Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - SS15

‘Crazy guy!’
I managed to swallow a pop-up curse.
And recalling my days as when in the duke’s mansion, I hardened my face violently and raised my chin arrogantly.
“Get out of my way. I’m going to see the Crown Prince right now.” But the spear crossed in front of me didn’t budge.
“Your Highness the Crown Prince said, If princess say so, he will come back as soon as the work over, so he hope princess to stay calm.”
The answer to my words burst me into laugh. “Damn. It comes out like this, right?”
I wiped my laughter and clenched my teeth. All the remains is war.
“So are you going to pass on my message?” “Yes?”
“Go to the Crown Prince and tell him clearly.” “Wha, what”
“I definitely warned you yesterday, so don’t regret it.”
It was a very rude remark for the Crown Prince’s direct message. But I also shut the door ‘Braak!’ in the face of the bewildered guards. “Pri, princess”
The head maid who came after me, called me carefully with a white face. For a moment, I was deeply contemplated, and soon I had a cold thought.
“Head maid, take the paper and the pen with you right now. Because I have something to do.” “Please, clam down princess! And decide on your meal first”
“I’m not in the mood for a meal now. Bring a pen and back off.” “The, then how about having refreshments with Lady Terosi?” ” I don’t”
While trying to reflectively say no, suddenly I looked back at the head maid who said a familiar name. “Marienne?”
“Yes, she has been waiting for a meeting with the princess in the living room for hours.” Looking at me the head maid quickly added with a small voice.
“Fortunately, the prohibition on outsiders for entering the palace has been lifted.” That’s not a good thing at all. He just let those people who have been checked in.
In other words, dangerous figures like duke are still banned from entering the palace. I frowned and asked back with a disapproving voice.
“How many hours is she waiting for? Why are you telling me now?” “Your Highness ordered us not to wake you until you got up first.”
“Your master is so generous that he gives me sickness and then medicine.” “Hahaha”
Head maid laughed awkwardly at my snorting and muttering. I thought for a moment.
‘I was going to write a letter to the duke right now’
But soon I changed my mind.
Rather, the letter was more likely to be caught by Callisto.
“You may think if you let Marienne in, I would be happy to have your flirtight?’
It was the prince’s shallow thought to know that I had been quite close to Marienne recently because of common interests.
I stared sharply into the air and chuckle.
“Please bring some refreshments to the living room.”
The Crown Prince’s bedroom was equipped with a small living room where only close peoples could enter and leave.
It was total confinement. “Marienne.”
When she opened the door and entered, Marienne greeted me with pleasure. “Princess!”
“I’m sorry to keep you waiting so long. I slept late so”
“It’s all right. I haven’t been waitingSo long!”
When I apologized with an apologetic face, she suddenly blushed with a burning voice. “Why”
Sitting across her seat, I just tilted my head because I didn’t understand her words. Then Marienne coughed in vain with a flushed face.
“Hheuem. You deserve to oversleep. I understand. We’re adults.” “What”
I was shocked when I inadvertently lowered my head along line Marienne’s eyes who staring at me.
I couldn’t properly check the clothes that the head maid brought for me because I was busy to wearing them quickly.
My skin, which was revealed by my open shoulder type dress, was red and blue as if I had chickenpox. “Crazy”
The clear lines of interest whitened my eyes.
‘Don’t leave any marks, you bastard! If you come back later, you’ll die!’ Mariene smiled strangely at the thought of me.
“You must have had a great night.”
My face was swarming with heat, like before as if it was going to burst. I shouted hurriedly, raising the hem of the clothes on my shoulder. “This, This is! Bug, it is a bug bite.”
“It must have been an incredibly large and ferocious golden bee.” “Marienne!”
“Hahaha. I’m kidding, princess.”
“Hey, is the refresment still far away? Bring me a shwal when it come. Quickly!” Tteng-.Tteng-.
Marienne’s pleasant laughter spread through voice of the bells calling for a maid and my shouting. After a while, the maid brought refreshments and shawls.
“Whats bring you here?”
I tried to calm my excitement by drinking warm chamomile tea and asked why Marienne came to see me even though we met the day before yesterday.
Then she answered in a flurry.
“What’s going on! What happened at the job site last night?” “Oh, that’s”
“I went to finish the restoration this morning and, well, wouldn’t the building itself be off-limits? but the guards whose standing in the way were so strict.”
She looked at me with curious eyes as if she wanted to know what was going on right now. Recalling what happened last night, I roughly picked out the details and said only the point.
“I’m sorry. It’s a bit complicated to explain, but the ‘Mirror of Truth’ suddenly triggered and rescued Marquis of Verdandi for his original purpose.”
“Oh, my God, the princess rescue him by yourself?”
Marienne, who was surprised by what I said, immediately ‘as expected’ and gave an admiring look.
“Yes, wellit just happened.”
I said with an awkward smile.
“And I don’t think we can do the restoration anymore.” “Uh, why?”
I couldn’t say with my own mouth that it was because of the prince’s obsession. I skipped my reason and answer it moderately.
“Even if I finish, I probably won’t be able to step on it anymore.”
“I see”
Fortunately, Marienne seemed to accept it easily.
In any case, since the most important purpose was to rescue Vinter Verdandi, so I know that it is meaningless to continue the restoration.
“I’m sorry, Marienne. You must have been looking forward to it a lot. ”
I give her a boring apology, though I don’t express my feelings, but I was disappointed too. “No, Princess. It’s better like that.”
Fortunately, Marienne smiled and shook her head.
“In fact, the reason I’m here today is to tell you that we can no longer work together after the coronation of the Crown Prince.”
“What? Why”
“I’m on my way back from the academy.” “What?! You, all of a sudden?”
Marienne’s successive bomb declaration opened my eyes wide.
‘I’m sure you’ve been begging me to enter the archaeology department until yesterday!’
It was when I changed my mind on the morning and looked at Marienne, who had become unemployed with a grim face.
She dropped her eyes shyly and let out her innermost thoughts. “In fact, I kept feeling ashamed of myself when I look at you.” “When youLook at me?”
No, what the hell are you looking at?
I couldn’t quite understand. Fortunately, Marienne immediately released my bewilderment. “Yes. The princess’s appearance who was purely happy while working on your work.”
“I definitely started it because I liked it, but at some point I found my self who only pursued achievements. And I lost my original intentions.”
She mumbled with a bitter smile.
“However…. Isn’t it such a sudden decision? How did you get in”
I spoke to her carefully.
I did it because I liked it, but wasn’t it too important to decide on my own side. But in my worried eyes, Mariene laughed wide as she responded.
“Anyway, there was no hope because it was only the rotten guys, but I’m going to hit this and start a new one!”
“New start?”
“Yes! There’s a small group studying archaeology. So far, it has been scattered all over the country, so it has not been active, but this time, we have set up an ancient historical research team.”
“I’m going there with you as an advisory professor. Of course it’s a small salary, but you’re not completely unemployed. Hahaha!”
Maybe because she is also a positive person, Marienne quickly shook off the shade and said cheerfully. I was a little envious of her like that.
She boldly gives up to what she wants to give up for what he wants to do and doesn’t regret it.
It was quite different from me, who was just hesitating without being able to do anything. ‘ We were envious of each other’
It was when I was staring at Marienne with a strange feeling that I don’t know the reason. “If you don’t want to get married yetWould you like to come with me, Princess?”
Suddenly, Marienne made an unexpected offer. I opened my eyes wide.
Leaving the capital city where the duke’s family is, and doing what I was originally wanted to achieve in the world.
That was my original purpose.
It was something I could do without necessarily leaving the capital. Rather, it may be wiser to use the duke’s full support.
I no longer want to live in that house, or I want to face that humans. ‘Now that the game is over, my part is over.’
Of course, until then, I don’t even thinking will be marriage with Callisto and life in the Imperial Palace. And now….
“I can’t leave the capital for a long time.” “Why?”
“Your HighnessCan’t sleep well at night.”
After much consideration, I confided some of my worries to Marienne. “What if the princess isn’t around?!”
Despite her unkind words, Marienne understood perfectly. I nodded faintly.
Since when did it start? I noticed that Callisto wasn’t sleeping properly. A man who came at dusk with a hurried knock on the door.
“- I can’t sleep.”
“-I’m afraid you’ll disappear while I was sleeping.”
At first I thought you were trying to crawl into my room.
However, when I opened my eyes to the feeling of being wrapped in something at a moment, I often faced the bright red eyes shining in the dark.
“-Whatare you still sleeping?”
“Never mind and go to sleep.”
His insomnia became more and more worse when I started the restoration work to confirm the fate of Vinter.
He kept coming to the room and pretended that he couldn’t win because he wanted to ease his anxiety and sleep.