Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 226

The sea of fire from the monster's mouth came at a tremendous speed, setting the entire palace on fire. I felt the heat as if my skin would burn behind my back. Naturally running couldn't get out of the range of dragon's fire.
'Water! Water! Something like ice magic!'
I looked at the mirror wand that I was holding in a hurry. But no matter what magic spells were at the top, it was too late to shout.
Just before the huge fire that followed closely behind our backs opened its mouth wide and swallowed us.
Callisto pulled me roughly. At the same time as the nose hit the hard his armor. Shhhrriikk—! The flames came upon us.
I screamed with my eyes closed. But it was strange. There was no heat or pain to be felt immediately.
I opened my eyes carefully. I could see Callisto closing his eyes as tightly as I did a while ago, covering me as much as possible with a cape.
Queerriiik—! Then behind him, the flames were spreading to both sides of us, splintered into two branches. As if it were a miracle of Moses.
'What happened? Why the flames in two ways…?'
With my confused eyes, I suddenly saw something floating in the air shining. 'When the hell is that…?!'
It was the withered rose of Vinter, which was held in my pocket.
-Just once in an emergency, the defense magic will be activated. We have a starter. That's…
-Your scream.
Right after my run away, just in case, the defense magic that Vinter laid out for me. While I didn't even think of my life, it was triggered steadily when I heard my own scream.
It felt strange to see the flow of flowers floating upright at the face of the ever-present flames. A flower that bloomed splendidly and withered as soon as it reached my hand. The love of suspicious Vinter was also very much so was his way.
"Your Highness, open your eyes."
I woke up the Crown Prince, who still held me breathlessly. Then his eyelids flinched, opening his red eyes.
"What, have we already met again in the underworld?" "Unfortunately, we're not dead yet."
The Crown Prince looked around with a puzzled look at my words. The flames, which were torn like the Red Sea, were going to pass from the foot, but I could not feel the heat at all.
"How did that happen?" "There…"
I pointed to a flower floating in the air at his puzzled question. It looked really thin against the pouring fire bomb, but a transparent membrane from the rose flowers completely protected us.
"This was the defense magic I was talking about earlier." "…It's a defense magic artifact given by bare feet."
When I answered hesitatingly, Callisto frowned heavily.
"Well, you got a necklace… so you threw away all my gifts every time, and you took a lot of this and that from him, huh?"
With his displeased voice as if he didn't like it, the flames finally died down. The crazy dragon stopped spouting fire. At the same time, the rose that was floating in the air became dust powder and disappeared.
The palace was blackened and ruined by a storm. "Hrrraar—!"
Perhaps the fire was still strong, but the dragon jumped around, shaking its huge body. Before I knew it, the black smoke spread out everywhere, like swallowing brilliant golden scales.
The pillar hit by the dragon's front foot snapped like a wooden chopstick, and one side of the ceiling collapsed. I searched frantically for Yvonne among the messes.
The pink hair glimmered far away, in the black background at that moment. Yvonne was quickly slipping through the crumbling cracks in the wall, holding a mirror with a blue light leaking out.
"Where is she running away from? Dekina…!"
I immediately took a mirror wand and tried to chase and intimidate Yvonne. "Princess!"
But I was stopped by the power that grasped me.
"It's dangerous. That crazy dragon head is going to bring the palace down completely!" "Crrr. Uhh-oh-oh!"
It was then. The dragon, who was running to me on his stomach, suddenly spread out its wings. It was not long before the gale began to blow.
While Callisto caught me reeling helplessly, with a tremendous roar, the dragon flew through a thousand debris. The building that was barely holding out began to collapse like a sand castle.
"Let's get out of here for now!"
I ran in a hurry with the crown prince. Fortunately, as soon as he opened the door of the sun palace, which was still intact, and bounced out, a pillar fell behind our backs and blocked the entrance. It was really a close hit, and I had been chilled to the bones.
"Oh, my God…"
The Crown Prince and I, facing each other with pale faces, breathed rough breath. How nervous I was, my hands were full of sweat.
"…When I'm with you, I feel like I've had a lot of different experiences. Isn't that right?"
Suddenly Carlysto burst out laughing and waved his hand that was holding my hand. At his teasing tone, I stuck out my lips and asked him hesitantly.
"So, you don't like it?"
"No way. That means life has become so much fun."
He replied deftly. Only then did the breathing calm down slowly, and the situation outside caught my eye.
Chaeng, kaang—! Under the sun palace, in the garden of the great emperor, there was a bloody battle between the Imperial Army and the Rebels.
Whoo-hoo-whoo-ooh-ooh—. A black shadow suddenly swept over it. It was huge enough that the soldiers in battle stopped the swords they wielded at the moment.
Hieaeetech—! Flying through the sky, the dragon roared. At the ominous appearance of creature when to come down again, I hurriedly looked around the palace.
"Where's Yvonne…?" "There she is."
Despite surrounding's darkness, Callisto was able to find his pink hair. Yvonne was calmly walking in the middle of a bloody battleground between swords and spears. She was by the spire a little further away from the sun palace.
"Quickly go!"
I and Callisto immediately stepped down the stairs. "Be careful, Princess."
"Die, Crown Prince!"
With one hand holding me tight, he recognized them and drilled the way with some of the rebels who rushed in. It wasn't just the rebels who recognized him.
"Your Highness? You're still alive! Your Highness, the Crown Prince!"
It was the moment when a knight, who was wielding a sword, came up with a welcome. "Huck!"
Just in front of me, a knight burst into a splash of blood. And after that. "…Master."
A man with a dripping blood sword appeared. "What the fuck, that guy."
The prince stopped walking because of the man standing in front of us. "…Eclise."
He stared at me after silently wiping the blood splashed on his cheek with his hand holding the sword.
Empty eyes, as if he had when we met at a slave auction house for the first time. He opened his mouth with a look of inorganic quality like a wax figure.
"I ran like a madman to the palace of the Empress." "…"
"I was afraid that you might be in danger because of an air raid, so I tried to get my master out of the palace…"
"You're not told to stay safe in the palace because it's dangerous… but to believe me, is it so hard?"
The dimly silenced eyes glanced down at me, fixed somewhere. It was my hand in hand with the Crown Prince.
"… If you would stay still, I'm going to kill Yvonne, and I'm going to give it to you, Duke, or the whole Empire…"
The expressionless face of Eclise, muttering as if he spoke to himself, began to distort little by little. "But why do you hold his hand again?"
"What is he talking about?" Callisto grumbled irritably. "Your Highness."
Immediately I stopped him from flinching in front of him to cut down on Eclise, and I aimed at him with the mirror wand.
"I thought our talk was over as you knocked my hand out." "…Master."
"It's your last chance. Get out of the way, I don't have time for this with you." My cool words shook the grayish brown eyes weakly.
"Are you with him?"
He asked with a biting voice. "Whoh wooh oh oh oh—!"
At the same time, the huge shadow passed overhead. As if to find us, the dragon slowly hovered in the sky and barked.
'I can't help it.'
I didn't have time to deal with Eclise. I looked up at its half-black body with anxious eyes and shouted in loud voice.
"Thunder Firum!"
Quang—! Flashes of lightning struck the dark sky. He wouldn't die from a single blow of lightning. The other day, when I fought against the Leila congregation, I could only faint and not die.
'Please just faint, you son of a bitch!'
I wasn't confident of looking back at Eclise, who was struck by lightning, so I hurriedly led Callisto. "Go, Your Highness!"
But I didn't think about it. "…I told you, Penelope."
Male lead in the game was a munchkin who was fine even after being hit directly by lightning. Eclise had got a grotesque appearance with smoke rising from his body.
"I'm gonna kill that bastard and get your outer." Soon he came running with a sword in his hand.