Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 230

I looked down at Yvonne at the bottom of the distant tower and just turned around.
Suddenly something huge fell over the window. In a moment, the brilliant golden light had passed by. "Hah!"
I leaned to the window again. Huu-ung, ou-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh
The body of a heavy dragon was falling from the tower. My heart sank at that moment.
As I stretched out like falling and shouted out his name, but suddenly I came to my senses and ran to the stairs.
"No, no, please!"
I begged incessantly to someone while I was frantically going down the tower.
When I finally reached the entrance of the tower and bounced out, it was already dawn outside, after the hellish night had passed.
I rolled my trembling eyes aimlessly.
Soon after, not far from the tower, there was a huge golden mass. It was a golden dragon.
"Your Highness!"
I ran to the place like crazy.
But the dragon was so big that I couldn't figure out where to start. "If Callisto is under a dragon, what should I do?"
When I thought of it, the blood all over my body seemed to run out on my toes. "Your Highness! Your Highness, can you hear me? I'm here"
I patted the scales of a hard dragon. Shouting like a madman. It was then. "Oh, shit! It's so dirty and heavy."
With a familiar voice, the dragon's wings fluttered.
I ran towards him like a rolling stone, pulling the wings of the dragon. "Your Highness! Ugh!"
I tried to pull him out with whatever strength was left of mine. He crawled out of the mess. "How are you, princess?"
Finally, the Crown Prince, who had all his body pulled out, smiled, and said hello. "Your Highness!"
I ran to him, leaving the dragon's wings that I was holding on to. And I hugged his waist. "Ugh!"
"You surprised me!"
Callisto, who had been pushed back a few steps with a short groan to my rush, hugged me face to face, soon.
"Was it successful?"
After breathing several times with his face buried in my shoulder, he whispered, I nodded wildly. It's a pleasure, but somehow I choked up.
"I killed her, Yvonne, I stabbed her heart with a dagger you gave me." "You did a good job."
I replied while stuttering.
Castillo patted my back, trying to soothe me. "I told you. You can do it."
"Are you hurt, Your Highness?"
Then I lifted my head from his chest and rushed to check his injuries.
Was it because of the things on my hand? Suddenly, I thought that the bloody smell was vibrating at the tip of my nose.
Perhaps because of the mood, Castillo's face was pale.
But it was a groundless assumption. As usual, he replied casually. "It's okay except it's a little sore from falling off."
"That's a relief, really"
Only then did I let out a sigh of relief. "Come on, take this."
Suddenly he pushed me away carefully and handed me something. "This is"
I opened my eyes wide. A sharp, thick, white object. The fangs that were stuck in the dragon's chest. "Didyou take this out?"
"You've been looking for it."
Callisto nodded. And I urged him not to receive it quickly. "Thank you."
I took it slowly.
It felt strange to receive the final reward of the game from the Crown Prince. Of course, it was necessary for me.
I have to save my real body from stomach cancer. 'Will this really work?'
On the surface, it's just a big beast's tooth. It was only a possibility.
However, I was in a situation where I could no longer doubt the genuineness of the dragon. 'When I heard the name, I wondered if there was any reward like this'
I felt a little weird. The moment when I was blankly staring at the fangs that Callisto gave me.
With a faint groan, Callisto's body suddenly collapsed. It was as if he had finished his mission with a dragon.
"Your, Your Highness!"
I propped him down in astonishment. The moment I raised my hand around his waist and touched his back.
Something sticky got all over my hand. I slowly raised my hand and checked.
"Hmm, hmm…"
The salt smell was not due to Yvonne's blood on my hands.
It was because of his blood that was flowing like water that my hands were covered with blood. "What-what is this… Your Highness!"
Callisto's upper body has been twisted. He leaned his face on my shoulder weakly. Only then did I see a terrible scar on his back.
The place where the monster's claws scratched violently was no use for armor. He faced a wild monster, so what made me think that he would be fine?
"Hah, hah."
I froze and couldn't breathe properly. Maybe he felt my trembling body, but Callisto murmured in a withering voice.
"I'm fine, so, uh-uh."
"You shouldn't say it! Don't tell me anything. Don't say anything."
But the afterimage of Eclise was blurry and hazy. I couldn't believe this was happening.
No, no. The Crown Prince won't die. He's the male lead, no, because it's Callisto he won't die because I chose Callisto he can't die…
I muttered like a madman, slowly leaning over Callisto's body so that he wouldn't touch his back.
Once again his wounds, which I had seen closely, were beyond description. It was such a grotesque scene.
He said it was okay, but by all appearances, he looked really terribly hurt. Maybe he was dying or…..
"Oh no, what do I do? How can I"
"Don't look."
As I mumbled like a fool, Callisto grinned and chattered. "You hate this shit."
"Oh. If you're going to say that, just shut up."
I looked around urgently to find something to help me.
But I couldn't see anything because it was covered by the dragon's huge body.
When I was biting my lower lip in a daze, there was something that caught my eyes. The red ruby on his ear.
'Healing cuffs!'
Thank god it was still on his ears.
When reason came back again, I was shaking, bringing it to his wound. "Why, why is this"
There was so much blood that it was hard to tell whether his wound was really cured or not. I looked around with distant eyes and shouted.
"Help me! Help me! His Royal Highness the Crown Prince… Hah!" "Shh, Princess."
Then the Crown Prince called me in low voice.
Before I knew it, he was looking at me waiting for me to face him.
"Your Highness, wait a minute. I'm going to bring them in, hold this for a second…" "Isn't it time to go now?"
"What? What"
"You wanted to go back, to your home."
It was then that I stopped for a while at his unexpected words.
His words left me shook, the front of my eyes brightened at that moment.
~ MAIN QUEST: Hard Mode Hidden Route ~ [Who is the real villain?] Quest success!
You got [Hidden Ending] and [Golden Dragon's fangs] as a reward.
Do you want to use rewards to check [Hidden Ending]? [Accept / Reject]
The system window, which I had been facing in a long time was dazzlingly white. It was the ending.
At this moment.
As I was reading white letters with open eyes, I pressed [Accept] slowly with trembling hands.
[~ Hard mode hidden ending! ~ [The villain's ending is only death]
You are the true hero who defeated the villain and saved the world from destruction!]
After seeing the ending, you deserve what you want.
Would you like to leave here with [reward]? (However, [reward] will not disappear even if you leave here.)
[Yes. / No.]
I finally burst into pent-up tears in front of the ending I faced. "Why, why now"
"It's time for you to go, right?"
Callisto asked as if he knew everything.
I looked away from the system window and looked back at him. "Your Highness."
"Don't cry."
The Crown Prince reached out his hand and slowly stroked my cheek. "When you go back, forget everything that happened here."
"The mean words and deeds that I've done to you since the beginning, the ones that made you suffer"
It was as if he had already predicted that I would go back.
I gasped at his words. His hand touching my cheek, the way he looked at me was so warm. My heart ached so much.
I rubbed my tearful cheeks on his hands and asked painfully in the voice of the throat. "How can I forget this?"
"Do that anyhow."
It was still vivid that he asked me not to go and live with him, but he seemed to have been ready to let me go for a long time.
"Don't remember anything. And then, just focus on archaeology." "Then, what about you?"
"I told you, wherever you go, I'll follow you." I distorted my face at his words.
You, you even at this moment. You only say things that let me win. "Socough."
Then, Callisto trembled. Blood leaked from his mouth. "Your Highness!"
I called him almost shouting. "Go, come on."
Callisto pushed me with his hand, which had no force at all. "Before I change my mind and hang on to your skirt, come on."
"WhyWhy are you talking like that?
You told me not to go! WhyWhy don't you even hold onto me anymore?"
I sobbed and shouted like a child. I was afraid that he would die at any moment. I feel like I'm going to die…
But unlike me who cries sadly, he smiled faintly. "You're supposed to be the one whom I like the most." "Your Highness."
"I love you, Penelope."
He whispered the word of love to me in a dying voice.
"It's only for a moment that I'm jokingly breaking up with you. Wherever you are, I'll chase you to deathI will."
I raised my head, rubbing my eyes hard at his words.
Would you like to leave here with [reward]? (However, [reward] will not disappear even if you leave here.) [Yes. / No.]
There was still a bright system window in the air. I raised my hand slowly for a choice. My fingertips trembled as I stood in the air.
At that moment, countless thoughts passed through me. The first time I came here, I was frustrated.
From those hellish times, struggling to survive. Nothing was easy. Everything was scary and hard.
When I first met the goddamn Crown Prince in the maze garden, I was so desperate that I really wanted to throw everything away.
However, I couldn't deny that I was able to come till here because he started digging into my own hell at some point.
If I choose [Yes.], I can finally get out of this fucking game, but… 'Can I go back and really forget everything?'
Suddenly, a fear with no bottom and no end swept over the whole body. 'What if Callisto dies in the meantime?'
I looked down at the man looking at me while bleeding.
How could I live a normal life, missing someone's affection that would never happen to me again, remembering the memories of this place as a nightmare, waiting eagerly for a man who never came?
I wasn't at all confident. Because of the affection, attention, and happiness that had been given to me for a while in this hell.
It was so sweet, I didn't think I could let it go anymore. 'Now… can't I be a little happy now?'
I cried looking at the system window. It was not known whether it was tears of regret or tears of happiness.
"Uh, Your Highness."
I called Callisto, dripping with thick drops of tears. "No, Callisto Regulus."
Again I corrected his title, at his pretty eyes like ruby which slowly grew.
"I love you too. I mean…"
I raised his hand as hard as I could. With the sharp end facing with Callisto.
"Let's have a good time with our loved ones."
At the same time, the final reward of the game went down.
The moment the fangs of the golden dragon were lowered in Callisto's chest,
I made the choice.
The game ended.
God this chapter was a roller coaster of emotions. It was the best chapter until now.