Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 210

After checking out the small figure that popped out of nowhere, Vinter stopped breathing.
He hurriedly pulled aside the end of his cane, which was hung by an exponentially larger mass of light. kwaaang-!
The attack magic, which missed Yvonne's side by a narrow gap, hit the wall and caused a huge roar and vibration.
However, thanks to the reinforced magic hanging on several layers of the building, the walls was not pierced.
The magic swept through the office was quickly devastated.
Between the smoke, a woman and a young child wearing a lion mask were revealed. "I said I must have squeezed it."
Yvonne burst into laughter. Vinter's face frowned painfully. "Raon!"
He was a child who was especially precious because he was clever.
But the eyes of Raon, visible through the gap in the lion's mask had disappeared with a cloud of darkness.
"When the hell did you get Raon!"
"Originally, that day, you, who followed Raon as a bait, was reborn as my true powerIt was supposed
to be, but you thought you had the bait, right?" She smiled, revealing her vanity.
No wonder it was easier to control the brain of a young wizard than an adult wizard. Planting a small seed of misfortune was enough for a short time.
"Oh, come to think of it, he was also involved in because of Penelope."
However, it was useless now that all the plans she had made in the first place were wrong. She thought she threw it away, but she was lucky.
With a mean smile, Yvonne pointed his finger at Vinter. "Raon, go get my item that your master has hidden." "Raon! Wake up!"
Vinter shook his head, staring desperately at the lion's mask, and hurriedly shouted the faint spell. "S para!"
"You'd better not to do it, sweet Vinter Verdandi."
But the words that stopped him before he could finish his spell came back.
"I searched Raon's head, and so I went first to the safe house where the children and Emily were taken away."
"How, you"
Vinter stared at Yvonne with shaking eyes.
In a short moment, countless anguish raged.
He never thought she would put her hand on Raon.
He had examined Raon several times since he came back from Soleil, but there's no sign of brainwashing.
"Give up quickly." ""
"Just give me a piece of mirror and I won't touch the children, Marquis. I don't want to hurt them either."
A piece or a child's life. It was easy to answer.
The cane, which was clenching toward Yvonne, slowly went down. At that moment, Yvonne murmured.
"Dach T-Mum."
Then black and transparent haze rose from the floor. "Ugh!"
Without a moment to spare, Vinter bound by it hit his knees on the floor with a dull 'bump' noise. "Don't move. I'm afraid it'll hurt too much to see your limbs amputated."
Yvonne, who whispered in a refreshing voice, hummed her threats sitting on the relatively fine sofa. Raon easily found the secret door hidden in the wall and opened it.
The owner of the space was resigned, so nothing prevented the child from walking without hesitation. Soon after, Raon came out of the wall with a flower that had been uprooted.
"That's awful."
Yvonne, who was handed it over, grabbed the tip of the flower and shook it with a short appreciation.
The root of the plucked purple rose was entangled in the strand of ground, as if trying to hide the mirror piece it had received from Penelope.
While lying face down on the floor, Vinter clenched his teeth as he looked up at the Yvonne "Give this piece of rose to me. It's human thing anyway."
Yvonne, who clicked her tongue as if it were not funny, tore the piece off without hesitation. Wooddeuk-
The rose flower with its spoiled roots withered as it quickly dropped its petals. Yvonne threw it in front of Vinter like a trash.
Then, with her thumb and index finger in her mouth, she whistled hard. Soon after, a giant monster came to the ground, breaking the window. "kkirururuk-!"
"Raon, you're riding that monster to the safe house." Pointing at the rough-winged demon, Yvonne commanded. Vinter opened his eyes.
"Promise, your promise was different!" "Promise? Haha, you expect a lot from Leila."
"Shit! Raon! Stop! Ughh!" He was fooled.
As he looked at Raon, who was riding on the crest of an ancient tomb, he shouted desperately. However, he had no choice but to groan at the intense pain that shot through his joints. "Raon, please,"
The monster carrying the child flew over the window without delay. Despair and frustration slowly cast over his face.
"Whyare you doing this! You have got the pieces over as you wanted!"
Vinter shouted wistfully with a distorted face.
She sat on the sofa and touch a piece of mirror, and raised herself. "Just, it's funny."
She crouched down, raised his chin with her fingers and made eye contact. "A good face wrapped with guilt."
"you, crazy."
Yvonne easily nodded at the words that Vinter spat out with a quiver. She was survived alone in a brutal fratricidal war.
Also, she held her breath long enough to die then.
And finally returned to the past just before completing the revenge. How can I not go crazy?
"It was fun to see you slaughter the remaining wizards with your hands while you're not in the right mind."
"I think it would be quite fun to watch your face go crazy, watching helplessly the world that you've been trying to protect with your life is coming to an end."
"You'll regret it."
Vinter glared at her with a gruesome look and spat out. It was a strange image that had not been seen in the past.
Suddenly, she had a feeling that she could not even know something. She wondered if all of this was really for the same kind of revenge. Or hatred towards humans who no longer love her.
"Watch carefully how your beloved Penelope is dying in my hands, dear Marquis." ""
"Then, bye."
When she got up from her seat, shaking off his chin, taking a piece of his hand. "Fire Pisson."
Out of nowhere Vinter shouted the spell.
Wharreuk- A small flame was set on the withered stem of petals, which had been carelessly scattered among them.
The moment Yvonne stared down at it blankly. kwaaaang-!
An explosion occurred. At the same time, Yvonne's little body bounced back like a throw. Currrrrrr-.
The building collapsed in a flash.
The place of the burning flames and ashes was so ruined that the original shape could not be found. But despite this huge explosion, the surroundings were still.
It's as if there's no explosion, no binge like no one is seen or heard.
For a while there was silence everywhere except for the sound of fireworks.
But not long after, 'the rubble of the collapsed building moved with the rattling noise, and Quang-! Some of the accumulated rubble flew rough to the other side.
"Hah, ugh"
Crawling through a hollow hole, it was a woman with a terrible skeleton, one side of her face melted down.
"Damn it, Vinter Verdandi–!"
Yvonne, who walked out scurrying, screamed and stammered.
Not only her skin but also her flesh that had been exposed to the bones were burning black. It was a horrible skeleton that humans could never survive.
Turning his eyes from her messed-up body, Yvonne flashed his eyes and scanned the surroundings.
It was taking a long time to revive the strength that had been reserved, to the point that it was shameful to eat two servants.
It's not cool to tear them to death right away, but she had to eat up at least the munchies. "Hah, Haha!"
But no sign of the seeker was seen, and the eyes of the stern man were met. Her face is half-baked. It was a wizard employed by the Duke.
"Ha! You an old fox, you've got a good rat well attached."
She didn't expect another trace to be attached because she easily let the horseman go.
The wizard, who seemed to have been hiding outside the building waiting for her, trembled with fear. Maybe it was natural.
Not only did the building where she entered collapse all of a sudden, but she survived in a massive explosion that was not visible to the public, but she was still alive to him.
"Come here, Wizard."
A woman with a terrible skeleton slowly walked out of the building. Half of her lovely pink hair were burn with the fire.
"Huh, ugh!"
The wizard shook his head and backed away.
But in reality, he couldn't even budge. Yvonne turned on brainwashing power to regenerate her body. "My, my God"
Human beings have been always looking for God before death. Yvonne found it so funny.
There was no God in an empire where a fucking dragon was based. "From now on, I am your God."
In the eyes of the man, who was smeared with swea, the dark red lips was drawn the ominous smile.
* * *
It was almost midnight when she arrived at the Dukedom.
Fortunately, all the lights were turned off, as if the empty carriage was pulled around the capital and then turned back on time.
Arriving quite far from the gate, she slowly walked her steps and went toward the front door. She was just passing the garden.
"You're late."
There was a unexpected person in the front. "Who, who"
Embarrassed, Yvonne paused and asked, frightened.
The person standing in the shade in front of the front door walked slowly out. His face was revealed in the moonlight.
"Du, Duke?"
Yvonne was startled and called the Duke of Eckart. Suddenly, he lifted up his hand.
Feeling like a signal not to come any closer, Yvonne tilted her head with her eyes wide open. But it was an illusion.
In the garden, as soon as the Duke raised his hand, black shadows slowly began to show themselves and approach.
One or two lights were starting to light up.
All the knights wrapped around Yvonne had their swords pulled out. "This, thiswhat is going on?"
Yvonne, who looked around, looked back at the Duke with a frightened face and asked.
Not only the Duke but also Derrick and Renold stood next to him, staring at her with cold eyes. Her eyes shook faintly.