Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 215

I stared blankly at the necklace Derrick had put out.
It was because I couldn't predict why he was giving it to me all of a sudden. 'I don't think it's exactly the same as the necklace at that time'
The necklace, which was seen through Penelope's dreams, was small, with a diamond embedded in the ornament for a child.
But the necklace Derrick gave me was similar but as big as the thumbnail. "I engraved the transfer magic."
He slowly opened his mouth, looking at me who was not willing to accept it.
"If you rub diamonds three times, you can move anywhere you think of, regardless of the distance." The return answer was absurd.
It was a natural step for a question to pop out of my mouth. "Why?"
"Why would you give it to me?"
At the same time, his last desperate cry came to mind.
-Even though I was angry, I gave you a present and you smiled back. I didn't insult as Renald did, who was fighting like that, as a brother. But why–!
The reason why he gives me gifts.
The sordid feelings for the detestable girl who took her sister's place. Hnowing that he was a sick patient, the questioning was wrong.
I spoke on behalf of her, who had only mute his lip and couldn't say anything. "Now if you throw this at me, I'm afraid something will change?"
I once thought his gift meant better relations.
The relationship with the first son of a bitch, who has reached the end of his life. Didn't he have to follow up on the game?
"Since I'm crazy about jewelry, luxury, you think I'll forget everything if you give me an expensive gift?" But it was a big misunderstanding.
I stood up without even pretending to accept what he had given me. "Then you're completely mistaken, young duke."
"That misery I felt at that time, the many humiliation and insults you gave me." ""
"How can I forget them? This necklace is what drove me crazy about jewelry." I ditched the necklace that had flowed from his hand without sincerity.
The expensive platinum necklace was swaying in the air, and there was a shake in the man's blue eyes
"Now, I'm scared every time you give me something. Every time since then, you have been giving me a hell of a lot more torture and drop me to the bottom."
"So I won't take it, Young Duke. Whatever the reason is." ""
"I don't need anything you give me."
With last words, I, conscious of our surroundings, recited in a small voice, with my body bent down. It was the utmost consideration that I could do, considering that it was the young Duke.
There was nothing left to feel for the man whose heart was pierced by his sister, who was horribly thrown here.
Not only have I always felt anger, hatred, but even sympathy every time.
At the time of raising up as if nothing had happened after whispering rapidly. "I know."
He finally opened his mouth at my words. "Nothing will be forgotten, nor will it disappear." I'm glad you know that now.
As I looked down at him with insensitive eyes, his pale face was horribly distorted. "I'm just saying… I'm just saying that. Cough"
The man who was talking suddenly spilled blood.
I was a little surprised and hurried to speak to the servants. "Move him to the mansion. At this rate, stomach aches"
"It's dangerous outside the mansion."
But Derrick suddenly cut me off and poured out with his blood again. My wrists were grabbed by his hand.
I could have brushed it off enough, but somehow I couldn't.
"Because I can't keep my eyes and my sword out of reach, and I can'
"When something happens to you while you're away from home, what's the best way to avoid the Eckart's position without compromising Eckart's prestige?"
"I just thought hard and came to a conclusion accordingly."
I didn't know, but the injured Derrick had a knack for really desperate bullshit. "So please"
To me, stiff with embarrassment, his trembling handheld out of his necklace. Soon gasping for breath, he ended up begging me.
"So wouldyou please take it?"
"I'm sorry, but I can't, Young duke."
It was then. A hard thing embraced around my waist.
Before Derrick's hand reached me, my body was pulled back by someone. "I will take care of my fiancée on my own, even if without that."
"Your Highness?"
When I looked up, I could see the face of the Crown Prince with a lot of frowns. "Cough!"
At the same time, Derrick was spilling blood again.
The hand holding the necklace floating in the empty air fell down. There had been no movement since.
"What are you all doing, without moving it. In the absence of the Duke, I'm going to change their succession."
Instead of me, who was stunned and speechless, Calisto jabbed at the servants. "Sorry, we're sorry!"
The chain of necklace on the hand, which had sprained out of the stretcher, moved away, shaking in the air.
When I looked at it, it made me feel weird. "You're not dead, are you?"
Seeing me mumbling to myself out of a fit of anxiety, the Crown Prince said, clicking his tongue. "What's wrong with you if he would die? Think about what he did to you."
"But it'skind of weird for him to die."
"Tsk, you're so weak-minded. If it were anyone else, I would have stabbed the hole one more time, asking if he was still alive."
'I'm sure it's only you.'
I shook my head at the Crown Prince's twisted personality and slipped out of his arms. "Did the blood stop? Let me see."
Then Callisto, who turned me back, grabbed my both cheeks and scanned my face. "It stopped. It's embarrassing, so go away."
"Did you drink potions?" "No, not yet."
"Take it out and drink it now." "It's all right"
I tried to save the potions, but I couldn't help it because of the red eyes glaring at me. I took a potion out of my pocket.
"Let me go, Your Highness."
Until then, it was time when I murmured dissatisfiedly, glancing at the Crown Prince, who was still holding my cheek.
"What are you doing?"
Somewhere with thunderous shouts, someone came running like a shot and separated us from each of each other. It was Renald.
"Hey, are you okay? Everything okay?!"
Hurried to stand in front of me, he stared at the Crown Prince like a cat on guard. "What are you doing, Your Highness? Don't touch my sister!"
"Huh. Whatever I do with my fiancee, what do you care?"
"What do you mean, your fiancée? Wasn't you chasing Penelope back and getting dumped again after being rejected by Penelope?"
"Then I will let you know now. The princess and I are very special. The lover who overcame the crisis was on the verge of a reunion kiss, and who's the tactless… Princess, where are you going?"
"Hey, Penelope!"
I wasn't confident in stopping the freaks of the terrible bickering. I was as far away from them as I could get away.
After a while, Renald ran back to me, wondering what kind of story he heard from the Crown Prince. "Hey, is it true that you decided to go with him, no, His Highness?"
It was half true, so I nodded silently.
"I'm going back to find Yvonne. I have to save our father." "I'm coming with you."
The reply came back as soon as my words were finished, I looked back at Renald with a rather unfamiliar face.
"You don't mind?" "What?"
"You just saw it. Your own sister, she's actually a terrible monster who wants to kill you." Derrick was so shocked by the changed appearance of Yvonne that he shuddered.
Renald didn't look as shocked as I thought.
"I didn't like that bitch from the start. The gloom, it wasn't like Yvonne at all." "Huh."
I snorted at the answer.
'When do you catch me like a rat…?'
Still, it was a little relief that the simple Renald wasn't as brainwashed as Derrick. "She kidnapped our father. As long as you've touched Eckart, it's only death."
As he muttered to himself, Renald suddenly asked me with a sudden stiff face. "Since when did you know?"
"Did you know everything from the beginning? Is that so?" Renald asked one after another.
Of course, I didn't know at first. No, it was close to something I didn't believe. How can a good lady be such a scary monster in a crazy game.
"I didn't know it from the beginning either. After a few encounters, and I knew it because she wasn't reflected in the mirror or in the tea water."
I've mixed up the facts in moderation. Then Renald frowned.
"That's why you ran away from home? You're afraid of her, and you're looking for a magic wand to fight against her?"
To my shame, he pointed his finger at my mirror wand. "That's not like that"
"But you're right!"
Before I hurriedly denied that I was not, I was cut off. "How can you not even give me a warning?" ""
"You should have told me! You should've told me when you were running away from home after taking poison!"
Renald stared at me with his eyes glaring at me. I couldn't understand him, so I tilted my head. "What's the difference if I say it?"
"Oh, what's the difference? If you had told mewe'd have found a solution together, you idiot!"
"No matter how much she was my real sister, if you had told me, I wouldn't have let you take it all on your own."
"You're my sister, too." Renald said emphatically.
It was hard to believe from my point of view when no one in the dukedom believed me. But Renald's troubled look, his guilty look, was not seemed to be a lie.
"I couldn't tell it because she was brainwashing. I'm afraid if I tell someone you would be
brainwashed like our first brother."
In the end, I told the truth little by little.
"Crazy. So it's because our brother was brainwashed that he acted like an asshole? That madman! He should have put a force on his brain!"
Renald, at my words, cursed Derrick with astonished eyes. Feeling a little relieved, I added with a little smile.
"And I gave it to him, the warning." "What? When?"
"To our father, to be careful. Our father finally knows. He's just pretending it." Renald's face hardened in my answer.
"Why don't you say a word to me about such an important thing"
He murmured bitterly.
I felt more sorry for the Duke when I saw him still acting like a drunken man. It was then.
"Renald! Penelope!"
A familiar voice suddenly called us. Me and Renald's head turned at the same time. Beyond the haze and the garden, in the forest, stood a muddy figure.
"I'm back!"
Renald opened his mouth wide. It was the same for me.
No matter how young he was, he was the Duke with a sword, but he was just kidnapped by Yvonne… 'Like this fast?'