Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 222

It's just that I haven't seen him for half a day.
When I saw the face dirtied with ash, I felt like I had met him again after a long time, and I was so happy to see him again.
"This, what happened? What about the battle?" "We don't have time. Let's talk on the way."
He hastened me. I nodded and picked up the robe that I had taken off. 'I didn't expect to leave as soon as I got here'
The escape was expected only after a full-fledged battle between his troops and the rebels began.
I was going to find the mirror wand and fought Yvonne in the midst of confusion, but now that I thought about it, it was a hopeless plan.
"Get in here, princess."
I took the potions and rose firmly and went back to the Crown Prince. Then he pointed to the fireplace where he had escaped.
"You're gonna have to get down." "He-here?"
I looked at the narrow passage with a rather terrified look.
It was so dark and gloomy that there was nothing wrong with the swarms of rats pouring down right away.
Of course, Callisto crawled out of there, so I knew there was only an escape way, but I knew literally it only in my mind.
"Why, you don't want to go? It's clean because I've swept all the way here. I've killed rats and centipedes from time to time, so don't worry."
"No, it'snot like that."
When Callisto saw me, who had no intention of going, he frowned at the back of his nose and said mischievously, 'I didn't mean you to go alone', but to my surprise, I was relieved at the words.
'Centipede, centipede!'
I managed to squeeze my body out of disgust and fell down and crawled into it.
Soon after, the 'complete darkness' came 'thud'. It was because Callisto closed the door to the passage. Fortunately, the suffocating crawling did not last long.
After a while, the passage that had to be crawled grew wider and at one point a spacious space came out.
"Come this way, princess."
The Crown Prince took something out of his arms and led me without a moment to rest. His push brightened the dark surroundings.
It was a luminous stone. Only then did I look around and was quite surprised. Dozens of bifurcated paths were maze-like.
Callisto walked without hesitation to one of them.
Following him, I asked with a puzzled look. "Your Highness, where are we going?"
"It's a secret passage only the imperial family knows." "Ah."
It was a vain escape, unlike the kidnapping of an earlier morning.
"Dumb bastards. Isn't it natural that there is a secret passage inside the palace? Well, I was able to find you easily thanks to it."
Hnowing how I felt, the Crown Prince spoke plainly of the kidnapper.
As one of what he once said "dumb bastards," I was embarrassed and changed the subject. "If only the imperial family knewwould the 2nd Prince know as well?"
"Don't worry, he doesn't know it."
He gave a dull answer turned round the corner.
"This is the palace of the empress. The concubine's children are never able to walk here." "Papalace of the Empress?"
When I found out where I was locked up, I opened my mouth wide open. Somehow it was too luxurious for a detention place.
'Crazy guy!'
I didn't think that the Eclise had locked me in the palace of empress for nothing. Unconsciously, I pointed out Crown Prince at it.
"It's the place with the most cross paths among the secret passages. It was my first time here since my mother passed away, so I was lost for a long time. "
Fortunately, the Crown Prince didn't seem to think much about why I was locked up in the empress's palace.
"What just happened to you? Do you know how surprised I was to hear that you were gone?" He rather glared at me as if he had come up with a question of circumstances.
"I was in the conference room and ran like a madman to the duchy. I told you to stay calm, but you're like a foal who doesn't listen."
"I'm sorry."
I admitted my fault without a hitch because I had done it wrong. "I went to Vin"
Reflectively, I tried to call Vinter, but soon Callisto also recalled and corrected me, saying that he knew everything.
"No, I went to see the Marquis of Verdandi, and then I was kidnapped by Prince Delman, who we saw in the swamp."
"You've been degrading the Crown Prince and deceiving him very well." ""
I embellished the situation and bit my tongue to keep my words. He spoke to me as if he were talking to himself.
"But why does that fucking Delman keep bothering you?"
This time it was an issue about Eclise. So far, Callisto had not known the dirty story between me and Eclise.
"I should have killed him in the swamp at that time"
His dreary murmur made my heart flutter as if I had been caught cheating on him. "Oh, thanks for coming anyway, Your Highness."
I chose to make a hurried change of subject again this time. Calisto glanced at me like that and recited me out of the blue.
"Without tracking magic, that wizard would die because of anus rupture and die. He is lucky." "UhWhy would he have an anus rupture?"
"I would use a useless cane or something. There's something like that. Don't let you know deep, just hit him at all."
I didn't have the slightest desire to know anything about it.
Callisto looked sideways at me, who had no answer, and stopped walking and asked. "Huh? But where's your magic wand?"
"It's taken away."
I was embarrassed, so I answered quietly. "Oh, no."
He frowned and let out a murmur. "Come here."
Then suddenly, he started to go back the way he had come.
I was puzzled, but I was just following him, wondering if he had taken the wrong path. "What about the hostages?"
"I think they're in the Sun Palace. I had a rough look at the prison before I came, but they weren't there."
"Then let's go there."
Of course, I meant to go to the sun palace. "Princess."
He stopped walking again, calling me with a heavy voice.
"At twelve o'clock of the day, we shall make a raid through the west gate with the weakest defensive framework."
The sudden talk of operation made me look at him with a puzzled look. "We have to get out of here before that."
"I'll have to hurry."
His words made me feel impatient. 'Can I deal with Yvonne in that mess?' Honestly, I wasn't confident.
But it was better than no plan to rush without any weapon. At least Calisto, who's good at the sword, will be with me. "Come on, kids first"
"I'm not done talking yet."
At that moment, when I was in a hurry to move my steps, the Crown Prince stopped me again.
"I'll take you out of here and then I'll come back and try to rescue the hostages as much as I can." "What? What's that"
"But I can't guarantee it because there will be two major centers of battle: the 2nd Prince, plus Leila and Marquis Ellen."
I didn't understand for a moment, so I retorted his words with a blank look. So, he was excluding me in every situation now.
"Your Highness, what are you talking about? That piece was taken away, too."
It was as if I had given it voluntarily, but even if I was talking about it now, Calisto was unlikely to listen.
"I have to go to the sun palace now." I spoke resolutely.
"You can't use magic. What can you do?" Only then did I notice.
The Crown Prince, who turned straight after hearing my words that he had taken away the mirror wand.
That his plan to rescue the hostage quickly with me had just been revised. 'Without a mirror wand, I can't do anything.'
The more I reflected on his words, the angrier I became.
"I don't know that my use has been decided by the presence or absence of a mirror wand." "Don't jump to conclusions and listen to me, Princess."
At my cold retorting tone, The Crown Prince sighed and held my shoulder.
"It isn't known of the Emperor alive or dead, and the troops they've hidden so far are far above our expectations."
"We have hastily drawn the soldiers in, but frankly the chances are not great. There's going to be a mix of enmity between the rebels."
"Maybe I should give up the imperial palace and the capital and run away." I was shocked by the words that poured out of his mouth.
"Give up?"
I couldn't believe he said that. "Yes."
But the Crown Prince nailed me once more.
"It's nothing. Because your security is more important to me than the imperial palace or the unnamed bastards."
"Your Highness."
I called him hard as I was suffocating. It could have been nothing.
I knew exactly how much Callisto wanted to be an emperor.
He survived in the war to return to the capital and the imperial palace. But now he easily put the word 'Give up' in his mouth for me.
I couldn't give up the ending, the hostages, or anything, and I just prayed for his safety in my heart…….
I was sorrowed by an unknown emotion. I bit my lower lip tightly.
I thought it would be resolved soon as I went to the palace and met Yvonne, but the situation became much more complicated than I thought.
"When the battle begins, send the right men to find your magic wand. Hilling Leila, whatever, then do it."
Callisto spoke as if to soothe me. But then everything would be late.
Yvonne's going to sacrifice the children and bring all Leila back.
'Is it really the only answer, as he said, to avoid and watch at the situation?' I hesitated for a long time, and became determined and opened my mouth. "Magic, it's not in a bad state at all."
"I can use defense magic."
Although it was a one-time thing. If he knew, I was afraid that Callisto didn't listen to me, so I decided not to say that.
"Even if I can't kill Yvonne right awaylike you said, the children can be saved."
"They are wizards despite being young, and they would be able to teleport one of their bodies with magic if we let it go."
I had already seen Raon adept at using mobile magic.
If I can release them, maybe I can save then easier than I thought. I persuaded Callisto, hoping for a slim chance.
"If the two of us are buying time, your army may win and invade the Sun Palace." "Princess."
"Pleaselet me see the situation and go."
Vinter never told me to take good care of the children, only telling me how to kill Yvonne. But isn't it too cowardly to give up without trying anything?
"If I see it with my own eyes and really feel like I can't do it, then I'll follow your instructions." Callisto looked at me with mixed eyes, speaking stiffly.
But I knew he'd do as I said in the end. I soon heard a low sigh.
"It's too much for you to back off for your own well- being." ""
"If I can't look standing outside and you can't save them, I'll grab you up like a bag and drag it away. Come here."
He led me and turned again.