Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 216

It was Renald who came to his senses first. "Father!"
He ran toward the walking duke.
I also followed him with a puzzled look.
"Father, what the hell is going on? What about the monster? Did the scary girl just let you go?" Renold shakes the duke with no time to rest.
As soon as the duke was about to open his mouth, gasping for breath. "Come here, princess."
At the same time as the cold voice, the Crown Prince drew me and hid me behind him. Srrrung–And without a moment to spare, he pulled out a sword and aimed it at the Duke. "What are you doing!"
"Your, Your Highness! Come on!"
I was shocked. It was needless to say, Renald.
The Duke's face, which had just returned, turned muddy.
The Crown Prince, who raised the sword as high as he would cut him right away, soon tilted the blade obliquely.
"It's a Duke."
Calisto, who seemed to have checked something, soon dropped his sword neatly.
"What are you doing, Your Highness? No matter how much I ask you not to do, I am very
The Duke quenched his anger and asked the Crown Prince.
"You said it doesn't show in the water or in the mirror. Don't be too angry, Duke, just to make sure it's not Leila."
The Crown Prince shrugged with a brazen face, hiding his atrocious rudeness a moment ago. It made me understand why he acted like that.
At the moment, I wondered if he had an eye for blood like in a game setting. 'You said you were going to be a perfect emperor, you madman!' Fortunately, the Duke also said with a puzzled look, as if he was convinced.
"Ididn't even meet Leila. Maybe she didn't even know I was gone from the belly."
"How did you get back?"
Only then the Crown Prince ask the main point. The Duke turned to me instead of answering.
Then he took something out from the inside of his jacket and handed it to me.
"Your foresight was right, Penelope." "This"
Recognizing that what was placed on the duke's palm, I opened my eyes wide. A thin round shape discolored as burnt.
It was the amulet that I presented to the Duke before the hunting competition.
"As soon as the stomach acid of the monster touched my body, it activates again. When I opened my eyes, it was the forest of the mansion."
The Duke explained the whole story. But it didn't touch my ears. More than that…….
"Have youhad this all this time?"
"Well, it's a gift from someone."
The Duke replied as if it were natural.
At the same time, I felt my face twisted strangely. I had completely forgotten since then.
Unlike the Crown Prince, who was always suffering from assassination, the Duke was never in danger. 'I thought you'd throw it away or put it somewhere.'
That's not what I expected.
"I haven't taken it off my body for a second since I received it from you, and I'm glad I did." The Duke's face, which looked at the worn-out amulet, was filled with a satisfied smile.
Seeing the figure, I felt strangely shocked.
"What was it? You didn't tell me what spells were engraved, was it teleport? It was better than mine." The Crown Prince grumbled beside me with a discontented.
Ignoring him, I slowly approached the Duke and said. "Are you hurt anywhere?"
"I'm fine. Aren't you hurt more than me? You had a nosebleed. Did you stop the bleeding?" He was swallowed by a monster.
When I saw the duke, who was busy looking at me with a worried look, I was filled with indescribable feelings.
I barely opened my mouth after a frozen mind. "I'm sorry."
The Duke's eyes were wide open with a sudden apology. "What are you sorry about."
"I don't know if you heard… but I told Yvonne, I just left the house without saying anythingand I don't
care if she kills you."
When we met again, I really wanted to tell him this, whatever else. I had to say.
I plucked up my courage and stuttered it out. "I didn't mean it, Father."
My heart sank when I thought that the Duke might have given up after hearing what I had said in the
womb of a monster.
I thought it wouldn't matter what happened to the people in this family. "I didn't mean it."
But when I saw the fine Duke, I felt relieved to the point of tears. Isn't that ridiculous?
The way I wanted to acknowledge the Duke, who would have been shocked to lose his own daughter. I couldn't face him and lowered my head.
However, it was then.
Tuk. Something was on top of my head. "Lift your head, Penelope."
The duke with his hand on my head said in a subdued voice. I slowly raised my head.
"Eckart does not bow down in any case. As a member of the family, you did a great job in emergency situations without panic."
The Duke exuded the dignity of a great aristocrat, even though he was soiled with dirt. "Good job."
The Duke stroked my head with his hand.
He often praised me for doing well, but it was the first time he had ever had close contact.
"Since I got this, I've shown it to everyone I've encountered and bragged about it. Now it's your turn to tell them your foresight."
"Yeah? What, what?"
Until then, my reputation was at its worst.
I was astonished that the Duke had done such a thing to others, that he didn't do even with his two sons.
The Duke laughed at my response.
"The Duke of Eckart is rumored to be all over his daughter's head in a pile of accidents."
His voice, which was as heavy as the head of a broken family just now, was gradually warmed up.
"I don't care what the unruly chicks say. A child knows nothing, and it can cause trouble. Don't you think I should try harder and become a father who covers your faults?"
"No matter what you do, I've never been so proud of you as it was now, my daughter." "Hugh, hugh."
My eyes were burning rapidly.
I couldn't stand it any longer and snapped something up. I couldn't even make a sound and shed tears.
Then the Duke gave me a gentle hug. A still silence fell in the garden.
At this moment, the eyes of the two men were also quiet.
A variety of emotions that could not be clearly named hit the whole body.
The screams of poor Penelope, my silent clamor, died down so slowly. Time passed, and slowly reason returned.
I began to feel so embarrassed about the situation that I was with the Duke. "It, it's all right now"
It was time for me to come to my senses as soon as I calmed down. "Your Highness! Your Highness!"
Just in time, someone shouted out for the Crown Prince in a hurry. Turning his head, one of his own guards was running in the distance. "It's an emergency!"
"What's going on?"
"It's said that two days ago, the Hronian rebels raided the palace and seized the Sun Palace." "What! Why was that delivered now?"
The Crown Prince suddenly opened his eyes to the news from the exhausted knight But that wasn't the end of the startling report.
"It-it's assumed… that they were the first ones to go through the Sun Palaceand the Emperor is being
held, hostage." "Huh!"
The Crown Prince burst into a sharp, false laugh.
It was ridiculous that the palace where the emperor of the empire lived was the first to fall.
"Did the Wizards left in the Guard and the Imperial Palace were asleep when they hit them at that time? They're not even as capable as a dog."
It was not his fault, but the knight bowed his head as if he was ashamed.
Furious Calisto, who knew that he was lost in anger, immediately began to calmly grasp the situation.
"That's enough of those useless bastards, and the Imperial Palace has a defensive fixation. I couldn't have pierced that."
"I think there's a force through the rebels and that has destroyed the line." "Are you saying that there are some people who have conspired against us?"
"Before the surprise attack, the forces of Marquis Ellen entered the Palace of the Queen, and it was confirmed that they had entered the palace"
"Okay, that's enough. There's nothing more to hear."
The Crown Prince, listening to the report, shook his hand nervously. It was the appearance of the Queen after Ellen Marquis.
'What? So the 2nd Prince joined hands with the rebels and made the treason?' It was when I was thinking about the cause and effect in a hurry.
"Damn it."
The Crown Prince, who was pondering like me, suddenly uttered abusive language.
"The Delman raid at the time was an eye trickNo wonder he tried to tie our feet for this when he said
the attack was not good considering that he had monsters." There was a scene that flashed across my mind.
-They're stronger than I thought! At this rate, we could lose all the monsters! We're gonna have to go with the original plan…
By the time I was kidnapped by Eclise, it was the words of a bewildered Delman soldier. Then, in the end, he said that the current situation was under the order from Lady Yvonne. 'I should have known when he said he was going to get the Empire in his hands…'
The madman managed to blow things up. 'Eclise, Rebels, Marquis Ellen, Queen.'
Slowly organizing my thoughts suddenly gave me goosebumps.
I was scared because I couldn't figure out how far Yvonne had reached.