Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter ss-5: Side Story 5

As I was quarreling with Callisto, the meal was almost finished. It was when I was eating melon sherbit wildly as a dessert.
"Your Highness, I'm sorry. But I have something urgent to tell you"
"What is it?"
One of his subordinates rush into the dining room.
If he do that even though he knows his master's personality, it means that is really urgent. "Shit."
Callisto who heard the report to see if his prediction was right, crumpled his face and said a curse word.
"I'm sorry princess, but I should get up. There was an urgent meeting."
He apologized as he prepared to leave.
I just finished the meal, so I put down the teaspoon that I was holding. "It's all right. I've to leave, too."
“You should eat more. Why you eat in hurry like you’re scared someone will steal the food from you?" "Was it not neat?"
I was glad to have a dessert after a long time, but I didn't eat it with such a fuss like he said. When I glare at him, Calisto was stood up completely and smiled pleasantly.
At the same time, I recalled a more important issue than saying a farewell words.
"You didn't forget the senator supposed to visit you after dinner, did you? Be sure to see doctor before it."
Calisto dodged my eyes with a subtle face like he had forgotten.
Even though he grew up in early childhood, he was very disliked to see a doctor or take medicine. ' You're not a kid anymore'
He was still a stern patient. If I didn't say it twice or three times, he would avoided a doctor under the pretext of being busy.
"Promise and go. You're going to see the doctor first and then work." "Princess, come here for a moment."
"No, don't change the subject. Just make a promise first. I'm waiting." "Really? Then I'll go."
He stomped his feet toward the subordinate, but he remained firm.
Instead of me who was frowning without a wink, Callisto grinned and narrowed the distance. "Here, you asked for it."
"What are you"
A confident man stretched out his hand at once.
A warm temperature touched my mouth. His thumb touched my lips before Callisto brought it back to his own mouth.
" You're not a kid but so clumsy."
I was suprised and hardened, but immediately blushed when laughing voice heard. As he said, it was so delicious that I didn't even know that I was eating in a hurry. 'No, he's running away from the subject because doesn't want to take medicine!'
Embarrassment also came as a shock to me that I was treated like that by Callisto, not anyone else. "Now what are you going to say"
It was then. Instead of the rough thumb on my lips, the soft texture touched them like a stamp. I didn't know what had just happened, so I just blankly opened my mouth and froze.
"It's sweet."
Looking at me like that, Callisto grinned as he revealed his teeth. Only then I come to my senses and look around.
"Are you crazy?"
Fortunately, he was so large that his subordinates and servants could not be seen. But my face was burning hot. What an absurd thing to do it in the daylight.
"No? I'm sane enough to kisses my fiancee." "Th, This"
You're a shameless fellow!
But even before I vented my anger, Callisto pulled me to his side. "Ukh!"
The wind knocked the forehead squarely against the hard chest. "Hey!"
It was the moment when I was struggling to get out of the man's shoulders who held me in a relentless way.
"Idon't want to go."
Callisto mumbled, rubbing his forehead against my shoulder.
"I'm afraid I'll have to postpone the medical checking until evening. It's not an excuse, it's a truth." True or not, it was quite a tired voice.
The finger that grabbed a handful blonde hairs to tear it off was loosened.
I asked, holding his back head in my arms, in a half-hearted manner that neither shook him nor face him, or even hugging each other.
"Are you that busy?"
"I'm afraid the coronation will break my bone." "What about the coronation?"
"Everything old people say, 'It's shouldn't be like this, It's shouldn't be like that'." Callisto, who had a face on my neck, took a deep breath and whispered like a joke. "If it like this, even I'd object my ascension to the throne."
Callisto was the only prince left in the Empire, so it couldn't be. I knew it was a joke, but I was still very angry.
"What kind of crazy man are you?"
He gave his life to protect the palace from the dragon, even though he said in his usual tone that the empire might be lost at once.
Even the Marquis Ellen were purged, and how dare you be such a fool..…! "Oh, let go of me!"
In an instant I became serious and struggled again to get out of his arms. However Callisto didn't untangle his arms and only burst into laughter. "I'm just saying."
"Are you just saying that?"
"Who would disagree with me? Standing next the hero who gave up the throne to you after killing a terrible monster that would destroy the world, and didn't you supporting me with your glare. "
There was sly giggle, he raised his head 'cup, cup' and kissed me again on the cheek. "Do you know how strong I am?"
I desperately avoided the attack from his lips and squeezed a handfull of his hair to tear him off. "Don't say such a thing, even if it's a joke. Do you know what's rumors going on between us?" "Aw, Aw!"
The Callisto's forehead was wrinkled. He shouted with a faint scream.
"If you're going to be so hard on me, why would you make me an emperor? " "I've said repeatedly, but I don't care about the imperial throne."
"I don't really care either. Didn't you say it's okay to be recorded as a bad villain with you?" "No thanks!"
When I finally got out of his arms, I take few steps away before get caught again and shouted. "I'm sure I'll see you go through a great coronation even if there's dirt in my eyes."
It wasn't just to dismiss his nonsense.
Before I make a new start in this world, I decided to see Callisto become an emperor. It was the same when I received the last quest from the system.
In a safe world not only from Yvonne, but also the assassins and distraction. I wanted to see him rise to the throne as he dreamed.
At that time, I felt relieved to see his figure smile, and now I can realize that everything is over. 'The dream of becoming a perfect emperor seemed to be gone'
Maybe it was because I was staring at him with a grim expression of solemnity. Callisto comfort me and said in a friendly voice.
"Don't worry too much." ""
Without answering I looked up at him with a dissatisfied expression.
Callisto walked one step closer.
I tried to avoid him because I thought he'd embrace me again, but fortunately he stopped and reaching out one arm.
"Once again. Don't look sullen."
He rubbed the middle of my forehead, with his big hands.
Callisto shrugged and replied to my painted gaze with the meaning of "What are you doing?". "You know, those rumors. They're bullshit that'll disapear when you get married anyways." "What. So you do know it?"
I was about to say something because I thought he was pretending not to know. But a strange word flashed across my mind.
"Yes, it's a lot of trouble to hold both the coronation and the wedding at the same time." He explained the reason why he trouble with the old people happened.
"Because it was unprecedented, old people are so worried about it"
"Wait. Whose wedding is it?" "What?"
I couldn't stand it any longer, so I hurriedly interrupted his words and asked. Callisto answered as if he was puzzled.
"Of course, it's our wedding." "Yeah?"
"Where are the crazy people if not the emperor to marry at the Emperor's coronation?" The prince made a funny expression in response to my open mouth.
I blinked my eyes blankly and asked. "Is thisA proposal by any chance?"
"Should I have to do such annoying things, between us?" "Hah"
All I could do was laugh.
If it was a proposal, I'd rather refuse. But it's not like that either.
In addition
' Such annoying things?'
Oh, my God. Where in the world a lady gets notified of her married like this? I was so dumbfounded that I stuttered for a long time before gave an answer. "Who's getting married at will?"
"When the Crown Prince becomes an emperor, naturally the Crown Princess becomes an empress." The prince chattered slowly like explaining to the young child.
I clenched my teeth tightly. "Why am I the Crown Princess?" "So you're not going to do that?"
"I'm not going to marry you."
When hear my words, the smile on Callisto's face faded.
It made me feel sick to see myself look like had been informed of my marriage. "If you don't marry me, who will you marry with?"
After shaking his eyes for quite a while, he soon stammered and said, "Tell me, what kind of bitch he is."
"Who am I marry with? I'm just living alone. Unfortunately, I'm a non-marriage person, Your Highness." I shrugged my shoulders and struck lightly. Then he asked back immediately.
"Then what about me?"
"How do I know that? You should live on your own." "Ha!"
And then Callisto burst into laughter this time.
Finally, after playing all his tricks, he lowered his voice and moved on. "Penelope Eckart, are you serious?"
Callisto and I stared each other without saying a word.
The grumbling of his teeth without take a single step back seemed liks when we were reunited at a hunting competition.
There seemed to be an illusion and 'prangpang' sparkling blue sparks in the air. "Your, Your Highness. I'm sorry, but we've been delayed for a long time"
Then his subordinate stepped in between us with a pale face.
When Calisto's fierce gaze turned to him, he was stunned with a "hehehe!". "Tsk. That's enough of your pranks."
Callisto tried hard to manage his expression, when he realized that he couldn't be like this in front of his subordinates.
"Let's go. We will finish the rest of the conversation at night. " "It's not a prank. And you didn't ask, but I said anyway."
There was no way I didn't know that he was trying to make a rough move, just as a joke.
I hurriedly escaped from the seat, and take a step back and spoke like a wedge to a man who might not know what it is farewell.
"Your Highness, Callisto Regulus."
Callisto opened his mouth, shocked being called with his full name. "I won't marry you!"