Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 220

When I opened my eyes, the tomb of the ancient Leila had vanished like a cloud of smoke. Checking the destroyed office inside, I was a little bit dejected.
It was not enough that Yvonne was the final boss whom I ignored so much, and I realized that I was really the one who was going against her.
"But it's a precious space…"
What did Vinter feel when he had to blow up this place with his own hands? 'Oh, so I'll keep it.'
Even though anger suddenly soared against Vinter, who was helpless by Yvonne, my anger cooled down when I remembered a scene from the burning fire.
Even if I had both pieces, it wouldn't have changed much. As Yvonne said, there were more hostages than I thought.
If both of them had been taken away incessantly, there would have been no answer. "Hu"
I breathed a deep sigh at the space of silence.
It was his own fault to be bound to the burning magic.
In the past, he devoted himself to helping Leila by loving Yvonne, turned back time, repenting for his sins just before the end of the world.
And now that he has got back his memory.
He has done all the taboos again and learned everything, and he had set his own foot on the past self on the time of the past.
To turn back time when I fail to kill Yvonne, and Leila devours the world.
~ I'll repeat it forever.
His voice lingered in my ears.
I was going to stop Yvonne anyway for my life and see the end of this fucking game. Hnowing what would happen if I failed, I got mixed up.
I tried to shake off the heavy thoughts and walked towards the entrance.
It was urgent to go back and tell the Crown Prince what I heard and found a way. kkiiik-.
I opened the door and walked along the alley.
I was thinking of going out to the boulevard and catch a carriage and go back to the mansion. It was early in the morning, so the streets were very quiet.
'I'll have to wait a while to catch the carriage"
I took a breath as I looked at the empty streets, except for a few wandering people.
It was a scene in which the palace cried with great peace compared to being occupied by rebels and captured monsters.
How long did I have to stand in front of the alley and wait for an empty carriage.
In the distance, a carriage entered the street.
I was delighted to call up a carriage, but I was devastated to see the closer carriage.
A large, high-quality wagon with a dozen horses. It was not a carriage, but a kind of transport carried by aristocrats.
'I have to go back to my room before the maid brings my breakfast.'
It was a time when I was worried about how to get back to the mansion faster. The carriage that I knew would pass by me just stopped in front of me. "What?"
I stepped back and hid my mirror wand behind my back. Because I looked like a wizard to everyone.
But when I saw a man who opened the luxurious carriage door and stepped down, I froze. "Master."
Not long ago, his forehead that I hit was still full of excitement, Eclise. "You, how did you get here"
I asked reflexively and soon shut my mouth.
Before I came, it was obvious that Yvonne had already beaten Vinter. "Get in."
The man who was staring at me reached out his hand to me. There was no way I could get on the carriage without a hitch. I looked around the carriage for another monster.
Fortunately, there was no strange monster appearing in the middle of the boulevard.
Instead, armed men covered their faces with masks came out one by one and wrapped the carriage around them.
I clasped the wand in a hand to prevent it from letting away. "Was it not enough for you to have been hit then?"
As I stared at him and asked him, his eyes flinched. "No way."
"It hurt a lot. I was seriously ill because the wound was festered." A very pathetic answer came back.
As he said, the wound on his forehead did not seem to have improved at all in the swamp when it first appeared.
'If you've been hit in the head like that, isn't it time for you to pull yourself together?' Eclise didn't look any different then.
My mind was disturbed. I breathed a sigh.
"But why are you acting like a crazy dog again?" "Because I'm crazy about you."
I was stunned by the sight of the instant reply.
The relationship that had been strained by my wrong choice showed no sign of ending.
When I didn't seem to show the slightest intention of getting in the carriage, Eclise said. "I have your maids and children."
It was a dry voice, but it was nothing more than a threat. I burst into a sharp laugh because I was dumbfounded.
"Are you declaring that you will betray me and serve Yvonne?" "It's not betrayal, it's protection."
He corrected my words.
"If Yvonne had sent you a monster or an army that wasn't me, they would have been dead already." I was resentful, but it was true. Yvonne would have done enough.
But that doesn't make me believe Eclise. "Why do I have to believe in you?" ""
"You don't think I know that she's been killing only wizards? How can I trust your words that you're the one who already sold your country once?"
The prickly tone of the voice of Eclise went out. "It's a deal."
"If I bring back a piece of mirror, she won't touch you and the people around you." ""
"I'll be sad if you dieBecause Master was kind."
At that moment, I saw a face so distorted as if he was crying.
I was surprised for a moment, but as if what he just saw it was a good idea, he spoke straight with a blank face.
"You don't have to believe it. Whether they die or not, I only have to take you with me." The gray eyes that were nailed to me flashed through his eyes.
From that earnest look, I could see the tenacity to drag me away no matter what. I was wondering for a moment if I could spell it all out and run away.
But ancient magic with limited physical strength was not something that could be used indefinitely. It was foolish of me to relax before I even hit Yvonne in earnest.
"Give it to me and get on the carriage."
He reached out his hand to me as if he had noticed me in conflict with him holding the wand tightly. 'Well, I wouldn't let you take a weapon when you're kidnapping me.'
I was staring at him and soon handed him the mirror wand.
He took it from me and threw it to the masked man next to him.
Under the glare that looked at me outright, I had no choice but to climb onto the carriage with my feet. When Eclise, who followed, sat across me, the carriage started straight off.
All I could believe now was the tracking magic engraved by Jean.
I pulled down my ripped sleeve and covered the back of my hand, even if Eclise didn't see it.
'I didn't expect this and asked him to walk…'
I remembered the sad face of the young man who begged me to come back soon. And the golden hair to find me, scolding him.
'They'll go crazy if they find out I'm gone.' Callisto was very sensitive to my inner self.
When I thought of him running for me with cursing out of his mouth, my heart became heavy in an instant.
It was then.
"There will be a big battle in the capital soon."
Eclise talked to me.
I turned my gaze forward, which had been left outside the passing window.
He stared at me, and his lips chattered. Like a person who is anxious to talk to something. Suddenly I felt strange.
One day, when the favorability figures were floating above his head.
I was always the one who used all sorts of methods to draw answers from a taciturn person when we were going out alone in a carriage.
Somehow, now it seemed that the position had changed completely. "Stay safe until then. Then the hostages will be safe."
A man who was not very eloquent was turning to me in search of what to say. "Am I safe with you?"
I asked because I was really curious, but I was not sure if he accepted it or not. "It's safer than to be the first ones to die."
"What? What is that?"
"I told you. I'm going to kill all the men who made you sad and depressed." "You"
"When the battle officially begins, all the soldiers of Delman are planning to strike them first." At the words of the determined man, the thought stopped.
At the same time, what he said at the incinerator the other day came to mind clearly.
-………Revenge on the people who did this to you.
Eclise, who memorized the names of the people who accused me like the crazy one. "I have already hurt these idiots like Mark Albert."
I was astonished at the following words.
All those things that I thought were brainwashed and gibberish were not bluffing.
"Now, there are only the main characters left, like the Duke and his sons. I'll clean every corner of the mansion, every nook, and cranny of the rat"
"Now, can you forgive me?"
He craved a distorted affection for me with a messed-up face.
Faint dizziness penetrated my mind. "You, really"
I didn't know what to say, so I stammered for a while. He really seemed to be ready to do it. He wanted it.
Of course, so far I had thought nothing of what happens to supporting characters.
I also hoped that those who ignored and ridiculed me as a 'fake princess' would be punished. But it didn't necessarily lead to violent ways like death.
"Have you ever thought that they belong to the people around me who would be sad if they died? "Who are those men around you?"
Eclise responded sharply to my question.
"You've already forgotten everything? The humiliation and the shame they gave you?"
"That's none of your business. Even if you avenge for me, and if I forgive you, it has nothing to do with you."
"I'm your only knight, and I don't care about it." Is this what it is like to talk with a wall-to-wall? I'm tired of repeated conversations with Eclise.
Instead of denying what he said, I looked him in the face.
Not even a gauze, a torn wound with a fine forehead badly adorned.
In the past, I would have wanted to do anything for him out of my sorry and sorry. "Youwhy don't you even give me a chance to feel sorry for you?"
Eclise's eyes slowly grew bigger, perhaps an unexpected answer.
The sight of such a face did not strike me with any emotion enough to cry.
"For me? Not for my name, the Duchy people who bullied me, but in your revenge for those people and the empire that destroyed your country?"
"How long should I be subjected to your violence because you love me?" My calm voice rang out in the carriage.
Eclise's face was blank as if he had been poured in cold water. "Yes, violence."
Eclise constantly forced revenge, wanted heart and forgiveness that I didn't even want. If this isn't violence, then what the hell is it?
He clenched his teeth at my determined answer. "You can say that, but it doesn't"
I was distracted by the eyes he had for a moment.
"You won't forgive me no matter what I do. I'll just do it in my own way." He had always had his own way, and he had never been able to accept it. "Get off."
The carriage stopped. Without a moment to spare, he jumped up and opened the door and stepped down.
I was surprised by the unfolded scene, as if under silent pressure.
It was none other than the Imperial Palace, where Eclise kidnapped me.