Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter ss-8: Side Story 8

Is this hallucinations? I opened my eyes wide. Yvonne must have died.
After a fierce fight at the tower, I pushed her down from tower and defeated her. However.
"Oh, how did you"
Is it Leila not her who alive in the mirror of truth? I didn't understand.
The ancient wizard and Leila were the top of top. Maybe they are possible to do something like this. Confusion and doubt were solved by Yvonne's appearance.
I doubted my eyes when I saw Yvonne's height barely touching my waist. Even with only pink hair and blue eyes, I couldn't recognize it right away. 'She' not like Yvonne, she's got a chubby face and a small body.
" By the wayAre you Yvonne Eckrat?"
A strange child with pink hair trembled as the name flowed through my mouth. I was sure of it.
'It's not Leila.'
To be exact, it was 'real Yvonne' before she was possessed by Leila. Maybe her age around eight years old.
I was embarrassed by the young child's appearance, but soon I stuttered and opened my mouth. "You…. were you alive? How did you get here"
My head was confused. There was no such story in the original game. Even in the hidden endings of the normal and hard modes I've been in. It was then.
As soon as I took a step closer to Yvonne, something vibrated strongly in my hand. The broken mirror rod that led me here was emitting its own light.
Then I and Yvonne's eyes turned toward the hand mirror in my hand. At that moment, the child twitched his face and glared sharply at me. "Why"
When I hesitated under the gaze of hostility. Tak~
Suddenly Yvonne snatched the hand mirror from my hand and started running. "Eh, uh! Hey!"
As I was in a flurry over what had happened in a blink of an eye, I began to chase her.
'Why are you taking that away all of a sudden?Are you Leila, not Yvonne? That's why you take that first?'
While following the child, who was disappearing beyond the black space, the body of Yvonne's flashed through my mind.
However, the distance did not narrow even though I pursued her with all my might. "Hosh… Hosh…! Why are you running! If you're going to fight, fight here!"
I shouted loudly, driving my breath up to my jaw.
However, Yvonne did not look back as if she could not hear me. 'Oh, I can't even catch her. '
Even Yvonne have my relics and became young, I can deal with her without magic. That's why I thought she was running away like that.
Suddenly, at the end of the space, where only endless darkness unfolded, there was a square door emitting a white light.
Yvonne stopped in front of me and look back at me as if she were teasing me. "Yvonne! Wait, talk to me! What's wrong with you? "
But even in my earnest outcry, Yvonne disappeared beyond the bright light. "No! If you're going to go, you have to give back my mirror rod! Hey-!"
At the same time, the square door starting to disappear. 'Shit, I'm going crazy!'
I moved my body so violently.
However, the speed of the door disappearing was faster than the narrowing distance. I clenched my teeth and accelerated my speed.
Just before the light completely disappeared,
Barely flying into it, I thought countless times about how to defeat effectively Yvonne who became a child.
Then my eyes were turned white.
When I open my eyes again.
The quiet black space disappeared and a strange place unfolded before my eyes. "Huh. Where is this"
Surrounded by embarrassment, I soon realized where I was. It was a main street near duke's mansion.
I could easily guess what the situation was because I have came here once.
The dark night after sunset. The streets that people who usually go to visit are crowded with numerous people.
Lined restaurants, grocery stores, and colorful decorations in the air.
Everything felt as vivid as it was when I came with the damn Eckart brothers before saving Ecklise. 'It's not real.'
However, they made me realize that this place is an illusion.
It was because there was no such thing as a festival in the capital ahead of the Emperor's coronation. As if I'm paying attention to it, people pass through my body in the middle of the street.
'Where's Yvonne?'
To get out of here, I had to find that rude kid who dragged me here first. When I was wander around, walking through people.
"Brother! Look over there!" "Yvonne! Don't run!"
The name I was looking for suddenly heared in my ears. Soon I turned my head that way.
"Look at this¸ isn't it pretty?"
Yvonne who I had been looking for, was smiling brightly with a hand mirror in front of a grocery store.
Although some of the decorations were missing from the original fancy apperance , I recognized at a glance that it was my mirror rod.
'Hey, you!'
As I ran and shouted from the side, I suddenly stopped.
There was no voice. I reached out my hand to snatch a hand mirror, but I just crossed through Yvonne like an invisible human.
'What, why is this like this?'
I was confused. At that time, someone gasped and shouted at Yvonne. "Don't run! I said it was dangerous because there were so many people!" 'Rennald?'
I looked back at him and opened my mouth.
A young Rennald, who looks like an elementary school student, said with a stern expression.
"Iƒ you do this¸ I'll take you back to home." "I'm sorry¸ brother"
Yvonne, who heard her brother's lecture, replied with a sullen look.
"Let me see."
He took away the hand mirror that Yvonne was holding and looked at it quickly. Two sibling with lovely pink-haired looked like twins.
"Tsk¸ what's so pretty about this? It's all over the place." "That's rude. It seems to be made oƒ low quality bronze." Following Leonard's words, someone added with a hard voice. 'Derick?! '
I literally opened my mouth.
The reason I was more shocked than when I saw the young Leonard is that Derick's appearance as a teenager was very familiar.
'CrazyThat's what I look like when I turn into a male with a magic bracelet, isn't it?'
It was a time when I looked over him as an adult on Derick's young face.
"I like this oneTake a good look¸ brother. It's shiny and pretty compared to other mirrors."
Yvonne pouting her mouth cutely. This time the owner of a grocery store intervened.
"Your eyes are correct! This is not an ordinary mirror! It's a mirror used by the ancient people of the far west. There is a mysterious power"
"OH. Wait here¸ Yvonne. I'll get you something much prettier than this."
Leonard cut owner's words who was eager to speak, and ran to the nearby accessory store without appreciation.
'Your temperwere the same like when you were young.'
As I stepped away and watched them like that, I stared at a pink hair was moving away. I have a vague idea of what this illusion represents.
This was the day they lost the 'real' Yvonne.
"3o do you want this¸ Yvonne? "
Suddenly, Derick asked, pointing to the hand mirror that Leonard had left behind. Yvonne nodded with he sparkling eyes.
"Hey¸ How much the price?"
"Good choice ! Give me three silver coins!"
Despite the exorbitant price, Derick paid without saying anything.
Derick received the mirror from the merchant, gave it to Yvonne and said.
"Here¸ be careful not to get caught by Raina. It'll be a disaster if it goes into father's ear." "Wow! Derick brother is the best!"
Yvonne jumped with a happy face and rubbed Derick's cheek. Derick smiled and stroked her head as if he see his cute sister. I opened my eyes wide with surprise.
I couldn't believe that there was a time when someone who just knew how to make a smile like a robot would know how to smile so gently.
It was the moment. Boo-woo, Boo-woo-!
I heard a loud noise from afar.
Looking at it, there was a crowd of people dressed in colorful costumes were walking in the middle of the street.
"Yvonne¸ hold my hand tight."
Derick said and holding Yvonne's hand.
It was a very small hand, unlike when he was held out to me.
Of course, it was much larger than Yvonne's hand, but he couldn't hide the age of 10 years ago.
"What about brother Rennald ?"
"He's not a child¸ he'll come on his own."
The brothers and sisters, holding hands tightly, had a round conversation and retreated to the roadside. Meanwhile, the parade procession got close to them.
I roughly guessed what would happen next.
But in this state, there was nothing else I could do but watch.
'This is a past that has already passed.' While thinking so, it happened as expected.
Unlike me, whose awkward and roughly held his button clothes , the young Yvonne was easily swept away by the crowd, even though she held hands tightly.
"Bro¸ brother!"
Derick shouted desperately as he saw Yvonne moving away.
"Get out of my way!"
Pushing through the crowd, he reached out to Yvonne on his own. But it wasn't enough.
On the little shoulder that passed before me, I put aside the thought of just watching and tried to reach out and hold her hand.
'Oh, No.'
But it just passed.
The blue eyes filled with tears quickly disappeared from my sight. 'What should I do?'
When I was walking fast through people following the missing Yvonne. Tuk, tuduk.
Suddenly, something rolling on the floor and caught my eye.
Derick bought her a hand mirror and his hand mirror was rolling around at people's feet, Maybe she missed it.
As if its knew I was watchig, at that moment, a faint glow emanated from the mirror. 'Damn it.'
I ran over there, grinding my teeth.
And just before someone's foot trampled on the mirror, I managed to snatch it away. Unlike the others, the mirror did not pass through and was fully in my hand.
"3hit¸ Yvonne! Yvonne"
At that time, a desperate sound was rang out.
Looking back, Derick standing alone in a devastated position where the parade was swept away.