behind the head of the monster. hwiig-.
I was caught in the arm like a bird and soared above the monster. Surprised, my body was held tightly in the firm arms of another person. "Found you."
The low, dreary whisper sounded to my side.
It was a familiar voice. I slowly raised my head.
The man who caught me was a man I never expected to be here. "E……Eclise?"
Inorganic eyes captured me. "You, why"
He should be at the dukedom. Why was he here?
A piece of memory flashed through my mind as I tried to restore my memory reflexively.
-Go to the north. Go get in touch with the rebels. You kill the Crown Prince, and you will be the new ruler of the empire.
Eclise was finally brainwashed by Yvonne when we last met. When he heard it, he became a rebel.
I wondered why I kept recalling the sound of 'Delman', but when I saw him looking down at me, my stomach was boiling with amazement.
"You're crazy."
"Let me go. Let go of me!"
I was struggling to loosen my body. But he didn't budge.
"It's dangerous to provoke the monster if you're struggling." Then he pulled the reins, holding me in his arms.
huog-! A low-flying monster swerved up.
I closed my eyes for a while because of the strong wind, and soon I punched him in the chest and shouted.
"Are you crazy? Not enough to stab me in the back, now you're driving me to hell?"
No way. In normal mode, he was lured by Yvonne and accused Penelope's misdeeds, but he did not even be the head of the rebels.
No matter how brainwashed he was, wasn't this too much?
"You couldn't give up on Yvonne, and now you're going to be Leila's followers?" As soon as I burst into anger, the retort came back, chewing like a piece of shit. "I went crazy because of you."
"Don't make excuses that it was my fault. Am not I the only one who has to make excuses for?" "Then why did I tame these disgusting monster cubs by feeding them with the blood?"
Eclise, who was looking at the front and driving the devil, was suddenly looking down at me. I couldn't see it because I was covered by the fire shadow of a monster.
His bloody eyes were half-soaked in madness.
"You disappeared in the morning without saying anything. To find you who left me and abandoned me…"
"I gathered soldiers and stayed up all night for a few days, and I scouring the empire like a ratBut
you were in the north."
The sound of his clenched teeth came out of his jaw.
"I wonder if you're going to be sad, leaving me alone who wasn't even thinking about killing that bastard, at best"
I was suffocated by the unusual mood of Eclise.
I couldn't say anything when I looked at his bloodshot eyes as if they were bleeding. It was then.
Another monster came out and approached the side of the monster that was driven by Eclise.
"The power of that guys was stronger than I thought! If we do this, we may lose all the monsters"
"I found the target. We're getting out of here." "Yes? But, the operation is"
He didn't answer back anymore and pulled the reins. 'Prince?'
I was just puzzled by the unfamiliar call to Eclise.
'What the hell that happened while I escaped the Dukedom?' But at that thought of me for a moment.
The voice that called for me sounded in my mind.
As I glanced down, the Crown Prince was running frantically under the monster on which I was riding, performing a sword attack.
"Your Highness!"
Soon, however, another enemy attacked him. Meanwhile, Eclise's monster flew up into the sky. "Let me go!"
In the distance from the ground, I rebelled vigorously. "Let me go, you son of a bitch!"
"Stay still. Master."
Eclise whispered by pulling my waist straight toward him.
"If you don't go quiet, I'm going to kill that bastard right here. You know why I stopped shooting."