Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter ss-2: Side Story 2

In the end, Callisto left palace on next morning without bringing his sword.
After struggling to see him off, I fell asleep as if I was dead again, and it wasn't until noon that I finally walked to the site of the relics.
Callisto said, 'It wasn't me'. There were many more talented and outstanding people, but I just couldn't stay still.
I didn't have much to do in the palace because of the man who wouldn't let me go back to duke's mansion….
'I have to check with my own eyes whether Vinter is dead or alive.'
He has a cold tongue, but he's honest. And I was still nervous near him.
Yvonne who I thought she was dead, is coming back and I'm afraid Vinter who tied up between time and space will turn back time again.
So I'm afraid all those terrible things will be repeated again.
No quest window has ever been opened since the ending, but Eclise's body no have been found, and not returned either.
There was nothing clear. "Oh, that's in the middle."
Blankly thinking, I hurriedly opened my mouth when I found the broken mirror ornament going to the wrong place.
"Not that way, it's a bit more to the left. Since there's a lot of debris on it, please remove it more." "Ah! Yes, Yes!"
The young wizard picked up the brush he had thrown with a silly expression.
Suprisingly the empire had a few people studying archaeology since it was suppressed by Leila. 'AhI just came to see if everything was going well.'
I just couldn't stand and watch it, since I was dealing with artifacts that were old enough to be crumpled if I had picked them up incorrectly.
So I rolled up my sleeves and got involved a few times, and the 'mirror of truth' restoration scene gradually become my jurisdiction.
"Do you remember all of that?"
At that time, a cheerful voice echoed to the work site. "Marienne!"
I welcomed a young woman gladly.
Marienne Terosi was the only professor of archaeology at the Royal Academy.
"Thanks to you princess, everythings are moving forward. Otherwise, I still have a meeting about where the decorations were attached even after a month."
I felt the same way.
She was a little bit talkative, but it was work out among the ignorant humans who gathered the remains artifact and roughly put it together.
Wizards were trully monolithic people.
It was also Marienne's proposal to restore the shattered 'mirror of truth' when everyone was letting go of the fact that there was no way to find the place where Vinter was trapped.
Because of my testimony that when I met him, I saw "the truth of the truth."
Actually, I have a little doubt about her proposal, but I agreed with the feeling of catching a chance. 'Cause I can't make him to be burn forever'
The restoration was similar to a large puzzle.
I helped it by trying to remind myself about the mirror before it broke.
''It's supposed to be more than 3,000 years old, butThe shape is in very good condition so I don't
understand why it broke."
Marienne was already pleased to see the mirror's frame was have been fitted.
I have been squatting for along time so i raised my chubby body and answered roughly. "I guess because it's in a windless room."
"There's very little evidence of corrosion for that. Did she also take an ancient magic?" Marienne said in amazed way, when she touching the bronze that forms a mirror frame.
Although it was shattered, the relics were in very good condition for having endured a great deal of time.
'Of course it would be good to be said that I paid for it with the same money as my blood.' I tried hard to hold back the sarcasm that came out behind her.
"If this is the case, we can finish it in a few days." Marienne said and winked at me.
I asked in a startled voice, realizing the sense she was giving me. "Did you find all the pieces of mirror?"
"Of course."
As if to give a surprise gift, Marienne took out a box she was hiding.
When I opened it, there were several shabby pieces that were partly smeared.
Several pieces fell under the tower along with Yvonne, so it was quite difficult to find them. Next to it was a familiar hand mirror with a long stick.
It was my mirror rod and the mirror fragments that I broke while I fought with Yvonne on the tower. I quickly counted the number of pieces.
Then I confirmed that 15 piece were collected and breathed a sigh of relief. When I saw the 15 mirror fragments in my hand, it made me feel a little strange. 'I've been trying so hard to hide one of these things'
If I look at it, isn't it because of this piece that made him look like that.
As I struggled to push down my crushed heart, I quickly picked one of them with tweezers.
Thanks to meticulous Mariennes who had already removed all debris and cleaned them there was nothing I have to do.
I took it and crouched right in front of the mirror frame.Then silently put it on the empty space.
When I saw what Yvonne was holding before, I was able to attach all 15 pieces together without making a single mistake.
The corners of the mirror, which had been hollowed out as if eaten by a mouse, were gradually filled with pieces.
But unlike in the past when I was so afraid if this being completed, now there isn't quaint blue light had leaked out.
"It's done…"
Only then I was relaxed.
I breathed out my held breath and put down the tweezers I was holding on from my hand. "As expected! You have a talent princess !"
Marienne admired it as she looked at the part of the mirror I had put together. It was a ticklish remark. So I laughed back weakly.
"Having talent. It's something anyone can do to roughly match the shape."
"Look here! The arrangement is different from what other people have put together roughly. There is no gap, right? It's different way of dealing with artifacts!"
Marienne shouted with excitement at my words. "It's nice to see you doing it, efficiently."
I shrugged my shoulders. In my insignificant tone, Marienne replied with firmness. "It's something that no one else can do without concentration."
The unexpected compliments embarrassed me.
As I took off my gloves and washing my hands awkwardly, Marienne asked. "Princess, what should I do with this hand mirror and the rod?"
Only then did I realize that she brought my dark history besides the pieces of Yvonne. "JustLet's just leave it anywhere near here."
I answered with an effort to look away from it.
The hand mirror of the mirror rod was a completely different object, so it had nothing to do with restoring the 'mirror of truth'.
Marienne asked me with curious eyes.
"Is that okay? But this is your only weapon"
"No! That's not mine anymore. It doesn't even work!"
I shouted fearing that I might reveal the shame memories that I had been trying to bury. 'Stop it! I've barely forgotten it!'
I still had nightmares often.
Wielding that fucking stick and shouting some ridiculous magic spells like "Fire Blood Hand." Marienne glistened at my firm refusal.
"ThenCan I study it when the restoration is finished?"
"Sure just do it"
I replied bluntly. I wanted to burn it down forever, but it was not I couldn't understand the spirit of the archeolog.
With my permission, Marienne hummed and put down a box of broken mirror sticks in front of the 'mirror of truth'.
It was when I was looking at it with a disapproving look.
"Well, Princess. I wanted to tell you something." After put it, she come closer and talks to me. "What is it?"
"First of all, I'd like to ask you one thing before that." "What?"
"Last time you were interested in the academy of archeologyright?"
I looked at her with surprised eyes.
It hasn't been long time since I learned that there were institutions of higher education, like an universities.
In the Inca Empire militarily and culturally was a great power.
The royal academy, which is rigorously tested and can only be admitted to the genius of each country. I was amazed because Marienne who became a professor there, said it like nothing.
I kicked my tongue inside. Indeed, genius was a genius.
My insight into the never-before-seen interests was horrifying, lacking in remembering the words. "To be honest. I want you to say, I want you. As my direct student."
All of sudden?
Marienne suddenly held my hand whe she looked at me embarrassed. "Princess, In factOur archaeology it's a little poor. No, it's very poor."
"Ma, Marienne."
"The guys who took an entrace exam were crawling in and playing around, and their grades are at the bottom every year, and they're giving us a small amount of reseacrh money. I don't know why they’re doing this to me. Damn Gale Protoss! "
"HheumGale Protoss is the chancellor of the Academy Archeology."
My eyes were wide open with sudden harsh curses. Marienne coughed in vain and added "But I believe if you go to our department, all this treatment will be better."
"What? I don't really have that kind of power."
"Princess, I'm about to resign. So can you just say that I'm saving a decent major and enter the school? I'll make sure you're on the right track until Princess's graduation. Yes? Please"
Marienne clung to me as if begging. I answered with an awkward voice.
"But Mariene, the time of admission has already passed."
The Royal Academy, which has a high competition rate due to so many applicants, holds both graduation and admission once every 3 years.
Sadly, I wasn't there because I was crawling on the floor to raising Callisto's and another male lead's favorability at that time.
Then Mariene shouted with a dazzling eye.
"So! Did you know what I have found through the case a few hundred years ago?" "What?"
"It's not possible to enter the school during the semester.156 years ago, there was only one exception for the royal family who had the emperor's official seal, because he was had a crush on a lady from another country in the Academy!"
"But I'm not a royal family."
"What are you talking about? Soon, your husband will be the emperor of the Empire, right?" "What?"
As if talking about daily life, Marienne's lingering voice stopped the conversation. 'My husband?'