Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - SS1

The empire was busy after that day.
They chased after the remnants of Leila who were still hiding everywhere, searched for groups of rebellions who were holding their breath, and recovered the damaged imperial palaces and saints.
Furthermore, Callisto who was given full control because the sudden death of emperor, had to get up before he recovered from his injury.
Ironically, I couldn’t really see his figure growing in the illustration that continued right after the game ended.
He was so busy that even the coronation was postponed for days.
Sometimes I felt strange to hear him come in to my room every night, even though he was exhausted. “I think it would be more comfortable to be on the battlefield.”
“Your Highness.”
I was surprised by his sudden act and raised my head from the book I was reading. Callisto who struggling with a tired steps, almost laid down on the sofa.
I jumped out of my seat when look his bad complexion. ” Do you want me to get a doctor ? The medicine.” “It’s okay. Come over here.”
Callisto, who sounded like a sick old man, turned his eyes glanced at me, and tapped his seat next to him.
I was about to call the servant, but soon I walked towards him.
Callisto leaned his head against my shoulder as soon as I sat on the sofa.
He buried his face close to the collarbone as if to smell my body odor and murmured with a big sigh. “HaI think I’m going to live a little now.”
It was a behavior that he have been doing since we survived from dead, so he no longer became awkward.
Rather, I still had a tough face. “Are you doing well? ”
I raised one hand and touched his cheek out of pity.
The dragon golden’s teeth were literally life-threatening, but did not completely restore Calisto’s body. ‘The reward from final quest is no good, you crazy game!’
Thanks to this, I had no choice but to get mad at games until the end. The wound containing the curse of vicious Leila did not regenerate easily.
He even called a wizard from a foreign country to purify duke’s house but under his clothes, a dark wound that had not healed was wrapped in a bandage.
When I recalled him, who still had his eyes closed unconsciously, I used to feel my heart shattered. Pressing down on my trembling heart, I said.
“Don’t drop me off because I’m busy Your Highness. And change your bandages on time.” I was about to say, “If you’re tired, take a rest,” but I couldn’t said it.
Because I know how hard he is trying not to look weak before coronation. My worried voice opened his eyes with a big smile.
“I’d love to, but your father like demons who won’t let me go.”
I frowned reflectively at his tone.
“Watch your mouth. Say demons to Duke, what would you do if anyone hears it?” “What’s wrong if anyone hear it?”
There was nothing good from the rumor that the new emperor who had just ascended to the throne would call his old loyal aristocrats including duke “demons”.
But Callisto began to gibberish as if he didn’t care.
“You know what, they were a bunch of aristocrats who just know how to make a complaints? If there’s a battlefield, there’ll be all sorts of ways to shut them down.”
“If you put it into action, don’t let me hear it.” “Of course.”
When I urged with Callisto who was fully practicable with concern, he bragged. I glanced at him in bewilderment.
“Of course? Cedric begged to me this morning to hide your sword.” “What? When? Was it while I was washing up?”
He was leaning against me and suddenly stood up straight.
“Cedric Porter, that sneaky weasel ! Somehow, I couldn’t find my sword no matter how hard I tried. Where did you hide it?”
I was amazed at the way he urged me to do it right away. “Why would you bring a sword to the conference room?”
“What do we know where the rebellions might be hiding in the imperial palace?” Callisto hurriedly responded.
‘Oh, come on. What are you talking about chasing after the seed with the intention of drying it?’
It was not an exaggeration to say that the Imperial Queen’s family which is a little bit involved with Marquis Ellen, might be destroy the old family.
I was dumbfounded and tried to urged back, but I shut my mouth again. When I saw the sharp jawline down, I could hardly feel to say anything. ‘Oh, my God. He is going to blow up’
I breathed a short sigh and felt sorry for what had happened. “Your face looks like hurt a lot.”
Somehow, I’m a little worried that my sick lover is run over by work. No, to be honest, it was a very annoying and upsetting.
“Don’t come this way. Go to your room and sleep.” “No.”
Even in that condition Callisto shook his head firmly. “What if you run away while I’m asleep?”
“Where am I going?”
It was a meaningless word battle. After waking up from a long sleep, he was strangely obsessed with my presence.
As evidence, He didn’t let me leave the palace a single step after Yvonne’s death. Perhaps Duke’s protest to him persistently at every meeting to send me home.
‘I gave up all my cancerous body because of you, so now I’m not to going anywhere, you little bitch !’ Sometimes I wanted to shout out in frustration. However i’m not do it.
Callisto’s fingertips confirming my presence obsessively are still trembling.
“If I’m going to run away, I have already gone in the middle of the day when you’re watching the political affairs. Why do I have to run away on a dark night? ”
I held his hand and give a clear argumentation “That’s right. Shit.”
While holding me like a rat, Callisto spat out a curse, perhaps he didn’t think of it. When I burst into a small laugh, he said urgently.
“Shall we move the office to here ? Oh, No. Why don’t we just leave everything and go on a trip? Didn’t you say you wanted to go abroad last time? Wait a minute. The country next”
“Your Highness.”
I slowly pulled my hands.
And puts to his mouth which is still intermittently shaking. “I’m not going anywhere.”
His movements stopped as he warmed his mouth through my fingers.
“And you said you’re come after me wherever I went. Are thats just a words ?”
In this state, I lifted my eyes up and tried to shed it freshly.
Callisto who looked at me without blinking his eyes, quenched his voice as if he held his breath after quite a long time.
“I’m going after you to the end of hell.”
His eyes reflected by the moonlight that came through the window, flashed lightly in the dark. Its looks like he was chasing after his prey.
‘You’re gonna do that’
I quickly cooled to the stubborn gaze and stopped shaking his hand.
But Callisto who had my hands tight, put his head on my shoulder again helplessly. It was no use to complaining, “It’s too heavy!”.
He asked me with his big, callous hands carefully. “What did you do today?”
“Hmm. Just”
After hesitating to answer for a moment, I soon confessed the truth. He is asking while checking my daily routine through Cedric anyway. “I attended the meeting of the Imperial Palace wizards.”
“And you has been trying to moved artifacts from the Archina Islands.”
As expected, it was all about knowing and asking.
I didn’t really answer back to Calisto’s response. Because I didn’t understand why he didn’t like it. The artifacts brought together by the wizards today were the remains of a broken ‘mirror of truth’. “Someone has been thinking about saving the other guy all day long while his lover working hard.” As expected a crooked voice was fired. I answered back calmly.
“I have to save people’s lives.”
” That’s way I ordered wizards to do it.”
“What can I do if I’m the only one who’s seen the mirror of the truth? And the Marquis Verdandi is a competent man to help state affairs.”
The world where Yvonne died and the game was over. Now I don’t know how things will go after this.
I was sorry to Vinter, but with his magical powers, he will be a reliable ally to Calisto who became emperor.
Of course, on the premise that he is still alive. “You’ve become a talented lady.”
Not knowing my deep thought, Callisto said absurd childish things like an elementary school.
“Don’t be so condescending and have a little bit of wide tolerance as the next Emperor. Have you already forgotten that we might have been baked side by side and be eaten by the dragon ?”
“What? Little? Huh.”
Callisto snorted loudly at my words and soon came and poured out his words.
“Yeah, that rose. When the hell did he give it and you receive it? Wasn’t I the first to find you when you run away from duke’s mansion?”
“Well, that’s”
I was speechless at the moment.
Calisto still doesn’t know when I escaped from duke’s mansion because Yvonne revealed her identity, I came first to Vinter’s place.
Before I knew it, Callisto who had his head leaned to my shoulder, opened his eyes wide and glanced at my face.
It was stinging so I avoided his eyes.
Every time I felt it, his hunch was like a ghost.
If he know that Vinter liked me, he would not only stop me from trying to save him, but would also crush the broken remains of the mirror.
“It’s, It’s not suspicious. I told you that Marquis turned back the time so the world wasn’t destroyed”
Except for the game system, I explained roughly to Callisto, but his eyes showed no sign of believing. I added, while looking at the distant.
“It’s a blessing.”
“And the fact that the evil spirit in the cave was his partner.” “Of course it was a small matter.”
“Thats reminds me on your Coming-of-Age Day, he gave you that weird magic necklace. Why does he
keep giving you such a crude thing”
“Stop, stop! Your Highness, I’m tired. I think I should go to bed.”
In order to shut Calisto’s mouth which kept investigated, I hurried got up from my seat.
“You too should go back, wash up and sleep. It’s too late. You have an inquiry tomorrow morning.” Fortunately, his bedroom was not far from where I was staying.
But even with the hurried decree, Callisto did not budge. It was a moment when I tried to left him behind first. “Penelope Eckart.”
He suddenly called me in a hoarse voice. I was startled and looked back again.
Callisto was still sitting on the sofa staring up at me. “I’m sick.”
“….. What? Where? Is the wound again”
Is it open? As soon as I reached out to look at him in a hurry.
A hot hand suddenly grasped my wrist. He held my hand to his own cheek.
“I can’t lift my hand because I’m sick. I don’t even have the strength to take off my clothes.” “”
“So I need you to help me wash up today.” My eyes met.
He held my hand to him and shut my mouth slowly. “You said I have to be quite, wash up, and sleep?” He shrugged with a brazen face.
He was a malicious man with a good hunch and quick notice. Because he knew if he acted so weak I couldn’t do anything.
Perhaps because of his red eyes, my face which reflected on it gradually turned red. Soon I answered in a small voice.
“I know.”