Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter ss-17: Side Story 17

The blue eyes that lighted his face shook like a candle. "That"
"Thats what do you mean, Penelope?" The Duke could not speak easily.
He stretched his lips, making his words difficult to hear. "Yvonne. I'm sure, Yvonne at that time"
"She was dead."
I replied calmly on behalf of him, who could hardly say the words. Then the Duke's face turned white.
He and I knew that the word 'I killed' was omitted after 'dead.' "Back then, remember what I said?"
I opened my mouth half-heartedly, looking at the confused duke. "What"
"The real Yvonne would be dead when she lost, and what I killed was Leila who took over her body." ""
"Father, I met your biological daughter."
The moment I said it, the Duke opens his eyes and hardens. I could feel him holding his breath.
After a while, he whispered quietly. "YvonneIs Yvonne still alive?"
A voice filled with faint hope were trembled.
I lowered my eyes to avoid the desperate gaze, and soon shook my head slowly. "No"
"As I said, after they lost her, Leila took over her body and she died. I've seen it in the past." ""
"Fortunately, the mirror of truth held Yvonne's soul which was almost gone." "Ha"
A sigh came from the duke's lips that might be like a cry. As I slowly raised my head, I faced reddish duke's eyes.
He was breathing hard as if he were trying to subdue his feelings. The grief and misery of the parents who lost their children.
I looked at it and decided not to say that she was dead when she saw Duke adopted Penelope.
After quite a long time.
Finally, the Duke who was struggling with his emotions asked in a hoarse voice. "Marquis of VerdandiI've heard that he has been rescued as of yesterday."
The Duke couldn't have known because Calisto made that mess last night. But I didn't react and listened silently to what he was saying.
"I know that I have no shame for saying this. But"
"But like the Marquis of VerdandiYvonne, maybe we have a way for that child to come alive. Huh?"
There was still hope in Duke's eyes, who stuttered out his words. I know what you want to say, but I couldn't say it.
And at the same time, it was amazing that I was not painful to see duke like this like I thought. 'Is it because I expected it to happen'
But before the coming-of-age ceremony, it was so hard to see Duke strangely discriminating against fake Yvonne.
Every time I faced him, I had to swallow something like a hot fire pit that ran up to my throat.
But seeing this I am not feeling anything, even though I have personally delivered Yvonne's news. I think I've grown quite a bit.
No, maybeI was ready to give up a handful of affection I was been hoping for.
"That's impossible, Father."
I didn't feel any more hesitation in my voice which coming out from my mouth. The Duke's face was distorted by my decisive answer.
"Uh. WhyAre the palace wizards so useless? Well, then, you can get all the support from the
"Because I killed Leila, Yvonne's body also died." ""
"So you can blame me."
Duke's mouth who was speaking hurriedly, closed slowly.
Just as the grim reality turns into a huge shadow and hits him, Duke's face is so submerged. I watched it dryly.
It was no wonder the Duke stood up and slapped me on the cheek, as the person who killed his daughter was telling the truth.
If it wasn't to that extent, I thought he would blame me in a fiery rage to take responsibility. 'Anyway, I'm no different when I look at it'
Even I did not intend to come here without resolution, so I sit silently and waited for the Duke to take action.
As expected, he closed his trembeling eyes to see if he could control his emotions.
After a while, I couldn't find any sign of resentment in duke's eyes, who opened his eyes again. "YvonneIs she doing well?"
Rather,his red eyes stared at me which became wet with anguish. "Father are you crying? You didn't blame me?"
"To the endTo the end I became an ugly father who never found her. Because this guy is an
incompetent fatherHe don't know what happened to his daughter, and he's the only one who still
I said firmly as I stopped duke's words that seemed about to collapse. "Yvonne's doing well, Father."
Because it was different from what she wanted to deliver.
Yvonne didn't want her family to live with their guilt because of her.
"Yvonne who I met was a nice and lovely little girl, maybe just like father remembered." ""
"I was ashamed of myself, When I was a child, I had hoped for a moment that she would not return." Reminding the Yvonne of those days, the Duke wrapped his face with trembling hands.
"She didn't have any grudges about her father and her brother. Rather"
"She want me to tell you that she will be fine in the future, and that she love you a lot. And then, she gone."
"Uh, where. Where'd she go"
At my last words, Duke asked hurriedly, lowering his hand that had wrapped his face. His hands were wet, but I answered pretending I didn't see it.
"To the place my father wanted her to rest in peace."
Finally, the Duke threw down his groan, and released the feelings he had endured for years.
My heart sank at the sight of the duke who desperately blocked his mouth to avoid seeing by me, but couldn't hide his dripping tears.
"I have been acting up in front of you."
After a long time, he pulled his own handkerchief out of his arms and control his emotions. Even though he had heard that his lost child absolutely dead. He was still the head of a family. With a restrained face, he quickly said something I didn't think of.
"Thank you, for finding YvonnePenelope."
"Now, I have a face to see the person who left first."
{#123} I think he means his late wife {#125}
I stared at the duke with my eyes wide open in surprise.
The Duke was still in sorrow, but he seemed somewhat relieved. "Father."
"YouDidn't resent me?"
"How can I blame you?"
The Duke laughed bitterly at my question.
"I haven't heard of any news over the years. I poured a lot of money on the scammers, but I didn't even know whether she was dead or alive"
"You know, you were the only one who said you had found her"
He suddenly made eye contact with me and repeated the same words. "Thank you, Penelope. You're a savior to me."
A savior. I couldn't bear to feel weird about that remark.
I wish I had been angry, because I didn't come here to hear that.
As soon as I saw whether the Duke had control all his emotions, I slowly opened my mouth. "That's all Yvonne has to say, Father."
He nodded his head.
There must be a lot more questions, but sadly, I had nothing more to say.
Yvonne, who missed her family, was really got a rest in the peace and she left for a new life. And it was also necessary for me to deliver the news.
"Now I have something to tell you." "What"
"Father. No, Duke."
The Duke's eyes slowly grew again after a long time. "I've done everything I have to and can do here."
I know it's not the right situation to say this, but I have to say this. Because if not now, there is no another chance again.
"So now I want to leave and looking for my life."