Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter ss-3: Side Story 3

I could feel the eyes of the innocent Marienne's face shaking endlessly. 'How did she know it?'
I thought we hid our relationship well.
Although Calisto is crazy guy used to go around telling bullshit to his subordinate for "Prepare Crown Princess" long time ago.
I don't know if it's because every time a man comes up, he's always screaming, but they haven't spoken about it.
Despite having countless problems and encounters with the Crown Prince before, but I had never thought about it that way.
Because I've been out of my mind for that damn game, and frankly it's not enough to be punished. 'It's been a few days since I admitted to dating, but what my husband ?!'
When I was stuttering without answering Marienne's unexpected words. "Oh, my God! So I'm talking to the future empress, right?"
She clapped her hands and bowed to me as if she had realized something new. "Please take good care of me, Your Majesty."
Her random behavior began to draw attention everyone on the spot. "Stop it, everyone being misunderstanding!"
I reached out my hand and pulled her up violently.
"Who, who said that? Is it Cedric by any chance? Or that bastard again…!" "Hey, Is it important who said it? Just take it easy."
Marienne's secret smile shocked me for a moment.
'It's only been a few days since I've been datingWas it looks so obvious?'
Its impossible. Because most of our communication during day time was through Cedric. After he woke up, he and I were so busy that we couldn't see each other in private.
We work together to defeat the main enemy who threatens the world, and following his father's last order to help him in the palace by crown prince's side.
It's obviously a public partnership!
"Don't worry, Princess. Because no one else would think that way except me."
Fortunately, Marienne quickly noticed that i was holding my embarassment and hurriedly said it.
"Ah, you are telling the crown prince about 'him' who swept the battlefield and wiped out the rebellion silently.
"What? What are you talking"
I tilted my head because I didn't understand the sudden change in the conversation. Then she uttered a lot more than before about 'We're in a relationship'.
"He's the only one who's so obedient. But how can he seem like a man with great ability?" "Yeah?"
"And the people who witnessed princess's magic attack said, 'The truth, there was a rumor going around that princess is a monster who will destroyed the empire'. That's why the Crown Prince is keep her in the palace to be on guard"
"Wha, What?!"
I was simply devastated.
Eckart's crazy dog with a crossbow wasn't enoughAnd now a magic monster who will destroying
the Empire?
'Crazy, that's all weren't more than a nasty rumors!' It was unbelievable and my mind was blank.
As soon as I think that I could hide our relationship, I had no idea that such nonsense was spread out. But it wasn't even hidden.
One of the five male leads was seriously injured, and I have to make it clear that other two were alive or dead.
It would have been a headache if the most healthy one knew.
'But if you want to make me gossip about me make one that dominates don't all be given to me? Who do they thinking I am!'
What on earth are they talking about?
I was filled with anger by my increasingly false rumor. Marienne noticed me that my face turned red and quickly said. "I, I guess I shouldn't have said that to you, Princess."
"No, thanks for telling me. Otherwise, I wouldn't have known."
"By any chance, do you remember what kind of asshole whose said that?"
When I bite my teeth tightly and asked with a cool smile, Marienne shook her head with a frightened face.
"Well, I've heard it from rumors tooHahaha and of course I didn't believe it!"
She hurriedly tried to rectify, but I already made up my mind. I will catch and kill him for talking nonsense like that.
Then, I was late to questioned her. That rumors between me and Crown Prince were lovers. 'How the hell did Marienne know?'
When I looked at her as if I was wondering, Marienne who had noticed my gaze, looked somewhere and laughed.
"If you're and Crown Prince in such relationship like a rumor, then why would he called you every day?" "Princess!"
At the same time someone called me with a loud voice.
As I turned my head, I saw Cedric just entering the site and running in a panic when he found me.
"Princess, The Crown Prince has a urgently issue to discuss with you regarding the restoration of the artifacts."
Cedric who came before me at that time, breathed hard and confessed his business. It seemed to everyone that he had come to me for some business.
"It's a very important matter, and he wants you to visit as soon as possible."
'urgently matter' means having a tea or meal at the best.
Of course 'very important issue' means that I should meet him quickly. 'Looks like now is almost lunch.'
At the same time as the thought, Marienne murmured admiringly. "Oh my God, I guess its almost time for lunch."
Only then did I realize that Cedric's visit which had never been attempted, might be seen differently in someone's eyes.
"Yeah? What did you say, Lady Terosi?" "Le, let's go!"
I rush forward between them and blocked them.
Two people with bombs in their mouths will only do bad things.
I'm pulled Cedric's arm wildly, even though he was embarrassed but he was moved smoothly. "But Princess, are you sick? Your face is so red"
"You said it was urgent. So stop nagging and let's go!" "Have a good time, Princess!"
I walked to the Crown Prince's palace was sent off by Marienne, who was contrary with Derrick who believe the rumors about me without knowing the truth.
There is quite a distance between the Crown Prince's Palace and the work site inside the palace. While I was on my way to see Callisto, I was lost in a deep thought.
After the last quest, I knew that the perception of the imperial palace and myself in the capital had changed, but actually it was a long and rare experience.
It was because I was not so good at the Imperial Palace.
'I thought being quiet would help calm the strange rumors'
Of course an unmarried Lady live in the unconscious Crown Prince's palace when the Emperor was dead will makes new rumors and confrontation in Aristocrat.
'Is Duke knows about this?'
He was the only person to hear the relationship with Callisto, which I admitted with my own mouth. If the rumors are smudge Eckart's reputation, the Duke wouldn't have stood still.
Then I suddenly changed my mind. Perhaps Duke will be glad to hear the rumor. He supported the Crown Prince, but he didn't like him.
'So what should I do now?'
To calm rumors of the prince’s new political opponent, I had no choice to announce our relationship. But I didn't want to be treated like the future Empress, like Marienne before.
Because it was a completely different direction from my plan to start studying again and quietly learning archeology when finished confirm Vinter's condition.
'Wait, come to think of it, I'm just having a little relationship, but why all of sudden Marienne makes a conclusion into a marriage?'
When my calm thoughts were getting mixed up in my head "Cess, Princess?"
I was awakened by the sound of calling me.
Turning to the side, Cedric was looking at me with a curious eyes. "What? Did you call me?"
"Suddenly you stopped walking." "Ahhh…"
I finally became embarrassed to realize that I had stopped in the middle of the road. As I walked again, Cedric followed me lightly and opened his mouth.
"Princess, may I ask you something on the way?" "What is it?"
"Do you remember the city of Tratan, which has the nearest port to Archina Island? Not long ago, there was a case where an island called Soleil was buried"
Of course I remembered clearly. I was the one who buried that island. "Why is it there?"
Unfortunately, there was only a very bad memory about that place, unconscious when I was asking back my voice was getting louder.
Cedric smiled and continued to speak despite my short response.
"As winter approached, there was a great famine in the lower regions, mainly in Tratan. The local leaders are clamoring for gold and supplies. "
"If you were given the chance to solve a problem, what would you do?" 'Here we go again.'
After staying in the palace, Cedric would often ask me this question. The reason was unknown.
His Lord is not trustworthy enough to rule over state affairs, so I think he's asking for advice here and there.
"What will I do? I'll release the national treasury."
I answered with a shrug. It was a one of the method that everyone would think of.
"It's harder to collect national taxes than ever because the situation is in a state of affairs. If we release the national treasury now, it's going to be hard to support areas whose suffering from cold weather in the middle of winter."
However, Cedric pointed out my eror from solving the problem with a perplexed face. 'What do you want me to do?'
I wondered. Even I tried to come up with another plan, it sounded like i was someone else from another country.
"Are you recommending me to make a donation ?"
Did he notice that emerald and diamond mines made me rich?
When I asked back, he opened his eyes wide open, and shook his hand with embarrassment. "No, I meanI just wondering if there was another book of funds."
"Another fund book?"
In addition to the national tax, there are other books on financing…..
When I thought so far, there was something passing through my head. "Oh, Do you mean the property of the queen's family?"
"That's it!"
Then Cedric shouted and 'Tak!' bounced his fingers.