Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 227

The moment I breathed at the creepy guy that was approaching. "Stay away, princess!"
Callisto received his sword with tremendous reaction.
Although he was determined to run to me, his goal was to be a Crown Prince. "Your Highness!"
I called the Crown Prince in a frightened voice. Chaeng, Chaeng, Haang-!
But without a moment to answer, the sword of Eclise struck it.
"Damn it, I'm dealing with all sorts of guys thanks to my popular lover!"
The Crown Prince, who was busy defending himself due to his surrender, shouted as if he were brooding.
"Don't worry and go to Leila, princess! I'll take care of this bastard and follow you!" "Oh, I see!"
I hesitated but soon nodded. That was all I had to do now.
It was about time to walk away from the two men who constantly hit each other with swords. "Penelope!"
Someone called me out of the blue. Turning my eyes, I saw the duke facing the rebel army at the end of the garden.
"Hey! Are you all right?" Next to him was Renald. "Fa, Father?"
It was when the duke, who had just cut off the enemy, rushed to me. "keuwooooo!"
Behind the duke and Renald, a huge body suddenly flew in with a gust of wind.
It was a dragon. Flames were rising over the mouth of the dragon as if to belch again. "Father!"
I took a sharp breath.
I had just known how powerful the strength of the Dragon Fire was. 'You're just trying to wipe this place out. Damn it, Yvonne!'
I hurriedly looked up at the mirror wand, but I recalled only the familiar attack magic spell.
There was no way to stop that firebomb now that I had used down the rose flowers given to me by Vinter.
In the meantime, the fucking dragon steadily gathered its energy.
The hot wind began to blow over the emperor's garden. 'Is this gonna work?'
I looked up at the mirror wand with vague eyes and soon opened my mouth. Whether it works or not, I had to shout in order to survive.
"Di Harck-!"
Udududududu- The ground vibrated at the same time as my shout.
Thousands of flowers blooming in the palace's splendid garden began to grow tall toward the sky. It was a rose vine.
Red, pink, black, orange, purple and various colors of flower stems, furiously wrapped the dragon in the air.
Pudduck, pudduck.
The body of a giant dragon was enveloped in thousands of flowers. "Hwooh?"
The muzzle, which had been half open to set off the fire, was shut tight. Because the rose vine twined its muzzle like a rope.
The flames that were leaking out of the mouth disappeared. "Ha"
I murmured relieved and sighing. "fresher."
Soon the body of the dragon, like a bunch of flowers, was buried on the ground. "Continue fighting."
I said awkwardly, looking around frozen surroundings. "Wow!"
The battle, which had stopped at my word, resumed again.
Perhaps because of the mood, the morale of the Imperial Army seemed to have risen sharply. "Hrrrrrrk, Hrrrrrr"
The dragon struggled ceaselessly to cut off the twisting vines. jiiiiiing-. The mirror wand vibrated.
Perhaps because I was constantly using magic to suppress the dragon, the hot pain in my stomach swelled up.
I moaned small in the heat of the fire.
"Penelope! Wait a minute! The wizards are preparing a magic circle to tie the dragon together!" Because of the renewed fight, the duke has frantically wielded a sword and shouted desperately at me. It was a relief sound for the first time. But the dragon was too strong to last long.
'But what about Callisto?'
I found the Crown Prince, who had been forgetting for a while, sweating heavily.
Fortunately or unfortunately, not far away, he was still alive. Still fighting Eclise with his sword.
chaeng, chaeaeng-!
In that short period of time, there were small scratches on their faces and bodies.
Eclise, who I thought he would easily lose to the Crown Prince, was fighting back with surprisingly comparable skills.
But it wasn't just his skills that surprised me. The sword he held.
Unlike the splendid Crown Prince's, it was an ancient magic sword that I gave him as a gift. 'Crazy man, please stop it'
I was fed up with the constant use of magic.
It was then. The moment the two swords were struck again. Callisto's sword broke with a shrill sound.
Eclise's sword flew straight in. Callisto powerfully blocked it with the remaining part.
The blade of the sword that hit him made noise horribly. But at the next moment, Callisto was behind. Eclise really spewed out a murderous spirit.
The Crown Prince's upper body, which gradually collapsed backward, was less prone to a heart hit. At that time, Callisto stepped back. Then, he hit Eclise in the face with his forehead.
Callisto thrust the remaining blade into the neck of a wobbly man.
They were on the same side, but they were so mean that I was opening my mouth for a little bit. Chae-ing-! The Crown Prince's attack failed.
Eclise, who came to his senses immediately, struck out the sword.
With only half the sword left to prevent the impact, the Crown Prince couldn't hold out and was stumbled.
"Your Highness!"
Callisto looked upset when he saw his sword with only a handle left. When the opponent lost his weapon, Eclise had nothing to go through. He wielded his sword like a hammer was a stimulant.
Callisto hardly escaped by pulling out the sword and blocking it.
But with all efforts, all the attacks could not be fully defended with only it. A stream of blood gushed up his body.
Now that he was reeling, I forgot to concentrate on magic and moved up and down to run to him. Eclise didn't miss the crack.
His sword was lifted high into the sky. The everlasting moment that sword pointed perpendicular to Callisto's chest.
"Prison shawn!"
I shouted the spell without hesitation.
Hwaekk~. Three sharp pieces of ice that appeared somewhere flew through the wind.
Eclise was keenly aware of the danger that flew toward him and blocked it with the sword by changing its orbit.
Chae-ing-! Two pieces of ice broke in two. But. "Ugh!"
He couldn't stop the last one. As soon as the ice I shot on his chest hit him. "Cough!"
There was a blood spatter from my mouth.
Maybe it was because I had already used magic and at the same time using other spells. My eyes were spinning. My stomach was shaking with internal hurt organs.
'It hurts'
My stomach, my throat, and my whole body ached. I stumbled and curled myself up. I was deafened by a fever that came to my head.
Was it because of that? The magic that I was trying to attack the dragon. "Princess! Runaway!"
And I didn't know that the frenzied dragon crawled on all four feet and ran straight to me.
Just to get out of the pain, it was my limit to rummage through the pouch of my robe and take out the potion bottle.
It was when I opened the lid with my trembling hands and turned on the potion. As breathing became more comfortable, the pulsating pulse gradually stabilized. kkiiiik-…..
At the same time, a strange noise rang out in my ears. The sound of the noise brought back the twirling sight.
And I saw the mouth of a monster lying wide open in front of me, and the familiar back of someone who was blocking me.
A huge mouth gurgled with hot heat. kkiiiik-…..
Then there was a strange sound that rang out a little while ago. It was the sound of a sword lodged between the dragon's muzzle. "Eclise."
I blinked blankly, and my mouth was trembling.
The ice piece I hit was hidden by the monster's feet and was no longer visible. Tududududdudak-. Red blood trickled down beneath Eclise's feet.
With his chest pierced through with the dragon's claws, Eclise turned to me and asked me, looking miserable as he managed to close its mouth with a sword.
"Master, are you all right?"
"Eclise. You, you……Why"
As soon as I asked, blood flowed out of his mouth.
I couldn't understand the situation at all.
So I had no choice but to ask like a fool. As always before him. "Why, why"
Why protect me who tried to kill you?
He smiled faintly as if he had understood everything I said without saying. "You called me violence."
"I loved you."
He muttered small.
Hkiiiik-.His sword, which was inserted in the mouth of the dragon, was bent as if it were to break. "From the time you gave me the sword, ugh."
Once again, I shouted as if I saw a guy with blood spouting from the mouth of Eclise. "I am telling you, don't tell me. Don't say that to me."
"All those moments when you smiled like a flower and whispered that I was the only knight to protect you."
"What I wanted from the beginning was no title, no escape"
"I think it was you that I wanted."
Eclise turned his head away from me with an empty face. I love you, Penelope.
When a whisper of his voice flashed through my ears. Caang, quasik-!
The sword I gave him broke between the dragon's muzzle. "keuwooooo-!"
Hnowing that it had missed me, the Dragon wagged his feet again, barking. The body of Eclise, which had been pierced by its claws, flew through the air. "Eclise!"
As I stretched out my hand to grab the hem of his clothes, someone rolled around holding me roughly. Quang-!
By a narrow margin, the dragon trampled on where I was. The dust rose hazily and the ground sank.
When the dragon, who missed me once more, raised itself roaring, there was nothing in the place. Nothing.
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