Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 214

The stabbed Yvonne staggered.
Her eyes, facing Derrick, were wide, as if it was incredible. "Br……… Brother, Why"
Yvonne bit her lips. It was a voice as small as dust that would soon fade away.
It was her who was stabbed, and at that moment she felt a sharp pain as if she had been stabbed. Derrick looked with trembling eyes at the sword which he had stabbed with his own hands.
He was stabbing his little sister with his own hand. All of a sudden, nausea rose to his throat. "you, you are not my sister."
He gritted his teeth and shook off the idea of encroaching with his chin. "Who the hell are you?"
"I'm Yvonne, brother. The sister you lost on the day of the festival."
Yvonne once again awakened Derrick's guilt with an unknown look whether she was smiling or crying. "If I'm not Yvonne, who the hell would be Yvonne?"
"Shut up!"
But Derrick hasn't fooled anymore.
"Yvonne, Yvonne can't be as evil as you! Yvonne, that kid!" ""
"Just looking at a flower withered in the garden, she was a child who was stuck in the room all day long because of it."
He looked at the messed-up garden with puzzled eyes.
The garden of Eckart's mansion, famous for what the dead Duchess had made herself, was Yvonne's treasure.
When she found even a single flower withered, her little sister cried bitterly as if the world had collapsed.
And she couldn't have been so fine, making a mess in the garden. His mind which foggy before was cleared now.
"By the way, who the hell are you."
Derrick looked at the woman he stabbed with unfamiliar eyes. Apparently, Yvonne's look said he was right…
"Ha hadid you finally notice?"
A face that revealed like a demon seemed like a total stranger.
"That's right. Your sister has already been taken away by me for a long time ago." "what?"
"Poor Yvonne, Yvonne, Yvonne Eckart."
The woman hummed as if nothing was wrong with her body deeply stubbed by the sword.
"She has been taken away by something evil because of the brother who has lost her, and she will die by his sword."
"Wha, What"
"Why, do you think I'm lying?"
She came to Derrick one step at a time, whirling like a woman mocking him.
As the distance between the two was close, the half-stabbed sword gradually disappeared into Yvonne's body.
Finally, a woman who was approaching the handle of Derrick's sword, suddenly pushed her face to him as if to tease the child.
"Do you still not believe in me?"
If she were a human being, it would never have happened. You can't walk with a knife pierced through you……..
Derrick's eyes flashed red. "Crazy! Yvonne-!"
He shouted his sister's name out with his sword pierced into a stranger's body. hwiik-!
And the moment he tried to swing it around a woman's neck. Hwadeuk, Poo-wook-.
The sound of breaking bones and digging into the flesh rang out. It was a similar sound the moment ago.
"Huh, hugh"
Derek slowly lowered his gaze and looked down. There was someone else's hand stuck in his left chest.
When he looked up again, he saw the face of a woman who looked very happy. As expected, it's hard to control the brainwashing without the sculpture"
At the same time, the hand stuck in his chest dug wildly inside. "kook-!"
Derrick's mouth was dripping with red blood.
Slap-! His hand, which had been raised high, fell helplessly, missing the sword. He glared at his sister with his eyes full of life.
"You… crazy"
"How will Penelope react if I grab your heart like this?" Yvonne whispered as if her eyes were caustic.
Her words shook Derrick's blue eyes like an earthquake.
Every time she saw an impassioned man like an impenetrable man swept away by a name, she felt a feeling of rebellion against this woman.
The stupidity of being easily deceived by one's innermost thoughts was very pleasant, and sometimes it was unpleasant that the reason was not for oneself as in the past.
It was now.
"But still, would she pretend to save you? Or will she sympathize with you dying? If it's not her…" Yvonne looked at the wobbly foolish man and spat out venom as if she were chewing.
"Are you going to be disgusted?" "Stop."
Derrick instinctively tried to shut Yvonne's mouth.
But with his heart pierced through her hands, he couldn't do anything.
"Derrick Eckart, who took his little sister, went to the coming-of-age ceremony of his step-sister, and eventually led her to commit suicide."
"Stop it, stop it!"
"How terrible would it be to know that the truth is that you love her and you broke it because of your brainwashing?"
The cruel words popped out from Yvonne's mouth and the disgust that he had been hiding poured out. Derrick's eyes, which were shaking endlessly, suddenly stopped.
"You, you, that"
His face went white as a suffocating man. "My poor brother."
"Huuuuk, Stop!"
"Whenever Penelope was brought up, you got angry like a jealous man and you never knew it was love." Yvonne stroked his pale face with her fine hand.
"Now rest in peace."
She lowered her head whispering like a lullaby.
Derrick, who seemed distraught, never thought of avoiding the approaching woman. Soon, her soft lips were about to touch his lips.
"Wind Pison Prason!" hwiiiiik-!
A sizzling sensation suddenly flew at her. "Ugh!"
Yvonne alerted to the attack, managed to avoid it by pushing Derrick.
At the same time, she defended herself with a monster that was around her. "Hiak-!"
But unlike some time ago, when magic was not working, two parasitic monsters were attacked toward on quickly disappeared.
After a whirlwind storm swept away, the debris of the monster, which was so finely divided that it couldn't even be regenerated, fell like rain.
Someone trudged out of it. "Magic Upgraded."
"You're dead, fucking Penelope Eckart" added Yvonne.
* * *
It took too much time for the Yvonne to be cut or cut to survive to be completely finished. 'If I could cut only one object, I could solve it.'
It was a time when I looked at the prince and the Duke, who was pushed back and wielded their swords endlessly.
Suddenly, the white letters on the mirror wand changed on more delirious spells. 'Crazy, combined spells make me stronger!'
It was too much of a one-dimensional spell to be taken aback for a moment. "Wind Pison Prason!"
The changed spell had a definite effect.
Several whirlwinds in an instant swept the garden frantically, carving up monsters in one blow. I didn't know this would happen, and Yvonne's face was caught in my eyes.
It seemed as if Derrick was lying beside her, helplessly, but it was none of my business. 'You're dead now.'
Now all that was left was the final boss. "Wind!"
It was as soon as I strode toward her, spouting out a word of a spell. "Slurp-!"
At that moment, the scream of a new monster, which cut through the sky and was familiar to the early ones, rang sharply.
At the same time, dududududu-!
The ground shook violently. It happened all at once, so I was out of my mind. The moment when everyone in the area was shouting.
Qua-ang-! Something was rising from the ground, so it swallowed the Duke right away. "Fa, Father!"
Renald shouted.
It was a huge worm.
I was in a hurry to shout out a spell.
But the earthworm that swallowed the Duke disappeared back into the ground without a chance to attack.
I turned quickly to Yvonne.
In the meantime, she was looking down at me in the air, riding on a new monster. "That failed, so I'd better turn it into a meaningful hostage to you, Penelope." Pointing fingers at the fallen Derrick, Yvonne laughed meanly.
"If you want to save your beloved father, come find me with a piece." For a moment, my heart sank.
But I answered calmly, trying all sorts of feelings not to show. "Just kill him, because I only need to get rid of you anyway."
"Penelope, you!"
At my words, Renald looked back at me with a shocked face. I turned away from him and fixed my eyes only on Yvonne. "Really?"
Yvonne tilted her head at my words and said.
"By the way, is there really only one in the Duchy?" "What's that"
"For example, a maid who stole it through Vinter Verdandi for fear of your death had to be with her hidden children."
At that moment Emily's face, which I had forgotten, passed by. A brief pause.
"The sooner you make a decision, the better. On the day of the full moon, I'm going to use them all for food!"
Yvonne on the flying monster quickly moved away 'No.'
I opened my mouth to finish the spell. "!"
But there was no sound.
The images that presented the Duke, Emily, and the ancient relics passed my mind by one after another.
Until Yvonne was completely spotted and disappeared, I could not make any sound at all. "You jerk."
Ib missed the chance to end this crazy game with my own hands. A sense of helplessness and shame came upon me.
'What are the characters in the game? So far, the hostages!'
Suddenly, feelings resembling anger soared. Then someone put his hand on my shoulder.
"Don't bow your head, asshole. Don't you know that Eckart's never kneel in any case?" When I looked up, I could see his pink hair. It was Renald.
"It's not your fault."
The remark finally knocked my face down. "Ah."
I realized what I felt now.
It was guilt, not anger at failing to kill Yvonne. It was guilt.
With a clearly shocked look on his face at my cold words earlier, Renald said as if he knew all my feelings.
"No one's dead yet. You can save them. So don't make a deathbed like that, okay?"
At the tone of a man like a brother, I couldn't say anything but bit my lips. A violent storm passed, and a strange feeling of exhaustion came.
In the midst of a daze, Reynold deftly filled the places of the duke and the young duke.
Under the direction of the Crown Prince and his order, the wounded were moved and the dilapidated mansion began to be gradually cleared up.
It was when I saw a bleeding Derrick being carried away. 'I guess he's not dead yet.'
I thought so, but when I saw his pale face, I felt mixed feelings. Derrick who stabbed Yvonne, and then he was attacked.
What was he thinking of stabbing his sister so horribly here? Taak-.
It was then.
Just as the stretcher just passed me. A man who I thought had fainted suddenly grabbed my wrist. "What"
I looked at the wrist and the guy caught in a fit and surprise. The hard-earned man handed me what he had in the other hand. "Take it."
It was a familiar item. It's exactly the same as Yvonne's, who was accused of stealing by Penelope as a child.
It was a necklace.