Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 225

I was taken aback.
'What should I do? Should I run and take the mirror wand?'
Fortunately, the withered roses given by Vinter were not taken away by Eclise. But if I use it now, I will lose my permanent insurance.
In addition, he was forced to attack the child with a mirror wand he had taken away.
In the meantime, a light ball created by Raon, whose eyes were turned upside down, was getting bigger and bigger than a baseball.
Anyone could tell it was dangerous if it was right. I made up my mind. "Guys! Everybody stands behind me. I have the defense magic!"
"Chiri charajou!"
It was then. Someone shouted the magic spell. "Uhhh!"
At that moment, Raon shook like a person electrocuted by electricity, and soon fell down with the sound of 'pyung!'
Raon's hair, which was sticking out between the lion mask, was curled up like a perm, with smoke blowing out of it.
"Huh? I've lost all my cane."
At someone's shout, I turned my head with a puzzled look.
Then a child in a pig mask held out his cane, sniffing with his nose. "Hehe! I hid it in my panties before he took it away."
I opened my mouth wide at his proud bright face.
After a while I came to my senses, I approached Raon, who stumbled and fell. "He is not deadright?"
"It's a fainting spell. "
I was relieved at the remark. "Good job."
As I patted his head and complimented him, the pig mask took a sniff. "My teacher told us not to use it for attacking each other"
The other child repeated it in a quivering voice but tried to turn away. I pulled the mirror wand out of Raon's hand.
Only then did I was relieved to see the image of the blood-stained mirror wand again. Emily surrounds the fallen Raon.
I spoke in haste to chase the Crown Prince.
"Now, go to a safe place. As far as possible from the Imperial Palace. You know how to move magic, right?"
Looking at the mask of the pig, I asked, and the child shook his cane.
"Are you sure you're gonna be okay, Miss? Let's go together, okay?" Emily's worried voice shook my head.
"No. There's still work to be done."
My determined refusal made Emily sniffle.
"Spring has finally come to my lady… too, hasn't it?"
It was a question for the Crown Prince, but I just smiled and didn't answer. "Go ahead. Take good care of the children, Emily."
"We'll go then! Thank you for saving us, young lady!"
Soon the children in the white magic cane thanked me with cheerful voices.
For me, whose eyes were wide open, the mask of the pig shouted lastly, because I had no idea how he recognized me.
"We remember both the way you speak and the way you behave!" It was the same answer as Raon's.
Looking at the fading afterimage of the children, I was glad that I save them.
And before I finished the appreciation, I turned back firmly. I had a lot of strength in my hand holding the mirror wand.
I didn't mean to deal with Yvonne for a great purpose, but strangely, my heart was pounding. 'Everything's gonna be all right.'
Standing in front of the hole, I repeated it several times like a spell.
Now that I had saved the children, it's time to get rid of Yvonne and save this fucking world.
It was the moment when the first steps pushed past the endless staircase, finally beyond the hole, with a subtle change from before.
Thud, thud, thud- thud- thuddak- I heard urgent steps.
Who is it?
I stared at the dark side, nervously as I was. But it was a sweaty Callisto that runs down the stairs, to the shame of it.
"Your Highness? Why already…"
I don't know how deep the basement of the Sun Palace was, but it was only a short time after he went inside.
'He couldn't have come back after killing Yvonne'.
As if to prove my doubts, the Crown Prince, who just popped out of nowhere, grabbed my wrist. "Run, princess!"
"Come on!"
I was half-moved by him in bewilderment. It was the moment.
Suddenly the ground, or the entire palace, began to vibrate like mad. "What's going on…!"
Even before I asked him what was going on, the Crown Prince urged me. It was around the time I was about to reach the middle of a vast battle. Cuwa-a-a-ang!
There was a tremendous gust of wind blew behind us, with the sound of heaven and earth opening. As we were running, we were swept away by the aftermath.
At this point, I could not help but look back. I brushed my hair away and turned my head.
Through the thick smoke, I could see the floor of the palace that had fallen horribly.
Not only the throne but also the hole in front of it and the bodies nearby were so wide that they could not be seen.
"What the…"
At that moment, a terrible scream of beasts rang out.
At that sound my eardrum bursting, I raised my hands reflexively to cover my ears. Hung, kuong, kuwoong-.
As soon as the tremor began again, a huge muzzle came up at the edge of the collapsed floor. It was two feet of enormous size that looked bigger than my face.
Hkiiig, kkiiig, teog-.
It was been slipping a few times, but soon it was grabbing the floor.
Soon after, there was a tremendous gust of wind. The cold eyes closed on me. Flapping, flapping-
When I opened my eyes again with the clapping of wings, there was a huge shade above my head. "That'swhat's that?"
It was the first living thing to see in my life that emerged between the fallen remains. A wing large enough to cover the ceiling of the Sun Palace.
A body of brilliant golden color and a mixture of rough scales everywhere as if someone were contaminating it.
Blood-colored eyes reminiscent of Callisto, and a long mustache-covered nose poured out. "Damn it, it's a dragon, a real dragon."
Callisto belatedly gave me an answer to my own question. I looked round at him half out of my mind.
"Yes, I told you before: The Golden Dragon is asleep under the Imperial Palace." "Ha, but it's definitely a founding story"
"I just found out it myself too. Was there something like that under the Sun Palace?" He added with an expression of absurdity that was out of step with the situation.
"She must have filled the empty body of spirit with something. It's the fangs of the golden-dragon that you asked where it is."
Turning my head along with his finger, I finally found something sparkling in the heart of the dragon. And a small figure who just slipped down from the head of a dragon.
It was Yvonne, holding a complete piece in her arms like a mirror. 'This crazy game.'
I was frantically reminding myself of the memory in the mirror of truth.
[Yvonne, who became a complete immortal in search of [The Fangs of the Golden Dragon].
Having extorted her strong vitality to her heart's content, she uses a piece of mirror to unseal her brothers and complete her revenge.]
'You said you were going to resurrect Leila, and you didn't say dragons were coming out!' The sudden appearance of the dragon made me laugh.
The beast screamed again in a terrible voice.
Then, I saw something strange in my eyes. The black scales embedded between the golden scales are gradually expanding their scope.
'It's being tormented.'
p/s: ş(□□ş) you devil woman!
The dragon struggled desperately and barked.
When I looked at the disappearing red-eyes, a sudden eerie foreboding rose through my whole body. "How did you wake the dragon from sleep? Don't tell me……Leila's soul is in the dragon?
As if to say this ridiculous assumption was true, the mirror Yvonne was holding was emitting an ominous blue light.
Then, the Crown Prince pulled me in a hurry. "Princess! We don't have time, let's avoid it first!"
"Come on, hold on! Just break that mirror, and I think we can do something about that!" "No, I don't think it's a very good idea! For now, I think we'd better get out of here first!"
Callisto suddenly opened his eyes while talking. Whoo-hoo-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh.
At the same time, if it had just been a blinding gale, this time the hot wind blew faintly. 'No way.'
I turned my squeaky neck in denial of reality. Flames were wavering from the dragon's mouth.
Dragon's fire, which I've only heard of, and only seen in movies. The moment it just pops out like exploding.
I and the Crown Prince ran at the same time screaming.
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