Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - SS14

The Crown Prince held onto my dress and shouted as if he beg for me. It was more like plea than proposing.
The ring was incomplete, and he didn’t even propose. “Your Highness.”
I looked at him with a little surprised look in front of me.
He was an indomitable crown prince who led the conquest war to victory and proudly returned to the capital.
And now when I have no power to interfere, I see a man who will become an emperor with absolute power desperately asking me to marry him.
I felt so strange.
“You wouldn’t have had to kneel on both your knees”
“It’s embarrassing, so answer quickly. You’re gonna marry me, aren’t you? Huh?” As soon as I looked down at him, Calisto spat out quickly.
The face that seemed impatience approached strangely. ‘So you know it’s embarrassing.’
Suddenly my laughed leak out.
I was so angry when he pushed for marriage.
But seeing him looking up at me pitifully, it was a little….
‘It’s kind of cute, too.’
“You know I just teasing you, right?”
I shook my head to the thought that i was finally taste it and said. “I’ll tell Cedric everything.”
“I don’t care.”
I definitely knew Callisto was going to get up.
But he still muttered with a stiff face, not getting up. “What’s the big deal with such teasing if I can marry you.” “”
“And if you do it, I’ll slit their neck.” ‘Yes, of course.’
My heart who pounding for a while returned to its original state.
I looked at him with a cold face, sighed and slowly kneel together in front of him. “Your Highness.”
The prince’s face was all white as to what I imagined when he saw me making eye contact without giving an answer.
I reached out my hand and brought it to the corners of his bright red eyes, and then swept it gently.
And in a quiet voice, I spoke out what i had never said. “I, I want to study.”
“Archaeological, are you mean that?”
“Yeah. I told you, I was a scholar at the place I originally lived.” Callisto wriggled his eyebrows as if he didn’t like what I said. But he managed not to cut off my words and listened quietly.
“I want to do what I’ve been doing here. There’s a lot of unexplored artifacts and civilizations here. Maybe there’s a place that needs my help.”
“You’ve already forgotten? you told me to stay because you’d do whatever I wanted.” I stopped talking and look into Calisto’s eyes.
‘You said it, but I wouldn’t say it with a bite.’ It was with the thought. After a long time, the prince’s lips were opened.
“I’m not telling you not to.” “Then?”
“They’re all things you can do after you get married.”
“As you already know, I’m also interested in entering Academy.” “You can do that after the wedding.”
I shouted dumbfounded at him who was being unreasonable. “Does it make sense that the empress goes to the academy?”
“Why not? We can make it sense. If you are not comfortable with the gaze of an others, we can bring all the professors to palace.”
I never thought of that.
Embarrassed by Calisto’s appearance of a scale beyond my imagination, I managed to answer. “I don’t want to be such a nuisance. And that’s not the only problem.”
“So there’s something else.”
“I want to go to the remote area and explore the ruins! I want to learn how to excavate human bones properly!”
“I’m going to move all of it to the palace.” “Ha.”
His words doesn’t make a sense at all. I raised my eyes and asked growlingly.
“You didn’t have an intention to get me out of the palace in the first place, did you?” “”
Calisto had no answer as if I had hit on the mark.
I glared at him with a persistent glare, as if asking why there was no answer. And soon he held my hands which was barely around his eyes.
And then slowly rub his cheek against my palm and say, “It’s all your fault.”
“What am I?”
“I tried to let you go. But you don’t end up staying there and choosing me.” “”
“So you have to bear my anxiety.” “What’s that”
It was the moment I was angry about his sophistry.
Calisto looked up at me with a strange languid look on his face. Cup-.
He turned his head and kissed my palm. “Do not do that.”
I opened my eyes when I noticed that he was trying to get away with it.
However, instead of stopping, he gradually rose and kissed from the palm of my hand to the wrist and arm.
“Well, magic isn’t the only way to get you stuck in the bedroom.” Cup, Cup-.
With a tickling and creepy feeling, I barely pressed my trembling body to speak.
“I’m not in the mood. I told you not to. If you keep doing this, I’m going to sleep in my room.” Tak-.
When I shook off his hand and warned, Callisto raised both his hands and took a step back. “Okay. Let’s just sleep with holding hands.”
“Because of you, I’ve been searching the palace all night. you can do that much for me.” As I glared without saying anything, he begged with a desperate look on his face.
“Stay with me.”
I retreated and eventually nodded slowly. “All right.”
When I opened my eyes, it was noon, the bright sunlight was pouring through the curtains. In the end, I couldn’t sleep while holding my hands.
When I opened my eyes to the strange feeling of sleep, my eyes met with a pair of eyes staring at me. And…..
I grabbed my screaming body and got up and sat down.
Then suddenly, the blanket fell down and found the skin exposed, and I was shocked. “Crazy golden-headed bastard! Is he a dog?!”
The tears filled up the red spot that were so dense that I could hardly see the bare skin. ‘What if one day I’m going to dissapear?’
It was when I was pounding on my stiff back, shivering with chilling imagination.
“Princess, did you wake up? May I come in?”
Someone knocked on the crown prince’s bedroom door. “Wa, Wait!”
I panicked and looking for my clothes.
But I couldn’t see the clothes anywhere near the bed. ‘I don’t think it was ripped.’
I remember when I desperately defending it as a precious outfit.
Biting my lips, I had no choice but to cover my body with a blanket to the end. “Come in.”
The door opened and bunch of maids came in.
They were awkward because I was threat them not to come to my room if they were going to do this every morning.
They came to the room like a ghost because my room has changed.
“Did you have a good dream last night? I’ve got some bath water for you, Crown PrinceNo,
‘That’s why I don’t like her!’
The baroness, Calisto’s nanny and the head maid of the Crown Prince’s palace, has already treated me like a master of the palace.
I couldn’t help but feel uneasy and burdened about it.
“Do you want to sleep more? If you don’t mind, go to the bathroom.”
The head maid said as she handed me a gown to me, who wearing a blanket and not moving. I asked all around instead of answering.
“Where’s my clothes?”
“If you’re taking a bath, I’ll have your clothes ready for you.” “I want to go to my room to wash.”
“I’m sorry, but the clothes you wore yesterday were taken as a punishment”
The head maid replied with a sorry smile on her face. ‘Then why you don’t bring me some clothes to wear?’
A question mark floated above my head, but she was soon handed over a gown.
Having endured the prince’s dog-like temper for many years, she was a formidable opponent. It was certainly different from a head maid of duke who was protecting Leila.
‘Let’s wash up quickly and go back, rather than make a fuss.’ Rising from my seat with difficulty, I was so upset and said. “It’s done.”
“Understood. We’ll be waiting outside, so feel free to wash up as much as you want.”
The head maid went off with a strange look of regret.
Fortunately, clothes were neatly placed on the bed when I washed up. It was a light yellow dress.
It was also time for the head maid to rush into the room. ‘TtokTtok’ Sure enough, the knock sounded like a ghost. “Princess, if the bath is over, may I come in for a while?”
My hair was a little less dry, but I didn’t want to look at it because I was in a hurry. “Come in.”
It wasn’t my room anyway, so I readily allowed it.
When I saw the head maid who dragged in a bunch of maids again, I opened my eyes slightly. “The Crown Princess, no, Princess. How would you like your meal?”
‘You’re so suspicious.’
At times like this, it was best to bounce. “No thanks. I’ll go to my room and eat.”
I shouted that and ran straight across the bedroom. “Well, wa, wait ! Princess!”
The head maid who hadn’t anticipated my unexpected behavior, tried to stop me in a hurry, but it was too late.
I quickly arrived at the door and turned the door knob without hesitation. Ceklek-.
“What is it?”
Big spears crossed in front of me.
“Come in, Princess. It’s dangerous outside, so you can’t come out for a while.” Five generals surrounded the door, blocking the entrance with spears.
It was the crown prince’s personal guard. “Now you”
It was when I was dumbfounded and my mouth was like a carp. The head maid who had been chasing me late, bow her head down.
“Princess, II beg of you, Your Highness Crown Prince has ordered you to stay here until the
coronation ceremony for your safety.” “What?”
Real confinement?