Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter ss-4: Side Story 4

Cedric pressed me with sparkling eyes, as if he wanted to hear the answer that I know, everything. 'Why are you trying to get an answer from me?'
I replied with a little quivering voice. "Then let's do it."
"Okay. I'll do that right now! Thank you very much for coming up with a solution."
After thanking again and again, he took out a pen and a notebook from his arms and wrote something. He always had this strange behavior that would easily come to an end after I answered the question. It was all very suspicious, but I pretended not to know.
It was because I had a hunch that I would be in trouble if I began to dig deep into Cedric's strange behavior.
"Oh, and recently the Queen of the Hingdom Baien asked for diplomatic relations with the Imperial Palace. What should we do with this?"
Cedric, who had been writting something for a long time, soon walking slowly and asked another question.
"Hingdom of Baien?"
"Yes, there are a lot of good mines in the kingdom of Baien, and the pottery culture is well developed." "Aah."
"The tablewares made by the Baien craftsmen are so beautiful that it can be admired, but most of the ore being mined is inferior, so it is not very valuable."
"I see."
"We want to monopolize the tableware supplies used in the Baien Hingdom. And They're trying to use the Empire's reputation to make it worthwhile."
Despite my soulless response, Cedric continued the conversation. His brazen-faced, perhaps resembling his master.
"But it's not a bad proposal. It's not a bad idea to take the lead in a completely different new trend in the imperial palace, as the situation is now in a state of affairs."
I tried to slip through the conversation, but then I hesitated when I hear the next words.
The remark made some sense. The first thing to do when the administration changes is to erase the former administration.
But it wasn't something I had to argue about.
"Your Highness the Crown Prince will take care of it."
"Haha, Princess know the Crown Prince well. He is going to say, "I'm going to buy the tableware and use them for what?" And going to cut their throats then throw them away."
It was a terrible thing to say, but Calisto would do it. "If it's related to the reign of the late Emperor?"
"Then he will order us to buy it without looking at the treaty and then spend it like water. Even obvious funds may be in danger."
Cedric was truly an outstanding aide.
'I can't believe he have such a perfect grasp of his master'
I slowly rolled my head, lamenting the fact that there was a man like him next to emperor who lead empire in the future.
I couldn't help it. Thanks to the crazy system, I always became semi-automatic calculator when it came to money.
"It doesn't make any sense to buy low quality without saying anything."
For a moment, I thought about a good way.
"You can pay for it with the right gemstones mined in the empire." "What? Did you mean jewelry?"
"Yes. I heard the ore used in the tableware was cheap and it became worthless?" "Ah"
Cedric let out a low sigh as if he understood the meaning of what I suggested.
In an empire where magic was commercialized, the jewels were used to engrave magic. Because of this, the rough stones were not treated very well.
"I didn't think of that wayPrincess, you're amazing."
It was for a while that he gilded me in an admiring tone. And Cedric quickly writting something on his notebook.
I didn't know that the knowledge I learned from being an owner of mine would help in this situation. I realize belatedly that he was involved in Cedric's pace, but it wasn't very bad for me.
"The Empire doesn't trade at such a high price, so the budget won't be wasted much. I'll have to contact the relevant ministries and ask them to buy the remaining stones from all over the country."
"Yes, but it shouldn't be too cheap jewelrySo, something like an emerald would be good."
"Emeraldthank you very much, Princess."
" No need to say thanks."
Looking at Cedric, who wrote "emerald" in his notebook, I smiled amusedly. 'I'll call the butler as soon as I get back.'
It was when I had just come into the garden behind the Crown Prince's palace.
Calisto, who was looking at the document with a grimace on his face in front of the dinner table, jumped up from his seat and ran.
"Why are you coming so late?" "Have you been waiting so long?" "hmm, the food isn't cold yet."
I'm a little sorry when look his sulky face.
It was true that I was quite late when talk to Cedric about this and that. I quickly held his hand and led him to the table.
Now I know it, that prince's temper lasted quite a while when he was upset. It was obvious that I would end up in trouble, so I made a gentle apology. "I'm sorry. This is quite far to come here."
Fortunately, when i held his hand first was worked, Calisto sat in front of the table with a softer face. "Serve again the food."
He commanded his servants.
I looked with a pitiful glance at Cedric who was picking up the documents that had been thrown away carelessly.
"If you're busy, why don't we have a simply refreshments?"
"Who's busy? And, if I'm going to dealing with demons, I have to eat well." I thought I'd try to deal with something more here, but I didn't say much.
It was the moment when Cedric finished picked up all the documents that had fallen to the floor and stood up.
"By the way, where did you leave the carriage I gave you for a comfortable ride?" Calisto critism his aide as if he had waited.
Cedric's shoulders flinched noticeably.
"I have an urgent matter to attend to, so I'll leave first."
Callisto chuckled, staring at his back as he step out of the garden.
"That bastard treated his master's horse like a dog's bone again. I'll have to take a look at it." "Don't do that too much."
The profits I got today were pretty tight, so I defend him in moderation. "I feel comfortable walking. So you don't need to send a carriage." Callisto wriggled his eyebrows as if he had no idea what I was saying.
"You sent it back last time, what the hell is wrong with you? It's hard to walk."
At that time, the people's attention was burdensome, and I was afraid that our relationship would spread out.
However, that's the rumors that I was so worried about.
And now, if I took the carriage he had sent, it would have spread rumors that Crown Prince was closely monitoring the political opponents.
"You know what's rumors between us and doing that right now"
As I was about to shout out in frustration, I managed to come to my senses and shut my mouth at his inquiring tone.
If Cedric and Marienne were just carrying a bomb in their mouths, Callisto's mouth itself was like a nuclear bomb.
If I say something wrong, he may post a hand-written poster across the country. "Tell me. What's the rumor going on between us?"
I shook my head quickly when i saw him beginning to interrogate me with curious eyes. "Oh, it's nothing."
Fortunately, the newly heated foods change the conversation.
I roughly stirring up the steaming soup that the servants had served. "Anyway, don't send the carriage anymore. I'll be back when the time comes." "Even if you care about it, it's crazy."
He hit the teacup with his fork, with a very upset look on his face. Tang! Tang! There was unpleasant sounded a couple times.
"I don't like it." "Ha"
I was stunned and burst into laughter.
"You're not a kid. What the hell is this? And isn't you going to be Emperor soon? Use only pretty words, and nice words."
"If anyone sees they will be confused whether you are my mother or my wife." "You are mistaken, we haven't been engaged yet."
"Why are you so mean? You never get away with anything." 'Cause you're not letting me get over it!'
I took a deep breath, barely chewing up the piece of meat in my mouth. 'Let's put up with it. As an intellectual lady, I have to bear it.'
Even there was a distance, the servants who were waiting for us must be listening to all our conversations.
Callisto also a human being, but how unfair it would be if I were to fall into the same class.
Calisto burst into laughter as if it was funny to see me gulp down the meat while drinking cold water. "Your feet. Does it hurt anywhere?"
It was like a casual tone, but it wasn't.
When I first time went to the restoration site, he was making a fuss after he saw my heels peeled due to a wrong choice of shoes.
But it didn't feel so bad.
It was a very strange and embarrassing knowing someone cared so much about me.
Even after he was clencing his teeth, as it is now. So sometimes I couldn't stand and burst into laughter. "It's okay. I'm not even wearing shoes."
" Tsk. I have told you to stay in the palace."
As he smiled together, Callisto grumbled with a frown on his nose. That warm voice, and eyes.
Now It's so ticklish and precious to me.
I didn't regret the decision to stay in this world. “You don’t listen to me, anyway.”
"Same with you."
"It's same as an insult to the imperial family." Of course, except for his scum words.