Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter ss-11: Side Story 11

I answered in a sullen voice.
"It sounds like you're sorry that I've succeed it." "It's not like that, but"
"Sadly, it's been a while since I killed Yvonne. That means the magic circle who was holding you back would have stopped working."
He didn't even know it because he has been sleeping until now.
However, when I saw him didn't understand and stared at me blankly, I filled with anger. "Why don't you get up early? Do you know how hard it was to find you, Marquis?"
I screamed out loud. Only then Vinter rise completely from his place. He still had a puzzled look on his face.
After grasping the situation for quite a long time, he finally opened his mouth and talked. "I thought it would fail. So I gave up everything and waited for the end."
Before I could ask why he didn't show up on his own, I lost my word when I heard his answer. Vinter's eyes wandering beyond the distant air, slowly moved to Yvonne who was standing next to me. "From some point on, this kid's eyes are numb"
"I thought it was the past illusion of seeing guilt. So I thought it was time."
So Vinter lay on it, giving up everything and not knowing if magic circle had stopped.
I was angry, but on the other hand, it was not that I didn't understand, so I shut my mouth. Anyway, the fact that he was alive was the most important.
Now we have to take a first step in the real future, which has nothing to do with games. "She is a 'real' Yvonne."
"I think she was locked in space and time soon after she was possessed by Leila." I explained it first to Vinter about Yvonne's identity.
It made me wonder. Perhaps, the ancient wizards who struck the system held on to the soul of the children's bones.
Like bringing me back from another dimension because he couldn't collect Penelope's shattered soul. 'So that's why only Leila returned without Yvonne.'
Meanwhile, it was fortunate.
Little Yvonne would have been unable to bear the destruction of her soul at every moment by Leila. "I see."
Vinter nodded heavily as if he understood.
It seemed that Yvonne was feeling responsible for this. "Now how can we get out from here?"
"Well. From my perspectiveIt seems that the'mirror of truth' is a passage connected to the outside."
Vinter pointed behind me and said.
I nodded lightly, and since I've been came here through the mirror that was being restored, so i though it would be for some reason.
The only thing left now was Yvonne. I glanced at her.
"Then before we go out, I think about what should we do with her." It was a good thing that Vinter was alive.
Now that the system all gone, there's got to be a solution. It would be better for everyone to have a happy ending.
I wanted to take Yvonne out of here and, if it was possible, I want to send her back to her original family.
However, he just stared at Yvonne and shook his head with a gloomy face. "UnfortunatelyThere is no way."
"If you succeed in stopping Leila, there is no more body for the soul to return." "That's"
I'm speechless.
I just knew what it would be like with magic, but I never thought of such a realistic problem. "What are you talking about?"
When both of us stared each other with a serious face, Yvonne jumped in and asked.
I was afraid of saying something I couldn't do in front of this child, so I quickly reached out and blocked Yvonne's ears.
"You don't need to know."
"Ish, why don't you let me know? Let go!" "Tsk, I'm in trouble."
Stopping this child who struggling to get my hands off her, I said to Vinter in low voice. "I didn't look for it, but the remains must had been picked up."
"Can'tyou do anything about it?"
"I can't let her stay stuck here like this. I've only seen the moment her died." After seeing that, I can't leave her.
I was whispering with distorted face and Vinter also stiffened his face. It was then.
"Stupid, There's no way I won't heard it just because you're blocking my ears." Suddenly, a loud voice came from a distance.
I could see the pink hair sticking out her tongue behind Vinter's back. "This is, are you making fun of an adult"
"I know how to get out of here."
I tried to say a word but stopped when heard Yvonne's word. "What?… How?"
"Sometimes there was a strange square window popped up and asked me. If I accept it, I can go to a better place and be reborn."
I stared blankly at Yvonne.
It was a strange feeling that someone except me can saw the system window. At the same time, what I guessed a while ago became true.
'As expectedIt's was written by the ancient wizard'
If she was born again, she would be reborn to a different dimension like me. As I stared at Yvonne with a complicated look, I opened my mouth heavily. "So why didn't you accept it?"
Then the child's face was pouty. "I didn't want to go."
"Go, what if my dad and my brothers never see me again"
I managed to swallow the popping sigh.
Even with the suggestion of ancient wizards, I could see why Yvonne was left alone in this dark space. It was to see her family's face that appeared in it, even though her horrible death was repeated.
I didn't have enough affection to bear such pain, so I couldn't understand Yvonne. Looking at my silent words, Yvonne asked with an uneasy face.
"Do I have to go?"
"You don't have to go if you don't want to." "Lady."
Vinter called me as if he was surprised at my hard answer.
Instead of making him understand, I took something out of my pocket and gave it to Yvonne. "Here, your mirror."
It was my mirror rod, No, it was Yvonne's hand mirror which she got as a present from Derick. "I picked it up. Now don't lose it again."
The child looked at the hand mirror with a surprised look. Soon after, her blue eyes filled with tears.
Yvonne raised her head and with wide eyes she looked at me. "Your father and brothers, they are doing fine."
I didn't want to tell her how they were doing looking for their own daughter.
Yvonned had a miserable time because she was separated from her family, but for Penelope, they were people who killed her countless times.
Fearing she might be kicked out from the mansion when his daughter returns. So penelope lived in anxiety all the time and acted like they had to.
'By the way, what's so good saying about it?'
But I was grew up too much to be grumpy about such things. And now I was confident that I would be happy without them.
Even if I did something, I would love myself, and desperately reflecting on the person I love, so I can move on.
"Every year on the day when they lose you, they have a hard time missing you. But everyone's trying
not to show off. They afraid if you find out, you'll be sad." ""
"Especially your fatherDuke, wherever you are he always pray for your happiness and comfort every
"Hik, hiks hiks"
Unlike me who had no expression on my face, Tears fell on Yvonne's soft cheeks. I silently uttered the last words to persuade her.
"So, if you're still here, I can't go back and tell them about your news."
" You"
Yvonne gasped back her watery breath. "You don't hate me?"
"Why do I hate you?"
" I heardMy family made you die because of me."
"You weren't even there. So, you were irrelevant." I replied rather cynically. Then added immediately.
"AndIt is not like I can't understand them. No matter how much time has passed, If I've a lovely little
sister like you"
"How can I forget? "
On the last day of the festival, Leonard who criticized me just because I went to the attic to see the fireworks.
I wasn't took Yvonne's place, so I couldn't forgive Derrick who had cut down Penelope, and Duke who always silently watched over her.
But I could understand why they did it.
If I had lost such a kind and lovely sister right in front of me, I would worried and hate anyone who trying took her place.
I would have gone crazy, too. "Ah"
Yvonne who was wiping her cheeks with her small and tender hands, suddenly raised her head and looked into the air.
Now I could see nothing more in my eyes, but I had a hunch. The system window came up.
"You're free to choose, whether you stay or not. It's your choice." The young Yvonne's blue eyes were looked at me.
After a long silence, she managed to open her mouth.
"To my dad and my brothers"
"Can you tell themThat I'm well and that I love them a lot?"
I nodded slowly.
There was nothing I could do for her so i just gave Yvonne their status.
"AndTell Derick brother thank you for buying me a hand mirror, and I'm sorry I lost it."
"Yes, I will."
"Then I'll go."
Yvonne finally said good-bye, and never taking the hand mirror I gave her. The awkward waving hands made her lovely pink hair flutter.
Soon after, a small body began to be enveloped in bright light.
I waved my hands in silence until young Yvonne was completely gone. "Are you all right?"
It was when Vinter approached and talked to me so I stopped waving my hand. I stared at the empty spot and turned my head to him.
"There's nothing wrong with me."
"I always see Lady's sweet tearful face than smiling face." At his words I raised my hand belatedly and swept my face. When did this happen? There was a lot of tears on my finger. I looked at it with a touble look.
"I'd like to give you a handkerchief, but I'm sorry, I'm in this state"
"It's all right."
I said with a light smile to Vinter, who looked very sorry. "I can wipe it with my hands."
And wipe my face one by one. I was going to pretend to be a kid, but I was embarrassed because I thought I was caught.
Vinter who had been silent for a while due to my actions, suddenly muttered like a self-talk. "….. Now you can wipe awayyour tears."
"I don't even have the qualification to comfort you like before."