Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 211

"I want to ask you a few questions, Yvonne. I'd like you to answer carefully." "Yeah? Uh, what?"
Despite her tired complexion, the duke did not let go of her staring with cold eyes. "Where have you been so far?"
"I fell asleep in the woods while taking a short walk after I came back from the outdoors. So I'm on my way back in a hurry."
"So you've been in the mansion the whole time?" "Yes, yes, of course."
"You're lying."
The duke made her feel a chill.
"I have confirmed with my own eyes that the empty carriage has returned." "That, that"
At the Duke's point, Yvonne looked visibly awkward. She soon gave a hard response.
"In factthis carriage left me behind first. That's why I managed to get another carriage and come
back to the back door, Duke."
"The horseman who came back was rambling like a madman. Like he's under the spell of psychic magic."
In Yvonne's excuse, the duke said something out of the blue.
The wizard hired by the Duke shook his head with a look of dismay, saying there was no way to fix the horseman.
'A foxy old man. Wizard, hired by him and who checked me.' Yvonne clenched her hidden fists behind her.
"Well, I don't know! I'm telling you the truth."
"If you're telling the truth, why didn't you tell me right away?" "What I didn't tell you immediately,"
Yvonne looked back at the people who had been driven to her with wet eyes.
"I thought the Duke might have sent me backso if I pretended not to know, I could stay here
She finally dropped her head in silence.
The slender tears began to drip down on the chin.
Someone who looked worse than the pathetic figure tried to dissuade him.
"Father, it's late at night. She is back in good shape. That's enough. You can scold her tomorrow." It was Derrick, who couldn't sleep for a few days and had bloodshot eyes.
Deep tiredness came to his face as he thought the Duke had summoned him and assembled knights to find the missing Yvonne.
"Today, why did you go to the top street?"
But the duke remained unshakable. Yvonne replied with a look of dejection. "The, the top street? I don't even know where it is".
"Becky, who was your maid before Penelope's coming-of-age ceremony, testified that she had been asking others about the location of the top street."
"Father! It's not finished yet!"
"Shut up, Derrick!"
The Duke, who glared at Derrick, turned to Yvonne again and continued his words. "When the head maid asked why she said it was to buy the goods you ordered." While Yvonne was out, the Duke hurriedly called in the maid for questioning.
The head maid had been excluded from the investigation earlier due to the focus of attention on the dead maid and her loyalty to the Duke.
When her testimony was added, the case was reorganized.
Penelope, whose eyes were on Yvonne, was envious of her, so she ordered poison from her dead maid and made a self-made play.
But no matter how much he thought about it, it didn't make sense as Verdandi said. Why did she leave the maid in charge and ordered the poison by serving Yvonne?
Besides, why did the maid suddenly commit suicide during questioning, and why Emily disappeared as soon as Penelope ran away?
"You were the one who told the maid to prepare a gold cup in advance because you could attend the ceremony. What's going on here?"
The duke had a considerable amount of doubt in his eyes.
The first time they heard about it, the faces of Renald and Derrick were filled with surprise. "Is the father's word true, Yvonne?"
Derrick paused to look back at Yvonne and ask. "What?"
Renald, who mumbled at Duke's words with a frown on his face, muttered out of the blue.
"Then Penelope didn't do it herself, but she did it to poison herselfOh, no, she got the antidote with
He recalled the things he had investigated at the time.
Then he got a splitting headache, and he said, "Oh, fuck!" and slapped his head with his fist. The view has become clearer to see if it works.
"Fatherisn't it that she was trying to do a self-play, but the glass had changed, or that she pretended
to be a fool?"
He asked, looking up at his father, who had never let go of his stiff expression. "Really?"
There was no return answer. "Wow! That, that,"
Finally awakened, Renald couldn't speak with his mouth wide open.
When Penelope collapsed, Yvonne asked Penelope how she was, even though she cried with a blank face, as if she really didn't know what to say.
She looks so innocent.
So he felt uncomfortable inside when he went thereafter, and Reynold said, "Isn't Yvonne also a suspect?"
But all that was just acting. "Don't jump to conclusions."
Derrick, who gave Reynold a punch at him, who was dumbfounded and mute like a fish, following the Duke.
"Yvonne, you answer. Is what my father said really true?" "Idon't know! I'm telling you!"
Yvonne shook her head and denied it desperately.
"Why would I go there when I don't even know where the top street is, Duke"
Tears filled blue eyes dripping down her cheeks. Without hiding her injustice, Yvonne cried bitterly. "Butler."
Then duke called the butler.
Now that she's back, the wizard who watched her should come back, too. "Duke, listen for a moment"
The butler, who was waiting at the back watching the situation, hurriedly approached and delivered the news in a small voice.
The duke's face hardened.
The wizard, who had been reporting the situation every half hour, lost contact with Yvonne after reporting that Yvonne had been at the top of the street.
The Duke's eyes were dimly calm when he heard that the wizard's life signal had been cut off a little while ago.
"Last question." "Huh, ah"
Yvonne looked up at the duke with a frightened face, moving her shoulders up and down. A lovely pink hair resembling a dead wife, a clear sign symbolizing Eckart.
It's obvious that she's a hopelessly lost daughter, but……..
"Why can't your face be seen in the water?"
The Duke asked a question with trembling corners of his mouth.
When he was in the position of Duke, he often had to encounter classified information that he accidentally hides in the palace.
Whether it was an unknown ancient document or a quaint spirit that appeared only in a tale…
"Father, what do you mean?"
In a rather absurd question in a serious situation, Derrick narrowed his eyes as if he had no idea. The same with Renald.
"Suddenly, what else is not reflected in the water? She's not a ghost"
"Answer me, Yvonne!"
Ignoring the questions of his sons, the Duke yelled at Yvonne.
He wanted her to say that he was mistaken and that she would try to show her face in the water even now.
However, Yvonne, only cried with her head down. "Hugh, hugh, hugh."
Breaking the still silence, only her wistful sobbing rang out. And from some point on.
"Hah, hah, hah."
That the sobbing of Yvonne began to change into a laughing sound. "Hahaha, hahaha, hahaha!"
"HaI got caught."
Yvonne, who had her head down, raised her head lightly.
At that moment, all the people in the front yard of the mansion were stiffened. Her face, exposed to tears, was smiling broadly. Like a hell of a laugh.
"Why didn't you just pretend you didn't know, Duke?" "You"
"Then those petty lives could have been able to live a little longer." Reynold was furious and shouted angrily at her hysterical laugh. "What is that craziness? Hey, what are you talking about?"
"De Ommenom Harech." It was the moment.
Suddenly, she reached out her hand to the ground muttering an unknown word. A bewildered reaction.
The ground suddenly began to vibrate.
The feeble vibrations, which were felt underfoot, became stronger and stronger, and a number of people were reeling one by one.
Surprised knights surrounded and were on alert. It was then.
Something popped out of the ground in the garden.
It was a giant monster that popped out among the clouded dust.
The upper body was made of warts and the lower body was made of earthworms. "keeeeeek-."
Saliva dripped from the mouth of the wart who found its prey. "Butler, I'm not sober enoughThat's not monster, is it?"
In the face of Renald's denial of reality, someone's screams immediately came.
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Monster! Avoid!" But one monster was not the last one.
Hong, Huang! kwang-!
Starting with the first hit, the garden exploded everywhere.
One also popped out of the flower lawn near the greenhouse of the mansion where the three rich men were located.
"What is that bitch, Father?"
Renald hurriedly pulled out the sword and shouted in astonishment.
He could see Yvonne smiling among the many monster creatures that appeared.
They were her seeds planted as soon as she came to the Duke, where she went for a walk. "keeeeek-!"
With a frantic wriggling of the earthworm's lower body, the monsters began to hunt. "All troops! Stop the monster and arrest Yvonne, no, that child!"
The Duke, who was enchanted by the images of the monsters occupying the mansion in a flash, belatedly came to his senses and gave orders.
It was after Renald had already jumped out.
"The butler, send a message to the Imperial Palace right now! People in the mansion get out of here, too…!"
A giant shadow suddenly hit the head of the duke, who was hurrying to add an evacuation order to the butler.
When he escaped by a hair's breadth.
Chaengggg-! Renald cut out the front foot of a wart that was falling down. "Fuck! Brother, what are you doing! Wake up and cover our father!"
Renald shouted violently at Derrick, who only stood still in that dangerous moment. "Brother-!"
At the same time as Renald's voice, someone's voice echoed in Derek's ears.
-Brother, can we go to the festival?
In his mind. It was Derick's little sister who covered her eyes and ears.
-I missed you, brother.
His little sister, holding his hand tightly, laughed beautifully, saying, "I'm so excited." "Yvonne."
Derrick stretched out his hand and went forward. He couldn't hear of Renald's shouting.
Yvonne, who was swept away by a new parade crowd, was getting farther away. A younger sister crying at herself.
"No, Yvonne. I'm coming now. Just wait for me!"
Suddenly, someone's soft skin touched the stretched hand. "Brother."
Derrick opened his eyes. Before he knew it, a very large Yvonne held him tight. "Please be my hostage until the hunt is over."
Yvonne smiled with a pretty face.
Derrick, who was already in front of her, slowly looked around. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Help!"
Chaeng, chae-e-e-! The silent duke was in complete chaos. "This, what"
A monster wielding his sickle-like front paws and crawling fast. Renald shrieks and flies through the dead knights.
And. "Father."
Derrick's eyes were wide open.
A monster had closely followed behind the Duke, who moved under the aid of the butler. He immediately pulled out his sword and tried to run toward it.
But his body didn't budge.
Looking down, it looked like a black haze and his whole body was tied up. "Ugh! Goddamn it, what the hell!"
For a moment, Derrick stopped breathing at the sight of the monster hitting the Duke. "Father!"
It was the moment when the front foot of the mantis cut through the air and was about to hit the Duke down.
"Dekina Levatium–!" kwaaaang-!
From somewhere a huge mass of light shot out and attacked the monster. Tl.our penny!!!