Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 223

*. *. *
The open war.
Sitting in the highest and brightest seat of Emperor Palace, Yvonne looked at the people who bowed their heads before her with curious eyes.
It was the Empire. And it was none other than the people of the country who were defeated in the conquest war initiated by the Empire that surrounded the interior of the war.
It is ironic that humans from all over the world can gather together like this.
Then, an old aristocrat offered something in front of her, wrapped in a luxurious cloth.
When the cloth was unwrapped, the head of a dead body with his eyes wide open, and the emperor's usual treasure was revealed.
"It's the Emperor's head, Goddess." Marquis Ellen was small.
Yvonne looked all the way through the lying-down human beings beyond that savage face.
From a man called the 2nd Prince to a high-ranking aristocrat who controls the Queen and the Empire.
Humans who were fooled by the absurd remark that she would give them the power of Leila even cut off the Emperor's neck and gave it to her.
'That's easy.' Click-.
Yvonne opened the box that was on her lap and looked in. Fourteen pieces were seen.
But now even the last piece was supposed to be in her own hands.
After seeing her behavior, Marquis Ellen gave a covetous glow in his eyes. "Dear Goddess, then do you start awakening ceremony now…?"
"It's not time yet."
Yvonne replied with a grin. "Oh, I see."
The old man withdrew with a mixture of disappointment and worries. In the past, she had made countless efforts to get here.
'Why didn't I think of taking advantage of these idiots then?'
Just before they were sealed by ancient wizards, the several pieces of a mirror of truth that foretold the future that the brothers had hidden in advance deep in the emperor palace.
Only with all these Lelia could be unsealed.
However, the body of the other person which was stolen it was not complete. Because the soul of "real Yvonne" was still alive.
Incomplete bodies were constrained by the use of force.
So she searched for scattered pieces and entered the Emperor palace herself to take her body completely.
Fooling suspicious wizards, occupying them, killing a woman who was an obstacle, becoming a crown princess, and entering the palace.
Those were the past days.
And finally, it was even more successful, taking the body completely with Golden Dragon's fangs. She gathered the pieces together and unsealed them.
Yvonne closed the box and raised her head. At the same time, eyes met with his eyes. "hiik!"
His small shoulders were flapping, and soon he began to cry.
It was a lion mask that drove friends to their extremities because of brainwashing.
Unlike his scattered friends, the child, who has not tied alone, cried endlessly standing in the corner. The crying was very pleasing to the ear.
'So, in the past, there used to be Vinter Verdandi in that spot'
The man who sacrificed his fellow wizards and his beloved children with his own hands at Leila's sacrifice and ended up going mad.
Because of his disappearance, he could not see the funny side of the scene this time. Yvonne ate up her appetite with regret.
It was then. Someone walked fast across the vast space of the Imperial Palace. "Welcome. I've been waiting."
Yvonne welcomed him as he approached.
In the past, at the moment of the collapse of the empire, he was chosen this time instead of the Crown Prince, who was next to her.
Eclise held out something to her silently.
Yvonne's blue eyes, which had grown for a while, were wide bent into half-moon. "As expected, I knew you'd make it."
This brought together all 15 pieces.
Yvonne grinned and put the last piece that was handed over by Eclise into the box. Then suddenly something caught her eye.
"Don't look."
Eclise hid what he was holding behind his back.
It was Penelope's magic wand. He was going to keep the mirror wand, and when it was all over, he was going to give it back.
"Why would I pay attention to Penelope's when there's a piece?" Yvonne smiled all the way at Eclis's behavior.
However, the wary eye was not relieved. "Heep your word, Yvonne."
"I have kept all my promises to you, Eclise, unlike Penelope."
She got up from her seat. The Emperor gold chair with the golden dragon wrapped in splendor was revealed.
"Sit down. Now this is your seat." "Not that."
"The hostages."
Eclise turned and went toward the children, tied to one side of Palace.
"You know what it means not to touch? Of course, not a single person can get hurt." "You're trying not to be hated by Penelope, aren't you?"
"My answer back. I could turn everything upside down and surrender you to the Crown Prince." "Of course."
Yvonne responded with a big smile to Eclise's cold warning. In the past, wizards would have been necessary.
Their mana-filled vitality was abundant for Leila. But.
"This timeI really don't need it."
Yvonne muttered, looking into the distant air.
Leila, who sacrificed and resurrected wizards, was arrogant and self-centered.
In a world where all the rival ancient wizards had disappeared, Leila had regained their original power by killing humans at random.
Then they began to threaten Yvonne's position.
There have been a number of people trying to take away pieces of the mirror of truth, the only means to control them, and become leaders.
When she first found out that she had returned, she was in despair.
'I have come so far, and I have finally been able to rule the world with my brothers, why! Why are you just around the corner?'
But on second thought, it wasn't just despairing.
She who had golden dragon's fangs could use it only once in her life.
In the past, however, the body and strength that had killed the real Yvonne's soul remained the same even after the return.
Then, didn't it mean that the golden dragon's fangs can be used again? 'This is a chance.'
Why was life an infinite repetition of trust and betrayal?
Revenge against the humans who killed her families and brothers, like that, gradually faded over time. After a series of events, she finally realized.
The world she wanted was not a world dominated by Leila-. "Yes, I don't need it all."
It was a world she controlled herself.
Yvonne stared into the air and repeated it like a pledge.
Then, someone roughly opened the door of the hall and jumped in.
"We're in big trouble! The Imperial Army is coming through the west gate of the Imperial Palace! Looks like they're going straight to the sun palace!"
Eclise's face was horribly distorted by the soldier's words.
It was not the question of defense that popped out of his mouth urgently. "What about the lady?"
"What happened to Lady Eckart in the empress palace!" "Well, I haven't checked the palace yet"
"Damn it!"
Eclise turned roughly before the soldier words was finished. Then he suddenly stopped in front of the hostages.
He passed the magic wand he was holding on to one of the Delman soldiers and spoke.
"Yourisk your life to protect the hostage-children. They must not be taken away by anyone. Even if
it's Lady Eckart. Okay?" "Yes, yes! All right!"
Emily's eyes, which were eavesdropping on the conversation pretending to be faint, opened wide. Eclise, unable to believe Yvonne, has four of his men standing around the hostages.
Then he led the rest of the troops inside the Sun Palace and quickly left the palace.
After a storm of turmoil swept through, it was empty in Emperor Palace, which was packed with armed forces.
Marquis Ellen, who was rolling his eyes at the turn, approached Yvonne one more time.
"God, Goddess, what do you mean a surprise? If so, when will the ritual of becoming a Leila be"
Yvonne, who was standing, turned her head and looked at the empty throne. The back of the golden chair had grooves of an unusual shapes.
When the emperor's seal containing fangs is inserted and rotated, the chair is pushed out and the secret place is revealed.
In the past, it was the secret of thousands of years of imperial history that she found out in a muddle while searching for the use of thrones.
Yvonne took her eyes off the chair and leaned down.
She smiled brightly, lifting up the emperor's jewel beside the body's head. "The party has just begun, people."
*. *. *.
"Crazy bitch, the party's beginning is frozen to death." A secret passage behind a large pillar.
While peeping inside Emperor Palace, I was fed up with the idea of a party she had started. The Crown Prince looked at me and said that I was funny.
"It's easier than I thought, princess."
I looked back with my eyes wide open at his words.
"Easy? There are still so many people."
Of course I didn't know how many soldiers Eclise would take out, but about ten noblemen, including Marquis Ellen and the 2nd Prince.
It was still a large number.
"It's not even a week's worth of food for old people like that. In fact, all we have to do is deal with those four men."
"What about the 2nd Prince? But he knows how to use a sword." "That bastard's an X**."
To my surprise, his vulgar and resolute reply made me feel at ease. "Come on, take this."
He took something out of his arms and handed it over to me. "This"
The golden colorful dagger. The other day at his birthday party, he asked me to cut his neck.
"I'm going to go out first and get rid of those four, so you'll have time and let the hostages go with this." I nodded, recalling the children who were tied tightly to the rope.
"And pick up a magic wand and shoot that Leila. What do you think, my plan is." "It's full of loopholes, but it sounds strangely perfect."
It was true. The plan he was talking about was, in a way, a wild adventure.
It was a complete exclusion of any unforeseen circumstances that might have been caused by Marquis Ellen or Yvonne.
Nevertheless, I was relieved by his confident voice.
Come to think of it, Callisto had never failed to keep what he had said. I could believe it. "Thankyou, for coming with me."
I whispered in a small voice.
Without him, I wouldn't have been able to get through this situation alone. He grinned gladly at my words.
"One, two, three, and we'll gonna pop out." "I'll be ready."
With a determined face, I held the Crown Prince dagger firmly. Then he grabbed the door of the secret passage and said. "One, two."
Instead of "three," a soft touch touched and fell on my lips. Surprised and hardened, he whispered to me.
"By the way, I'm dying to see my girlfriend it is." kkiik il-.
In no time, the aisle door opened and Calisto ran out to Emperor Palace. His sword dance began.
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