Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 212

* * *
"Do you have to go there?"
The Crown Prince asked the same question for the third time with a doubtful face.
Late at night, we arrived at the north gate of the capital, accompanied by a wizard and six guards, and were on our way to the Duchy in a carriage.
This was because the palace wizard, who used the magic of long-distance travel, was exhausted. I gave a sour reply, glancing sideways at his deeply frowned face.
"I told you that I was going to kill her."
"I mean, do you have to go right now as soon as you arrive? You could go when the day is bright." "It's all right now."
"You fell down without a sound, but that's all right?"
As he was about to yell, he soon sighed and closed his mouth.
The Crown Prince didn't seem to like my plan to go straight to the Dukedom and kill Yvonne.
From the moment I lost consciousness because of the magic against Eclise and the monsters in the swamp, Callisto treated me like a feather that would fly away when someone blew hard.
So much so that when I opened my eyes again in the camp of the Imperial Army, Cedric gave the wizard a look of disgust.
'It's not that bad'
I felt embarrassed and itchy.
I secretly asked pulling his elbow.
"Don't you think you should go back to the north as soon as possible? We're still at war." "Is war is the problem so far? Who's going to take care of you if you fall down again?" There was no one in the Eckart who cared about me even if I was dead.
'That's true, but'
However, I thought Yvonne didn't go around much because I just started normal mode and she lost two of the required characters for brainwashing.
So now was the proper time to hit.
I suddenly remembered things that were about to pass out.
– However, [Ancient Magic] requires a lot of stamina and mental strength! Use it carefully at important times!
The system's warning was not an exaggeration.
Immediately after using the magic, I lost all my strength and felt dizzy.
The crown prince deserved to make a fuss after me sleeping as if I were dead for three days. 'I can't pass out every time I use magic.'
It's hard to know how many attacks will be needed to kill that bitch. I put my hand in my pocket.
With the sound of 'jump' the feel of the cold glass bottle touched my fingertips. There were a total of five health-enhancing potions from the palace wizard. 'Win enough time to finish before using it up.'
I ran into Yvonne before I ran away, and I felt dizzy after I fell out of an ancient magic circle. However, I should not let my guard down.
I didn't have the slightest idea that this crazy game would make it so easy to get rid of the final boss. It was then. I could feel the carriage slowing down and stopping.
"Your Highness, Princess, the carriage has reached the front of the Duke of Eckart." "Really? Tell the Duke that the Imperial Crown Prince is here."
The outer carriage could only pass through the gate with the permission of the mansion owner.
"It's the golden sign of a return of his daughter, who beat his own real daughter and left the house. Isn't it?"
The Crown Prince, who gave the orders arrogantly, looked back at me and winked at me. The Crown Prince seemed to mean that he was proud of my presence.
I waited for the gate to open, ignoring it.
"Your Highness, I think you should come out for a moment."
Instead of the sound of the heavy iron gate opening, the guard's voice was heard. "What is it."
The Crown Prince stormed out of the seat with an unpleasant look on his face. "Are you going to say that the Duke can't open the gate?
"That, that"
I saw the dukedom's familiar gates through the open door of the carriage. But there was something strange about it.
The identity of the sense of incompatibility was immediately known by Calisto's murmur standing near the carriage.
"There are no gatekeepers."
"I checked and found the gate is open, Your Highness."
The Duchy, whose gatekeepers were guarding the gate all four seasons, disappeared, seemed very calm to me.
In the unusual atmosphere of the mansion, I wondered if I would say, "Let's go to the mansion". It was the moment.
The ground vibrated faintly. "What"
The Crown Prince and his guards quickly drew their swords. keeeeeek……
At the same time, a grotesque scream rang out from the distance. "It's the sound of a monster, Your Highness."
I recognized its identity straight away.
Callisto shouted as he climbed back into the carriage with a stiff face.
"Damn it! Sit down, princess. Drive the carriage! We're going to the Imperial Palace!" I looked back at him with a puzzled look at the sudden order.
"What are you talking about? Yvonne revealed her identity. We have to go to the mansion!" "Not now. There are more than one or two of them that I can feel."
"Then I'll go alone. You may go to the Imperial Palace." "Where are you going with that body!"
Callisto caught me in a hurry to get off before the carriage moved. "How many times should I tell you? I'm all right now, Your Highness."
"What's the point if you're okay now? You're going to go use that fucking magic again. Come on. Don't leave the carriage!"
The crown prince shouted harshly outside as if I had heard the uproar in the carriage. Only then did the carriage move slowly.
I still glanced quietly, looking up at Calisto, who clasped my shoulder tightly. "Your Highness, you said you'd let me do whatever I wanted."
"That's also when you're in good shape." He responded with a desperate look.
"And the Duke made you look like a mess." ""
"They're practically digging their own graves. Never mind whether they're going to die or not. They don't even deserve you to feel guilty."
Honestly, I didn't have anything to say because he was right.
But the Eckart's death of humans and the elimination of Leila were very different. "If I fall down again, you can save me."
"That makes sense, what!"
"I'm scared, too, Your Highness."
I felt myself moving away from the Duchy and carefully told my mind.
It's not enough to see the huge and extraordinary monsters, so I had to kill the final boss, which I avoided, who dealt with them.
However, it was unavoidable.
After watching the end of the game, I left to go back to the original world, and everyone was dead at the hands of Yvonne.
I slowly stretched out my hand to the Crown Prince's cheek, who was looking down at me with a distorted face.
"I was so scared thatI just quit and ran away, and you came after me to catch me."
While I was unconscious, I had a dream.
A long time ago, I dreamed of listening to him in a cave in a hunting contest.
I didn't really think he meant what he said when he said he wanted to be a perfect emperor to destroy the empire.
As I dreamed of being archaeology, perhaps he has dreamed of becoming an ideal emperor and ruling the country.
Maybe it's my greed.
But his smile growing up in the illustration was so brilliant.
"Because you said you'd be on my sideI know you'd protect me when I'm in danger."
In a safe world, I want him to live as a flawless emperor.
"That's why I'm being brave. It wasn't that I was going to save the Duke and his people, but"
Callisto looked down at me in silence with an expressionless face. After a long time, he leaned his head against my cheek.
Then he closed his eyes and whispered quietly.
"Every time you close your eyes, I'm afraid you won't be able to open your eyes again." ""
"I knew you're just running out of energy, but l was counting your breath and checking your mouth dozens of times without you knowing."
"Because I can see you lying down bleeding all the time." "Ah"
I couldn't understand what he was talking about, but I breathed in a small gasp. Because I realized why he was so sensitive about me falling down.
Callisto was talking about a time when I was drinking poison myself and lying down.
When I looked up again, I could see his face desperately pressing down his fear on his expressionless face.
I felt strange.
"This timeI'll use it carefully."
Pressed down on the roaring stomach, I soothed him with words I could not guarantee. Only then did Calisto untie his stiff face and burst into a grin.
"How can you use it carefully when you can't control it?"
"Even if I use it hard, I won't fall down. You know the potion that the wizard gave me." I answered back, pouting my lips.
Then he clicked his tongue and lamented.
"Tsk, it's already been so long since I've stepped back." And he ordered again.
"Turn back the carriage."
A carriage that changed its destination and reached the Duchy soon sped through the gate to the mansion.
"keeeeek!" "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" chaeng, chaeaeng-!
The front yard of the mansion upon arrival was in a shambles at the short distance. "Crazy! Ugh!"
I was disgusted at the sight of a wart with a wriggling worm on the part where the legs were supposed
to be.
'I hate mollusks!'
After getting off the carriage, the Crown Prince quickly shouted to the guards. "Three escort the carriage, and the rest follow me!"
He turned to me in a hurry.
"Princess, don't use magic yet, just stay in the carriage. There's the Eckart Hnights, so I'll try to use force to deal with the monster. Okay?!"
But I was looking for Yvonne and his advice didn't reach my ears. 'Where is she?'
Around the time I'm skimming through a garden full of blood and flesh, which was like a battlefield. "Duke!"
The familiar title suddenly caught my eye.
On one side of the garden, the duke and the butler were being chased by a monster. 'So I told you to be careful, why don't you listen'
Hnowing that there was also the influence of brainwashing, the Duke who made this division was savage.
He's not even a biological father anyway like the Crown Prince said. Was it necessary to save him?
-No worries.
-But, if you want, I will let you leave the Eckart.
But at that moment, the Duke's warm voice flashed through my ears.
-Would you rather prefer to come in alone than enter with an old man?
-Baby, it's all your father's fault. Don't cry. Huh?
I clenched my teeth with difficulty in closing my ears.
It was then. The running butler tripped over a stone and fell. "Pennel!"
The running Duke came back and helped him. "keeeeek-!"
However, he gave up his neck to the pursuer who was closely chasing him.
The moment when the drooling wart's rake fell over their heads like a sickle over a dead body. White letters appeared on the top of the mirror wand that I was holding and hovered around. At its writing spell, I shouted without hesitation.
"Dekina Levatium–!"
It was when I felt like I was burnt under my neck. kukwaaaaang!
With a roaring sound, from somewhere a huge mass of light poured out and began to leap like a rubber ball.
This magic had the advantage of sweeping away large numbers of monsters in a short time, not killing the other party.
But the downside was that things didn't belong to the "other party."
kong, kong!kuuuung-!
A frantic mass of light quickly killed several warts. Without a doubt, there were huge holes in the mansion.
The remains of monsters that were torn to shreds by the light, and the surroundings that were literally devastated.
I could see the duke, butler Pennel, and everyone in the front yard looking back at me with tearful eyes. "Huh, huh"
At the point of heavy breathing.
Tududuk- Something dripped out of my nose. "Oh, I said don't use it. You really don't listen!"
I raised my head at the suppressed voice, and I saw the Crown Prince was running to me.