Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - SS7

It was really ridiculous.
That’s why he went ahead with a secret wedding that I didn’t even know ? “Hah, then why am I left in this fucking place?”
The anger that had been clam suddenly soared. I’ve really done enough.
I gave up my original body which was dying of cancer, and saved Carristo’s life, and raised my head with pride until he woke up.
After he was able to walk, he told me not to go to Duke’s mansion, so I remained at the palace without saying anything.
“You ungrateful bastard! I gave up on my body, my home, my college, and I saved your life!
It was the moment when I used abusive language and forgot that Cedric was in front of me. “Can you say that it remained entirely for his own sake?”
Unlike before, Cedric asked in a business tone. I suddenly raise my head and looked at him. “What does that mean?”
“You are thinking about leaving the Imperial Palace, no, maybe the capital.” “”
“That’s why you looked for Academy admission without saying anything.” “That”
I’m speechless. Because I haven’t done anything like that in front of Callisto so far. “How”
“I don’t think Princess wasn’t aware that Your Highness would notice.” No, I really didn’t know.
I didn’t know Calisto was watching me closely enough to see through the things that I recognized as a way to kill time.
“If it’s your job, you’re the one who runs out in battle.”
Cedric added with a bitter smile at my bewildered appearance. “Ihaven’t decided yet”
I muttered an excuse.
“IJust want to decided what I want to do.”
It was a plea, but the voice that full of trick was already fading. Cedric grinned at my sullen answer.
“I’m not blaming the princess’s plan. On the contrary, I would like to know what the princess does, if Your Highness can open a little his mind.”
“But no position, no honor, no money. I don’t care about anything”
“How can you catch it?”
Callisto understood Cedric’s mind, but at the same time did not really understand it. “But who is the man who notifies the marriage that way?”
If we are all married because we are worried about leaving, this world will be full with couple. ‘Oh, right. This game is about dating simulator.’
As I was going through an awful experience, At the same time I realizing the contradiction of my words and the sarcasm, Cedric nodded his head gently.
“I agree with that.”
“I don’t want to get married that way.”
“Of course, I am very sorry that Your Highness was rejected by a princess based on his short, dull thoughts, and his foolish behavior.”
“You’d rather cruse him openly.”
I kicked my tongue as I turned without a swear word. Then Cedric continue his word again.
“But please take a good look at it, Princess. Who else would live with him if it weren’t you? ”
Even though the room was empty, Cedric looked everywhere and whispered a “personal breaker” quickly in my ear.
I thought I had a lot of fun living, so I answered with a big smile. “I see.”
Cedric went back, as the night deeper.
But Callisto still didn’t think about showing his nose.
I waited for him and read the book, but I couldn’t concentrate either. Tak~.
neatly covered the book, I left the room wearing a shawl. Because I couldn’t sleep, I was able to do light walk at night. Outside the palace, the pretty chilly wind swept this whole body. With the shawl in my hand, I walked slowly.
The duke’s mansion was formidable, but the imperial palace was really a huge place.
There was a strong possibility of getting lost if I went wrong, so I walked along the path I knew, and I reached the place where the restoration work of the relics was done.
“When did I get here?”
I was surprised and looked around but the lights that were lighting the way disappeared, and only one dark building with the lights out was standing up.
Although it was a familiar place to visit frequently, it looked so strange at night. I turned around in a hurry to go back, shivering for no reason.
It was then. “Huh?”
Suddenly a faint light flowed from windows of the darkened building. ‘Is there anyone who’s working until this time?’
Suddenly I had such a thought, but I quickly raised my head.
Few people in the imperial palace weren’t so interested in ancient relics. Except for one person. “ThenIs it Marienne?”
There was a great chance that she would remain.
When she knew the existence of “mirror of truth” and she went crazy.
I was thinking about going back for a while, but soon walked to the entrance.
I thought I’d say hello since I’m here. Also, I can check the work progress after lunch. Hrieet~.
There might be a person inside, but the big door was not locked. “Marienne?”
I sneaked into the open door and called her.
But there was no answer back. I looked every inch of it, but inside the building was empty without a trace.
‘Then who lighted this light?’
Thanks to the light coming from somewhere, I can see that there was no problem at the work site. As soon as possible, I searched for a light source with my body halfway outside the door.
Of course it was easy to check it. “Why is that”
My head went blank.
The source of light was none other than the “mirror of truth.”
I just put the pieces of the broken mirror together one by one, and to complete restoration still a long story.
However, the white light is pouring out from the small miror areas that are fitted with a frame. ‘How is that possible? Wasn’t the game over? But I’m sure, it’s the ancient magic’
Fucking ‘ Thank you !’ lingered in my ears.
I couldn’t even restore it, but I was confused about how the “mirror of truth” worked. I agonized for a short time.
I should check it now or just go back and check with the wizards tomorrow. ‘But what if it stops working again overnight?’
The thought drove me straight into action. Fortunately, the ancient magic did not harm me. ‘If you give me a damn quest’
I sneaked into the door completely, and then moved without delay to the place where the artifact was.
As I approached, the multiple branches of light pouring from the mirror surface, which was attached to the frame, became more vivid.
Stopping a few steps before the “mirror of truth,” I looked at it carefully. It was then.
Tak, Tadak, Taktak~.
A dull noise was heard from somewhere.
Surprised, I immediately found the identity of the sound. “That’s”
It was a box of mirror rods that Mariene put down near the mirror in the morning. I crumpled my face without mercy.
Why would a broken rod make such sound in the box? I had an ominous foreboding. But it was also funny to come all the way here and go back without confirming anything. Furthermore, I couldn’t live with fear that the game system might pop out again.
‘Yes, if it’s a new quest, let’s bring it to a conclusion!’
I squatted without hesitation and stretched out my hand.
When I unlocked the lock and opened the box, white light poured out from inside. At the top of the broken rod, a hand mirror was vibrating with light.
“Why do you shine like this when you’re broken, huh?”
Maybe because I was expecting it. I reached out halfway and grabbed a broken rod under the hand mirror.
Drrt~ drrt~
The mirror rod vibrated in my hand as if it were resonating.
When I stand up, the light and vibrations from the hand mirror grew stronger. It was easy to notice that it was because it got closer to the’mirror of truth’.
Standing in front of ‘Mirror of Truth’ with a mirror rod in my hand, I turned my head for the last time and looked back.
‘ I wonder if Callisto back yet.’
I hope so. If I have to worked all night.
And when I came back, I couldn’t imagine how much of fuss he would made when he see I was not in the room.
Drrt, ddrr.. Dddrrtt~
At that moment, the mirror rod vibrated so hard, as if it were pushing me. “Oh, okay! I’ll do it!”
Hopefully, it will end soon before dawn, and I put the half-shattered mirror rod close to the mirror of truth.
At that moment, there was a strong light from somewhere, “Hwa-ak-!” and my eyes were white. When I opened my eyes again, I stood in the black space.
Then I found someone who was sit down in front of me and staring at me. “You, you are”
When I see her lovely pink hair, the blue eyes like the sea and her hair curled naturally. I managed to open my mouth.