Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 224

The crown prince, who strode across the Emperor Palace with his long legs, cut off the one who was standing closest to him without hesitation.
I stared blankly at this runaway Callisto, unable to get angry at the surprise kiss. "The intruder!"
"Def, defend!"
The Delman's, who belatedly recognized his appearance, hurriedly pulled out the sword. Chaeng, Chae-Eng-!
However, before the merger even came three times, another one fell apart. With the blood splashing like a fountain, Delman's army has been reduced to two in a flash.
Hyuk! Crown Prince!" "Attack, attack!"
The shadows of the 2nd prince, the queen, and the Marquis of Ellen were blacked out. Either way, the crown prince quickly dealt with the rest of the soldiers.
His sword dance, which was like a flash of lightning, cut off the two in their thighs people at the same time.
When he narrowly escaped two swords that swung back at him, he straightened himself and threw the enemy's upper body with a sword.
And with the rebound, the other one's neck was also covered with a sword. Han, Tteolgeuleong-!
My mirror wand, which he was holding, fell on the floor and made a dull noise.
His jaw was raised to the brim. The aristocrats shuddered as they watched the fallen soldiers die in vain.
"Uh, aargh! Die, Crown Prince – !"
At that time, three members of the 2nd prince's aristocracy, who were on the other side, pulled out their swords and ran toward.
"Tsk. I'll kill you on my own even if I stay still, but you're losing your strength."
Callisto clicked his tongue as if he was annoyed and ran against the nobles who came running to him. It was true that he said, 'Not a week.'
The nobles, like the sheet of paper, were cut out one by one by one by the sword he wielded. It was a short time before the Queen and Marquis Ellen, who were driven into the corner. "How are you, Marquis Ellen? Long time no see, Mother.
The Crown Prince, who came up with a leisurely cut off another man, made exaggerated greetings.
"Crown, Crown Prince! Wh, what are you doing in Emperor Palace with no dignity?" The Queen screamed when the spattered on her dress.
"Emp, Empress! Stay back!"
The 2nd prince and the Marquis of Ellen were torn apart and shivered with a blurry face. Callisto tilted his head.
"Then what was my only brother and mother doing here?" "The Crown Prince!"
"Oh, our heavenly Emperor, who had his neck cut beautifully." "Well, that's…"
Only then did the Queen shut her mouth. Her face turned pale.
The assassination of the emperor, the present ruler of the Empire. Because the Crown Prince caught them completely.
"I, Your Highness, please, calm down and listen to me first. If Your Highness hears it, you may change your mind…"
Marquis Ellen dissuaded him with a servile face.
Callisto said, patting his forehead with a look of difficulty.
"I was in a good mood until just a moment ago, so I was going to listen to you at the end, but now you're joking on me."
"Well, Your Highness!"
"I'm feeling pretty bad about that right now."
He glanced toward the throne. At the end of it was the emperor's head, which had been beaten at random.
"Oh, it's not bad for him anyway! If he was alive, he would have done what you'd have done one day, but…!"
"So. That's the problem."
The Crown Prince's eyes flashed suddenly as he was looking at the brazen-faced queen. "My father and your son have taken what I've been longing for all my life."
"Crown, Crown Prince. ..!"
The pale queen, who sensed with her skin prickly, had receded.
Srrrung-. The Crown Prince took a blood-stained sword and took one step, one step closer to her. "So that's not a big deal. I have no choice but to take my place with my own hands."
He smiled excitedly at the sight of her. Just like the setup in the game, it was 'The Crown Prince of the
'Oh, I'm not that crazy enemy of this crazy prince. Come on. Thank God.' I shuddered at the sight of the mad Callisto.
As I said, thanks to him who fought faithfully for me, the surroundings of the hostages were empty.
'Now this is the chance.'
After hiding in the secret passage and peeping into the situation, I realized that now was the right time. Without any delay, I opened the secret passage door and ran out.
I glanced sideways at Yvonne as I ran.
But she only looked at me with open eyes if she had no intention of stopping me. 'What? Is there something you believe in?'
I frowned. Of course, she had collected all the pieces, so she was sure about that.
As soon as I reached the other side of the hostages without any hindrance, I immediately moved on. An exhausted young woman stood out in the sight of the little children wearing animal masks.
I pulled a dagger out of my arms and cut off the rope that tied Emily first.
Then, when I released the cloth that was covering her mouth, Emily's eyes widened as if they were popping out.
"Lady! Here, how did you…!"
"Emily, we don't have time. Come on. Help me."
I quickly untied the rope of another child without feeling the impression of reunion.
Fortunately, my quick-witted maid immediately helped me. However, she could not stop the leaking whimper.
"I thought you weren't coming…"
"I know. I didn't know I'd come all the way here either." "Lady! That's mean!"
Speaking in a complex sense, Emily exclaimed in a tone of sadness. I smiled back at her.
"It's nice to see you again, Emily. Neither you nor I are dead yet." Her tears welled up again at my words.
"Yeah! The real villain should die. Why do good people like us die!" (Note: Wohoooooo I loveeee Emilyyyyy!)
The word "real villain" sounded harsh at the tip of her tongue, but I pretended not to hear to impress
With Emily's help, I was able to release all the children faster than I thought. There were seven people in total.
"Emily, take care of the children." "Yes, yes!"
"Are you all okay?" "Yes, yes…"
The children replied to me as I was a stranger.
Except for the lion mask, the children don't know who am I without a mask. "But… …Huegg, Raon… Raon.."
At that time, a child wearing a squirrel mask grab my skirt.
'That's right, Raon.'
I looked around the children in a hurry. There was no lion mask between the crazy animal masks. 'So, where's my mirror wand?'
It was obvious that one of the for Delman's men fell as he fell down after being stabbed by Callisto.
However, while the children were being released, they were completely gone. It was at that moment.
"Raon, kill everyone and come to me with a magic wand." A low voice rang from the other side.
When I raised my head, I saw a lion mask standing tall not far away. Pointing at me with his magic wand in his hand, while holding my mirror wand in the other hand.
I have already turned my eyes to Yvonne.
Surprisingly, however, she slipped into the hole in front of the golden chair she was sitting in. "What? Where are you going!"
Obviously, it was something I had never seen when I peeped inside the secret passage with the Crown Prince.
It was a time when I was perplexed because I didn't know what happened to her. "Damn it! She has the emperor's treasure. She's trying to do something underground!"
With the lives of Marquis Ellen and the Second Prince still attached, the Crown Prince suddenly ran to the podium.
"Well, Your Highness!"
"I'll go ahead and block her. Send the children and come down slowly, princess!" "No, what am I supposed to do in this situation!"
'There's a kid here with a wand pointing at me!'
However, without being able to say anything, Calisto followed Yvonne into the hole.
I didn't know whether I should be happy or sad for him to chase Yvonne, who was running away, for me.
When I turned my head again, I saw the empty eyes of a child with a lion mask. "Emily, step back slowly with the kids."
"Why don't we just run and squeeze him in? He's the reason the safe house!"
" ShuuuuDon't say like that. It's dangerous, come on."
I warned Emily and pushed them behind me. "RaonHeugheug."
The children whimpered, calling Raon. Then Raon froze with an empty voice as if to respond. "Teacher, because of me my teacher"
"Raon, just calm down for now."
I calmed down the child in a soft voice.
-Raon was brainwashed by Leila. Maybe, she's showing him how I died trying to save him, and he's feeling guilty. (Vinter)
Children were easier to brainwash than adults. So he has repeatedly told me not to provoke guilt. I calmly opened my mouth thinking of it.
"Your teacher is not dead. It's not your fault that this happened".
"No. My teacher died in an explosion because of me… and I have to listen. That's how I can save my friends."
"Raon! We're here!"
"It's us, it's us! Your friend!"
The children, who had not heard Raon's murmur, shouted without any time to stop. "… My friends are in a safe house now? She said they were in a safe place…" "That's us! You made us come here!"
"Get a hold of yourself!" "Guys, stop it!"
I managed to stop the children. But it was already late.
"Ah, ah, no! It's not me. I didn't do it! I'm sorry! I'll do it! Ugh, I'll do as you're told!" Raon suddenly grabbed his head with both arms and shook his head like mad.
"I'll kill them all! I'll kill all the evil spirits!" Then suddenly he swung up his magic wand.
At the end of it, a swarm of white light began to gather, and the size began to snowball. "Raon!"
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